Included are Basic Magnesium, Inc. Newsletters and Photographs

Published quarterly by the Clark County Nevada Genealogical Society, The Prospector features articles supporting genealogical research. There was a brief hiatus in publication from 1978 to 1983, when publication resumed.

The Henderson Coordinating Council was originally organized in 1943 with representatives of local businesses and non-political organizations to address a "developing problem" in the community that is not explicitly identified. After a period of inactivity, the Council was reorganized and reactivated in 1945, supporting community development and charitable works until it disbanded in 1955.
This digital collection includes almost every issue of the Henderson Home News, including the supplemental issues published in the Boulder City News in 1949 and 1950 as well as the stand-alone issues published in and after 1951.

Henderson Libraries sponsors a variety of events every year, and this digital collection showcases many of the contributions to these events from 2007 to the present.

Includes Basic High School Yearbooks, Lobo News Basic High School, and photographs and documents from Henderson residents.
 The early scrapbooks focus on Basic Magnesium, Inc. (BMI) as well as on activities related to national mining efforts, magnesium, and light metal production and use. Later scrapbooks include articles about Henderson-area politics, economics, organizations, and events.

Henderson's Industrial Days celebration began as an anniversary celebration in April 1952 when Henderson celebrated its 10th anniversary and its history as the center of industry for Nevada. (The city did not officially incorporate until 1953, but construction of the townsite that became Henderson began in 1942.)

Includes Arts Alive Magazines, CLASS! Magazines, and WomensCare/Reach Magazines

Nevada State University Library creates digital collections and makes them available not only to students but also to the community in order to enhance scholarship and research; to increase access to its holdings; to support the teaching and learning activities of Nevada State University faculty and students; and to promote lifelong learning by the citizens of Nevada and the public at large.

This includes the Henderson Oral History Project and the Veterans Oral History Project

This collection contains USGS and US Army Corps of Engineer topographic maps of various locations in Southern Nevada dating between 1945 and 1984.

Most of the documents and photographs in this collection reveal many of the daily and annual activities undertaken by the Adrian Dominican Sisters and by the women of the hospital's auxiliary, who have been essential to the hospital's growth. Narratives by and interviews with former Sisters and staff members recount much of the history of the hospital.

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