Type of materials in this collection: Magazines

Timeframe: 1994-2010
Collection information: The magazine, produced by the nonprofit CLASS! Publications, was published every school year, September through May, with stories, photography and artwork by local students. Submissions filled such categories as news, technology, sports, entertainment, fashion, arts, college, and careers in addition to feature articles and editorials on issues important to today's teens. Articles were sent in by individual students or by their journalism or English teachers, collected from school newspapers, or written by the CLASS! staff of high school intern reporters.

The magazine also featured a special four-page, Spanish-language insert called ¡Diganos! ("Tell Us") that served Clark County’s Latino students and was used as a resource in many Spanish language classes. 

High school teachers often incorporated the magazine in classroom discussions and curricula as well. Endorsed by the Clark County School District, CLASS! was the only outside publication allowed to be distributed inside Clark County high schools. Its circulation reached 40,000 at over 100 locations including nearly all public and private high schools in the greater Las Vegas area as well as local libraries and recreation centers in Henderson and Las Vegas. While trends change constantly, many teen interests and concerns remain the same from year to year - from learning to drive to getting into college. The articles in CLASS! reflect what young people want to know about and capture a portrait of local teen life in the early 21st century.

Missing issues: The January 1996, November 1997, and December 1998 issues are missing from this digital collection.

Copyright information: CLASS! is provided for non-commercial personal and academic use by Henderson Library patrons and may not be republished in any way. Please contact David Phillips for additional information regarding rights to this material.

Digitization process and software needed: Each issue published between 1994 and May 2005 was scanned and saved as an OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) PDF file. Issues between September 2005 and Summer 2010 were delivered to Henderson Libraries from Stephanie Espinoza (former library staff member and CLASS! editor/art director) as OCR'd PDF files. You must have a PDF reader in order to view the items in this collection.

Acknowledgements/funding: Henderson Libraries thanks Stephanie Espinoza for recommending CLASS! for digitization and for providing physical and electronic copies of the issues. Henderson Libraries also thanks David Phillips for giving the library permission to include CLASS! in its digital collections.

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