Type of materials in this collection: Scrapbooks (containing newspaper and magazine clippings)

Timeframe: 1941-1990

Items included: This collection includes scrapbooks held by Henderson Libraries as well as scrapbooks held by the Office of the City Clerk at the City of Henderson and by the Clark County Museum in Henderson, Nevada.

If you wish to view the scrapbooks held by Henderson Libraries (scrapbooks 043-088), please contact the Digital Projects Librarian at the Paseo Verde branch of Henderson Libraries. The scrapbooks have been archived and may be viewed during an arranged appointment.

Copyright information: The uncertain origin of the scrapbooks in this collection makes copyright status difficult to determine. Please contact the Digital Projects Librarian at the Paseo Verde branch of Henderson Libraries for information about the use or reproduction of any of the items or images in this collection.

Digitization process and software needed: Each page of the original scrapbooks was microfilmed and digitized. Each page image was saved as an individual JPEG file. The page images were converted to searchable PDF files and combined so that each resulting PDF file represents a single scrapbook. You must have a PDF reader in order to view the items in this collection.

Acknowledgements/funding: Microfilm production and digitization were performed by the Nevada State Library. The funding for the digital imaging of the scrapbooks was provided by the City of Henderson.

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