The Henderson Coordinating Council was originally organized in 1943 with representatives of local businesses and non-political organizations to address a "developing problem" in the community that is not explicitly identified. After a period of inactivity, the Council was reorganized and reactivated in 1945, supporting community development and charitable works until it disbanded in 1955.

Funding for its activities came initially from member organization dues and later from the Community Chest. Meeting minutes indicate that early Henderson was particularly troubled by poor animal control and teenage delinquency in addition to the post-war sale of federally owned housing to private citizens. 

Interested in strengthening local unity, the Council focused on developing community recreation and hosted yearly Halloween and Christmas parties, providing charitable donations of food to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The minutes of the final meeting report that Youth Activities funding was turned over to the City Recreation Board, with records and supplies turned over to the City of Henderson, and all other funds returned to the Community Chest.