Type of materials in this collection: Magazines

Timeframe: 1999-present

Missing issues: The Winter 2003 and Summer 2005 issues are missing from this digital collection.

Copyright information: St. Rose Dominican Hospitals holds copyright to WomensCare magazine but has given Henderson Libraries permission to make the magazine available in this digital collection. Therefore, WomensCare is provided for non-commercial personal and academic use by Henderson Library patrons and may not be republished in any way. Contact St. Rose Dominican Hospitals for additional information regarding rights to this material and for permission to use this material.

Digitization process and software needed: Issues from 1999-2005 were digitized from physical copies of the magazine and saved as searchable PDF files. Issues from 2005-present have been provided to Henderson Libraries as searchable PDF files by St. Rose Dominican Hospitals. You must have a PDF reader in order to view the items in this collection.

Acknowledgements/funding: St. Rose Dominican Hospitals kindly sponsors this collection.

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