Type of materials in this collection: Newspapers

Timeframe: 1951-2009

Publication history: In 1949 and 1950, Henderson Home News was published as a supplement to the Boulder City News. It was published once a week on Fridays until June 1, 1950 when the day of publication changed to Thursday. In 1951, Henderson Home News became a separate publication and continued to be published once a week on Thursdays.

Beginning in May 1954, Henderson Home News was published twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Biweekly publication continued until March 2002 when publication was cut back to once a week, again on Thursdays. The last issue of Henderson Home News was published Thursday, October 22, 2009. Greenspun Media, the publisher of the newspaper at the time, cited an economic and advertising downturn as the primary reasons for suspension of publication.

Missing issues: Some issues of the newspaper were missing from the microfilm used for the digitization of this resource and therefore do not appear in this digital collection. Most noticeably, we are missing issues from 1958, 1981, and 1983.

Copyright information: Greenspun Media holds copyright to Henderson Home News but has given Henderson Libraries permission to make the newspaper available in this digital collection. Therefore, Henderson Home News is provided for non-commercial personal and academic use by Henderson Library patrons and may not be republished in any way. Contact Greenspun Media Group for additional information regarding rights to this material and for permission to use this material.

Digitization process and software needed: The original newspapers were microfilmed. The microfilm was then digitized and saved as several searchable PDF files. You must have a PDF reader in order to view the items in this collection.

Acknowledgements/funding: Greenspun Media kindly sponsors this collection.

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  • Henderson Memories: The items in this collection document Henderson's history. Lorna Kesterson's video oral history is particularly interesting as she was a reporter for the Henderson Home News for many years before serving as Henderson's mayor between 1985 and 1993. She talks about her early years as a reporter during her interview.