1976-09-16 - Henderson Home News

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1976-09-16 - Henderson Home News
Zenoff, Morry ( Columnist )
Kesterson, Lorna ( Columnist )
Prime, Mark ( Columnist )
Phillips, Viv ( Columnist )
Phillips, Bill ( Columnist )
Eckley, Jean ( Columnist )
Heenan, Mabel ( Columnist )
Bennett, L. Jessie ( Columnist )
Sadovich, Maryellen Vallier ( Columnist )
Glassburn, Bob ( Columnist )
Johnsen, Madeleine ( Columnist )
Arnold, Cora Hill ( Columnist )
Zenoff, Morry M.
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East Las Vegas
City and town life -- Nevada -- Henderson
Community life -- Nevada -- Henderson
History -- Henderson (Nev.) -- 20th century


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ENDERSON XXVIDA'S IKDUST&IAl CXXTXE la tBr lalcrtd of • better cavtroaairBl aad coaacrvalioD of oar aataral rcMarcet, tblt acwtpaper li totally priated a recyrlrd aewipriat. including jUAC^nfj Our 28th Year • 73rd Edition PHONE 5S4-1881 -All PrpartmentS PRICE IS CENTS HENDERSON. NEVADA Thursday, September 16, 1976 Tropicana Square Facing Money Problems Morry'Story py Mvny ZfMfi The public speaks and therewith sets up what we live with in the years ahead. By voting at the polls, like Tuesday's primary, the public settles a few issues right now. It decided some changes were needed in the county commission and dropped Aaron Williams and Tom Wiesner right out of their chairs. The public nominated a strong man to fight it out in November for another county commission seat placing the SUN'S editor Bryn Armstrong against our own able Bob Broadbent. This will be Bob's toughest race in his long history in politics, from the day when he ran for Boulder Councilman thru several terms on the county board. The public voted Janet Sobel into contention as a school board member from this area, actually giving her more votes than Henderson's man who has sat there a long time Glen Taylor. The two must run it off in November. In this race, Henderson's ex-councilman Gail Armstrong ran a strong third. Where his votes go in the general will decide between ex-School teacher Janet or Taylor. Ex Henderson businessman and assemblyman Art Espinoza came in third in his tr> for county commission. David Canter will thus fight it out with Vegas businessman and ex-band leader Garwood Van in the fall. Assemblyman Nash Sena of Henderson had an easy go in the primary and figures to have it as easy in the general. Assemblyman Jack Jeffrey and Ace Robinson will tangle for the other seat covering this area. Henderson's former resident and pioneer Bill Compton, who sat for a long time as district court judge before being beaten last election by Jim Brennen, qualified to fight it out with Ad Dell Guy. Biggest surprise from Vengas' angle was Sam Bowler's victory of Aaron Williams and C.W. Miller's win over Wiesner. NowGoerge Franklin faces Bowler and Dick Ronzone faces Wes Howery while Canter and Dondero seem to have shoe-in races. So does it appear the same for Manny Cortez who won in the bieeest Cont. on Page 2 See "MORRY' Pueblo Street Intersection Change Asked City Traffic Engineer David Aim has propcsed to the Traffic Commission that they change the intersection of Major Street and Pueblo so that Major Street enters at a right angle. Presently, the street enters at an angle, while a dike obstructs thevision ofapproaching motorists and a channel filled with loose gravel presents a real hazard. .-Mm told the commission at their Tuesday meeting, "I think that (Major and Pueblo) is the most dangerous intersection in the city right now. The commission asked the city administration to come up with a cost estimate for making the proposed change. V MONEY FOR BOYS' CLUB—RoUr> Club President Httin Curtis, left, is shonn presenting a check for S500 for the Henderson Bo>s' Club ^jtmnasium lo Ho.>s* Club President Floyd Osbom. Director of the club President Miior \incent, h at right. TENTATIVE AGENDA 7.00 P.M. September 20, 1976 CITY COUNCIL 1] Reconstruction of Tra^c Signal System 21 Penetration Treatment of Lnpaved Roadways II. CNFIMSHED BUSINESS: 1] Bill No. 107 Amending Zoning Ordinance animal regulations 2] Bill No. 108 • Amending Zoning Ordinance uses Permitted in Industrial Zone {Final Action] [Subject to report on Public Hearing from Planning Commissionj 3\ SWAP MEET NORMAN OLSON a! Use Permit < b| Business License 4] Old West Contract Amendment ill. NEW BUSINESS: a| PLANNING COMMISSION MINUTE 9/876 aj Public Hearing Report • Request from Med-Arts, Inc., [Henderson Clinic] Use permit to use 62 Victory Road for parking. Property Zoned R 1 |U-13)761 b] Public Hearing Report • Request from Community Youth Foundation, inc.. Use Permit to operate a thrift store at 17-C Army St. Property zoned C-2 |U-14-76] c! Public Hearing Report Request from Joel Bower, M.D. for Variance to the back>ard setback at 615 Fairvay Road. Request for 8 feet vhen Ordinance requires IS ft. Property zoned R-1 iV.10-76] dj Architectural Review • Arby Alper for approval of Big Top .Multipurpose Facility in Sky Harbor Area. 2. CLARK COUNTY REGIONAL PLANNING COUNCIL ai A Resolution of Reapportioning Representation Betwen the Member Entities [City of Las Vegas] b! Motion by Count\ Commissioner Robert Broadbent [Las Vegas Waler District KepresenUtI\e| c] Motion by Councilman Wendell Waite [City of North Las Vegas representative) 3. ACCEPTANCE OF RIGHT-OFV* AY From ALCA Developers 4. W ARRANT REGISTER 5. APPOINTMENT TO BOARDS: a I Parks and Recreation Board b^ Senior Citizens Board ci Mayor Protem d] Planning Commission 6. HANDBILL ORDINANCE • Phil Stout • PSC To Hear Protests On Gas Rate Hike A public hearing on an application by California Pacific Utilities Co. request to increase natural gas rates in Henderson to the tune of $60,387 will be held Tuesday, Sept. 28, at 10 a.m. in the city planning commission chambers at 201 Lead Street. According to the application to the Public Service Commission, the increase has been made necessar>' by the increased cost of gas purchase! frf !ii i".s supplier. Southwest Gas Corp The application is on file and may be viewed by the public at the Public Service Commission offices in Carson City, or at the Bradley Building, 2501 East Sahara Ave.. Las Vegas. Persons who wish to protest the filing should do so in writing to the Commission at its Carson City office at 505 East King St prior to Sept. 20. Ordinance Providing For 'Big Top' Discussed Here An ordinance which would govern the erection of a tent in the City of Henderson was given a do-pass by the city council in a committee meeting Monday night. The ordinance amendment states: "Erection of a tent as a temporary or semipermanent structure to house shows, concerts, exhibits, religious meetings, conventions and the like, including their permanent and temporary signs and advertising devices, access, egress, and required parking in the development." The ordinance was requested a group wishing to construct the largest tent in the world near the Sky Harbor airport on Lake Mead Drive. The tent would be fire proofed, have air conditioning, and would provide space for various activities including concerts. The city planning commission previously discussed the tent. Known asthe 'Big Top" Enterprises, the application was made by Sherrell Dacey. The tent, 65 feet in height, would be located in an area approximately extending to 100 acres. There's a problem up at Tropicana Square's 101 unit condqminium. Could be a crisis. The grass hasn't been cut. The swimming pools are unusable for lack of chemicals. The $1200 per month city water bill will soon be declared delinquent and vandalism has affected the general decor of the handsome structure which lies just across the tracks from the Black Mountain Country Club. Whafsthe problem? Money. Money from"the tenants owed to the tenants association at $40 per month for each unitis delinquent to the total of $14,000. According to Ron Woven, a tenant who has stepped in as temporary business manager, all bills could be paid, the grass cut again, etc.. if the tenants some 75 of the 101 would pay up. The tenants, on the other hand, all of them owners have been unhappy with the way the money has been spent, hasn't been spent, etc. and therefore haven't paid their monthly fee. which is a legal must, according to Woven. So legal is their must that a lien can be brought by the association against any delinquent tenants property. In order to avoid possible financial disaster to the association. Woven is seeking an emergency meeting of the association board of directors over whicn Clem Lien presides a. president and an effort will be made to gather S2000in a hurry to pay the current bills water and grass cutting and possibly retain the services of the usual caretaker. The FHA still has ten units for sale. The associations manager Jack Guthrie is no longer holding that position. Truck Routes Designated The City Traffic Commission has approved unanimously a trucking ordinance which will now go to the City Council for consideration. In their Tuesday afternoon meeting the commission approved the following routes to be designated as truck routes: Boulder Highway: Water Street from Boulder Highway to Basic Street; Basic Street from Water Street to Boulder Highway; Gibson Road; Sunset Road; and Lake Mead Drive MWMMWMWMMAAl 'Old Vegas' Project Gets Go Ahead From City Council I A $5 million family oriented recreation project and movie set, "Old Vegas," was given the go-ahead by the city council Mon. night when councilmen voted a do-pass to a change in the contract. Officials of the Old Vegas Corp. appeared before the city council to ask for an extension of their development clause in the sales contract. The result of the request was that the city will accept the letting of the contract for the first phase of construction qualify for development and shortened the life of the contract to complete the second phase of development from five years to four years. Robert Shelton, representingOld Vegas,told thecouncil they plan to expend $750,000 in 18 months and the second phase should be completed by Oct 28, 1978. Shelton said they were meeting with contractors Tuesday concerning construction phases of the project and the letting of contracts. He said if the city would consider the letting of the contract and placing the money in escrow, then they would come under the deadline. City Attorney Kent Dawson said he felt this would fulfill the contract as it is written. Mayor Lorin Williams rejected the idea of extending the contract without a penalty. "We charged a $50,000 penalty to Lewis Homes and we assessed the people m section 27," he said. However he said if the request filled the terms of the contract he would be agreeable. City Manager Don Dawson suggested that since the contract calls for the city to extend sewer and water to the land, it would be a fair tradeoff to have the company pay $80,000 for that. The sewer line will have to be extended about 800to 1000 feet although the water line is to the property line. Shelton told the council his firm has traveled many roads in getting financing for the project. He said they now have $2 2 million in conventional financing for the project but he did not disclose where the financing had been obtained. He said the closing deals are being made w ith the financing. Shelton said he did not want to get in a legal squabble with the city because so far they have had a good relationship. Councilwoman Lorna Kesterson questioned whether the city could fulfill its obligation in extending the sewer lines and was assured by Dawson that it could. M Denison questioned whether the water line serving Old Vegas would be the same one furnishing water to Section "7 and Mission Hills The line services section T! but will be improved with the coming water improvement work. The Old Vegas project will feature the history of Las Vegas including the Old Mormon Fort and will have movie settings, rides for kids and will be similar to Old Tucson except larger, Shelton said.


Henderson Home New, Henderson, Nevada Rotary Club Gives $500 To Henderson Boys' Club Page 2 Thursday, September 16,1976 \ Rotary Club President Henry Curtis presented Boys' Club President Floyd Osborn and Boys' Club Director Victor Vincent with a $500 donation Tuesday for the construction and equipment for the new gymnasium 1 The Rotary Club meeting featured a film presented by Dr. Gerhard Hoentsch, local Veternarian, telling how one becomes proficient in the field and what the field entails. It was announced that Phil Hubel is program chairman for next week and he will present Mary Ann Holmes, representing the Nevada Federation of Women's clubs speaking on "Hands Up" a national volunteer organization to fight crime. The Rotary duo's family picnic will be held Sunday, Sept. 26 at the Civic Center Park. Thursday, Sept. 30. there will be a ladies night which will feature a visit from the District Governor. That noon, committee chairmen and directors will present plans for the Rotary year. Frank Rocha will host an American Field Service student Ali Rhexa Sharit from Tehran, Iran. He will visit the Rotary club in the future. AMERICAN FRIENDSHIP-Tommi Hays, center, is shorni with her two friends from England, Lynnc Cockered and her sister Gill. Traffic Ordinances Considered By City Commission Two English Girls Find They Like The U.S. The Most By Loma Kester^on Two young ladies from England have been visiting Henderson for the past two weeks and both believe they would like to make their homes here. Lynne Cockerill, 20. who attended Basic high school and graduated in 1972-73, with the American Field Scf-^ice program, is enjoying her second visit here. Her sister. Gill, 18, is visiting the L'.S. for the first time. The two young ladies are stas-ing with the Bill Scotts at SbO Fairway Road. Lynne stayed with the Scotts when she attended Basic high School. Lynne has met with a number of her old friends, including Tommi and David Hays, but many of them are attending college or have moved. Lynne, who says she like it here very much while she was living here, is now working for the government in England in the land revenue department. She had a month's holiday and came to America. Her sister. Gill, just finished a college course in secretarial work and hopes to obtain work w hen she returns home. Since there arc over one million people in England unemployed, she feels she may have a problem. Their parents are presently in Holland w here their father IS employed. One of the things that has impressed the two girls about the U.S. is that "there is so much spac." "We really like Las Vegas," they said, "we don't have an\lhing like that in England." They talked about the waier shortage in England and said that for awhile the only water they could use was for drinking and bathing. They believe now there has been some rain. They also like this area because people arc so friendly. While she was here. Lynne was a member of the Desertaires and the band, but they are scheduled to return home Friday and neither girl wants to go. "The standard of living is higher here and everything is bigger." Lynnc heard about the APS program at her school she applied and she was accepted. "I was just lucky." she said. The Scotts have allow ed the girls to drive their car and they find this is quite a challenge. "Ill be drising down the road," Lynne said, "and all at once I wonder if I'm on the right side of the road." If you see a couple of beautiful blondes with a British accent, it could be Lynne and Gill Cockerill. The City Traffic Commission considered several proposed traffic ordinances at their meeting Tuesday afternoon and approved a motion to submit them to the City Council. The first proposal would seek to resolve the problem of vehicles stopping side-by-side in a travel lane and blocking the flow of traffic. At present there is no ordinance which adequately addresses itself to this problem. The second proposed ordinance would deal with exhibition of power and speed. It is a common practice around town for motorists to race their engines and spin their tires before coming away from a stop sign, and then "backing off before exceeding the speed limit. The only thing they can presently be cited for is reckless driving. However, the courts have indicated that this situation does not fit the judge's interpretation of reckless driving. A problem with long campers on trucks and motor homes in angled parking areas prompted the third possible ordinance. According to Police Chief Floyd Osborn, these vehicles create a big traffic hazard for motorists parked next to them who are trying to back into the travel lane. Osborn feels there is enough parallel parking areas and municipal parking lots available to require that vehicles exceeding a certain length or height not be allowed to use the angled parking area. A fourth proposal to set some stipulations on the proximity to residential areas that ofT-road vehicles may be allowed was dropped by the commission when Mayor Lorin Williams noted that a similar proposal had been considered by the City Council a year ago and that the city was planning to submit it soon for reconsideration EXPO IDEA—Grace Shiles of Basic Photo is showing the photo mugs and buttons Basic Photo will have at their EXDO Booth. Register to Vote Deputy Registrars: Sam and Seba Eichwald are back from vacation and will resume their stands at Safeway and Albertson from 10 AM to 5 PM. on Wednesday. Friday and Saturday until October 2 which is the last day to register for the general election. Fir Street Barricade Denied By Traffic Board Local resident Olin Hinton appeared before the Traffic Commission Tuesday afternoon, on behalf of Fir Street residents, to request that a barricade be placed at one end of Fir to stop through traffic to Center Street. The request was originally made in the form of a petition which was signed by most residents of the 100 block of Fir Street to voice their anger and frustration over the speeding and traffic problem on their block. Chief of Police Floyd Osborn opposed the proposed barricade, and brought figures compiled from citations in Valley View for the last month to support his belief that barricading Fir Street would only increase a similar problem on Ash and Ivy Streets, which also go through to Center Street. The Police Department has been patrolling that area heavily during the past month to decrease the problem, but the problem returns when they are not in the area, according to Hinton and Osborn. After reviewing several possible solutions, the commission decided to take no immediate action until the proposed completion of Burkholder Street is completed. Several commission members feel that the completion of Burkholder from Center Street to Lake Mead Drive will greatly alleviate the problem. The commission also asked the city administration to come up with a cost estimate for paving Parkview Street through to Lake .Mead Drive in the hope that this might also serve to decrease the problem on Fir Street, Ivy Street and Ash Street. • MWMMMWMMMMMWWMMMMMMMWMMMMWMMMMMMMWMMMMMMMMMMka MWM WlomfSio^ Cont. ftom Page 1 of fights this week. Manny must meet Burnell Stanton. Manny beat several strong men Tuesday in Jom Corey and Al Johns. Wendell Waite is Dondero's opponent. Everyone is talking about the freeway locations some are asking for one route, some for another... while ofHcially the city and the chamber of commerce are on record for the route which will run along Black Mountain. When a group claiming to have 1500 names of business and resident citixens came up recently with a demand that new thinking be started on a change in route (along Boulder Highway), it managed to throw the who^e problem into a pitched-battle situation. Fear among most who want the freeway and care less where it goes is that the controversy will delay the start of construction somewhere down the line. This has been our fear, too, of delay. This freeway must get on or the traffic from our area to Vegas will clog us out of existance. With this fear in mind, then, we asked the governor to get this one point cleared up for us this point: will controversy. more meetings and possibly new decision will this cause delay in the actual start of digging? The governor had the very able state engineer Grant Bastian contact us • and here's what be says: "They've got to get their minds made up." He explained if other corridors now are brought into the picture, then it becomes his duty to order full blown studies for all corridors. This, he says, would take two years to do. Right now. he hopes to get a decision within 90 days to six months. The state then studies the decision and goes to the highway board for an okay. Then it goes to the Federal Highway Administration and then the project goes into design hearings, which will take two or two and a half years. Then comes finalization and preparation of specs. Then contracts are advertised for 30 days and after they are opened and granted then 30 days more are given to the contractor to start the shovels digging. Bastain's urging of now decisions is also prompted by the fact he has other high priority demands within the state's boundaries. AU in all, he gets 10 million dollars a year to work with and he intends to spend half of it each year for this Southern Nevada project. It will take from 10 to 12 years to complete. 95 percent of the money comes from Uncle Sam. He said be figures the cost of going from the spur to Railroad Pass will cost $7S million dollars. The spur from the present Vegas freeway to Desert Inn Road and Lamb intersection will cost about the same. Bastain said he plans to divide the overall project into a dozen small ones and allocate about five million dollars to each with a finishing time of a year and a half or so to each. This is how he adds up to a 10 to 12 year total for the time to build. "Get their minds made up," said Bastain, as he closed, and he didn't say, but indicated be could care less which route was selected. Thus if the matter isn't soon allowed to procede, it will call for restudy which could take as long as two years to finalize before the above listed step by step process could be put in motion. Let's get to a final decision. Cont. on Page 27 See "WORigr* Swimming Pool Use Doubles Over Last Year Swimmers using the city's two swimming pool have doubled for the month of August over the same month last year, according to a report by Parks and Recreation Director Dundee Jones. According to the report. 6,908 i?ersons used the Lorin Williams indoor pool for the month of Aug. 1976. while only 3.574 used the pool during the same period for last year. There were 6,381 swimmers in the BMI Pool for themonth of August as compared to 4.178 for the same month last year. Receipts for Aug. for 1976 were $2,020.75, as compared to $787 last year, and for the BMI Pool $1,853.45 as compared to $1,067.15 last year. The BMI Pool closed for general use on Labor Day and is now being used by the jr. hi school students in thr physical education department The indoor pool will remain open evenings for public use during the year. It is used for high school swimming during the school year and for the city's use during the summer months. WEV'ADAS IMH'STRIAL CENTLR HENDERSON HOME NEWS THE COMMl'NITY S NEWSPAPER AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER M* ^'vWa. I, tfm4 rUti mitt^r • • tut I IMI UarasrslafitttWawrSi Hra4r>a 'irvatfi IMIt HOftBY tCNnn MIIW 4 rvbllikfr I.ORNA klFTlRKOK M>lll(l| t4llar tticulMtM ll*r*M AsrM si'BarnmoN RATC* RIafk rt, IIail Maalka MM Tkrrr MMIki H MAIL iii'siiriumuNs mm M MIMIUIMI RIVTI MM fx (li BMlkl li prr rrir LM •( MiMlMl**! rrjtrwtii w%t III far r**' If 74 Utah Pioneers To Meet Members of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers will meet Monday, Sept 20 at 10:30 am at the LDS Ocean Street Chapel for the opening social of the season. Lida Seiber, Captain, said Hazel Walker will give a lesson UUh history. There will be a baby sitter. Rhubarb ii the ttaik or ttam of plants and iti leavei and roots contain oxalic acid which can be poitonoui. Emblem Club Rummoge Sole Due to the unpredicted rain storm of last weekend the Emblem Club was unable to hold their Rummage Sale. If the weather permits the Rummage Sale will be this Friday, Sept. 17th in front of the Safeway Market on Boulder Highway. It will start at 9 am Come early and get your pick of things all items are nice and clean and very reasonable All proceeds from the sale will go towards our Charity Work. POTllKK DINNER The Henderson Parks and Recreation Department will kick off Its Fall session of Dance classes with a Mother and Daughter Pot Luck Dinner. All new and former Civic Center Dance students and their mothers are invited to bring a "pot full of goodies" and join us Friday night, September 17at6p m inRm 6ofthe Civic Center Annex at 201 Lead St Signups for the dinner will be taken at the Parks and Recreation Department, Rm. 22 of the Civic Center or arrangements can be made by calling 565-8921, ext. 32. J


Henderson Home News, Henderson, Nevada Thursday, September 16, 1976 Pages OH, THOSE GALS Pool Side Fashion Show Set At Black Mountain ff.-ii^,i • • '.-fTina Smith, left, and Estelle Geiner, right, are shown in dresses of yore from the Southern Nevada Museum to be shown at the fashion show Sept. 23 at Black Mountain. Tom Steele is in modern attire, however. MAKING THE PLANS Sylvia Sampson. Jackie Wooldridge. and Mary Lou Fielding are shown working on plans for the gala affair which is expected to attract a large crowd. >*'**>^'*i*''ni*<*i i%i ii>ibi^[yM^M^>i^MM ^wy^M^^^NiNt^i*!* i*it Henderson Eogles Finalize Luou Plans The Henderson Eagles are finalizing plans for their 16th annual Luau planned for Sept. 25 at the Eagles Hall, 310 W. Pacific, Henderson. The event will begin at 6 p.m. with no host cocktails. Dinner will be served at 7p.m. Kim Roundy. dinner chairman, is preparing garden vegetables, fried rice teriyaki. sweet and sour, pork roast, fried chicken and fruit salad, > iall garnished with si ices of watermelon and pineapple, rolls and coffee. '• A special entertainment feature will be followed by dancing. Tickets are'currently on sale and can be purchased at the door for •$4.50. Fall Fashion Trends To Be Shown At Fashion Affair ix • \. Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Wilkins Malcolm and Sylvia Samson are thinking out the final touches for the pool-side staging and decorations. Attractive programs have been designed by Carmen Peterson, and Ruth Brammer is practicing the background music on her newpiano. Elaine Raney and Ruth Smith have made ticket purfjhase easy by making them available at the Black Mountain Pro Shop, Perry's Mens Shop. Vernay's. from members of the Black Mountain Ladies' Association, and at the door the night of the fashion show. A donation of $2.50 buys a ticket and a chance on the door prize, a samsonite card table and four padded chairs. The winner need not be present. If vou don't win the door prize, you may win one of the excellent prizes to be raffled. Refreshments will be served at 7:30 p.m., and the fashion show will start at 8 p.m.. Black Mountain Club House, Country Club Drive. Jane Gilmer Honored At Going Away Party After a recent Xi Alpha Chapter, she has served on the Executive Board and on various committees. Alpha Beta was proud to have honored Chapter Presideni, Cindy Jane as their 1975-76 Park. Jane, her Husband Sweetheart Queen. Along Wayne and their children with other sorority sisters, Joey and Tina have moved she has contributed many to Idaho. She has been a hours to the formation of Beta Sigma Phi and an the new txemplar Chapactive member of Alpha ter, Xi Alpha Xi. Jane and Beta Chapter for five her family will be missed years. During her membby all her Beta Sigma Phi ership in Alpha Beta Sisters. New Century Fashion;., being presented by the Black Mountain Ladies' Association on September 23, will feature new clothes arriving at Vernay's and Perry's Mens Shop. Spend a pleasant, relaxing evening while getting tips on what is new this fall for men and women. Modeling for Perry's Mens Shop are Don Dawson, Bill Phillips, Thomas Steele. and Kirby Trumbo. Fashions from Vernay's will be worn by Mary Cobeaga, Barbara Bagley, Mary Jo Sheehan, and Martha Smith. Annabel Miller gets the credit for the selection of models. Fran Corbin will do the commentary Many may remember her excellent performance at previous fashion shows. All committees are busy, under the direction of over-all chairman, Jackie Wooldridge. Home-made refreshments are being planned by Blanche Kuchel and Helen Williams. Lydia Xi Chapter business meeting, a going away party was held Gilmer at the for Jane home of .jr,w^_', m^A -i-Li^-^-^x:; .• MODERN — In the latest fashions are models Martha Smith. Bill Phillips, Mary Jo Sheehan and Barbara Bagley. Henderson Home News. Henderson. Nevada Thursday, September 16. 1976 Mr^. Southern Nevada Contest One of the most popular events of the annual Henderson Expo celebration will soon be taking place in '76. Applications for the Mrs. Southern Nevada Beauty Contest are now available at the Chamber of Commerce office, 152 Water St., according to Chairman Jackie Woolridge. The contest is open to females 18 years of age or oldipr, married or having been married and a proof of age is required. Entrants cannot be a professional model and or dancer. The judging and crowning of Mrs. Southern Nevada will be held Friday, Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. in the Henderson Civic Center. Contestants will be required to furnish their own clothing to consist of coordinated shorts sets or short dresses. There will be two briefing sessions which must be attended. Entrants can obtain their own sponsors or the Chamber of Commerce will supply the sponsor. Deadline for entering this favorite event is October 20. Tops Club KEEP TAKING THE MEDICINE! Members of TOPS the large assortment of CLL'B NV2J met Thursday kitchen towels, hotpads, evv-ning. Twenty-one gals etc. that have been contriweighed in and seventeen butcd by the club memwere able to stay for the bers. meeting. Weekly honors for high weight loss were shared by Tops, Jcri Higley and KIW. Ha/el Hillstcad. The Kitchen Towel Contest ended and winners. Winnie Fisher and Ha/el Hillstcad will take home LDS Rites Unite Lisa Scow and Floyd Wilkins In ceremonies held at the LDS Ocean Street Chapel on July 17, Lisa Kay Scow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Scow, 431 Burton, was married to Floyd Jones Wilkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cody Wilkins, .187 Nebraska. Bishop Ben Buckles performed the ceremony. The bride was given in marriage by her father, in the double ring ceremony. The church was decorated in colors of pink and white and blue and yellow and green. Organist was Mrs. Arnold Taylor. Attending the bride as maid of honor was Cindy Anderson, a friend from Las Vegas. Matron of honor w as Kristina Mahaffey, sister of the bride. Bridesmaids were Anita Medina, Emma Meeks, Mary Brandon, Wendy Wilkins, Phvllis Wilkins. and Ruth Wilkins, all of Henderson. Flower girl was Gail Jean Scow, daughter of ,Mr. and Mrs. K.L. Scow, and Lisa Brezatte, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brezette. Best man was Rick Busch, a friend of the Follow ing the ceremony a reception w as held at the LDS church with 200 guests attending. The bride chose a floor-length gown of white, with a floor length veil made by Collette bridegroom. Ushers were Thomas. Her were Chris Power. Brent Taypink roses and baby lor, Mike Meeks, Sam breath. Payne, Kelly Wilkins, ^he matron of honor Mike Ouadlin, and Bob chose pink for her gown and the maid of honor leaf green while the bridcsSwackhamer, all of Hend erson maids wore blue. All of the gowns were floor-length and the flowers were carnations and baby breath. The bride's mother wore a choral gown and the bridegroom's mother chose a blue flowered gown. Both had roses as their flowers. The bride is a 1975 graduate of Basic high school. Lisa is presentlv employed by Chicago Title Insurance Company in Henderson. The bridegroom is a 1973 graduate of Basic high school where he was active in music and was in the Bel Canto choir, and Totality. He is currently employed by TIMET. Following a honeymoon trip to the International Hotel and Cedar Mountain, the young couple is now residing at 342 Water Street No. 2. Two new .-ontcsts were started. Members drew names for Secret Fals and w ill compete as pardners. (BUT WHO IS MY PARDNFR???) Delores Dix and Joy Bennett worked out all the details for this contest and it should prove to be quite an incentive, not only for losing those unwanted pounds but also to increase club participation. Shirley Treat introduced a contest that sounds like lots of fun. It's called the ••OCTOPUS and Shirley has been busy making cute little octopi for all the club members. 1 can't wait till next Thursday to get mine. Hope all the members are present so they can get in on this fun contest. SEE YOU LIGHTER! Too often, people will stop taking a medicine because tbey think that an illness has disappeared. This can be harmful, esp^ cially in cases of children who are given anti-biotics to combat an infection. If your physician directs you to give a child a medicine four times a day for ten days, keep giving that prescription until it is all used up. In studies where medicine was stopped before it ws finished, over 20 per cent of the children showed lingering traces of infection, requiring another round of medication. "A GREAT MANY PEOPLE ENTRUST US with their prescriptions, health needs and other pharmacy products. We consider this trust a privilege and a duly. May we be your personal family pharmacy?" PRESCRIPTION CHEMISTS Save Time! Save Gas! Medical Arts Has A lmost Everythin g! Have your Prescription^ FiUod At tt Uka Mead Dr. UcndcrtoB. Nevada PHONE M4-IX80 '— •


Henderson Home News, Henderson, Nevada Thursday, September 16,1976 'age 4 ALARM BELLS .*' WIN PRIZES—For the 7-11 contest In conjunction with muscular dystrophy, fecvcral young people from Henderson were prize winners. On the bUiC is Robert McKlnnes who won first place. Lisa Lane, right, won second place which was a $25 bond; Glen Faulkner, (not present for the picture] won third which was a watch; and Steve Johnson, front, won a zip camera. Earleen Helm, manager of the store is center back row and Barbara Stanton, an employe, is left. Rhea Johnson Elected War Mothers President Kathy Wecse, vice prehospital. Hospitalization. sident of the American chairman Irma Struthers War Mothers Henderson reported on the yearly trip Chapter 2 presided at the to Prescott. Ariz. Veterans meeting Monday, Sept. hospital the mothers will IJth at Civic Center, be making Monday. Sept. Colors posted by Frances 20ih. Thirteen members Kisan and Doris Pritchard uill go with Mr. and Mrs. led us in prayer. SevenHarl Emery in their motor teen members present home, taking cookies. and one visitor. Waunita puzzles, books, playing Scruggs, sister of Doris ^ards and medicine botPritchard. dcs. Wilama Anfield rcporElection of officers ted ill and the president were: Rhea Johnson, preThelma Stokes is in the sident. Frances Kisan. TAKE THE SHORT CUT FOR FALL vice president; Mable Newlon. treasurer; Olive Melton, recording secretary; Doris Pritchard, chaplain; Kathy Wecse. Historian and Ruth Emery, corresponding secretary, appointed. Hostesses were Irma Struthers and Ruth Emcry. Next meeting \viil be installation of new officers. A special program is planned, extending a welcome to the public. Details uill be published before that time, which will be Oct. 4th. 1 00 OFF ON ALL BLOW CUTS MADELON WFTH BE TAKING LADIES WED. b THURS. MORNINGS 6 A^. 2 P.M. • RUTH WILL BE TAKING UDIES ON WED. 2 P.M.-8:30 P^. T La Rae s 23 ARMY CAq.7408 STREET HND. 565-/4y5 Mike Lowell Airman Michael E. Lowell, son of Mrs. Anna P. Calkins of 417 South Ash. Kerniit. Tex., has been selected for technical training at Lowry AFB. Colo., in the Air Force supply field. The airman recently completed basic training at Lackland AFB. Tex.. and studied the Air Force mission, organization and customs and received special instruction in human relations. Airman Lowell is a 19''6 graduate of Kermit High School. His father, Elton J. Lowell, resides at 103 Kola. Henderson Ncv. life Can Be Beautiful' Sermon Topic Life can be beautiful.. we can live the complete, abundant, victorious, and blessed life... in Chnst: We can enjoy and appreciate the fullness of God... through Jesus during the evangelistic service. The Hour of Power, prayer and Bible study, Wednesday. 7:30 p.m ; Church visitation, Thursday, 7 p.m. A most cordial welChristlOh, the beauty of the Gospel... life can be '^""'^ ^^ ^"^ ^' informacomplete as we trust ^'O"transportation, or Jesus Christ as our Lord counseling, please call and Saviour! 565-7920. We will be glad Pastor Lou Sorabella, to pick up your children East Las Vegas Baptist for Sunday school. Church, will preach on the subject; "The Fullness of Christ' at eleven o'clock. Sunday school, all age groups. 9:45 a m.; Rest Home service (Glen Halla) at 2 p.m. "Heed Gods Call" will be the message at 7 p.m. Sears New... Exciting portrait backgrounds... pleasing prices, too! 1^ 8x10 color photograph 1 99 INDIVIDUAL AOULT 049 ANY OROl'P OF V0 \ 00 ANY OROIP OB I-AMILY '^ • ^ OF THRtE OR MOKf Mow cboosc your fivorilc from our colltctioo of colorful, new cnviroflmcnUl barkgrouadii — ourstr>, fill, tprlng or tradltioiul. No appoinlmeni necesjary. Addiiional portraits available at reasonable price*. One offer per individual subject or group. Two oflcrt per family. Sears PICTURELAND^^HERE THIS WEEK ONLY' •*-* • oi k* AMP >n TUESDAY. SEPT. 21 thru WEDNESDAY. SEPT. 22 115 WATER ST. K==.==C=K==. PH. 56M961 photographers hours; Weekdays: 10 am until one hour prior to closing. Saturday 10-5 LUNCH HOUR: 2-3 pm. Exemplar Ritual Held For XI Alpha XI CHapter of Beto Sigma Phi The home of Chapter President. Cindy Park was the setting for Henderson Xi Alpha Xi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. Exemplar ritual. This beautiful and inspirational Ritual was conducted by Sandi Sager, a member and Past President of Henderson Xi Sigma chapter. Xi Alpha Xi members receiving the Exemplar Ritual were; Donna Anderson. Ramona Baughman. Jacquita Davis, Jane Gilmcr. Cindy Park and Linda Wiedcr. Also present was Sharon Rothwell. Sept. 7. 1976 Ambulance call to Stauffer Chemical Co. did not transport. Ambulance call to 265 Van Wagenen, Rose Marie Sargent, 28, transported to Rose de Lima with trouble breathing. Ambulance call to 730 Center St. Apt. 4C. Transported Adolph Han, 28, to Rose de Lima. Possible trouble with something in throat. Fire call to Space 18Golden Rule Tr. Pk. 40 ft. Mercury Mobile Home Sept. 8, 1976 Ambulance call to Rose de Lima. Transported Nancy W. Halpin, 41, to 7784 Wishing Well Rd. Fracture of back Ambulance call to 38 Wyoming. Transported Mark Ortiz. 27, to Rose de Lima with overdose. Sept. 9, 1976 .Ambulance call to Rose de Lima. Transported Karen Taylor, 29," to Desert Springs Hospital for EEG tests &. return. Leo Hernandez transported from football game to Rose de Lima. Possible broken leg. Sept. 10, 1976 Ambulance call to 541 Karen. Transported Benjamin F. Hartle to Rose de Lima and back. Ambulance call to Basic High School. Transported John R. Gray to Rose de Lima. Transported Kevin L Causey from foootball game to Rose de Lima. Fire call to Rainbow Club. Electrical short on roof from the rain. Fire call to 124 Metropolitan. Short in Air Conditioning, on roof. Sept. 11, 1976 Fire call to Cornet Store. Electrical short in sign. Ambulance call to Victory L Zirconium. Transported Dana Giles, 18 to Rose de Lima with hip injury. Sept. 12, 1976 Ambulance call to Rose de Lima transported Vernon L. Carroll to 31 Brown St. Ambulance call to 615 Hidden Valley Drive. Transported Carl Pon. 50, to Rose de Lima with broken leg. Ambulance call to 202 Elm. Transported Lea Blink, age 2, to Rose de Lima. Swallowed some kind of cleaner Sept. 13, 1976 Ambulance call to 1825 Evelyn. Transported Philadelphia Duran to Rose de Lima. Possible stroke. Ambulance call to Rose de Lima. Transported Walter H Diebold to Sunrise Hospital and back. Ambulance call to 277 Navajo. Transported Florine Kraeer to Rose de Lima. Possible Heart Attack. THE BOULDER THEATRE PHOM 2t] 3I4S >rp( 16 thru 18 CLINT EASTWOOD Sfsl 19 thru 22 PGj THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES an tirmyof one. Wonderful Movie... A Priceless Souvenir.* vr\RTS S*pt 2.1 ''MURDER BY DEATH'' VALLEY AUTO INC. LAKE MEAD AUTO PARTS ARE PROUD^ TO • SERVE HENDERSON IN ALL THEIR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS ^ 433 WEST LAKE MEAD '%. PH.56363 ^^


Thursday, Sfptember 16. 1976 Henderson Parks and Recreation Department Announces New Fall Session Henderson Home >?ews. Henderson, Nevada Chamber Xmos Committee To Meet Beginning the week of September 27. there will be another brand new session of classes being offered by the Henderson Parks and Recreation Department. This session will offer many of the favorite classes such as Baton. Gymnastics. Ballet and Modern Dance. Disco Dance. Macrame', Self Defense. Model Rocketry, and Volleyball. Also returning will be Belly Danci;ig, Silvcrsmithing. Icnnis, and Women s txercisc. The new fall program will also introduce classes Tap Dancing, .'a//, Dramatics. Fencing, and additional classes in Art. The Henderson Parks and Recreation Department has a new cultural Arts Program that will ment this fall, there will be Flag Football for boys Third thru Sixth Grade, Fifth and Sixth Grade Girls' Basketball. Fifth and Sixth Grade Girls' feature an Introduction to Floor Hockey, and Third Arts and Crafts. Dance, thru Sixth Grade Boys' and Gymnastics. Also, a Basketball, field trip to the Judy This new session will Bayley Theater to sec the also have field trips to go performance of the Triana lee Skating every second Spanish Dance Company Thursday and on every is planned for the month fourth Thursday particiof October and the pants can go to the Super Slide and Mini-Golf U.N.L.V. Children's Theatre to see "The Kiddle Machine", also in October. In the Sports Departin Airmon Mortin Selected For AF Training Course in Las Vegas. These trips will be for boys and girls ages 8 to 13 years. For boys and firls ages 6 to 12 years, there will be field trips to different parks every Saturday. Also, for children 8 thru 12 vears there are the trips to the Las Vegas Stadium to see the U.N.L.V. Football Games. This Fall there will be trips to California to see the Chicago Bears vs the Los Angeles Rams in October and in November ihcy will see the Denver Broncos vs the San Diego Chargers. These trips are open to anyone 8 years and older. For those of you whose children missed out on the swiming lessons this summer, or would like them to continue, the Lorin Williams Indoor Swimming Pool has swimming lessons already in progress, with the next three week session beginning September 27. Registration is taken at the pool the first night of class. Also being offered at the Lorin Williams pool is Swimnastics. The Henderson Youth Center vsill be having many different kinds of tournaments such as Table Tennis, Tcthcrball. 8-Ball. and Pocket Golf w hich proves to be a lot of fun. Registration for classes N^ill be taken in Room 22 of the Civic Center Annex at 201 Lead Street beginning the week of September 20 with the exception of Belly Dancing and Silvcrsmithing Classes which will take their own registration. The Henderson F'arks and Recreation Department is still offereing the Charlotte Crowley, zen groups in the deco GolfDiscount Card for 515 Chairman of the 1976 ration of the colorful for 12 plays, and now Christmas committee, angels with prizes given there are four new Dishas called a meeting for to those who put in the count Swim Passes which Friday. Sept. 17, noon at most work hours. the Eldorado Club. ot^er items on the Additional angels to ^g^^da include the be placed throughout the city were agreed upon at the July meeting. Again this year a contest will be held between the Henderson Senior Citiyou are invited to inquire about. Please feel free to come into the Parks and Recreation Department to pick Christmas parade scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 11, Christmas Corner and the tree lighting ceremony. up the new Fall brochure which offers more information as to days, times, locations and fees of the many classes and programs that are bcin^ offered this Fall season. If you ha\e any questions please call 5h5-8921. fixt. 32. Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cook drrotj with theif tkins on, ilip fiyht off. then the outiide wn'l Airman Doyle D. Martin, whose mother is Mrs. Sheila R. Syphus of 809 Pyramid Drive, Las Vegas, Nev., has been selected for technical training at Lowry AFB, Colo., in the Air Force avionics systems field. The airman recently completed basic training at Lackland AFB Tex., and studied the Air Force mission, organization and customs and received special instruction in human relations. Airman Martin is a 1976 graduate of Southern Nevada Vocational Technical Center. His father, Ronald J. Martin, resides at 142 Kola St.. Henderson. News From Xi Zeta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi MORRELL REALH ffl 42WA^RSTRKT |^ PU CAC.BOIi. hSLi PH. 565-8916 NO LAWN TO MOW. b^iuM ownfr bis riprnsive Su-Rock over rntlrt area. Super abarp borne lo rxrrllenl residential area. Close t everything. Owner movinx out of late. Price lorludes Range & dUbwasher. Double Garage. FU.\ H2.M>0.00. GOOD ASSl'MFTION Four bdrmt.. 2 bath, refrigerated Borne. Carpeted throughout. Huge backyard Immaculate throughout. Priced for quick sale. ^7.000 00. NE.4R HIGH SCHOOL owner movlDg out of state — Must sell. 3 bdrm.. m baths. Sprinkler System In front. Drapes Throughout. Large lot. Priced at IZt.OOO.OO. RANCH ESTATES Rome sUII under constmctloD to be completed in 2 weeks. On S acre toned for Horses. Formal DlnlnK Room. 2 car garage. Fireplace IWW sq. ft. Beautiful location. M,3M. UVK-IN BUSINESS Thli immaculate Home Is also loned for Business • Three bedroom • refrigerated .Many mature trees 4 shrubs. Expensive Shutters at most windows. Large covered Patio. 32.0OO. CHURCH STREET BeanUfal family komr Three bedrooms. Price includes refrigerator A stvt Wiier conditioner. Very nice home in good area. f2,iO0. DECORATOR S DELIGHT on tith Fairway of Black Mt. Golf Course. Lvlng Room fireplace. Three bdrms, 3 full baths. Large family room. Formal Dining Room. Large covered patio enchances (he rear of the bouse Wet bar. Many, many extra*. A fanUstic buy. Call S&-tl6. 1 ACRE IN MISSION HILLS -fS.000.00 See Morrell Realty for all of your real etUlc needs. A big hearty Welcome to Becky Baker, who transferred to our Chapter from Alpha Tau out of Montana. Becky is a third year member of Beta Sigma Phi and holds title of Girl of the Year from Alpha Tau. We are delighted that she has decided to join our hard working, charming, pcrfca little group of humble Alpha Betas. Becky, you have excellent tast! We all met Becky at our September 2nd meeting, which was held at Jerry Lomprey's charming home. We were honored to have Detective Charles Jordan of the RobberyHomicide Division, Mctroplitan Police Department, as our guest speaker. He gave a very informative talk on the use of drugs and some of the problems that the police arc faced with. It would be impossible to tell you of the many "nerves" he touched during his talk, but one subject did get to all of us. There is a prerelease center at 301 S. Highland, Las Vegas, which houses approximately 27 former State prisoners. The main body of these men were conviaed on Drug related charges. The security and management of this center is a step above ridiculous. Fscapcs arc not reported to the Police Department I'll bet you are wondcruntil "someone" decides ing why the Antique Show it is time; prisoners have has not yet hit the paper. access to City automobiles Well. 1 will tell you: its not and apparently have little until October 24, that is problem coming and gowhy! Sorry about that. ing. Question for the day: One of the treats for the Guess which area has the show will be seeing wliat highest incidents of drug Lynn from Frontier Nurstraffic? Answer: HIGHcry has done combining LAND ST.! Isn't that her plants and antiques. this year our Parlimentarian. Wanda Ware, is planning to keep us all in line. First order was that all members without their pins would be fined. Those fined at the last meeting were: Wanda Ware. Best Wishes and Happiness for SusaYi Knopp, who owes us a box of home this wfck-end.'Bobis just joing lo sit there bie "Homebody" Baily. looking beautiful and doSpeaking of not being ing cvervlhing right ail there, why did Jerry \ear. Wc can't take much Lomprey have to lead the more of that Pani. way for Pat Chandler to In order not to lose any the 10-100? Look that up members, the Lake Partv in your CB dictionare. or will be held at Terry sec the Guinnie Brat, Smiths Lake. Docs that Bett; Stewart. tell ycu a little about our Jacque Dillard is going sense of direction? Mary to write a book on "The Hartnian doesn't have a Cat Who Left Home After thing on US! See you next 10 Years of Loving Care", time, with the continuing And Pam Olsen. well, she story of Alpha Beta. Alpha Beta. great! Wc are all "just The first pcrosn at the thrilled to death that our door, no doubt, will be our candy on her recent engatax dollars have been own Torrey Anderson and gement to Jerry Brooks. It mis-used for this facility, right behind her w ill be happens to the best of us. aren't you? "Nuff" said. Ncallia Sullivan fighting Susan! If by chance you should for first place. 1 don't want Medal of Valor goes to sec some happy faces to upset anyone, but these Lee England, who just driving around town, two are potentially dangecelebrated her Ninth don't be alarmed, its only rous when it comes to us. On September lb. we antique anthingi Guardwill have the pleasure of ing the door will be meeting the new Rushs at Humility Queen of 1976. our Rush Coffee. This is Darlene Trueworthy. going to be one fun year On a more serious note, for all of us! Wedding Anniversaryaloneand discovered that she is the shortest member in the group: all in the same night! Guess who was not QUICKIE QUICKIE BAR & DELI 7 LAKE MEAD PH. 565-9945 /U ^^^' COOlOfF SANDWICHES SALAD^ BREAKFAST FREE DELIVERY MONDAY THRU SAT. NO OEUVERY SUNDAY BY THE MUG FULL OR PtTCHU


The last time Basic high school had a winning football team, in 1972. Mike Kelly was both an offensive and defensive standout. In 1974, as a sophomore for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Runnin' Rebels, he was pulled from his red-shirt status late in the season because of injuries to .\11 .American tailback Mike Thomas and other Rebel running backs. Kelly promptly responded with more than 100 yards rushing and a touchdown in his first start. Last year, Kelly was converted to a defensive back, which he had played in high school, and earned a position as the starting cornerback before the end of the season. And Saturday night, proud Basic high school fans joined thousands of other Rebel fans in Las Vegas Stadium to watch Mike Kelly open the season as the starting cornerback for UNLV. They weren't disappointed! Kelly played a key role in the surprisingly stnirig effort put forth by the young defensive unit Vv^hich had been considered the big question mark this year for the Rebels. He had three unassisted tackles and one assisted and recovered the key fumble late in the game which killed Montana's last threat as the northern team fell to UNLV, 21-19. In addition, one of his tackles came near the end of the first half and prevented an almost sure touchdown. It came on an end-around play that fooled everyone on the defensive team, e.xcept Kelly. Behind him, the Montana runner had a clear field to the end zone. As a senior at Basic High School, Kelly was one-third of perhaps the most potent trio of running, backs on a single team that year in Nevada. Also in the backfield with him were Greg Vancey and Garhard (Lefty) Hoentsch. now afbllback at the University of Arizona. The three runners led the Wolves to two consecutive winning seasons; something which has been a rarity at Basic for the last decade and a half. His Head Coach, Joe Blockovich (now head coacbiat Rancho). well remembers Kelly, saying. 'Silike never played football until he came to Nevada from Detroit as a sophomore. But he dedicated himself to becoming a good football player. He is a perfect example of someone that wants something enough to work for it. When he graduated, many thought that he wouldn't play college ball because of his size. But UNLV took a chance on him, and it has really paid ofT for them.'': Blocfcovich has also kept the statistics on the 1972 season. In Kelly's senior season, he carried the bdll 62 times for 543 yards and a 3.2 average. He caught 13 passes for 459 yards; a 35.3 average. He also returned 9 kickoffs for 290 yards and 9 punts for 195 yards. He totaled 1487 yards and scored 8 touchdowns. Current Basic Head Coach Chris Stanfill was an assistant to Blockovich during Kelly's stint at Basic, and calls him, "... an exciting ball player and a fierce competitor." AcJioJ^iiing to Stanfill. "Mike was a tough kid with tremendous pain tolerance and he would play even when injured. Hoentsch was very fast and could run away from people, but Kelly was quicker and a better open field runner. He was also excellent on the screen pass, kickoffs and punt returns. "His only problem," notes Stanfill. "was a bad temper, but he usually had it under control. When he did get mad, he would recover qiiickly." Stanfill also praised Kelly's adjustment from offense to defense in college. "We recognized Mike's potential as a defensive player, but we stressed his development offensively. It's a tribute to his courage, character and determination that he has successfully made the adjustment from an offensive star to a defensive back." Although he didn't earn a starting post until late in the season last year. Kelly, still finished fifth in total points among the defensive backs. Hisilatistics for the year include ^8 tackles, 12 assists, 2 interceptions, 1 tackle for loss. 2 blocked passes, 1 caused fumble, and 1 fumble recovery. Defensive Backfield Coach Tom Cruickshank came down from Boise State along with Head Coach Tony Knap and was here for spring practice. .According to Cruickshank, "Mike asserted himself ri^ht away in spring football. He felt he had'a ;^arting position and showed that he would riot give it up easily. "He is very coachable," continued Cruickshank, "and responds with his best effort on everything. He is the kind of player every coach would like to have The first-year Rebel assistant noted that althougb:Kelly is just 5'8" and 175 pounds, he is very 5well-built and very quick, with good timing :H^ilso noted that Kelly had an extra burden fidfear in spring practice when his fither died. .; WhtB asked what he expected from Kelly this year, Cruickshank responded, "Mike is quite a kid. He reported this year in better shape than ever before and he really enjoys the defensive secondary. He seems very hungry for the challenge." Recorder's Memo: Legibility Questionable For Good Reproduction Page 6 Basic, Eldorado Coaches Look For Close Game Thursday, September 16, 1976 us twice and they will not take us for granted. They were beten in their season-opener last week B.VSIC GR.\D—Basic graduate Mike Kelly |24|, shown role in UNLV's 21-19 season-opening vicior> over in action last jear and in inset upper left, pla>cd a key Montana last Saturda> |Scc stor> btlowj Basic High School's football team travels to Eldorado tomorrow night for a game that could be critical in deciding whether or not Basic will have a winning season. After three straight home games, the Wolves are still wondering what sort of team they have. Although they are 2-1. they have scored just 14 poinis wnile their opponents have scored 40. Basic coaches received some good news this last week. Ricky Gray, who was thought to be out for the season with a broken ankle, is fine and should play tomorrow night. Apparently there was a mistake made involving the X-rays taken of his ankle. Kevin Causey, who sustained a mild concussion last Friday, is also okay and should play against Eldorado. Commenting on their first road game. Head Coach Chris Stanfill said. "Eldorado has beat and will want to atone for that at home. Personally. I rate the game a toss-up." First-year Eldorado Head Coach Roy Eriksen, who was at Boulder City last year, also looks for a close game. He said, "We expect Basic to be a lot more seasoned. They are going into their fourth game, while this is just our second. Also, this is my first year here and it will take awhile to get it together." Eriksen said that the Sun Devils real weak point is defense, and they were hurt further last week by the loss of defensive tackle Calvin Valvo. Jay Craddock, offensive and defensive tackle, will be a prominent cog in the Eldorado Effort. On offense, quarterback Harley Daniels will be handing off to fullback Danny Riley and slotback Ron Castillo, while halfbacks Brian Evans and Don Thomas will alternate. Stwvwv:-:::.:-:-: Basic Grad Kelly Plays Key Role In UNLV Victory .! Let's Play Golf B\ Mark Prime l^:'.^ Basic Higli Schwl graduate .Mike Kelly played a ke\ difensisc role in llie 1,'NLV Revels seasoniipcniiiL; 21-1*^ victory over liic Iniversity of Montana Suiiiiilav night. The "5'b" Kelly, a startint: defensive cornerback. Iiad three unassisted tackles, one preventing a sure imichdown. and one assisted tackle, in idditiiMi III recoveriiip -i very iniporiant fumble in the dosing minutes lo end .Montana's last potential scoring threat. Kelly's touchdownsa\ing tackle came near the end of the first half on an end-around play that appar/ntly fcH)led everybody on the Kebels defcn.'ve team e.\cept Kelly. Kelly's stop was critical, because the Montana runner otherwise had a clear field to the end zone. Head Coach Tony Knap was jileasanily surprised bs the strong effort from his defense, which had been considered the Rebils biggest unknown this \car. But it was the defense that kept the Kebels in the game during the first half, while the \eteran offense could not gel untracked. In the Jhjrd oiiarier. tjuarterback Glenn Carano finally got the offense moving with his precision passing. Carano's passes and a couple of pass interference calls in the end /one set up the Revels first two touchdowns while the third score was set up by a .^7 yard rampage by fullback Sylvester Spinks. Carano scored all three touchdowns on oneyard plunges. Mike Kelly's Statistics Tackles Assists Recoveries 3 1 1 Viv and Bill Phillips The Black Mountain Golf Course weathered the summer well and is in excellent playing condition. Now that the worst of the heat is behind us, it's time to get out the golf clubs and enjoy our great Fall weather playing golf Everyone is welcome at ^ LADIES TOLK.NAMEMMel Clark practices her putting in preparation for the September 21st Boulder City Invlutlonal at the Municipal Golf Course. The tournament is being put on by the Boulder City Ladleb Golf Association and is open to any Woman golfer in Southern Nevada. Assisting with the (lag is tournament chairman Lorraine Young, while local pro Hugh Jefferics watches. :•:< • :•>:••. • : • : • :•: • :•>: • Black Mountain. BMI is sponsoring a golf tournament at Black Mountain on Saturday, September 18, 1976. Today is the last day for accepting entries, so, if you have not already entered, do so today. BMI pays all green fees and provides the trophies. There is a $5.00 per person entry fee, all of which goes toward merchandise prizes. It is a two man best ball tournament with no more than a 12 stroke spread in handicaps. Flights will be arranged according to combined handicap. The annual Van's Builders Supply Tournament is coming up at Black Mountain Saturday and Sunday, September 25 and 26. Entries must be in by September 23rd. This tournament is a two man best ball event with no more than a 9 stroke spread in handicap between partners. The entry fee is $30.00 each, which includes green fees, merchandise prizes, a gift for all participants from Van's Builders Supply, and a steak dinner for two on Saturday night. The Clark County Junior Golf Tournament was held on the Winterwood Course on August 30th. Congratulations to the following Henderson Juniors for their achievements in this tournament: Girls Division Casey Potter winner in the 10 and II age group, in the 12 to 14 age group. Pamela Tabar over all low gross, Jamie Trumbo second low gross. Jill Tabar first place low net. Boys' Division Tommy Smith second low net in the 12 to 14 age group. Tommy tied for first place, but lost in the play off. Each Tuesday night is ladies' night at the Black Mountain driving range. The ladies get a bucket of golf balls free. Bruce Ashworth, golf professional and former traveling pro, is scheduling group lessons for ladies on Wednesday mornings, which is Ladies' Day at the Black Mountain Course. Arrangements for other group instruction or for private lessons from Professional Ashworth can be made by contacting the Black Mountain Pro Shop. Basic Netters Drop Match The Basic Men's Tennis I earn opened their season agains Western last week and came away on the short end of a 27-1 score. Shane Lamb scored the only victory for Basic in one of the singles matches. Other team members include. James Anton, Kav Tillery. Bill Kemphart. David Benavidez, Shane Stratton, Doug Gillies, Mike Hunt/man, Kay Dalton, David Pendleton. John Kemp and Mike Kadlev. •I Wfftttm Mrtittfn V. tti' I iiNOLtV Lrgxr m: 10 Tre Cv M. Jun lliirlrvaol IWl ; ihtrr l tnt, ||J 1 ) Jtnrn *nlor. ,BI 0 J, do, r,ii„, ll M. Bin ^•ncMrl iai: Bn<,KI III 07 yiiflt iutnv, (B) fri CXJUBIEV-Grn Anttnman Brvtn KrW (W) m P*ul Bouchro-Torv Vii,ct (V) 4. 0 M4fcf LM(*CUT Mann I A) J^) Qoufl QH IWMlkt MunlWTun iBl 01 jofin K>n MIU >Mlc> IBl t-l. IkOtlfon OOKI PK> dWon IBl B> Last Saturday night, Kelly .showed that he was ready for the challenge of college football And if you are a football fan that likes to see a guttykid with a lot of heart succeed on the gridiron, be sure to keep one eye on number 24 this next Saturday ni^jht. Mongrum Opens Grid Seoson At College Charley Mangrum, a Basic high school graduate, was among the starting players at St. Oiaf College in Norlhfield, Minn, at the college opening football game on Sept. II. St. Olaf opened its grid season against Wartburg College of Waverly, la. on Manitou field in Minn. The Oles lost eight starters from last year's offensive platoon but return an all-veteran defensive secondary and four or five regulars in the defensive line. The deep secondary consists of Charley Mangrum and Gary Uccke of Schofield. Wis. •*• do r.fM ^lATiin* f Bensons I St. Rose de Lima Ph. 564-2519 rr^*{t/CCn0 BANKAMERICARD—MASTERCHARGE-'K* BENSONS PLAN


(tfOOOOOOQOQO OOOOOOOOQOOO QOOOOOQQOQOOOQOOOOQOQOQOOOOQOOQQOOOQQ OQOOOOOOQOQOQOOOO^ Henderson Home News, Henderson, Nevada ll^'ROUND THE TOWN'jJ page 7 B /' ByJeanEcUey Thursday, September 16, Herod's Wife" Sermon Theme Ida Kelley will be making a trip soon to Arizona. This is one gal that enjoys traveling around and seeing things. There are lots of mysterious goings on at the Moose Lodge in Hejiderson. It's all about the number 222. Sorry, but members will have to come in and find out about it... Ask Scotty, Robert Sr., Robert Jr., or Nadine, or perhaps Betty will give you the information! Birthday greetings from husband and friends go out to Marie Schaeffer. I heard that the big celebrating day was Sept. 11. Sorry to hear that Chuck Zettner is in the St. Rose de Lima Hospital suffering from burns. Fellow workers send speedy recovery wishes. Rebecca Ross had been having some foot trouble for a few weeks. Last week she went into the doctors office and bad some foot surgery. All's well now, Rebecca said. Belated birthday greetings to Tommy Callman. They had ice cream and cake, I heard. His birthday was on September 6, and Tommy was five years old. Some of the fellows at Stauffer Chemical are Seech spent most of the past week in the St. Rose de Lima Hospital where she underwent a series of tests. Happy birthday greetings from husband Charles and family to Winnie Fisher. Celebrating day will be September 18. Jacque Robison (manager of Henderson Bowl) is in Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, where she underwent major surgery last Thursday. She is doing well.but will be away from the bowling alley for about three weeks. Friends send speedy recovery wishes. Little Juliette Abell, friends send birthday greeti ngs on your big day. It was on Sept. 12, and Juliette is six years old. Many seniors from Espinoza Center, R.S.V.P. Center and St. Peter's Center and Boulder City Center will be going on a bus tour next week. It's the Sunrise Travel Club with Bill and Mary Lou Haynes as hosts. The trip will be an overnighter to Safare Land and Disney land fun. Happy birthday greetings to Edith Will. The big celebrating day will be Sept. 18. The Elks Annual host a reception for Antainette Marinello, grand recorder of Women of the Moose, on Sept. 22 at 7:30 p.m. in the Henderson Lodge Members are asked to attend. A reminder, the Mooseheart Committee "vill be having evening lunches on Monday and Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. during the month of September as their fund raising project. Happy birthday greetings from family and friends to both Blaine Eckman and Shirley Eckman, whose birthdays will be on Sept. 18. Some time next week, Alice Hickinson will be taking a trip into California for a visit with her daughter. Sorry to hear that Flossie Outright passed away this week. Flossie had made many friends here and she will be greatly missed by the seniors at St. Peter's Senior Center where she was a member. Flossie would have been 91 > Our Saviors LutherJnan Church, 59 Lynn *Lane extends an invita'""tion for everyone to atSept. 17, Teresa A. Glhtend worship services, son. Robert McKlnnis, which begin at 10:45 a.m. Debbie Bernstecn, Cody The Rev. Ronald Mayer Smith, Edla Keele. will speak about Sept. 18, Vinona Wat"Herod's Wife with the son, Hawley Bagley, text from Mark 6:24. Blaine Eckman, Shirley Sunday school is in meets at 9:30 a.m. ParDates to circle: Sept. en'ts'brrng'your'children 26, the So. Nevada AAL and then attend the family picnic at Sunset Eckman, Lee Meyer, Jackie Lee Becraft. Gearge Ray, Al Tobler, Elma Parcell, Andy Smith, Russell Hafen. Anniversaries session again at Our Savior's with Mr. Ted Debbold as superintendant. We welcome back our "regulars" and also hope they will invite Wedding Anniversary their friends to come greetings to the followand learn about "Love "ing married in September. September 13, Bill and Alma Getz. vSeptember 14, Bob and Dorothy Hlllyer, Clayton and Nyla Leavitt, Bob and Eva Puyette. September 15, Loran and Josephine Prisbrey, David and Terisa Gilson, Joe and Dixie Bowler. September 16, Mr. and Mrs. Phildan DeMille. Leon and Vereline Sullivan, De Roy and Rose Marie Hardy, Earl and Shirley Smith, Warren and Kristina Marie and Devon Jones. years old on September Sure sounds like ^0. Michael Lightner had a birthday on September 2. It was the seventh one. Belated birthday wishes are sent by friends. Happy Birthday Happy birthday greetR.S.V.P. Kareene Hardy. The big day will be Sept. 13. Heard that Phyllis Hunter's Ball will be held at the Henderson '"^s '<> these persons making arrangements Elks on Lake Mead Drive, born in September, for a trip to do some deep n Saturday. Oct. 2. Dane^*P'12. Peter Wise, sea fishing. Seems like a -^g starts at 9 p.m. with Michael B. Huntsman, group gets together and western music. DonaDanny Pendleton. Danita does this each year. |j^„s 3^^ jj QO per per^'" • *' Jared Porter Jr., Happy Birthday greetJ^Q Breakfast will be ^" Clark, Johnny ings to both Monnie served at 1 a.m. Johnson. Corinnie Marie Hardy and Wedding anniversary Walker, David W. Munwishes to William and '<>'. Toffonia O'Dell. Shirley Gilson. CelebratPol'y P*co. LuAnn Miling will be on September '* • • • 20 and at Shirley's Sept. 13, Mary Ella sisters home in Callfor". Roy Handler, Monnia. The Gilsons will >' ^"i^ Hardy, travel to California over Kareena Hardy, Evelyn the weekend. Charles, Joe Sanders, 1 heard that coming Dawn Berstien. Steven home from Navy training Wickman, Elaina Bonis the son of Mr. and Mrs. "ySunny Konald. Payne. After a short visit Sept. 14, Lillian Wood. he will be going to school Johnny McLaughlin, in Pensecola. Shirley Steven Edward, Jennifer Payne (mother) was exFoster. Ruth K. TIppetts, cited about having her Arville Walker, Terri youngest son home Hanchett, Bradley Reese. again. Past birthday greetTonri ings from all his little Welker, Kendell Cottam, friends go out to Adam Glen Anderson. Lisa LaFan. Birthday was on Snowden, Carey Rae Sept. 1, and Adam was Slack, Danny Bauer, four years old. John Richard Archer, Sorry to hear that little Delia Ostergard. Kathy Schimbeck is ill. Sept. 16, Maxine Honey, Kathy is a sweet four Craig Hinton, RyanNeal. year old girl. Speedy reSteve Gill. Lucille Holt, covery wishes go out Roger Williams. Albert from all her little Butters, Lloyd Scott friends. Black, Kenneth HumChapter No. 1243 will Phrles. Bring flowers home tonite, KING'S FLOWERS 2 WATER 5&$-0454 Floirrrs for all tH-raiiions & 'for no arc union. lOtK Today was social day 9 14-7b (Tuesday). Hostesses for the day were Irene Munscy and Edith scrvmg sandwhichcs and cookies, hot coffee and iced tea. Then played Bmgo. first game won by Mr. Frost from Boulder City. Second game won by CC Tracy. Third game won by Connie Chetcute. Fourth game won by Catherine Fields. Fifth game won by Francis Church. Covcral had 2 winners Connie Chetcute and Mildred Brown. Door prize won by Mildred Frost of Boulder City drawing her own name. Attendance for the day sixteen due to the Primary Election it had some of our regular guests working. Played Canasta, next social day Sept. 21st and Sept. 15, Mike Conrad. Hostess for the day Irene Nellson, Alice Munsey and Edith Will. Hope to sec you all then. Black Mountain Golf Club } WAVING. WEEKDAYS Iii\lILK3. $3.50 $4.50 CALL 565-7933 FOR STARTING TIME: DRIVING RANGE UNTIL 9:30 P.M. ^^w, -,^„^..,, BY APPOINTMENT GOLF LESSONS: PRIVATE OR GROUP vr.j ^.jKjKj-^i,Kj. PRO BRUCE ASHWOKTH GOLFING 8 EQUIPMENT THE PRO SHOP CLOTHING AVAILABLE jm-iuv4Hac -u-u-aa-uauMi-a a ia axs sacoasassaxaE a LETTER TO THE EOrrOR: Many calls and personal requests of information have been received by the easy one (E-1) committee concerning the proposed freeway routes. If you arc a businesswoman or businessman and would like to sign the letter for businesses for El. call 564-5987 or contact one of the following: Dale Bernstecn. Arnold Cole, George Coroneos. Kay Crosby. Bud Franlilin. Everitt Krause. Brent Mathewson, Evelyn Morrcll. Isabellc Pearson. Darrel Phillips. Monte Sagcr. Dick Stewart, Sr.. Herschcl Trumbo. Jack Ycager. They are just a few of the 102 business individuals who agree that E-l (Boulder Highway) freeway route is in the best interest of ail the people in Henderson, "Christian style". We also have an adult bible class that also adult class. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated the first and third Sunday of each month. The Tuesday morning Bible Class will meet at the home of Sharon Maroushek at 565 Federal St. Bringyour Bible. The Youth Confirmation class meets at 3:30 at the Church on Tuesday. At 7 p.m. the Adult Instruction class will meet on Tuesday at the church. Wednesday at 7 the choir will practice. Park beginning at 1 p.m. October 10th, Our Savior's annual Sunday School and church picnic. Watch the bulletin board for details! October 2, LWML Fall Rally at First Good Shepherd Church in Las Vegas. Pastor's Corner; "God rewards not success but faithfulness." Senior Citizens Sociol Club Cclia Jackson will be hostess at the next social 7 American Legion ,, Appoints Officer Alan C. ("Al") Doyle has been appointed Service Officer for Post 31. Joe Kine, who has held this post "in addition to his other duties", will continue as Finance Officer. gathering of the Senior Citi/.cns club which will be held Friday. September 17. 1976. 1 p.m. Room 6. Civic Center. All Senior Chi^ens are invited. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH^ • ^ • • ^ • • • ^ • • • • • • • • ^^H^^^HH^^H^^H^^^^i^^^H^^^H |^:ji9|9^^4^i|4a FINANCING AVAILABLE ON APPROVED CREDIT 90 DAYS SAME AS CASH. WATCH WHILE WE CUT YOUR BEEF PRICE INCLUDES: CUTTING, WRAPPING, FREEZING PRICES EFFECTIVE SEPT. 16-19, 1976 By Mabel Ucenan = CUDAHY USDA CHOICE 300 TO 325 LBS. V2 BEEF 97 c LB CUnAHY USDA CHOICE 150 TO 160 LBS. HIND QUARTER 1.15 LB m CUDAHY USDA CHOICE I 150 TO 160 LBS. I FRONT QUARTER 89 c LB 1 CUDAHY USDA CHOICE m 450 TO 500 LBS. I % BEEF. 93 c LB B USDA CUDAHY CHOICE B 600 TO 650 LBS. WHOLE BEEF 93 c LB I SMOKED IPICNIC HAMS C 89 ^^ LB CUBE 6149 STEAK r'-7?'^ SIRLOIN TIP -^ -^ STEAK $1.69LB STEAK $3.69LB NEW YORK ^ I STEAKS 2.69LB| LOIN CUT m^m^^t PORK CHOPS 1.591 END CUT • ^^#^ I PORK CHOPS 1.391 CHAMPION iLBPK I BACON 98' I GROCERY SPECIALS ALL FLAVORS 1 QT. £g^ SHASTA f.??^..09 KERNS 46 OZ. # Ai TOMATO JUICE 69 PRINCELLA YAMS ^^ COLORTEX NAPMNS. 19 c i • *^ KERNS 8 OZ. • TOMATO SAUCE...! d c i 1 LB. BOX ZESTA SALTINES. 69 CLOVER CLUB TWIN PACK POTATO CHIPS 69 PRODUCE SPECIALS VINE RIPE TOMATOES 19*u, 8 LB. BAG RUSSET POTATOES 69 i WATERMELONS $129 EA. LEMONS 9^ LBi TOPS MARKET FAMILY FOOD MARKET OWNER. HAROLD GERRISH 844 E. LAKE MEAD DR. PH. 565-7070 lllllllUIIHIHIIIIUIIIIIIUUilllllllillUUIilH^^ A


i Thursday, September 16, 1976 First Baptist Church Sets New Outreach Campaign Miscellaneous News Missiles By Jesfie Bennett Henderson Home News, Henderson, Nevadi To recall our American history, it was 356 years ago, on September 16,1620. when a group of 102 people boarded the MAYFLOWER and set sail in search for freedom. It was on November 21st that they dropped anchor on what is now Provincetown Harbor. Many hardships were suffered to provide the religious freedom known to us today. In honorofthose brave ones of the past, and in recognition of the Scriptural promise that "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed," First Baptist Church, with an appointed group of 102, will "set sail" this Sunday on a new attendance building campaign, which will continue through Thanksgiving Sunday, November 21st, the 356th anniversary of the Mayflower dropping anchor on American soil. Ten volunteer Tour Guides who are guiding their group through this journey are: Jamie Orner, Dauleta Osko, Lynette Osko, Carl Henderson, Warren Bradley, Agnes Harris, Kaye Henderson, Charles Combs, Martha Henderson, and Betty Combs. These Tour Guides will meet at "the Captains" table this Saturday for a Continental Breakfast and final "presailing" orientation. Those who have registered as tourists for the trip should arrive early enough Sunday Morning to board the ship before the 11 a.m. Worship Hour. All members and friends of the church who have not registered as tourists for this trip are urged to be on hand to observe the sailing and to wish a "Bon Voyage" to the travellers. Bicentennial and Early American Dress will be most appropriate for this occasion. The pastor, Rev. John Osko and congregation of First Baptist Church extend to the residents of Henderson and area a very warm and cordial invitation to worship and study with them each Lord's Day. Sunday Bible School classes begin at 9:30 a.m. with Adult Coffee Fellowship £ZZIE LEHMAN & lYTlE CHEVRON STATION PROVIDES THE BEST OF SERVKE AND FINEST OF PARTS BASIC AUTO PARTS IS PROUD TO HAVE THEM AS A CUSTOMER CALL 'THE PROFESSIONALS" BASIC AUTO PARTS 565-8735 BldrHwy.& Water St. and Pre-Session Activities beginning at 9 a.m. The Worship Hour begins at 11 a.m. and Baptist Evening Fellowship with growth groups for all ages meets at 6 p.m. First Baptist Church is located at 47 East Atlantic Ave., Henderson. 'Mini Miss' Contest Plans Told Attention all Henderson young ladies bet ween the ages of 4 and 9. This year the Henderson Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring two contests during their Expo celebration for the female younger set. The Mini Miss contest for girls age 4-6 will be held Saturday, October 30, 1976, 5 p.m. at the Henderson Civic Center. The Little Miss contest for girls ages 7-9 will take place Sunday, Oct. 31, 1976, 2 p.m. at the Civic Center, 200 Water St. Contestants will be judged on poise and appearance and are to wear a party dress of their choosing. It is required of the girls to be Henderson residents. Entry forms are available at the Chamber of Commerce office and must be returned to the ofTice by Oct. 20, 1976. New Baby Martindales A baby girl was born to -Mr. and Mrs. Jack Martindale on Aug. 16 at Women's Hospital in Las Vegas. The new arrival, named Jennifer Renee, weighed seven pounds and five ounces. The family resides at 19 E. Basic Road. The baby was greeted at home by her brother, Jack, Jr., and her sister, Jackie They're going fast! And that means hurry! NewH ew norizons IN HENDERSON You just couldn't find a finer home and a more wholesome environment for happy family living Open space and country air. Yet you're just 15 minutes from Las Vegas and Lake Mead And you're just a couple minutes f^om the first tee at Black Mountain golf course. Everything's in your favor at New Horizons. One ond 2'Story stylings 3 & 4 bedrooms, from $35,950 Excellent VA, FHA finoncing ovoilable. TKOrH-ANA \ t\'. From Bouldrr HIgbwiy (jgil loutb of Hendrrser.) turn eit oo Hoiiioo Driv* COOIIDUC on Horlion bcyood BItrk Mouniiio r.olf Cowrie lo Greenwiy Rd. tod modoli. Two things: Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. (Cheer Mag. and 'The election isn't very far off when a candidate can recognize you across the street." (Kin Hubbard) If you really want to Find out that home is the best, just go some place for a week where you run into a wild electric storm that is a "gully washer" and it's 96 degrees one day and 65 degrees the next and you have car trouble and decide you are all ALONE in the world and... well the bare beautiful mountains and the desert land of Las Vegas Valley is home and we love iti! Barbara Blazzard is home recupperating after a stay in Rose de Lima. It'll be great to see her usual smiling face again Way up in eastern Utah in Price, we saw some former neighbors, Kay and Maggie Willis who now live in Southern Utah. They were on their way to Greenriver to visit with grandchildren. Was so nice to see them and talk over old times and all our Henderson friends. Young Tony Frehner found that a landing can be kind of rough for boys on earth as well as electronic exployers on Mars. He broke his arm when jumping from a large box and had to be rushed to Sunrise Hospital for surgery to set the break. Pretty frightening for a six year old. Penny Taylor is back home with her five sons after a stay at the Women's Hospital. It will be bed rest for awhile for Penny. If T.L.C. means anything, she will be well and up soon. Such vitality can't be held down too long... get well soon. Penny. All kinds of home improvements going on among the neighbors. Noticed Pegg>' and Jim Ware have a family room nearly completed. Tracy and Jami should like that. And another home improvement nearly complete is at Steve and JeannieChristensen's. It is a truly beautiful improvement. Sure hope that you all voted with us on Tuesday. There's no greater responsibility for a citizen of this nation. Last Thursday, JoAnn Proffit of Santa's Deers bowled 100 ins over her average when she bowled a high 244!! Wear your Century patch proudly, JoAnn. You know, bowling is fun and there are many leagues getting started for the season. All you ladies, get out and bowl. Start now even if you've never had the pleasure before. Santa's Deers is a year round league that is exciting. f77T-i7G2M r Nt HORliONi omes Phone 5J.70 I.T Thl QUAUTV IS BUUT H ttTttf mcturreuHM. iuit Of -mt U.;>. ABMVS MiLiTi^v On this league, Ruth Soehlke proudly bowled three over 200 games in one afternoon this summer then topped that off with a big 246 game a couple weeks ago. We can all try for scores like that if we bowl every week. The rains went away in time and the wedding reception for Norene and Donn Chiniguy at the home of Ron Langford was beautiful. What a magnificent receiving line! There were four generations of young women there. Norene with two sisters, Kathryn and Janet, her mother Elaine Langford, her niece Diane Rheese and grandmother. Mrs. Langford. Out of town guests included Ron's brother and wife from Idaho and the sister of the groom from California. The young couple will make their home in Louisiana. Clayton Perkins, son of Rodney and .Alice Perkins left Henderson for a couple of years in the southern California area on a mission for the L.D.S. Church. We wish him much success. Beverly Littlefield enjoyed the company of her father from .American Fork, Utah this past week-end. BIRTHS Sept. 6, boy, Mr. and Mrs. John Geary, Las Vegas; girl, Mr. and Mrs Porsirio Lopez. Las Vegas. Sept. 7, girl, Mr. and Mrs Robert Campbell, Boulder City. Sept. 9, girl, Mr. and Mrs. William Green, boy, Evan Boulder City; Mr.and Mrs. Schimbeck, Henderson; boy, Mr.and Mrs. C. Newton Sikes, Boulder City. Sept. 10, girl, Mr.and Mrs. Frank Neal, Henderson. Sept. 12, girl, Mr.and Mrs. Ray Everard, Las Vegas. Sept. 13, girl, Mr and Mrs. Dennis Lawson, Henderson. Sgt. Comstock In Exercise Sgt. Comstock Marine Sergeant Dennis R. Comstock, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Comstock of 472 Federal St., Henderson, Nev., is participating in a major NATO maritime exercise: "Team Work '76." He is serving as a member of Force Troops which is a component of the 4th Marine Amphibious Brigade. He is one of 6,000 U.S. Marines who will join with British and Dutch .Marines for a major combined amphibious landing in central Norway and a secondary amphibious landing in Denmark. The two week exercise involves more than 80,000 personnel, 200 surface ships, 30 submarines and 300 aircraft from nine NATO coun tries and France. .\dmiral Isaac C. Kidd, Jr., USN, the Supreme 'Teamwork 76' Allied Commander, Atlantic, of coordinating the overall conduct of the exercise. Vice Admiral John J. Shanahan, USN, commander of the Atlantic Striking Fleet is the tactical commander of all N.ATO naval forces. The primary objectives of the exercise are to test and improve the combat readiness of the allied forces and to test plans for the defense of Western Europe. The amphibious portions are designed to evaluate NATO's rapid reinforcement capabilities and test command and control procedures for coordination of NATO sea, land and air forces. A 1972 graduate of Southern Vo-Tech School, Las Vegas, he joined the -Marine Corp; in January 1973.. Comstock's unit i; homebased at Camp Le jeune, N.C. MMDOVBl MOTHT Mom wanted to till you with Not bad eatinq ha'nits | But il Ihats how it t,imodir>ur 'A'eight Wdlrht-rs' F'ro<7ram c^r help vcHi un'v-^m the tid habits and start losing thevrt>iM IM[ tjt.ONc; •fonsitON ATCH.S** ••os TOv,'OfTsi*it;i io**& ^ &M(|TH| %All CNfCl US OUT *^ •T-> u ;j^i) i i • A* 'Jt •^rsit-.. BUILT BY CHISM HOMES ONE OF THE SOUTHWEST'S MOST RESPECTED BUILDERS GUARANTEED QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP THROUGHOUT $99. Total Move-In To Veterans. 10 Year Homeowner's Warranty Protection Program priced fro tn MAJESTIC FIREPLACES VA & FHA FINANCING IMMEDIATE MOVE-IN COUNTRY KITCHENS CARPETING & BUILT-INS LAWNS INCLUDED 39,200 41,450 SALES OFFICE OPEN 11AM to DUSK DAILY PHONE 565-7021 • ffivvk HIGHLAND HILLS Highltnd Hilli ii thoroughly pitnnad family community. Tha Itrcttt r widt, wtll lighted and th* ptopit who liv* htra art tha finatt r)aighbort you'll maat anywhara. Mora than 200 ItmilMt havt alraady mad* tha mova to Highland Hillt. Why not ioin Miam .TODAY! DIRECTIONS Driva out Bouldar Hwy. pan HandrM>n to Horizon Driva, turn right and follow tha eignt


• Eogles Auxiliary Plans Children's Carnival Thursday. September 16.1976 The Eagles Auxiliary is preparing for a children's carnival on September 18th at the Eagles Hall, 310 W. Pacific, Henderson. The doors will open at 10 a.m., the event is open to the public and there will be no admission charge. Some of the games will include a fish bowl, bean bag toss, darts, penny pitching and many many more. A gypsy will be on hand to tell your fortune and a table of rummage will be on sale. Lots of prizes and surprises. The snack bar will be serving sloppy joes, punch, coffee and cup cakes. The funds raised from this carnival will help finance the Annual Senior Citizens Thanksgiving Dinner. Pet Parade Feature of Expo A new feature this year to the Henderson Expo celebration will be a costume pet parade. The parade will be 'held at 12 noon on Saturday, Oct. 30. It will begin in the small animal area and parade throughout the Expo premises. Theme of the parade will be "Ghosts and Goblins." Pets may be led, carried or pulled on a cart or wagon. Judging will be on the basis of best dress up and costume of pet, owner and apparatus. Entries for the pet parade must be submitted not later than Oct. 15. Entries are available at the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, 152 Water St. Mini Foir Plans Big For this Yeor The Henderson Mini Fair, first held last year during our Expo celebration, promises to be even bigger and better ML Ntrlab Udft No. M Hs4roB. No*. Mctlo(t Nl|b( Wed 7 M P Id 1*1 Tapl Drive S44I7 ^r*i Attend | CHURCH I i Sunday | Sponsored I By this year. The Fair will be held Oct. 29-31, youth exhibits being displayed in room 6 and adult exhibited in room 7 of the Henderson Civic Center. Competition in all areas is limited to Henderson residents and entries shall be the work of .the exhibitor and must have been completed during the past year. The Mini Fair is divided into several areasHome Science, clothing and textiles, art and crafts. A Mini Fair rules and regulations book is available at the Henderson Chamber of Commerce office. 152 Water St. Exhibits must be submitted Thurs. Oct. 28, at room 6 between 5 and 8 p.m. Bob Ohen Realty' & Insurance Inc.' r^ EEALTOK Realtor-MLS 6 Water St., Henderson 564-1831 BEAt'TIFl'L IS THE WORD to dr§cribr this 3 Br., 2 Bath. Iminaciilatc in every deUlI, Above Blark Mtn Golf Coarse Large Living room open to dicing room, lots of cupboards, new flooring, Good carpet. Custoni drapes tbroughogt. Alumioam (Idiog • donble garage, and lots more I'oder )4O,00O. with a low Interest loan that cao be asiumed. Call today for detalli. COZY AND ATTRACTIVE Very well decorated, S Br., W balbi, olcely carpeted throughout. Fenced rear yard. Only 9M.M0. FBA or VA. HANDYMAN'S SPECIAL Only $20,000 for a 3 Br Home In Valley Vie*. 12X11 Patio. Block Wall Fenced yard With tmail amount of Caih Owner will carry loan at low-low Intcreat. Owner leaving the area • Fast poasetalon. EXECUTIVE HOME — ONE OF THE NICEST High on Black Mountain with a gorgeous view of the valley, over 2340 sq. ft. of luturlous living. Including new carpet, color to be decided by you. Country Style Kitchen, with family Room. Large walk-In closets. Dining Room ZtXU. 2 Car Drive and 2 Car Garage, finished Inside to add a recreation room. One-Half Acre Lot. Call for Appointment JEANNE A. OLSEN DEMARCO, BROKER COURT REPORT George Donald Benton, Jr., 32, driving under the infiuence of liquor. Miles Joseph Navarre, 35, bench warrant, speeding 38 in a 25, bench warrant, driving under influence of liquor. Donna Sue Taylor, 26, bench Warrant, petit larceny. Ronald Lee Bratty, 22, driving under influence of liquor, driving with non-res. licence suspended. Agustino Miguel Menendez, 24, carrying a concealed weapon, speeding. Jacob Clare White, 24, driving under the influence of liquor, second. David Owen Chadderdon, 24, provoked assault, disorderly conduct, four counts. Jacob Clare White. 24, suspended operators license, presented revoked oper. license, fictitious license plates. Dennis Nelson Fixel, 35. failure to register a gun. William Earl Taylor. 21, battery. Steve Michael Ritter, 19, full time and attention, no registration. Felipe Avendano Mireles, 38, failure to register, ex-felon. James Robert Nowlin, 21, driving under the influence liquor. Jimmy Billed Moral. 63, driving under the influence liquor. Tracy Dean Spring. 20. vagrancy. UGAL NOTKE lo Ibe Eigbtb iudirlal District Courl of tbe .tale of Nevada In and For tbe County of Clark HLED \uK zc. irjt 2:11 PM LORETTA BOWMAN, CLERK BV RUTH DOWD No 7M IV THE MATTER or THE ESTATt OF SINDAV FELDMAN, aka SIDNEY FIELDS. Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS (M Days Nollrel Notice U hereby (iveo (bat tbe uoderilfoed hat been duly appointed and quilifled bv Ibe above entitled Court on Ibe KlbdayoTAuf uit, It7(, at AdmlnUlralor wllb lummary poveri of Ibe estate *l SIDNKV FELDMAN, ika SIDNEY FIELDS, deceased. All credllori bavln| claimi aiialnit laid estate are required to (lie tbe tame wllb tbr proper vourbersallsrbrd. wllb Ibe Clerk af tbe Court within 60 divs alter tbe flrsl publlration of this notice. Dated August 2, AD. ItTC. NAT ADLER. AdniiDitlraUtr tt Ibe Estate of SIDVFV FFI OMAN, aka SIDN-EV riEI.Uii. Deceaaed • -SopL t, •, It, irt WIIM $40,000.00 CASH for $25! )f ^ Biggfst Bingo Gamf In The History of The World! UGAL NOTia la Iks BIgha Jadlcitl Dialrtel Coort if th* Slats af Nevada. la and r*r the Cmmtt^Oaxk No.AinM SnCBNIA C. tOPBS, nainiur V8. BRNB8TOG. LOm. DofsadanL SUMMONS THE STATK OP NTVADA SKND9 GRIBTINGS TO THE ABOVENAMED DEPENDANT: Vsa are hereby aamaaoad and ronlred to asm apon GBORCE E. FRANKUN, ESQ. plalatUTi attorney, whose sddreia li Itl Bast Brtdgsr Avoaas. Laa Vt|aa. Norsda aa SBSwor to Iho Complaint ohieh U horewith sorvad a^a yso, wHhla M days alUr ssrrlcc if this SoBBOat • poo yon, sselashre if the day W •aretes. If yon tail to do so. JadgBoal by dWsah will bo taken scaiaat yoa Ibr ths roticf demanded la tbs Coaiplalat This la sa aetloa broaghl by Plalatiir agalaat Defcadaal U djawlrn the boada if aatrlaony now and boralotere iilillag as caa be mor* tally sosa la the VcrUled Csmplalat oa flic horsla. DISTMCT COUBT SEAL tOBETT A BOWMAN, Clerk sf Coort By JANET BEBEB. Dopaly Oerk DATE: Jaly 14, ir • -Sept Id. M, M. Oct. T. Id. in sr^ Page 9 miis^-, 18. 1(7 In the Eighth Judicial Dislrlcl Court of tbe Stole of Nevada In and For tbe County of Clark FILED AUC 26, 17 2:21 PM LORETTA BOWMAN, CLERK BY RUTH DOWD THE STATE OF NEVADA SENDS GREETINGS TO THE ABO\-ENo 7593 NAMED DEFENDANT: WILLIAM W CROW You are hereby summoned and required lo serve upon KENT J. DAWSON, E.S. deceased All creditors having claims against said estate are required to flle tbe same with the proper vou chers atUcbrd. with Ibe Clerk of Ibe Court within 60 days after tbe first publication of this notice Datod August 26. AD 1076 NAT ADLER, Administrator of tbe Estate of ROY N. RICKETTS, Deceased B-Aug. 2C, Sept. 2. f, II, 23. ItTC H Sept. 2. t, U, l*7t In tbe Eighth Judicial District Court of the Stole of Nevada In and For the County of Clark nLED AUG 2, ir* 2:IPM LORETTA BOWMAN, CLERK BY RUTH DOWD No. MIO In the Elghik Judicial District Court of tbe Stole of Nevada lo and For the Ceunly of Clark FILED AIG 2, H7 2:11 PM LORETTA BOWMAN, CLERK BY RUTH DOWD No. 7241 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF FREDERICK NORMAN GREINER. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE Deceased. OF NOTICE TO CREDITORS THOMAS E. MONK, (60 Days Notice) Deccaied. NOTICE TO CREDITORS (to Days Notice) Notice is hereby given that Ibe undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified by tbr above enUtled Court on the 13th dayof AagUit, lt7<, as Admlnlslrater with summary powers of the estate of THOMAS E MONK, deceased All .-reditors having claims against said estato arc required to flle tbe same with the proper vouchers attocbed. with tbe Clerk of tbe Court within CO days after tbe flrst pohllcatton of this notice Dated August M, AD )07( NAT ADLER. Administrator af the Estoto of THOMAS E. MONK, Ueccsaed H-Sept. 2, f, 1, m* I IV G O SUNDAY, SEPT. 26 • 3 PM In The Aladdin Theatre For The Performing Arts ^^fljwfw NOTICE or PU'BLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GI\-EN that the Planning Commission of tbe City of Henderson will bold a public bearing on Monday. Septoral>er 20. It7. at S 00 p m in Ike Planning Commission Chambers. City Hall Annex. 201 Lead Street. Henderson. Nevada to consider tbe request of Sherrrll Dacey for a Use Permit allowH under Section l 41.030 (dl to erect and maintain a toni structure. U feet in height, known at "Big Top" Enterprises lo be used for entertoinmeni purposes oa app-oximateiv 100 acres of land in Section 1. T23S. RCIE: adjacent to Highway No 41 (Lake Mead Drlvrland tbe Sky Harbor Airport access road, said land being located lo a M-lnduttrlal DItlrirt. AN Y AND ALL interested persons may appear before Ibe City Planning Commission either in person or by counsel and may object to or express approval of the proposed ordinance change or may. prior to bearing, flle with the City Planning DepirlmenI • written objection tbcreto or approval thereof. DATED August 31. I7 ''" ADLER, Administrator of the Registrar In Ibe manner provided b> law Tbe Clark County Election Department It open from 8 00 AM to SO* P M. daily; and from Septomber 2Sth through Saturday. October 2od, from 1:00 A.M. lo *:00 P M. (S) Stonton B. Colton STANTON B. Colton Registrar of Votors Clark County. Nevada Seal H-Sept. 2. *. 16. 23,197C .. H-Sept. 2, 9, IC, in H-8ept. 2, 9. IC, 1979 In tbe Eighth Judicial District Court of Ibe Mato of Nevada. In and for the County of Clark FILED AUG 2c. irc 2:12 PM LORETTA BOWMAN, CLERK BY RLTH DOWD No. 7S9I IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ALBERT CPLAYTER. Deceased NOTICE TO CREDITOR.S (CO Days Notice) Notice is hereby given that tbe undersigned has been duly appolotod and qualifled by the above entitled Court on the l3lbdayof Aug ust. I97(. as Adminiitrilor with summary powers of the estate of ALBERT C PLAVTER deceased All creditors having claims against said estote are required to MIC the same with the proper vou chers allacbrd. with the Clerk sf tbe Coon within to days aftor Ibe flrsl publication of this notice Datod August 2C, AD 197C NAT ADLER. Admioittrstor sf the Estoto of ALBERT C PLAVTER. Deceased H-Sepl. 2.9, IC, m In the Eighth Judicial District Court of tke Slato sf Nevada. In and For the County of Clark FILED AUG 26 t II PM '7C LOR^TT* BOWMAN CLERK BY RUTH DOWN No,C99I IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF PHILIP S. BILBEB. Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITOR (CO Days Notlcel Notice Is kerchy givea that the undrrsignrd kat been duly appointed and qualified by the above entitled Court on the 13th dayof Augutt, 1976. ai Administrator with summary powers of Ibe estate of PHILIP S BILBEE. deceated. All creditors having claimt agaiatl said etUte are rntuired to flle tbe same with the oroper vouchers attached, wllb the Clerk of tbe Court within CO days after the flrst pablicallun of thli notice. Datod. AD. 19TC NAT ADLER. Adminittrator of the Estoto of PHILIP S. BILBEE. Deceased B-8cpt. 2. 9. It, 197C In tbe Eighth Judicial District Court of the Slato of Nevada In and For tbe County af Clark FILED AUG 26, 1971 2:13 P LORETTA BOWMAN, CLERK BV RLTH DOWD NO.S710 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF FRANCES K. A\-ERILL, aka FRANCES K TRILL, Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS (CO Days Nollcei Notice is kereby given that tbe undersigned kas been duly appointed and qualified bv (be above entitled courlon the 27th day of July, 1976. as Administralor with tunmarv powers of the ettate of FRANCES K AVERILL, aka FRANCES K TRILL deceated. All creditors having claims against said etuie are required to flle Ibe same with the proper vouchers attached, with Ibe Clerk of the Court within CO days after the flrst publication of this notice. Datod. AD 1976. NAT ADLER. Administrator of the estate of FRANCES K AVERILL, aka FRANCES K TRILL, Deceased H-Sepi 2: 9. IC. 1*76 OrriCIAL NOTICE TO CONTR-ACTORS Sealed bids, subject to tbe conditions contained in the Contract Documents marked PROVIDING ISO-P S I A C WATER PIPE aUtIng the name and address of the bidder on Ibe outside, will be received by the City Clerk up to the boor of 7 00 p m PDT October 4. irC at which time the bids will be opened and read aloud publiciv at a Regular Meeting of the City Council sf the City of Henderson. Nevada. Tbe matorlal will be delivered to the Henderson City Yards. MS Van Wagenea Street. Henderson, Nevada The work will conaist of providing C.MC^lin ft sf 0" IIS-PSI-AC Wator Pipe. C and i" Gale Valves, Cresses, Tees and Fire Hydrants Bids must be vuHmitled on tbe fortus furnished bv Ibe City and accompanied by a certified check or arreptoble collateral in tbe amount of five percent iS <^| of tbe total amount of the bid. made payable to the City of Henderson A bid bond in lieu of the certlfled check will be acceptable. Tbe successful bidder will be required to furnlih st hit own expente, s Materials Bond in the amount of not less than one hundred perrrnt ilOO"fi of the contracted price A Faithful Performance Bond in the amount of not lets than one hundred percent (100() of the contract price and a Guaranty Boad. in the amount of not less than one hundred percent ilOOS^) of Ibe contract price. Guaranty shall be far one year from Ibe dato sf compiettoa. Bid forms and Contract Doculuenu may be obtained at tbe Public Works Department. City Hall, Henderson. Nevada Plans and Speclflcalions mav be purchased for tbe price of Ten Dollars 111* 99) with as refand. Copies sf the Plsnt and Specificatloaa arc available for Inspection at tke Pablie Warkt Department. Current US. Labor Department Wage Schedules shall be observed. The City reserves the right ts reject sny snd-or all hidt. The towest responsive ind retpsnslble bidder Will be judgod wn (W basis of price, performance to speciflcstto'it, bidders' qualiflcatisns, snd the best intorett of the public, each of tuck bctort being coatidered. ISI Dorothy A Vondenbrink DOROTHY A VONDENBRINK, CITY CLERK H-Scpt. 2. 9, IC. 1(7


10 Thursday, September 16. 1976 Page lo Henderson Home News and Boulder City News iiuiiiiiiuuHniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiHiuiiiitiiuuiuiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHHiiiiiiniitH^^^ Girl Scout Registration Announced Birth Of A Nation ^-Naval affairs claimed the attention of the Continental Congress while George Washington wrestled with problems of his land forces in New York during September 1776. ;0n September 5. naval iIt>iforms were prescribed by Congress. For seamen, red and blue middies, and for captains a blue coat with red lapels, "slashcuff." standup collar, flat yellow buttons with anchors on them, red waistcoat with narrow gold lace, and blue breeches. The artist Charles Wilson Pcalc painted John Paul Jones in this uniform. But soon there were complaints about the clcgiit costume endorsed by Congress. The red and blue was so obsiously American that colonial sailors could not use their favorite deceptive tactic at a close quarter fight by posing as Englishmen. In 1777. John Paul Jones convened a group of naval officers in Boston to discuss the uniform problem for safety reasons. Congress never formally adopted new uniform regulations during the Revolution, but from that time. Jones and most American officers wore dark blue coats with white linings and lapels that looked much like the British naval uniforms. However, the matter of uniforms did not seriously impede Jones in his military activities in that September of 1776. On September .1. his ship Providence captured a British bngatine with a cargo of rum. sugar, ginger, oil. and wine, and sent it 10 Philadelphia to the delight of Congress, On September 6. Providence ran into trouble when a British ship recaptured a cargo of sugar Jones was trying to sail to a continental port. Jones was left Marycllcn Vallicr Sadovich which he loaded with dried fish for shipment to Philadelphia. The next day and the next. Jones took a small enemy fishing fleet by surpri/e and the entire lot surrendered. In return for leaving the British sailors two schooners for return to their homes, they helped Jones fit and rig the others as prize for the colonies. All these n3\al adventures were well pubdetermined that the captured city would not be used by the British as a comfortable winter quarters while Americans fro^e in the open fields. American spys were sent into the city to start fires while rebels within the city attempted to burn their possessions before they could be confiscated. Just before midnight on September 20. Washington and his troops watlici/ed. and the legend of ched from Harlem Hei.lohn Paul Jones continghts as fiames. first small ued to grow as both then expanding to out-ofBritish and American sailcontrol conflagration redors thrilled lo the audacity uced the city of New York and daring of the man to ashes, thev all came to fear and respect. Meanwhile, in New York. George Washington surveyed the victory at Harlem Heights, encouraged by the last minute scaring in the wind off courage of his troops. But Bermuda, but not for it was clear that .New York long. was still securely in posOn September 22. at session of the British. No\ a Scotia. Jones burned Until the end of the war. an English fishing scoonthey maintained posseser. sank another, and sion of the city, made prize of a third Since Washington was No one really knew who started the fire, but the British executed several soldiers and civilians for the deed. A Pennsylvania lieutenant wrote home on September 28. describing the fire and the aftermath; "Those that were found in or near the spot were pitched into the conflagration, some hanged by the heels, others by their necks with their throats cut. Inhuman barbarityl UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT OWNERS: BOB PHILLIPS-BILL WILLIAMS EVERETT'S LOUNGE & SUPPER CLUB 810 S. BOULDER HWY. Ph. 565-0766 OLD FASHIONED I BUFFET ^ HELP YOURSELF TO OUR EYE-APPEALING DELICIOUS ARRAY OF SALADS LUNCH CHILDREN UNDER 12 $1.75 p CHUCKWAGON $2.50 CHILDREN UNDER 12 $2.75 C DINNER ^_ .^ CHUCKWAGON $3.50 t TEXAS CHILI CORN CHOWDER MIXED BEANS BEEF STEW ROAST BARON OF BEEF PLUSTWO OTHER HOT MEATS PRICES INCLUDE COFFEE, TEA OR MILK. DESSERT ALA CARTE SPECIALS ALSO AVAILABLE HOURS: 11 A.M. TO 11 P.M. One Hale in New York, on suspicion of being a spy. was taken up and dragged without ceremony to the execution post and hung up." At the time no one paid much attention to this execution of "One Hale." But many years later, long after the burning of New York was only a memory, someone remembered the incident. In a biography. Nathan Hale, the spy sent to burn New York before it fell into enemy hands, was transformed into a national hero with the famous words "I am sorry that I have but one life to give for my country." proudly issuing from his dying lips on September 22. 1776. St. Christopher's Celebrates 20th Annual Bozaar St. Christopher's Catholic Church will celebrate it's twentieth annual bazaar on Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 2b. Activities will take place on the church school grounds located at Bruce and Flower Streets, North Las Vegas, festivities will Stan at noon each day. According to father John Corona. Pastor, the bazaar is the only fund raising event of the year for St. Christopher's Parish. In keeping with the theme of "Bicentennial Spirit of'7b, the first prize is a 197b Chevrolet 'j ton truck with camper shell. Second prize is $500.00 and the third prize is $100.00. Donation tickets are now available at St. Christophers Church and Rectory. Also throughout the community where the truck is on display... Tickets will be sold during the bazaar. This bazaar is St. Christopher's only fund raising event of the year. Over forty booths will be offering plants, handmade linens, arts and crafts, pastries, games and a variety of entertainment for everyone. The admission is free and the general public is invited. Historically this is one of the finest events of the entire valley, offering two days of fun. food and a chance to renew old acquaintances. In addition to the authentic Mexican food, hot dogs, hamburgers and other favorites will be available All this and Mariachi Music tool The bazaar is St. Christopher's only fund raising event of the year and nearly every member of the parish participates in some manner. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Ferrario are general chairmen for the third year in a row. Dave Kranjcevich is in charge of ticket promotion for the grand prizes. Parents' meetings will be held during the next few weeks in various areas to register children for Girl Scouting Open to all girls 4Vi to 17, Girl Scouting offers a diverse program of graduated activities designed to instill a positive female self-image, with a sense of pride, confidence and personal responsibility during their formative years. Mini Scouts (ages 4Vi to 6) meet in small groups under the leadership of mature adults who are warm, accepting, patient and skilled in working with young children. Their activities offer opportunities for young girls to appreciate themselves as individuals, learn to get along with other children, learn simple skills according to their abilities and develop a sense of helpfulness and fair play. The play way of learning is emphasired. Brownies (ages 6-8) make friends, meet in groups, have fun together, in a place of their own called Brownieland. They sing, dance, have fun with special grown-up friends and learn to help others. Wherever adventure is, you'll find Junior Scouts (ages 9-11). They learn about other people, other cultures anH make friends with girls from other countries. They camp under the stars, learn how to repair a bicycle, build a bird feeder or operate a ham radio Juniors work on badges, draw and paint, become familiar with the plants and animals of the greatest show on earth the great outdoors. Cadettes (ages 12-14) take a bigger part in their world, exploring with others of their age the opinions and values that will support them all through life They plan their own activities to fit into and to enrich their busy lives Each develops her own individual potential and puts into action as a group all the things they've always wanted to do. As members of a group, they grow in awareness and understanding of other people, and develop the skills of being true friends and valuable members of the community. Senior Girl Scouting (ages 14-17) offers a way of shaping the future. It's belonging, learning, teaching, sharing Seniors are offered many individual opportunities to get involved with something that has a far-reaching effect. They are called on to be decision makers by meeting with other Seniors on planning boards, or serving on Council boards and committees. They travel, as representatives, to regional, national and international events and conferences. They explore careers or take training to become leaoers at camp and elsewhere. To find out more about Girl Scouting, parents may call Frontier Girl Scout Council at 385-3677 or attend one of the following recruitment meetings: Henderson Gordon MMcCaw Open House September 297:30 p.m. ANDTRlCKSl > ir J You cn keep childrrn from bf ing bored and rettleu on long car trip* by >tacking your luggage level wilh the back sral and covering it with a quilt to form a play area. • • • You may remember your vacation with more pleasure if you plan things to allow yourself a full day to unwind at home before returning to the job • If your soul hungers for new place;, but vour itotnich hungers, for familiar food, you may want lo join the many traveler.s who stop at the 1700 reliable Holiday Inns around the world where they can usually get American-style food and an American standard of excellence. tll^ LADIES HAVE YOU VISITED? c^ Crcwa is •Iteriat !• r*>. wktlesjlc pricet n Crown Bedspread & Linen Center. tiritous tvillH Oicir liitpriilt. Twit $12.99 If I*) karci t iisitii Criti lilSKll' Iiwiistrtm 99 iM Liita Ciitir it 19ill tilt Ckirllitil. Hii|i f iskiia PfiRt Veliir lit! Tiwtit SI 99 (Oikikci s ill licitin) Kii( Sue ItfliittI* Minii Ptrcile Finii 3t4 6074, PilitwCisn 2ltrS1.H Big discounts to casino and city employees. Crown IS iwotlief branch at Beverly Hills an< Los Angeles Linen Centers IF YOU WANT PARTS CALL 565-8715 1 WE PAY UP TO OOoii J^NK CARS ENGINESTRANSMISSIONS 90 DAYS WARRANTY/ INSTALUTKM AVAILABLE ^ ouTHERN NEVADA AUTO PART 1239 BOULDER HWY. AT KING STREH. 20 Yeors In Bvsiness 24-HOUR TOWING 564-1180


Henderson Home News and Boulder City News Thursday, September 16, 1976 Page 11 English Classes Offered Here September I BELOW WHOLESALE The Southern Nevada Literacy Council is taking a practical approach to language deficiencies suffered by many areal residents. It has an ongoing program to furnish free private tutoring for those \^ ho request it. with Enerfty-Saving Electric Ignition A tutor training workshop in English as a Basic Language will be offered from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on September 20, 21, 23. and 24 at 1701 E. Oakey Blvd. The Laubach method of instruction will be used. The Southern Nevada Literacy Council was formerly known as Las Vegas Literacy. As the work began to spread to various southern Nevada communities, the new name was considered to be more appropriate. Volunteer tutors and office help is needed at this time. Although everyone in the Council serves without pay, the satisfaction of being able to help others is found to be gratifying. Persons needing tutoring or wishing to assist with the Council's work may call director Evelyn Tingley at 7J5-4524, the West Side Library at 648-9421 or Norma Dutt at 384-5255. Prior registrations for tutor training is preferred. Affair How To Avoid Needless Boater Problems • No pdols soei up to ]i% III Has • tutomatic dieital cick • full tijck fiis) oieii dooi • Wide till out lioiiei (niirgnmtntai Control ol Nevada Inc 320WjiiSlieel lai Veca: Nevada 89102 0021384 4682 Here are the fi\e most common and unnecessary kinds of trouble the recreational boater gets into; compiled from a list of 148 average Coast Guard assistance cases. (1) OUT OF FUEL19 cases due to lack of thought. The boater didn't bother to check his fuel amount of fuel he was using. (2) DEAD BATTERY 17 cases in which the battery on board was run down too far to start the engine. stranding the boater at sea. Most of these cases are caused by careless use of electical facilities such as bait tank Th only inftwronc* dunng thii toil ia you... Hat% abi lignt. drive ilcw and toMy. W* mm cwr children le grow to b good drivon olto. I .uL u ,. .u. pumps, radios, appliancsupplv or thmk about the *^' es, with no electrical ^^^^^^^^^^^^ generating facilities operating. No thought was given to the fact that batteries only store a limited amount of power and have no way of creating it. (3) MINOR ENGINE FAILURE 34 cases in which a minor equipment failure rendered the engine inoperable. Most of these assistance calls would have been unnecessary if the operator of the boat had basic tools and a few spare parts aboard. The Coast Guard is always standing by to assist mariners regardless of how they get into trouble at sea. The "Five Least Wanted" list is compiled in the hope of eliminating some of the unnecessary emergencies that occur through lack of forethought and preparation on the part of the boater. KAIRCHER INSURANa 725 S. DGHTH 384-2813 Tuesday noon, September 21st, the St. Jude's Women's Auxiliary will host the annual September Affair. The Auxiliary will present "Fall Fashion Firsts" from Harriets Dress Shops, according to the announcement by General Chairman Jessie Metcalf. Ail the proceeds from this luncheon fashion show go to the children at St. Jude's Ranch for Children in Boulder City. The newly decorated Terrace Room at the Desert Inn Country Club | will be the scene of the noon day luncheon. A no i host social hour begins ai 11:30. The latest fall clothes, hats and accessories introduced by vintage fashions will present a different picture. The models have been chosen to represent different si/e and age groups in order iv) present a wide spectrum of the current fashion focus. Elizabeth Castle will narrate the fashion show. Rosa Linda at the piano will present a musical program. "Lavellc" Singer from the Tropicana Lounge will be a featured entertainer. Numerous valuable prizes will be awarded including an original oil painting by "Elizabeth" and a hand made afghan to name a few. General Chairman Metcalf urges guests to get their tickets and reservations early by calling Agnes... 642-1276 and reservations from Stella 382-6180. The seating is limited and there will be no tickets sold at the door. The price is $6.50. ALL DRINKS PRIME %\^ OF OMAHA Htf OR MR. PORTERHOUSE $TEAK 95 ALL CARS LISTED ARE PRICED BELOW KELLY BLUE BOOK WHOLESALE i'iwi>*t s**i; .-4'^. DEALERS WELCOME k-i-^-r 1973 MAZDA RX3 COUPE 1970 VOLKSWAGEN WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $1175J)0 WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $1050i)0 NO. ( 1888A 699 NO. $ 1931B 999 II HURRY ON DOWN" 1971 DODGE COLT WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $1100J)0 1970 VOLKS WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $1200i)0 NO. $ 1954A 999 NO. f 1904B 109900 1970 TOYOTA ST A. WAG. WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $1125i)0 1971 MERCURY MARQUIS WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $1225J NO. $ 1862A 1099 NO. $ 1803B 109900 100%FINANCING ON APPROVED CREDIT 1972 VOLKS BEETLE WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $14251)0 1972 VW SUPER BEETLE WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $1525i)0 NO. $ 1902A 139900 NO. 194QA •149900 1972 PLYMOUTH SCAMP WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $1750i)O 1971 MERCURY ST. WAG. WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $1825J)0 NO. 1286 > I ^9900 NO. 1872 A 179900 1975 DODGE COLT ST. WG. 1971 INTRNT'L TRAVELALL WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $2475D0 WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $2000i)0 NO. 93A • 199900 NO. 120A 179900 1974 FORD PINTO WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $1825i)0 1974 TOYOTA ST A. WAG. WHOLESALE BLUE BOOK $1900i)0 NO. 1225A 1 79900 NO. 1775A • 139900 ^MMMMWWMMk AMMMMMMMM MkAaMWMMNAM WMMMWWWWWWta MWMMMMMMMto MMWMWWWkAMMk YOU FIX 'EM CHEAPIES 1971 CHEV. VEGA NEEDS MOTOR 1969 PONTIACGTO MOTOR BAD 1963 CAD. DEVILLE RUNS FAIR 1965 MERCURY S/W IT RUNS •275 •375*0 •37500 •275 4WMWMWWMWM iriAMMMMMMW *WAAMWMMM MMMMWMMMMM *A*M*AAA

Upnderson Home News and Boulder City News Page 12 NEW FISH AND CHIP OWNERS — Woo Dalje and Lee Kisul are shown with their usual smiles as they wait on their customers at the USS Fish and Chips Restaurant next to the Henderson Bowling Alley. USS Fish ond Chips Under New Management Two Koreans, who came to the U.S. four vcars ago, have taken o\cr the L'SS Fish and Chips restaurant adjoining the Henderson Bowling alley. They arc Wt>o Dalje and Lee Kisul. Both are married, both are from Korea. and both fought in the Vietnam war. They are from the same small town in Korea and were acquainted before they came to the U.S. They went to Chicago where they were in the restaurant business, then friends in Las Vegas urged them to come to this area. They invite everyone to stop in and try their wide variety of foods. Tlicy have much more to offer than just fish and chips. Hunter, Leave No Sign Soon now. something important, leave no sign hunter, approaching ten percent ^^ ^^^ ^^ **"^ **>*• On the positive side, of the American popula"Hunting Prohibited,hcrc are a number of tion will begin a trek to the Trespassers Will Be Pros,hings the ethical hunter wide-open spaces, woodecuted." Because, as sure docs to maintain a cordial Iqts and wilderness. The as sunrise, the unethical hunting season will be or thoughtless burner upon us. and Since few of leases "No Hunting" us enjoy the supreme signs behind him for good fortune of owning calling cards, much in the way of Look at it this way: How •wide-open space." we ^"uld you feel if an will of necessitv pursue '"vited guest came into our sport on someone >o"r house, threw trash else's land. The watchon the floor, put out cigars word then, for responsible '" ^^^ carpets, smashed hello and let him know you sportsmen, is "Leave No crockery, kicked good old wjn be on the property. Sign.' f'tlo""'l ^^^^ "i<^ 'loo'' -He limits the number That is, leave no sign P^" ^^^ ^ay out? pf companions he takes you've hunted the land, We"-'hat's just about the ^j,j, },j^ y^,^ P^J,P^ whether it be spent shells. ^^^ '^^ landowner fee'.s usually won't mind if you general litter or damaged after an invasion by the ,ake a friend along, but property. And. just as occasional wrong-doer who masquerades as a relationship with his landowner/host: -He asks permission every time he goes on the land. This is especially important when hunting on farmland. Even if the owner says. "You can hunt here anytime." it's a good idea to drop by, say TOP DOLLAR PAID FOR SCRAP METALS TIN -IRON -OLD CARS •WASHERS-DRYERS •REFRIGERATORS-COPPER •BRASS-RADIATORS •BATTERIES ETC. 6437710 Nevada Recycling 5850 NORTH NELLIS Try Us For New & Used Structural Fencing Rebar U-Name-lt you can wear out your welcome in a hurry if you show up with a platoon of your pals. •He hunts according to the owner's wishes and stays away from buildings and livestock. This includes respecting crops. -He is careful about crossing fences and leaves gates as he finds them. The owner has better things to do than repair stretched or broken fencing, and he has his gat^s opened or closed for a reason. -He reports those who damage property and break the law. This is not a pleasant business, but it is necessary. U.S.S. "2 S. BUr. Hwy. FISH N CHIPS"''l'!ll .-^E4 Ph. 564-5696 [11 am—9 pm UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT VUtmd good only with coupon until Sopt EVERY TWO ORDERS $ 1 00 .Fwk&Clci|. • SfwiMj. cUd OyAtm & Clu| •Owim IS, (Hft SPECIAL ~ 37 SUPER SUBMARINE SANDWICHES HENDERSON PIAZA • 139 Local Youngsters Collect For Md Thursday. September 16, 1976* Nearly 50 young people from Boulder City participated in the ''-tleven Storessponsored walk for the Muscular Dystrophy fund. The average collection per person was around $10.00. making a total of over $500.00 collected by the young people and donated by the generous people of Boulder City. This was by far the highest amount of any store-spon.sored group. The walk began at 9 a.m. on Mond.iv at the 7-Elcven store by Beth and Gene Gregerson. All donations were in by 2 p.m. lach walker received a free Slurpee from the store owners at the end of the walk. The name of eath Participant was put ill a boul and when it was all over the lucky name was drawn... Kim Phillips was the winner of a Polaroid zip camera and one package of film. Weel done, young people of Boulder City. Mnu if Th 0>*tc(O( Scoit" tnioimi^ion Crntir The Tweed And The Twecl It miKht bf a uct bit uniit' llint; f'lr !hr pipe nmokjriK. tweedy ort that women find no .'.IriinK and manly tu learn Ihry'r* rorflly not wearing tweed!) at all. but tweels. m'^mw. What Are The Odds? The odd.spf nrirvenn^; Ir.itn ratarart are Kreat .Surgery ran restore vision in ''.'i per lent of ralaract iaseh for will, h il ib ret unimended. • • • The odds are 1 in 20 that your presrhool child suffers from a vi^'.tjn problem. But It can be detected early and corrected One aid m detection li the Home Eye Test available free bv writing to The National Society for Of the 1,'),400 new the Prevention of Blindne&s. uf blindness this year. hO SS. 79 Madi!.on Ave., .\.Y., percent will be needleu. .NY. lOOlC. AllhouRh there are many fac t'lru'ii making twet^ cloth aloni; the KivirTweed. that ha.s nmhinK to do with it* name Tl • .lrher'^ .Srotrh Information r.-nlrr .ays the oriKinal cloth was called twill, and it was known and hp€'llcd m the Scottish lanKuape as "tweel When the cloth was hent out to the rest (if the world, the Scol/t destcribed it on the invoice as twee! On one ficcaMon a clerk in a big Umdon clothini,' bui-iness misread "twwl" aii "tweed And that's how he entered it in hisb'viKs Sinc< his firm wasso I'lp, (•ther London firm.s fol lowi-d tiuit. A.-* a result, every time the Scotn Kent tweel to Lon don. It was inscribed in the biKiki* as tweed Kvenlually the .Scots decided "If you can't heat them. Join them"' They officially chantsed the name to tweed, and it has bet n tweed ever since. The cusltTTi of wearing wedding rings comei from ancient Rome. ALL AMERICAN AUTO WRECKERS 1 "lARGE" LOCATION Zl CALL A 565-7007-565-6591 WE PAY MORE FOR CARS 1401 ATHOL ST. HENDERSON t*^ a Sniali WcS^K Car at Sahara Datsun ^ ^ Hey Mister, How Do You Spell Economy? D-A-T-S-U-N It's style. Comfort and Economy PRICES START AT... TAKE A LOOK AROUND AND YOU WILL SEE... "IT'S A SMALL CAR WORLD" USED CARS? YOU BETI AT THE SMAU CAR WORLD OF SAHARA UAIMIN Wfc CHECK 72 VOLKSWAGEN 4 speed. AIR Radio. No 4208 1788 73 QRAN TORINO WON Yellow. Auto Power steering, AIR. Power b'aKes No. 4210. 74 DAT8UN 610 STATION WON 4 Speed. Air Cond 'dio, Sliver finish No 8026 3288 78DATSUN810 WAQON 4 speed Air Cond rad'O. Silver finish No 4060 '4588 73 V0LK8 SUPER BCETLC 4 Speed Beige (lni^^. NO 4087 *1988 'U bATSUN PICKUP Gold. 4 speed. AIR. HD bumper, radio No. 4213. '2388 71 VOLKS CAMPER VAN 4 Speed No 4175 '2488 •69 CHEVY CAMARO Red 3 speed. AIR. No 4219 M688 74 JAVELIN AMX Blue. Automatic. AIR. mags, stereo, vinyl roof NO. 4216. 72 FORD PICKUP Shortbed F100 't Ton, Blue, 3 speed. AM radio. No. 4221 '2488 Don't Buy A Oatsun Until You Shop Sahara Datsun—Novada't Largest Datsun Doalartil Jack Sch*chtr PRESIDENT 5050 W. SAHARA AT DECATUR PH. 870-9161


1 / Henderson Home News and Boulder City News Recreation Board Renames Richard Inness Choirman 1 M 0) AstroHow Little Things Can Really Mean A Lot Richard Inness was elected chairman of the citys Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for a second term at a meeting of the board held Tuesday night. George Offer was elected vice chairman and secretary of the board for the coming year. A discussion was held at a rental fee of $100 per day for the Sandpipers plus an average of revenue lost during the for the Lorin L. Williams indoor swimming pool. Each priority will be discussed individually rather than as a package. -Requested the city planning director attend the next meeting of the board on Sept. 21 to update the citys recreation master plan. on the Morrell Park baseball fields as Director Dundee Jones reviewed months of Sept.. Oct.. ami expansion of the baseball Nov. for Sat. and Sun. fidds by placing the "Postponed action on a backstops back to back, facility request for Aaron extending the Held and McNeal to use the civic making four ball diamcenter gym every Fri. and onds rather than three. Sat. night from 9 to 12 After a lengthy discusp.m., until questions can sion, which included the be ansvurcd concerning proposed plan of using the the functions. football field at Burk--Discussed priorities holder junior high school for a baseball park along with the proposed baseball diamond at O'Callaghan park, Jones asked if the board would like to consider all possibilities and come up with a recommendation at a later time. In other actions the recreation board"Approved an application for the U.S. Steelworkers to use a room in the civic center for their the proposed concept of meetings once a month. A motion was made to A bi| lover of smallnesii was John B Dancer, an Englishman and inventor of microphotoKraphy. who in 1839 reduced a 20 inch doc ument to an image oneeighth of an inch long! I I L. you re in safe waters with ii.m StIISFIED CUSIOMIIIS charge the Steelworkers the normal rental fee. -Approved use of the Lorin Williams pool for the Southern Nevada Sandpipers for practice with a rental fee of $100 per month. --Approved use of the Lorin Williams pool for the third annual Thanksgiving swim meet on Sat., Nov. 27 and Sunday, Nov. 28 from 7 a.m. till 7 p.m. Today, the science of reducing original documents is called micrographics and it is UMjd by both busines-s and government In fact, one of the reasons retired persons get their social security checks on time, and for the right amounts, is that all our social security record.-> arc kept on microfilm • • • Microfilm helps schoolchildren, too. One of the first public schools to microfilm as a teaching aid was in Keene, New Hamp.shire. Now it is used in schools and libraries all across the United SUtes. lb Jb Jb Jb ^b Jb Jb Jb JCs J& iSb^b ^b lib ^Cf JEi ^b J&J& iZt iXs i2L aseif omliliouiitg TXal '>9>• soed mor l^sn JO 000 s*lis<<*d cuslomfts—peopi* whr know IK* Ifut *ond waitf why noi \o*n iham and 1(1 us 'tnl you • waiti condHionai loi only pannics a day ^ul an and lo bad lasH and impt''eclions in youi wale' Vou can buy oui most popuif model lot only S495 COMPLETELY INSTALLED Call US today —735-6902 THE ARMY RESERVE PART OF WHAT YOU EARN IS PRIDE. { • ** • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • *•* ^ 3c 3 Kai: -ig3g^ -ag jg -^r '^^i— jg -rr PERRY'S FALL CLEARANCE SALE jrac Jg3E J K. 3g acONE RJLL TABLE U BROKEN SIZES HAGGAR DAYS PANATEQA DOUBLE KNIT (^ SLACKS *"t^4.'^ VALUES BROKEN LOTS ONE GROUP CARDIGANS & PULLOVERS WEATERS VALUES $12.00 TO $22.00 NOW $6.00 TO $11.00 H >? • fT'T $17.00 TO $20.00 Wfm NOW I 4^ $8.50 TO $10.00 • Jft. -at• a. -c 1 TABLE ASSORTED JEANS VALUES TO $20.00 OFF 50% j 1RACK COMBO JACKETS JEAN SHIRTS VALUES TO $25.00 NOW $10.00 v 4 RACKS \ \ DOUBLE KNfT 1^ SLACKS VALUES TO $20.00 MATCHING TOPS """"~ $25.00 NOW 30% OFF SAFEWAY PLAZA HENDERSON O^tN9t0MoN.tliniSt. Ph. 565-6421 BANKAMERICARD i'"f,*I'..^!!".?*J h^fffntt 4ftt MANY OTHER GREAT VALUES THROUGHOUT THE STORE =cc • rrwr 33= -a*. ^r 3CZ= axAnalysis By Sonia McGinnis 13 ^^V Page 13 Thursday, September 16,1976 PISCES [February zo-March 20] Actions are more in the public's eye now, keep things strictly on the up and up You may be faced with new opportunities but don't be hasty, use all the time it requires before (malizuig serious affairs HOROSCOPE FOR THE WEEK OF SEPT. 12.1976 ARIES [March 21-April 19) Give your attention to detail work, rewards come later for the effort you put forth this week. Not a time for new, venturesome schemes. TAlRfS (April 20-May 20] Romantic interests remain foremost in this week's plans Take advantage of any chance you may receive to meet new people. GEMINI [ May 2I-June 211 Try to keep family meml)ers happy by being cooperative; give others a chance lo speak out on their views Real estate mattes should have your special attention CANTER [June 22-July 21] Make a good attempt to keep an organized and well planned week Things fall neatly into place and success can be attained by keeping abreast of obligations LEO (July 22-August 21) • Money matters should be handled with care. talk over your plans uith one who has special insight into your particular situation. Career plans can now be advanced VIRGO [ August 22-Seplember 22] You tend to receive the attention now whether you want it or not so be on your best behanor A good time to clear up confusing issues with others as you are more persuasive now. LIBRA (September 23-Oclober 22] • Be discreet about personal matters You accomplish more now on an individual basis so plan a week that provides plenty of time for seculsion SCORPIO [October 23-November 21] • Old friends and acguaintances can pronde just the outlet you now nce 19] • New beginnings stand a goocf chance of shouing a successful outcome, include partner in your plans Perceptivity is keener now than ever 'r*JU:V Dark stains on aluminum pans can be avoided if you add vinegar to tlie water before boiling eggs. SpvwflY :i#oRivEiNA : 467-3757OPEN 7:30 SMOWTIME DUSK CANNON BALL EAT MY DUST R\TKD PG f^^nhi 1 :IJOKJVEINA-1 I i CHEYENIK m T0NOPW4 I L 648-7550 J OPENS 7:00. P.M SHOWTIME DUSK : POOR WHITE : : TRASH : PART 2 j : SHTET SUGAR j RATED R SWAP Heel Sat A Saa. SU/tAM MOVING STOtACf locol • Stottw)^ • WorMwi4 YOUNG & RUE MOVIWG t STOIAGf ^T GLOBAL VAN UNiS Total Service C18T0MEI SATISFACTION IS OVM WATCHWORD We toatl4rr year •* tvmplct(4 ODI> ctieB yM art rmplr<>y MUifl4. PlMHie 457-3060 THE FRIENDLY SKYLINE CASINO & RESTAURANT 1741 N. BOULDER HWY. 565-9116 AU JUS PRIME RIB DINNERS $4.50 SOUP OR SALAD PRIME RIB SANDWICHES SOUP OR SALAD BAKED POTATOES OR FRIES $2.75 EVERY DAY 0% EAP WESTERN Y555 2 FOR $4J)0 STEAKS MON. & TUES SPECIAL 1 FOR $2.50 MADE BY OUR FRIENDLY BARTENDER SHRIMP COCKTAIL.. 60 WEDNESDAY SHRIMP •"'" $2.95 C 0 IVI p A R E 0 U R P R I C E S COMPLETE '• DINNERS 96' ^ PLUS TAX tSL LIVE GAMES HAPPY HOUR 24 HOURS A DAY ALL WELL DRINKS 50< FREE Peanuts Popcorn WITH SOUP OR SALAD & FRIES FRENCHIE CAUGHT THE BIG ONE—THURSDAY MEXICAN 2 FOR DINNERS $5.00 CHILI VERDE—TACOS-ENCHILDAS PRICE ALSO INCLUDES DRINK ^J SPAGHETTI DINNER 2 FOR $3.50 ii


Thursday. September 16, 1976 Henderson Home News and Boulder City News ^^^^ j^ Interest In Deer Togs Declines Largemouth bass fishing is on the upswing on Lake Mead. Cooling temperatures have brought them near the surface in several areas of the lower basin. Even the shore fishermen are starting to do well. Plastic worms and waterdogs are taking most. Several catches of large bass have been checked in this week. 4 to 6'/j lbs. have been fairly common. Jim Goff of Henderson, boated a 6 lb. 4 oz. largemouth on a black Boogie tail plastic worm in Black Canyon, ten feet deep. Largemouth bass 5 lbs. and over caught on Lake Mead and Mohave are considered a trophy by the Nevada Dept. of Fish and Game. Trophy fish entry blanks are available at most sporting goods and bait and tackle stores. Not only do you receive a handsome certificate from the Fish and Gjme Dept. but the information obtained on the entry blank helps them in their continuing study of the fish in Lake Mead. Catfish are still hitting well from shore or boat. Waterdogs. shrimp and nightcrawlers are best baits. If the weather continues to cool. 1 will be breaking out my striped bass gear soon. Beautiful catches of rainbow trout at Davis Dam are still coming in, nightcrawlers and cheese taking most at depths of 30 to 40 feet. The Eldorado Canyon area of Lake Mohave is producing good catches of Largemouth bass from the surface to By Bob Glassburn 15 feet on waterdogs, crankbaits, and plastics. Dove hunting is fairly slow at this time. Pahrump has the best concentration of birds but you have to work to limit out. In my opinion, prospects for a good dove hunting season are slim. Only about two-thirds of the available deer tags were applied for this year. The hassle of a draw system plus declining deer herds is probably the cause of the lack of interest this season. Our declining herds are not caused by hunting pressure as many in this state would like you to believe, nor is it caused by mismanagement by our Dept. of Fish and Game as many more people would like to you believe. The direct cause is loss of habitat, no more or less. The reasons for the lack of habitat can also be summed up in one word • •Politics". Overgrazing by domestic livestock has all but destroyed our deer ranges. Our state and federal politicians have allowed this to happen for decades. The people are getting sick and tired of these political plays. Maybe it won't happen this election year, but with the continuing overwhelming evidence surfacing on almost a daily basis, by next election year things could be a lot different. A weak and inefectual Fish and Game Commission is not helping our cause either. Sage hen season begins this Saturday. Prospects FINAL ENROLLMENT I Ull *LEGAL SECRETARY Classes ENROLL NOW! FOR ^MEDICAL ASSISTANTS DAY & EVENING CLASSES NURSES ASSISTANTS •APPROVED FOR VA BENEFITS All Courses are taught by Professionals in their field of expertise. Call 735-9166 Professionals Academy 3101 Maryland Pkwy. (309) Debbie Ness Bouldef Clty-Henderson Christian Women's To Report Mission Club Meets are bright in some areas and poor in others. A dry year has had its effect. If as much rain has fallen in the central and north parts of the state as we have had in this area this week, look for the birds to be widely scattered and tough hunting. Nevada State Senator Richard Blakmore in charge of the sub-committee to return all public lands to state ownership has a severe case of not being able to answer a direct question with a direct answer. At a symposium on Nevada lands held this week in Las Vegas, the Senator from Tonopah was asked the same question by five different people, "What will happen to the lands if the state take them over?" With the mastery born from many years of practice, he. with effortless ease completely evaded the question. The answer is simple. If the state of Nevada acquired ownership of our lands, (which is what public lands are), private interest groups would eat them up in a minute. Talk about the Indians being ripped off long ago. this would be a classic example, only this time it would be private interest groups ripping off all oi us, but for the same motives, "profit". The public lands belong to all of us, so why should we give it away to make the special interest groups rich? I have spent most of my life on these lands just doing my thing, hunting, fishing, camping, and at times sitting on a high mountain peak for the good part of a day. taking in the beauty and wonder of it all. I would like for my sons and their sons to receive from this land what I have. Nevada Fish and Game Weekly Creel Census Report Callville Bay. Thursday, 13 fishermen checked. 9 caught fish. 23 largcmouth bass. 7 crappie, 1 bluegill. and 1 catfish. Vegas Wash. 5 checked. 2 caught fish for a total of 6 bass. Cottonwood Cove. 48 checked, 27 successful, with 52 largemouth bass caught on waterdogs and plastic worms. 3 catfish on waterdogs. WiUow Bemcb. 36 checked. 15 caught fish. 2 bass. 15 catfish. 13 trout. Overtoil Arm. 27 checked. 12 successful with 29 bass. 27 crappie. 38 catfish and 50 bluegill. The Southern Nevada Springer Spaniel club will hold a special meeting at 7:30 p.m. September 21st. 1976 at 117 King Street. Henderson. Anyone interested in Springer Spaniels are urged to attend to determine how the club can assist them in selecting, grooming, handling, and training the Springer Spaniels. Refreshn*nts will be served. The club has been active in putting on licensed field trials and conformation matches to promote the breed of Springer Spaniels. For further information phone 565-8673. The Boulder CityHenderson Christian Women's Club invites the public to attend its September luncheon at the Swanky Club on Boulder Highway. Monday. September 20, 12:30 PM. Mrs. Ginger Gabriel of Arrowhead Springs. California, with Campus Crusade will be the guest speaker. Campus Crusade is the largest interdenominational religious organization on college campuses in the world. Mrs. Gabriel is an authoress, lecturer, and traveler; and along with her husband. Dr. Stan Gabriel, who is also with Campus Crusade • /, is planning a mission trip eyn (293-2270) or Mrs. to Spain. Thomas Drost (293-1695). Mrs. Dorothy Bennett will present the special feature, "Special Children." Ken Yoder and Nancy Porter will provide music for the program. Reservations for the $3.25 luncheon may be People once bei.eved th.t called into Mrs. Ron Pull<<"chei hatched their t*V%AC O* U S <.Or, FfO^ IH* irrt At w*i' Ai Lood-ng O* Co"Y"e '/, To 3 •> Ton* 1*!Th.uir't


Page 15 Henderson Home News and Boulder City News ^=T"^A \\ •^ 15 Boulder City, Henderson and Searchlight Residents Don^t Miss Our ifi 'tf PUIY IN THE PIRK THE BROADBENT CAMPAIGN 7AMB0REE ALL POLITICIANS WELCOME Any Candidates, or Candidates Friends, 1 who make political speeches will be fined $5.00 for every two minutes they speak. PROCEEDS TO BE DIVIDED BETWEEN THE BOULDER C/ry AND ROSE DELiMA HOSPITALS • OLD-FASHIONED • HOMEMADE ROOTBEER • HAND DIPPED ICE CRE/ >l w „„nu u r .M .V. CREAM •STEAMING ^^HOT/ M) f\^ W V ^ YOUR HOSTS and HOSTESSES WILL BE. ANDY and MABEL MITCHELL, HOWARD and LETTY NESS, and BOB and LORRAINE GEORGESON.


/6 i.il3nderson Home News and Boulder City News Thursday. September 16. 1976 page 16 DR. OTTO RAVENHOLT, cenU'r, Clark County Health Officer, gets a double dose of flu protection from Nevada Lung Association's Flu Alert Task Force members, Thalia Dondero, Ron Luri and Aaron Williams. Myron Lea\itl, Board of Health mtmber, lends a hand. Two "flu guns" were donated to the Clark County Health Department by the Ne\ada Lung Association. The cardboard rolli found in wax papef or toil make m dividual ho(derj for long, sharp knives. Flatten the roll and cloi one end with staples or heavy thread. --fT?i ^TfiM i i. i r rri. Tri^-^ ^T^T^^r^^ N LEGAL ARTS ^ u TRAINING CORP. ;^ g 216 SOUTH MARYLAND P&RKWAY (702! 384 mi PROGRAMS : COUr RIPOIDMC (I vfAR piocaaM) COU>T MPOITtNC TI^NKIiPTIONIST (l-TiAR PKCwHAfM) U&Al lUEAICM ASUiTANT PatAUCai U tUS PiOMAM) •MM tN lUinH ky tk Sttti t< l*ni P^KtMK -4 U.iit rt;H* t;.it i*** ii*f|. Dr*(li • DAT • iviamc cujsu AV*IIIU • coott TOM • AOUAl COOIT CASIt HIMNTIO IM dkiSa • 4 0*T$ A WK • MaKUM ftO^IAM U$T UMtSni • tlT UCTuM$ Robison Names Campaign Assistants rn 1 yfrrrm-.Trr1 nrrrrrn^ AsacI (Ace) Robison. candidate for Assembly in District 22. has announced further appointments in his campaign organization. Named as Sign and Organi/ation Support Co ordmators were Leroy Chase and Leon Sullivan for Henderson {3t>4-1108 or fvt>4-540J). and Jake Williams and Irv Dchbold for Boulder City (293-1468 or 293-413t)). Volunteer Coordinator for Hinderson is Lettie Ncss 565-74fe4. Serving in that capacity for Boulder City arc Karen Fcrraro and Lillic Goff. They can be reached by calling 293-2398 or 293-31 14. R.'vbison named Parly and Socials Coordinators Tina Smith of Henderson 565-1144 and. Gloria Grcgerson and Freddie Wilke of Boulder City 293-3478 or 293-1213. Campaign Co-Chairmen Marian Walker and Dick Danielson were named by Robison several weeks ago. BIG Capacity HI-RECOVERY 52 Gal. ELECTRJC Water Heater 40 GAL — 87* 30 GAL — >75" Desigr^ed to gtv you all th bot watar you want ... whn you went rt. Double heating *em*nt as•urvs faat racovary. Factory installed nipples, sda opening for T&P valve saves irutallation time. Anode rod protection for lor^ life. Limited 5 year warranty. 1245 BOULDER HWY. 564-1834 Your local Home Center for Home ImprovinK ^M^^^^^Mnp^^p>si^p*w^www^p^ The Weekli^ Crossword Puzzle across I mi* Dli'ANT S NI'AO 14 core NAT o KCIO". 15 orvAn<, Ift OuAfANrj( ;i vo0 36 A"'S1SS V nwT r> ICX KAtN <3 D"! dJI u uMMttuA *un "i lAS'V U STATI AIM te KAtCODOUS 3 > 'o'o V Mo 3 's'a' IS' Is i Si's' *••*" '•• AA>4ro MSM ••OuCrvtAt POM COINS ••.f" AHi MOT HI* CftA K OrriMrSK nA.*Aft ANCO"S IAIN LlAffNtNG s'0AC4 n*a HUMS This Week's Solution down 57 UtiiH ^ .* AK" eC •VATOHK, • • .At 11, fr^ ^'"n.jl* • .':i>->'0i| f^T. -.AMI I AMI S^tAI-lSPHIiAN U'l KV TKAS l1TINC> K SKJ*JT O* 3 r.f( MltLAf4) 4' OAtl 4fl WINO IWI 49 MANS NAMI iC LA* M OIW'-'IOK K CAiJSIIC U liW! b4 CH(M VJK 1 [' '1 • ( : 111 1" • 13 14 ] • '• If It '3 :i :i ?t :i :Jt ^ 1 •"* .X K 11 !.' 11 X 3! W I? V k 4f 0 i: 4) 44 4^ s.VV^^ ^ ^ 3 • "^^^^^^Hm^^jLUM^^H • i; Fall Enrollment Tea forABWA The Desert Dawn Chapter of the American Business Women's Association will hold a fall enrollment tea on Sunday, September 19 at the home of Anne Shcad, 108 Hickory Street, Henderson from 2 to 4 p.m. The purpose of this "Hand of Friednship" event is to expand the local chapter and in so doing help each other grow by working together and sharing experiences. The American Business Women's Association, whose objective is to promote the professional. educational, cultural and social advancement of business women, is one of the fastest-growing organizations of its type in the country. All women who are gainfully employed and of good moral character are eligible to join the Association and share in its benefits with 83,000 other members from all fifty states and Puerto Rico. Information for joining Desert Dawn Chapter may be obtained by calling 564-2853, 5b5-9029 or 565-9033 weekday evenings after 6 p.m. Free Immunization Clinic Slated The Clark County District has scheduled free immunization clinics for children and young people up to 21 years to protect against polio, measles, diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus. Nevada law requires that school children be protected against these diseases. The public health nurse is available at Al Landsman Gardens at 750 .Major Avenue in Henderson from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday. Boys Club Satellite Clinic at 2530 E. Carey m North Las Vegas from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday and 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 Friday. Other services available for a fee at the Tuesday clinic include blood pressure readings, PKU testing, and diabetic urine testing. St. Timothy's Church at 42 Pacific Avenue in Henderson from 8 a.m. to noon Wednesday. Blood pressure readings are available at a fee. Trailer Estates at 2240 Linn Lane from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Mobile Unit at Desert Inn Park at Mar Vista and Vista del Monte from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. Gerson park in the TPP Building at 2021 McGuire from 1 to 3 p.m. Thursday. Call the Health District for funher information at 385-1291. Vacation Chatter A buffet dinner started out the new year for Preceptor Lota Chapter. Held at the lovely home of Dot Swackhamcr. Good food was enjoyed and everyone talked about what they had done all summer. Plans were made for this years socials to carry out the theme of our programs. Theater, Musical Comedy. Vatiety and Vaudville, Movies, and Dancing will be studied this year. Plans were made to attend the "BETA SIGMA PHI" 1976 Convention in Las Vegas. Ladies attending the meeting were Dot Swackhamcr, Georgia Lyons. Fay Williams. Ilene Ravlin, Mary McCullough. Mary Lou Fielding. Selma Classen, Shirley Govc. .lackie Anderson. Grace Shiles, and Betty Moore. The next meeting will be held October 5th at the home of Georgia Lyons. Your Child's Sight Dun t ex pel t ii child to tell vou if hi' has vision prfihli-ms Kven if hiR weinn is hlurrH. double. orlhr'>U(jhonlynnti'yc, without any pmnl of romp

Henderson Home News and Boulder City News Thursday, September 16, 1976 Pioneering Spirit Revived In New Land Development 17 Page 17 An innovative departure from traditional land developments is taking shape in Southern Utah, fifteen miles north of St. George in the fotuhills of niagestic Pine Valley Mountains. What makts this land development different and innovative are the projects being initiated to bring about an independence from outside resources of power and food. Managing principles of the Dammeron Corporal• ion. Brooks Pace. Andrew Pace and Dan Clark have set for themselves the goal of integrating 20th century technology with the pioneering spirit to bring about the self-sufficiency ideals of the past century. Brooks Pace, President, states that the goal is to develop Dammeron Valley into a community with all the necessary elements for it to be self-sufficient in the basic ingredients of life -food, water, and power. The objectives of the developers reflect this goal. Their concept is to create a community which Liquid Air Signed A $4 Million Agreement To Purchase Southwest Cryogenics lep?fdm NON-FERROUS METALS (OPEN 7 DAYS) • COPPER •BRASS •LEAD •ALUMINUM •BATTERIES •BREAKAGE •ALUMINUM CANS WIU PKK UP IN VOLUME ONLY 312 W. raSTER HENDERSON ONir uaNscD SCRAP DUUR IN HENDERSON 4 lOULDER reflects an ecological baldone very well." says In addition to their ance with nature, encourBrotiks Pace, "due mainly farming activities, the aging and integrating the to the rich virgin volcanic developers have construcuse of alternative energy soil." Current and future ted roads to the individual sources, and the use of planned projects for the lots, laid the water lines organic food development ^aHi'.v include windmills, and will have completed to create an independence !>olar heated houses, orunderground utilities thrin living. The large size ganic gardening, greenoughout the dcvelolpment lots (5 acres) and double houses and corrals and by early spring. A horse sized culinary tappings barns to house machinery livery operation and riding (lt>00 gal. water per day) and farm animals. stables are being planned make it possible for a family to be self sufficient if they so choose. Mr. Pace emphasized that the land w ill not become overcrowded and overdeveloped and stated that with five acre honu sites, two hundred families will be able to live free, away from the hectic pace of city life, in a natural country setting. The developers rhemsehes have taken the first steps to actualize their goals. To date, they have planted 5000 trees, and have plans for extensive tree orchards in the valley. The tree orchards w ill serve a dual purpose; (one) as a tree farm for commercial resale and transplanting in the valley, (each buyer receives 50 trees free) and (two) as a method of establishing tree laden parks and groves for future inhabitants of Dammeron Valley. The developers have also planted 80 acres of potatoes. 40 acres of wheat, several acres of corn, beans and vegetable gardens. "The crops have lo accommodate trail rid••Since the land became ers on Pine Valley Mounavailable two months ago. tain, just one of the many fifteen purchasers have recreational sports availbought land for a wide in this warm, sunny variety of reasons: retirof Southern Utah, cmcnt. rural living for able part The numerous fishing resen oirs in the surrounding area and the varied hunting in the nearby mountains have attracted outdoors people lor years. young families, recreation and investment, stated Dan Clark. For further information, contact The Dammeron Corporation. 151 North Main St., St. George. Utah, (801)673-9798. Liquid Air Inc. has signed an agreement to purchase Southwest Crvogenics Inc. for a price in excess of S4 million. This purchase will considerably increase Liquid Airs coverage of the rapidly e.vpanding carbon dioxide market. Liquid Air first entered the manufacturing of carbon dioxide in the northwest with the acquisition of Gas Ice Corporation in late 1973 and with the purchase of Southwest Cryogenics. Liquid Air's marketing capability of cast ing applications, welding and metal working, pollution control, and food and beverage processing. One of the newer applications involves restoring marginally producing oil wells 'through the injection of carbon dioxide at the well head. Liquid Air Inc. is wholly owned subsidiary of Liquid Air corporation of Carbon dioxide is North America, one of the Watch Your | FAT-GO Lose ugly eicctt weight waO coday. AT ALL 6 OF OUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS! SKAuCSt>'u*4CMU/t/ ndcd coast to coast. Carbon dioxide is prod uced in liquid, gaseous and solid form (dry ice) by Southwest in three tonnage plants and their market area covers mainly the southwest and souththis product will be cxpacommonly used in freczprincipal producers of industrial gases in North America and Brazil. As well as other industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, argon and a wide range of specialty gases, the company is in the related business of distributing welding equipment and supplies, some of which it manufactures. Both Liquid Air Corporation and Process Plants share are traded in the Ovcr-the-Counter market. Liquid Air has an installation in Henderson. Dummvron \ uUcy yau cu TfiirMOH i lorR JUI ctti 642 0111 3t| ll • tool l1 warPif a

m I II i jui. i ^ Ji II II w^^^^mw^^ Henderson Home News and Boulder City News Thursday. September 16.1976 .-* 'II I • -. I! BIRTHS Rose dc Lima Aug. 14, girl. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nylcn. Las Vegas; boy. .Mr. and Mrs. Herb Hill. Las Vegas. Aug. lb. boy. .Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCrea, Las Vegas. Aug. 18. girl. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edwards. Las Vegas. Aug. 20, girl, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Harper. Henderson. Aug. 21. boy, Mr. and Mrs. Terranee Karnngton. Henderson; girl. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meredith. Las Vegas. Aug. 22. boy, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carlo. Las Vegas. Aug. 23. girl. Mr. and Mrs. R. Gregg Sicrrcit, Henderson. Aug. 25, boy, Mr. and Mrs. Soters Ramos, Henderson Aug. 27, girl, Mr and Mrs. Roy Ripgason. Henderson; boy. Mr. and Mrs. Bobbie Leibee, Las Vegas. Aug. 2*). boy, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Campbell, Henderson. Aug. .^1, boy. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Kittell, Henderson; boy, Mr. and Mrs Jon Parker. Las Vegas. Sept. 1, girl. Mr. and Mrs. Francis LaChapelle, Henderson. Sept. 2, girl, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Thompson, Henderson. Boulder City Aug. 1.^, girl, Mr, aiul Mrs. Richard Contreros, Boulder Cii>. Aug. lb, girl, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. tldon Clothier. Boulder Cily. Aug. 1*). girl, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Scott Hannon, Henderson. Aug. 21. boy, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Montosa. Vegas. Aug. 2b. girl. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cooper. Boulder City. Aug. 2". boy, Mr. and Mrs. Maria Orvis. Boulder City. Aug. 24, bo\, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brecden. Boulder Cit>. Sept. 2. boy. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hclmboli. Henderson. LEHERS TO THE EDITOR: Dear Editor. 1 am currently an in mate in an Ohio Institution, serving time for a Forgery. 1 am serving a six month, to five year sentence and appear for a Parole Hearing in January 1979. I am hoping that you will print this letter, my reasons being that I would like to meet someone through the mail that might help me when the time comes to gain employment or guide me towards a future that does not help guide me back in the direction of an institution. I am 2b years old. white male. bft. 2in. tall, 180Ibs., dark hair and blue eyes, and very healthy. I am on our dormitory Softball team and a volleyball team in the Jaycee Tournament. I am also currently the head clerk in the institution commissary. I don't like this place or the life stvle involved. 1 hope to better myself so that I'll neser return again. I've enrolled in college through corre^pondcnce and hope to educate m>self in the business field. 1 have a computer programming background with some accounting and office knowledge. 1 base no funds with which to pay for this, my state pay amounts to 12 dollars a month and to continue my personnal hygiene I buy my necessary toilet articles and some stamps and nothing is left after that. If you would like any additional information on myself please feel free to write and I will be completely honest on any questions asked. Any answers to this letter will be answered completely, honestly and as soon as reccued. (S)Sie\en W. Phillips Steven \V. Phillips • litb • I .am ..Problem Dentures? 40 YearK Experience Boucher Dental Lab. V)\U h. ( huri<-t.ion Call 386-6983 MbMtMS Nllitfii'C*"BUSMESS>FAimiONS 1 LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT wo to AW IW H OKHS MtS OW CUNSUMER lOAWS .II^EVADA FIRST ruiixfT lu mu lu nm ti I Utu MMIU MtlMMMM Page 18 1 AN • "•••. • ..;< .tr • • '* • • ^•-.Ht.-*". 'lyne leader in ffte ^jnericaD tamott Whirlpool Model LDA 7600 AUTOMATIC WASHER BUILT WITH PRIDE BY PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT CRAFTSMANSHIP, QUALITY AND THE AMERICAN TRADITION OF HONEST VALUE. CHECK THESE WHIRLPOOL PLUS-VALUE FEATURES: • 2 washing and 2 SD^n speeds • 4 cycles NORMAL GENTLE PERMANENT PRESS and KNIT • 4 pushbunon wash rinse energy-saving wate^ temp selector • 3-ievel ioad-si water-saving selector • Fabr.c softener dispense' • Super SURGILATOR' agitator • MAGiC CLEAN' filter" • Cool-down care tor Perr^aneni Press fab'ics • Bieacn dispenser • Bac-PaK Laundry Information Center FEATURING MICROWAVE COOKING DEMONSTRATIOI TO BE HELD IN THE STORE SAT. 9-18-76 AT 1 P.M. UNTIL 5 P [BUTTON Microwave Cooking Cabiioi A 1 aaove unit 'O' A.3'' 1. 0<-pin It e Weight •Hel'Oies S^!pplng 7g'Ds L • • • ta SBt'''''at ons Power Source 105 10 Mi C:ll$ *C 60 -. ", an-.p •ndtviBua'Ci'Cui! witn gfOu'O singii; phas Ope'jimg .6K "s ^ Powe' OJIjt ibO waitsi FfeOucnr, rW MMi Va:: • -• P?we-0jt9u| Model 414 419 s CaOinet '" aC>ove un.i (o' -.dr e ipact A i&i S'liopng 62 IDS ; • • ." • (. Spec'iCi' • 60 cv( • --•^ Circuit A 'iAitr ground single p • ?00 witis • --1 ^. .ot 4i0wa$ • F' 24$C MMI Model 102 •299 5 \Vhirlpool REFRIGERATOR FREEZERS 17.1 cu ft No-Froil model with top-mount (retzir Deluxe Sefmb qua'!v ana desgn wtffi 4 "5 cu ft zero-degree f'eezer • Power-Saving Heate' Cont'oi Switcn • 2 Adjustable Cantilever Sne'ves • Adjustable Meat Pan • Siide-out Cnspers • Super-Storage Doors • Buiii-in Egg Nest and Butter Compartment $1 REGULAR 0090 COMBMAiai 0n OFFERFrom] EUREKA d las CLEANS SHAGS! iDon t Wilt' Come In Today' WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL BILL ME TV&A^ SALES & 133 WATER ST.


Henderson Home News and Boulder City News Thursday. September 16. 1976 Page 19 \ NIVERSARY • t lH % •> • ..<1.'t i -•!••,"- Modil 4tM—Med'lerrinean styling le •o VI -e I? I 115 volts 5HUE n 00 Magnificent 25 Color Stereo Theatre diagonal Here truly is a co-vdele 'lo'ne eiiertainmeni center Beautifully contained m a finely cra'tec! piece of turmiu'e You ll enioy supers viewing with the convenience c' Videomatic cne-Dutton tuning |!he most completely automatic one-Button color tuning system m the market It even has an electronic eye to automatically adiusi the picture tc changing room light so it ne/er glares m a dark room never washes out m a Bright room I And its complete stereo system includes a stereo FM AM radio automatic reccC changer plus four high fidelity speakers 899 9S *0 asei 1; volts I II II :i Magnavox £.0 diagonal Videomatic Color TV SAVE 80 This delje console often you outstanding furniture styling plus advanced feature* 100% solid-state, Videomatic One-Button Tuning, plus a Super Bright Matrix Picture Tube Five authentic styles ivaitable NOW Model 4652—C'onlmporary Styling *669 9S Whirlpool DRYER VALUE S < ( S PRYING TEMP SE LECTO More quality more value • Custom Dry control shuts dr>'er off atpre-seiecteddryness*59cu fi drying drurn lo' big bulky type loads • Full-width door serves as shelf for stacking and folding • End-ot-cycie reminder buzzer • Cool-down care and TUWBLE PRESS" control Now only Model LOe S600 I DRYERS AS LOW AS •175 00 Complete 6-piece Stereo System MjgniivPi *i-iifld itiAflurtrs (*ith(lultCOver>4natwo^^ 219 19 Solid-state Color Portable with AFT diagoi^Ai Thisoutstanomg Mag'^avo* Sale value wou'o oeaoe'tectsecono sei'o' my room r your home —on n optional ca't. cnatade 0'Dookshelf llo'ferstrie convenience c' automatic 'me tuning lo loch-ir station Sigriais fo' an accurately tuned piCtu'e onany channel —UHF or VMF And really great viewing —with a highly reliable and energy saving solid-state chassis and me enceptionany bright sharp pictures of its Precision In Lir^e TuDe System There s no better time than now to put some exciting color into your iite and save loo' 379 95 Magnavox iid diagonal Videomatic Color TV SAVE fgQOO Thil deluxe Console offers you outstanding furniture Styling plus advanced features 100% solid-state, Videomatic One-Button Tuning, plus a Super Bright Matrix Picture Tube. Remote Control available at savings Five style*. NOW Model 46S6—Mediterranean Styling '669 9S MANY OTHER ITEMS TO CHOOSE FROM RRELL'S ^PLIANCE SERVICE PH. 565-8798 BANKAMERICARD wSime^. master charge iHf IMHMMM C*tfD /9 "FAT ISN'T FUNNY" By Madeleine Johnsen Creator of Height Control Centers "I can"f feed my family the food that 1 tat"; "It is too costly"; "I get bored"; "It takes too long"; "My weight does not bother me. I don't know why It bothers everyone else": "After the summer (or holidays or vacation or New Year)"; "Nothing works for me"; "I have been fat all my life". These arc just sonic of the excuses that uc keep giving ourselves day after day. Eating improperly, like brushing your iccth is habit. The way to success on Weight Control is to replace a bad habit w ith a goeidonc, many times it is easier said than done, but if you keep at it you will replace "I think 1 can" ith "I can". Make a chart and on the top write "How my life will change with a weight loss"... you should have a list of about twenty five changes. In the right hand side write what you have to gain by continuing on the way you are (you will soon discover that you have a lot more to look forvvard to by losing your weight than by continuing on the way you arc). Thought for Today; "There are gourmets, gourmands and gourmesscs". Colleen McGinly Spanish Chicken /VJa V\ eight Control 4 lbs. Slewing chicken (skinned and defatted) 10 oz. onion, sliced 4 stalks celery 3 bell peppers, diced .1 tbs. flour 1 cup corn kernels, canned or cooked fresh 2 cups cooked tomatoes I tbs. butter '.j tsp. salt tsp. pepper 1 tsp. sugar twin < tsp. cayenne Simmer chicken until tender with celery tops and 1 whole onion. Season water with salt and pepper. Drain and save liquid for soup. Cut chicken into serving pieces. Place in roasting pan. Prepare the sauce as follows: melt butter, saute onions that have been sliced in the butter, add peppers and when slightly tender, add flour that has been mixed smooth in juice of tomato. add tomatoes, spices and corn. Simmer, stirring constantly. Add 1 cup of chicken bouillon and stir. Pour sauce over chicken and bake uncovered m a 325 degree oven for .W minutes. Serve with tossed salad. Serves six Weight Control meals. Weight Control Hamburger Casserole 10 0/. of cooked hamburger (browned and drained) 1 pint can of whole tomatoes (without sugar) I cup raw rice s A; p to taste (about 'i tsp. and 'j tsp.) '4 tsp. sugar twin. After browning meat in skillet and draining and patting dry. mix thoroughly with tomatoes and add rice and seasonings. Peel a medium onion and place whole in the center of a lightly greased baking dish. Add hamburger mixture and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Just before serving grate longhorn cheese (2 oz.) on top and place under broiler. If while cooking this dish gets a little thick add a little water or tomato juice (preferred) and stir occasionally. Makes a good dinner for four hungry people. Do your Christmas Shaping NOW. Classes are limited in size for more attention. Join the Weight Control group that is concerned with your success. We love you and care. Call S'b^lSb or write to Madeleine Johnsen's 1111 LVBS Rm. 220 or call 38:-o95''. Do it today, tomorrow will be one day closer to Christmas Afraid of itrangerj' Thet particular phobia is called, "Xenopfiobia." WATER WEIGHT PROBLEM? E-LIM fcuccij %a;cr ,n inc t>od> can be uncomf-•rtabit E-lIM heir 'Oil Icic exrc^s water weigM vKc ji SKAGGS DEUG CENTER.S rcvonimtno .\T .\LL 6L0CATI0NS ;SKAGCST>'u4Ce'£^ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I FOCUS r on FOTOS With Renate Shiles R0MTE SHIlfS Light i& the essence of photography and as >our skill and instinct for making pictures develops, you'll learn many ways to use light imaginatively, even with daylight in outdoor pictures. Beginners will always start with basic sun-behind ttie-camera lixhting. although this can be very harsh, with deep shadows. It's a small step to the softly diffused light of a cloudy, overcast>

V,": Henderson Home News and Boulder Titv News Thursday. September 16,1976 Page 20 Everetf s Supper Club Under New Management Jeffrey Tells About Assembly Experience Featuring a beautiful and tasty chuck wagon buffet, Everett's Lounge on Boulder Highway has opened under new management and will serve top flight foods Bill Williams and Bob Phillips have announced they will feature only top foods and offer the basement part of the establishment for banquets, only. They can serve up to 250 persons, in this quiet, dignified atmosphere. Williams and Phillips hope to make this a family-type restaurant with chuck wagon and ala carte ordering. There is also a Sunday brunch available Williams and Phillips met when they both worked at the Flamingo Hotel Williams worked as the night shift chef for 4'4 years at the Flamingo, He worked at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel for six years and was chef at the Tropicana for a year and a half. His wife, Shirley is an agent with the Prudential insurance company. She is the first woman agent for the company in Nevada. The couple lived in Henderson at 425 Blackridge and at that time Mrs. Williams worked for Jack Stevens Real Estate Company. Phillips worked for three years at the Thunderbird as service captain and four years at the Flamingo Hotel. For the past nine years he has worked at the Las Vegas Hilton as room service assistant manager and banquet head waiter. They invite the public to visit the new Everett's Supper Club which is open from 11 am. to 11 p.m The two men bring together a total of 45 years experience in fine food and dining During the City Council's "town meeting", candidates night last Wednesday. Assembly District 22 candidate Jack Jeffrey spoke of his legislative record. Jack said he was present for lOlJ of 1015 roll call votes. He said of the eight bills he introduced during the past session. 7 passed the assembly with an average of 37 votes. MY BELOVED LL\D by Cora HIIL Arnold 1 love America! It is my Beloved Land! 1 lo\c the vastncss of the arid acres of the West hii:h will some day bloom. 1 love the teaming, too-crowded cities of the east. I love the magcsty of the reaching mountain peaks and the lowlands where the sun sinks right into the earth. I love the ugly smokestacks because there men arc laboring hard for those most dear. 1 love the sky. the waters, the barren wasteands and the backoning forests. 1 love the many. sacred places of worship, the universities with thousands of serious-mind, young people eager to be about the business of earning. 1 love the government offices, the little shoe shop on the corner, the smell of bakeries and the sounds that only happy children can make on the playgrounds. To me .America is everything that is big, great, beautiful and good. I am fiercely patriotic. 1 am not blind that 1 cannot see the turmoil and even evils. Could this be growing pains of this Century? Could America be getting her second growth? My faith is in America, that she will triumph. Today I stand tall and proud whei. 1 say. "I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the .America". Each day I can see this flag flying from government offices and schools. Mavbe some people go by without lookm_y. Not i. 1 will ever tecl a thrill and maybe have reverent tear in my eye as I see once again the w hhe. the red, the blue. 1 love you. America, and may God forcv er bless you and the people w ithin that you and they will reach the heights of greatness. Free Welding Clinic Slated For Thursday Three short of being unanimous. Four of the seven bills were signed into law. Jeffrey said he introduced and supported legislation for young people, senior citizens, business and working people. With your help 1 will continue to represent the very special interest of the people in District 22 and the state of Nevada. Jeffrey concluded. Th^rf artan pstima!i 4fl6,.'i50 |PKlly blind people in lh# U .S today H:)lf "f the.v riiM-s cnuld h.ivc tx-i-n |>ri' vented with riirri'nl kn<)uledK<.ind lfihnii|ui> MOSf>iTAt. m i \— --.. ^ ~ ^ y* A free welding clinic v^ill be held Thursday. Sept. 16 from ''i.W p.m. at Henderson Builder's Supplv. 1245 North Boulder Highway. Gary McCauk> will be the welding representative. The unique free welding school is being sponsored by Henderson Builder's Supply in cooperation with the Century Manufacturing Co. of Minneapolis. Century will provide equipment from its improved new line of welders, designed especially for home. farm, and light industrial use. Coffee and doughnuts v.\U be served during the welding clinic and there wili also be a drawing for free dcnir pri/ts f ".iLiriict. Ihf liMilinn r.iu.Hiiif hlindnfws in the V S tudjix. ac niunt.s liir nne of MX rasis of lost vi.sifin .'"urt'c'V cm retitorf vision in • "> perrrnl of < c.isf.s for whiih It 1^ rfom mi nJi-d The N.itional .~>o<-iity for thi' I'rcvfniion • ( Blindnr. tilUu.'i that 577.fOO children age .Ito 5 I or I in 20) are affected b> vi.-ion problem*. Condition.^ like amlilyopia. often ciiW-d "lazv eve." must b

• ij it a i .,j i _Mij_jLjnr vt. F ^^t i M. ^ j ^ i n i ^ ^ jypm.i. Page 21 ';i>ii:i:im.ii|jny 7 rfyt y T^-H' ALBERTSONS ALBERTSONS CRACKED WHEAT BREAD 24-OZ. ^k^ DELICIOUS 4%A BEAR CLAWS PACK89^ ^^ APPLE STRUSEL %^* COFFEECAKE EA 95^ BAKERY BUYS AVAILABLE IN STORES WITHOUT INSTORE BAKERIES fftH SS^NGFORFOOD„.o2<.TN ,7..QZ O 1 C Vff IIVIO l'*9.?.**.'.YS;:3?.^?:.?...CTN O | OSCAR MAYER 1-(.B. REG. C ^ tt* Sliced Bacon J!V!:!!^ :*:'"! r' 0 ANTHONY* WIDE OR EXTRA WIDE ^ %A NOODLES P%a^ 59^ 0 GREENaiANTBEANS.KITCHEN t%t%t. BEANS ...FRENCH%TYLE CAN Ofc TOMATO SAUCE •cS^JsM ^J^ ORTEGA *fc*fc^ 9 CHILI SALSA cSi: 33^ • -. JOHNSTON* ALL FLAVORS k..^ <^ YOGURT CVNV32M ALBERTSONS ^^^ MAYONNAISE '5**;'89^ rALBERTSONS;^ RADISHES &1 I, GREEN ONIONS | 10 d BUNCH WITH tsno MIVIMIM P' KrHASE LIMIT 1 PER rorpON 1 rril pri\ PER FAMIL^: EFFxrnvE "iEPT IS.:: irs -. CARNATIONCH0C •CHOC. MALT •VARIETY -.^-^ 0INST. BREAKFAST PKT M" DETERGENT ^^ ^. WHITE KING D' V'K/87' ALBERTSONS GUARANTEED U.S. NO. 1 GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS LETTUCE MEDIUM SIZE SOLID HEAD 151 39 NEW CROP WASHINGTON SWEET TASTY FANCY RED DELICIOUS CASABA MELONS WHOLE OR CUT LB 7 APPLES 3i1 0 VINE RIPENED CHERRY ^^^^^ ^^ TOMATOES PINT 39^OUART77^ _-_ U S NO 1 • ^ L .* 0 BARTLETT PEARS 4|M MASSORTED 5 HA 0 PLANTS ASSORTED 5 HANGING FOLIAGE • CHEEPING CHAHLIES $099 • WANO[RIN(i Jf W EA • IIPST1CP1&GV BACH • TRAILINO DEO JEW ALBERTSONS SELF BASTING Hen or Tom Turkeys W > LB 58| ALBERTSONS SUPREME BEEF 7-Bone Roast 10^ CHUCK LB. TTl! FOLGERS 1 LBS COFFEE % all grinds I SAVE 30^ ^ WITH $snn MIVIMI'M PfRrHASE LIMIT 1 PER COIPON 1 COrPOV PER FAMILY. ErrtcnvE SEPT I.S2 ire I! HOFFYBRAND 0 Smoked Picnic S4VE I 20PORK SHOULDER ALBERTSONS SUPREME BEEF ^A, Rib Roast JMyX LARGE END TOALBERTSONS # Ground Beef SAVE 3-LB. CHUB PACK FRESH d^Sl < BEER ALBERTS VODKA.. ALBERTSONS $369 CLAN MACCREGOR SCOTCH t LORD CAIVERT„ .!.4** • OS* CANADIAN ALBERTSONS GIN... GALLO WINK MagDUm Hearty BurKundy Pink Chabiii CballU Blaac CORNHUSKER BRAND Sliced Bacon '8 I I I iiALBERTSONS; FARMER JOHN 6 oz. f; HAM mmm\i^ SLICES IW SAVE WITH 5(<0MIVIMVM PVRCHASE I IMIT 1 PEH roipov 1 rocpoN PER FAMILY EFFECTIVE •.FIT i :: nr^ _^^ ALBERTSONS SUPREME Beef For Stew $138 ZIPPE CORN DOCS ALBERTSONS SUPREME BEEF Cubed Steak ALBERTSONS SUPREME BEEF Rib Steak ^^ ALBERTSONS GROUND FRESH DAILY @ Beef Ground Round ^^ RtCHS FRESH TURKEY Drums or Wings ^_ OCEAN FRESH FILLET OF Pacific Cod ^KKt i,uH iK,v.> (BURRITOS. 15-,.0Z.) Q AC TaquitOS .y.*.'!'.!.T'..... 10-oz 051 BUTTER BEEF. BBC, VEAL. PEPPER BEEF C ^ 1 • Kold Kist Steaks u^z^V^ ^ ALBERTSONS SUPREME BONELESS C4 9B Chuck Roast L. M" LB 1 $178 .LB. I $ie8 .LB. I LB M" rioM Steak::: L. M" LB 58^ $188 .LB. I OSCAR MAYER BEEF BOLOGNA KRAFT DELUXE •3-VARIETIES SLICED CHEESE $118 12-OZ. 1 <^ MEAT WIENERS .LB 87^ ..^ PRECIOUS •l-OZ h4h* 0 MOZZARELLA BALLS 88^ ^ DUBUOUE CaaB 0 CANNED HAiVI '^H^^ _-_ PILLSBURY CHOC CHIP OR • ASSrO. SIZES-^ ^^ 0 SUGAR COOKIES 88^ 1.IOUO* aUYt AVAHAH AT I..CtMlC (TOKCS OttlY II'M I hnMM II • iii HU) <•!_• M ••->< Ha^tn IMII •.>•< ••• <•••> ma ( • i n u M-M< I'l I iaH>a IM >• • 'IT> M> in otMu* ll Wi. l>t %m* mi A. l.^.A lilt) 1 W.4 • • • #— iMtk IITI t HH. V Ui ti • •ni Va. Ma IM Caa '.A 1 tim !.. Aw MMh*. |l IM) V..M. A< i^ Albeitsons We reall y care. Ml (IMM* TH Ml m iaa> IM lit n ltl M • wU*. NwT HMrfafiM HOT M A>*.I IM^ V..rfa (! • I! !-t.,i laAn> OH Bai In W .rlliiM 111 I 0 • m.Hnipi •.•• rt IIH tM b !_>. • lit* Of mi 'ir-ni IS f(idlDtllM|r i.iMtM iw ule n MM AVrnion 1 miy tlOfl • iucjii mm X m* at Mt tinvf w ti|v Oft hiM sufliritft' met 0f l0f1iM0 "wtfundnj K io< K| n*. >r c T om d CHOk I HAi CMfct wftmmml mMArMkVlii*Mi


JU Pete Xc<6eHa Sa^: "CLOSEOUT ENTIRE 76 INVENTORY PLUS HUGE USED CAR SALEI M ^^ NEW PLYMOUTH ARROW CLOSEOUT! NO CATALYTIC MUFFLER! EPA RATING THE ARROW w/5 SPD. TRANS. HIWAY CITY "THE SMALL CAR WITH THE ACCENT ON COMFORT" DOWN CMI rw* uiK Ho iw uiM ui t"i I? rii 1406) MO. t77S03 U| \*Vlli MwrWf ill.N ll(OI3 • I • STOCK NO. ^^ DISCOUNT J[^| 2Z097HL2I)R $5116.60 530 '4586" 22012HH;m $5702.85 •621" •5081" 221Z5HL2DR $5259.65 562" •4697" 22123HL20R $5384.55 •553" •4831" 22119HL2DR $3873.00 •325" •3547" 22115HL2DR $3999.55 •347 •3652" 22019HL2DR $5887.90 •668" •5199" 22050HL2DR $4126.90 •369" •3757" 22107HL2Dfl $5767.90 632" •5135'' 22097HL2DR $5166.60 •671"' •4495" 1976 DUSTER 6cyimaer.automatic.AIR Dowe'steerng4brakes mce custom interior W'bucKet seats WSW s Balance ot Factory Warranty No 733 3995 ENGINES S EQUIPMENT VARY ON ABOVE CARS. EXAMPLE: 225CID eng.. automatic, power steering, power disc brakes, AIR, tinted glass, radio & heater, remote mirrors, dual horns, undercoating, dix. wheel covers, bench cloth/vinyl seat. No 22125 a95i116 Citli prin S449S plu tii 1157.33 FHRCI ckirfi S1ZZ0.27. Pi^MiU tl S116. Mwni rict SSI23.33. AfR. 12.6a i\ 1976 CORDOBA Aotomatic power steerig & braKes AIR. Tinted glass, Vmyi 'oof. Power wmoows. AM/FM radiais WSW deluxe wneei covers No 735 Balance ot Factory Warranty 5995 MO, LOW BOOK SALE ON QUALITY USED CARS 73 AMC AMBASSADOR 4 DR. V-8 tulorT>8tiC. power sleoring, vinyl rool radio i healer No 755 WAS $2495 '1475 '2550 '5625 CUSTOM^ATELLITE 40R, V-S. automatic power steering & brakes. AIR t

Henderson Home News and Boulder City News Page 23 Thursday, September 16,1976 3i3 (mn/mm/ SUVICK'S JEWELERS Since 1917 An up-to-date jeweler is indispensable to every community of taste and refinement. SLAVICK'S JEWELERS has long been established as the area's leading jeweler and one trip to his well-stocked shop will show you why! Located in the Boulevard Shopping Center at 3460 So. Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas, phone 734-2577, this reliable merchant features jewelry of all types and the prevalent mood is QUALITY! At this fine shop, you'll always find diamonds, watches, pins and other articles of jewelry with the kind of value you can see! Have a wedding in your fkiture^ SLAVICK'S JEWELERS can help! He features the area's finest selection of diamond wedding and engagement ring sets. Drop by today and discover the beauty and value of his selection. The writers of this 1976 Review urge everyone to make this respected jeweler their first stop for value and quality. BEriEBARN "Warren Stephens • Owner" Complete scientific repair service on all VWs and Dune-Buggies by trained mechanics is offered by the BEETLE BARN located in Las Vegas at 41 North 30th Street, phone 384-5104 It is always the policy of this popular firm to give a maximum of service at the lowest possible price "This is proven by their many satisfied customers they have served since 1959. AttheBEETLE BARN,"service" is theirmotto.and isbacked bytheir fine reputation. The finest expert workmen give your Volkswagen what attention it may need from the smallest repair to a complete overhauling or rebuilding job. They also offer hi-performance kits, beef-up kits for transmissions, electrical troubleshooting and feature a machine shop service. Ever>' VW needs some adjustments at some time or other. Be a wise owner and keep your VW in first class condition For guaranteed satisfaction, we the editors of this 1976 Review, suggest you take your VW or Dune-Buggie to the BEETLE BARN, We know you'll be glad you did. CUSTOM LANDAU "Jim Milazzo-Owner" CUSTOM LANDAU located at 1139 Las Vegas Blvd South in Las Vegas, phone 341900 or 386-3900 does the finest custom auto vinyl top and auto molding work to be found anywhere in the area. They wish to take this opportunity to express their thanks to all those that have been instrumental in their growth over the years and thank all of our readers for their past business. While it is true that they have become one of the leading auto vinyl top and custom auto molding shops in the area, they realize that in order to have done this, they had to have the wholehearted and sincere support of the entire area. Because of this they have dedicated themselves to aiding in every way possible all those who rely on them. As a result, that much discussed word "Service" finds true meaning in the friendly atmosphere that envelopes all their customers. Once you've done business here, you'll come back. They feature realistic prices with quality work. Insurance work is welcomed. The editors of this 1976 Business Review commend CUSTOM LANDAU for their community minded activities and interest in the people of this area. VEGAS SKI CHALET Look and ski your best with quality equipment and apparel from the VEGAS SKI CHALET: the skier's favorite! Located at 2111 S. Maryland Pkwy in Las Vegas, phone 734-8888. this well known shop features all of the biggest names in skis, boots, bindings, poles, goggles, clothing and everything else you'll want and need for an exciting season on the slopes. Drop in well in advance of the first snowfall to find out what's new in the ever-changing world of fine skiing equipment. They carry Olin, Rossignol, K-2. Hexcel, Duofold and North Face for you to choose from. The VEGAS SKI CHALET carries equipment for every skier from snow bunny to downhill racer. There's a tremendous selection of values available and you can get the gear that's exactly right for your ability, your size AND your budget! It's simply one of the very best places to get everything you need for better skiing! The authors of this 1976 Business Review are pleased to be able to recommend this outstanding shop to all of our skiing readers. MR. PIPES OF LAS VEGAS OMENTAl FOODS OF LAS VEGAS "KenTaiUi-Owner If you're in the mood for a trip to the orient, but find you don't have enough cash, then bring the taste of the Orient home to vou bv stopping in at ORIENTAL FOODS OF LAS VEGAS. Located at 953 E. Sahara Ave in the commercial center in Las Vegas, phone 735-2788, this firm is one of the most orginal places in the entire area. At ORIENTAL FOODS OF LAS VEGAS you will always find fresh Oriental vegetables and a most complete line of Oriental groceries. They also carry delicious delicacies from Japan, China. Korea. Hawaii. Vietnatn, the Phillipins and Thailand. Anything your heart desires in the way of oriental food, most probably will be found here. If you are having trouble finding that perfect gift for that special someone or a relative, be sure to see the unusual selection of unique oriental gifts at ORIENTAL FOODS OF LAS VEGAS. The friendly saleshelp seem to have the knack for suggesting just the right item. The editors of this 1976 Business Review are proud to recommend ORIENTAL FOODS OF LAS VEGAS, where the best of the East meets the best of the West. KENNEDY'S HXACO ft U-HAUL "WeldoD Kennedy-Owner" If you're particular about your car, then you should be particular about getting it serviced. People throughout this area go out of their way to stop in at KENNEDYS TEXACO & U-HAUL, because they knowthat the expert repairmen are familiar with all makes and models and can handle most any repair needed. They also feature U-haul Rental Trailer and Trucks for Local. Interstate or cross country hauling needs. The next time vour car needs service, stop in at KENNEDY'S TEXACO & U-HAUL in Las Vegas at 4231 Boulder Hw7, or phone 451-2000 and make an appointment with the expert service technicians at this full service station. No matter what type of problem your automobile may have, they can fix it fast, right and at realistic prices. We. the editors of this 1976 Business Review, would like to call the attention of the driving public to this fine service center and suggest that you stop in soon for a taste of the best in automotive service. We know you'll be glad you did! SAM'S ROOFING "Sam Mofford-Owner" When quality roofing work is needed, it becomes important to know the reputation of the firm with which you do business. SAM'S ROOFING located at 2633 S Nellis Blvd in Las Vegas, phone 452-1036, is a firm with which one can do business with confidence and assurance of receiving satisfaction. This is a locally owned and operated business specializing in residential, commercial and industrial re-roofing and repair work. Having been in this line of business for a number of years, SAM'S ROOFING knows the demands of their customers and feature quality roofing including shakes, shingles, composition and asphalt rock at reasonable prices. They know the roofing business and insist that each job be done right the first time They employ competent, well trained men who have the desire to please every customer. This firm is favorably known for prompt service and fair prices Much of their popularity is due to the fact that they stand behind every job The editors of this 1976 Business Review suggest that you consider this reliable firm. We know you will be pleased with any work they do for you. THE HOCK SHOP You know .. sometimes you just need a few dollars to get you through until the next payday. Help is nearby when you stop in at THE HOCK SHOP in Las Vegas at 128 S. 1st St, phone 384-3042. They loan money on anything of value ... and they'll probably loan you more! When you need a quick $20 or so, take that old shotgun, rifle or whathaveyou to this reliable pawnbroker and they'll see that you get the money you need They specialize in short term loans for good.^onest people just like you! THE HOCK SHOP also serves as a retail outlet for all types of merchandise So. whether you need some cash or want to save money on good, used merchandise, stop in at this well-managed shop The authors of this 1976 Review are pleased to endorse this reputable pawnbroker for their fine business practices. BONANZA ORNAMENTAL IRON & STEEL CO. "Ray & Dave Long-Owners" BO.NANZA ORNAMENTAL IRON located at 2272 Crestline Loop in North Las Vegas. Phone 649-5920. is the area's leading manufacturer and supplier of quality ornamental iron products. Since 1954 this firm has been beautifying homes throughout this entire area. This quality-conscious firm features ornamental wrought iron gates, rails, columns, pool rails, stair rails, steel stairs and many other exciting ideas in metal!! They would like EVERY homeowner to remember that iron retains its beauty throughout the years and is THE strongest material for its purpose! Build with ornamental iron for increased property value and remarkable durability. Their own experienced crews handle the installations and there is ALWAYS a satisfied customer when the job is done. For quality construction and workmanship in beautiful, everlasting ornamental iron .. call BONANZA ORNAMENTAL IRON! The editors of this 1976 Business Review think you'll be more than happy with the unique ornamental iron work done hre. Ray Long expresses bis appreciation for your business throughout the years. "Joe & Ron Bernier-Owners" The "smoke shop" has been an American tradition since the beginning. MR PIPES OF LAS VEGAS located at 3661 South Maryland Parkway (Maryland Square Shopping Center) in Las Vegas, phone 734-1931, maintains this tradition in their nostalgic shop. They feature everything for the smoker and some great gift ideas, too. Offering a complete selection of fine pipes, tobaccos and gifls, MR PIPES OF LAS VEGAS is the home of MR. PIPES FAMOUS TOBACCO BLENDS, Whether you smoke a particular brand of cigar, cigarettes, or a pipe, you'll find your favorite type of tobacco always tastes better when you get it here. There's a reason for this Their large humidifier keeps the tobacco at it's freshest fiavor peak until the time of sale And remember their walk-in cigar humidor features your favorite cigars from around the world Got a pipe smoker on your gift list' This fine shop stocks one of the area's largest assortment of distinctive styles in fine briar, meerschaum, and other materials. They also do expert pipe repair work The editors of this 1976 Business Review suggest that all smokers make MR. PIPE OF LAS VEGAS their first stop for all of their tobacco needs We know you'll be pleased with their service, products and prices. SEARS, ROEBUCK & COMPANY The name SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY has been serving the people of America for many generations and they have established total leadership among retailers in this country by offering their customers EVERYTHING! In Las Vegas, your SEARS store is located at 3450 S. Maryland Parkway and like all of the stores in the chain, "SEARS has everything!" If the store doesn't carry an item in stock, you can easily order It from the catalog department Phone 734-9311 for catalog orders. Keeping up with modern trends in merchandising, SEARS offers regular reductions •B merchandise of all types. These sales plus the added coovenience of shopiiii( by phone and a variety of easy credit plans makes this one store where the customer "calls the shots"! SEARS is truly a customer-oriented firm! As the editors of this 1976 Review we wish to recommend this fine SEARS store to all our readers. Remember ... SEARS has everything! Since 1969 RONNOW'S LAWN SPRINKLER CO. Rod Ronnow-Owner For professional sales, service and installation of your new sprinkler system, contact RONNOW'S LAWN SPRINKLER CO. at 5114 Harrison Drive in Las Vegas, phone 7361130 A well-engineered automatic sprinkler system can save you lots of money in terms of water costs and time spent moving hoses. Your lawn and garden will look better than ever before and you'll just love the ease snd convenience of the system you decide on. 1 his reliable concern can outfit your property with a manually-operated sprinkler, semi-automatic or fully automatic systems. There should be a water and time saving automatic sprinkler installed at your home or business. These qualified professionals will gladly come out and look over your property to give you a free estimate on the cost of having your water "automated!" As the authors of this 1976 Review we urge ALL homeowners to check intp the .reasonable cost of custom sprinkler systems. J.C. PUMPING & CHEMKAL TOILET RENTALS "John Cuellar-Owner" Contractors, sports directors, and people in charge of all outdoor events have learned from past experience that they can depend on 3 C PUMPING & CHEMICAL TOILET RENTALS located at 3800 Losee Road in North Las Vegas, phone 649-3885. for their complete portable toilet needs. Since their introduction a few years back, the portable, chemical toilets have added much to the sanitation and convenience to all outdoor work and events. This company keeps a full line in supply at all times, and at low daily, monthly, or weekly rental rates they will install and keep serviced these sanitary aids. Contractors have found that the convenience of having these portable toilets right on the job will save them many man hours. J.C, PUMPING & CHEMICAL TOILET RENTALS also offers expert septic tank and grease trap pumping and cleaning You'll find their services efficient, courteous and their prices are reasonable. The editors of this 1976 Business Review suggest to anyone who might have the necessity of these portable toilets or sewer pumping work, that they contact J.C. PUMPING & CHEMICAL TOILET RENTALS. You can depend on these people for fair and honest service. WAYNE'S AUTO BODY SHOP "Wayne Kirch-Owner" Many people have looked far and wide for someone who does good body work. The automobiles of today require a specialist to repair or replace body panels and to refinisb them to their original beauty by matching the new paint perfectly with the original paint. The professional body men in this area to see are at WAYNE'S AUTO BODY SHOP located at 1730 S. Main, phone 385 2633. The personnel at this firm fully understand body and fender work as well as auto painting. WAYNE'S AUTO BODY SHOP has gained a reputation second to none throughout this entire area. So whether your job is a small crease or a roll-over, we know you will be entirely satisfied with their work. And. please remember that insurance companies now permit you to choose the body shop you like best to repair your car, so choose them to do all your insurance work. We, the editors of this 1976 Business Review advise you to see WAYNE'S AUTO BODY REPAIR for all your bent fenders or repaint work. We know you'll be glad you did. HUNSAKER'S FEED & SEED When you stop in at HUNSAKER'S FEED & SEED located at 4444 S. Valley View Blvd. in Las Vegas, phone 876-3080, you'll not only find a custom blended feed for ALL ofyour animals, you'll also find a complete line ofsupplies for the discriminating horseman. You see, this reputable firm stocks ONLY the finest! HUNSAKER'S FEED & SEED has been taking care of the feed and grain needs of the region's ranchers for many years with the highest quality bag and bulk feed The horseman, too, has a lot going for him when he comes to this respected firm for saddlery and tack. Known as Horseman's headquarters, they offer western boots & clotnes and a full line of horseman's tack and remedies & medicine. This reliable feed dealer featui es specialized feed for all types of animals including cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, rabbits and poultry. This is one feed store where you can have the feeds that you need blended just for you ... bagged or bulk deliveries are part of the service! They offer a complete selection of feeds featuring ALBERS, PHILLSBURY. PURINA CHOWS, and KASCO DOG FOOD See HUNSAKER'S FEED & SEED for ALL ofyour feed and horseman s supplies The editors of this 1976 Business Review wish to make special mention of this outstanding store. We know your needs will be filled when you trade here. TALL GIRLS WORLD JoAnn Weiner-Owner Do you have trouble buying clothes that fit properly? Shop TALL GIRLS WORLD where sizes are carried just for you. Located at 700 E Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas, phone 732-4653. this is one store where size is no object. Regardless ofyour height or weight, this outstanding shop can fit you with the very latest fashions which are cut Just right! They feature dresses, sportswear, Jeans A coordinates, for the fashionconscious girl of today There's never a problem with finding a beautiful new wardrobe at this place. TALL GIRLS WORLD'S stock is so complete that special orders are rarely needed, but if they are ... no problem! The editors of this 1976 Review suggest that you stop in at TALL GIRLS WORLD and see Margery Christopher & JoAnn Weiner and let them show you the kind of clothes you COULD be wearing! BURGESS ROOFING "W.L. Burgess-Owner" Located at 2540 N Nellis Blvd in Las Vegas, phone 643 3012, BURGESS ROOFING is well known as one ofthe area's leading roofing contractors. Their years of experience and their many fine completions serve as their best references. When you call this company to "talk roofirig" you can be assured that you've inade a wise decision! As specialists in all types of roofing including tile, asphalt, class A. build-up roofs and shingles this prominent firm can handle new roofing, re roofing as well as repairs. They have the experience and know how to do the job right the first time. Whenever you're in need of roofing of any type ... whether it's new construction or re-roofing... call the pros at BURGESS ROOFING! As the editors of this 1976 Business Review, we think you'll like their service and the results. BURGESS ROOFING takes this opportunity to thank all their customers for their na(t hnxiness and pledges the same quality' work in the future. MARIE CALLENDEIfS PIE SHOP Remember when you were young and you would visit your grandmother's house for the holidays? Remember how grandma could make a pie like no one else in the world? Well, that great old time flavor and goodness is still available at MARIE CALLENDERS PIE SHOP #25 where delicious cream and all kinds of fruit pies are being made in the old fashioned tradition! Located at 600 E. Sahara Ave in Las Vegas, phone 734-6572, this well known pic shoe also features delicious sandwiches and other taste treats from their coffee shoo. Here you will find a friendly atmosphere. Your orders will receive prompt attention and ever>thing served you will be of the best quality. It isn't often that we can find a pie shop serving such delicious pies and other things on the meliu at such fair prices. Try them for real ser\ice and good food, and we are sure you will tell your friends about them. Bill k Dee Bcntley. the owners, are proud of their establishment and have good reason to be. They remind you to order your holiday pies early. The editors of this 1976 Business Review suggest that you try the many splendid pies made by this outstanding shop. Your grandma would have been proud to have made them! FONG'S GARDEN \ Stnn Fong-Owoer Ihe best of the East meets the best of the West at FONGS GARDEN where Chinese food is served with the accent on quality. Easily accessible at 2021 E. Charleston Blvd. in Las Vegas, phone 382-1644. this fine restaurant specializes in genuine Chinese cuisine and uses only the best ofthe traditional recipes. Evcr>one in the family is sure to find something delicious on the complete menu. Here you will find a beautiful modern dining room in an oriental atmosphere, and they also have private dining rooms available for dinners and parties. For outstanding Chinese dishes, prepared with great care, the authors of this 197b Review take pride in recommending FONGS GARDEN to all of our readers. Les Allen's Gorage Les Allen • Owner When the people of this area look to someone to take care of any mechanical problems they might have w'th their car. they generally head straight for LES ALLt-i'S GARAGE at 1615 North Nellis Blvd. in Us Vegas, phone 452 6109 With the automobile as complex as it is today, you owe it to your car and your investment to let these qualified people Uke care ofthe problem. LES ALLEN'S GARAGE specializes in all types of expert automotive repair and service They use only the latest equipment and handle any size job in the shortest time Since 1960 they have offered quality work at reasonable prices. In this 1976 Business Review, we the editors, take great pride in representing this reliable shop to the readers of this Issue When you take your car to the experts at LES ALLEN'S GARAGE you can be assured that the work is done according to factory techniques and that you will not bave to take it back to them a second or third time for the same problem. Garehime's Total music awareness begins at GAREHIME's, the complete music store. Located at 955 East Sahara in Las Vegas, hone 735 4947, they feature a fine selection of pianos and organs that will fit your budget AND your decor They are authorized dealers for the famous Hammond, Baldwin, and Yamaha Organs, and Yamaha. Kohler, and Campbell Pianos. They also offer a complete selection of stereo component systems by Pioneer and Infinity. Let them show you how you can have a complete stereo component system that will fit your budget They will gladly advise you on all types of sound equipment and put together a component set which is exactly right for your home. In this 1976 Review, we, the editors are pleased to recommend Garehimes to our readers They are widely respected for their sincere and honest business dealings.


HendersoD Home News and Boulder City News ^>~ ^ k AMERKANFENa "Bob SteutevlIIe-Owner" For residential, commercial, or industrial site fence contracting, call AMERICAN FENCE at 4784 Boulder Hwy. in Las Vegas phone 451-3132 for free estimates. AMERICAN FENCE hat Just become distributors for a large structural steel building manufacturer. From garages, indoor riding arenas, stores, farm buildings, barns or horse corrals they can fill your needs These are pre-engineered buildings for commercial, industrial, wholesale, warehouse, farm and ranch use This firm is well recognized for their high standards of work and ability to complete the Job in a reasonable time. No matter what type offence you need from wooden to chain link, this contractor has had previous experience with it and can assure you of a first rate job at realistic prices. They hire only fHilly qualified men and they use only the latest approved methods of installing your particular type of fence. The reputation of A.MERICAN FENCE speaks for itself when you stop to consider the ever increasing number of people they are contracting for. We, the editors of this 1976 Business Review, suggest to our readers that they conUct AMERICAN FENCE for a job we know will be done properlv. BEARING BELT CHAIN CO. INC. After years of dedicated ser\ice io the industrv of this area. BEARING BELT CHAIN CO. INC. continues to be an important factor in the economic growth of the area. They are located at .1501 ALDtBARAN in IAS Vl{GAS. phone 876-4225. They carry a full stock of leading brands of ball, roller Jt tapered bearings, belting, oil seals, pillow blocks, industrial hoses and power transmission products. The editors of this 197b REVIEW congratulate them for their services and honest business practices, and recommend them to all ofj3ur readers BTA TRANSMISSION INC. THE transmission specialists in this area are located at 5820 Boulder Hw'y in East Las Vegas, phone 451-7620. They can repair ANY make of automatic or standard transmission and. since they have the exact tools and parts needed, the job is done right the first time! They offer a complete transmission, rebuilt and exchange service. They will give you a free inspection and a complete estimate will be provided before any repairs are begun. Arch Sena and Gene Ecklid thank all the people of Henderson for your past business and look forward to serving you in the future. ART ARRIOLA LAS VEGAS GENERAL SHEET METAL For the finest sheet • netal work many air conditioning contractors, and other men. who depend on quality specify Art Arriola for all their jobs. Located in Las Vegas at 1408 Western Avenue, phone 384-3262. this shop specializes in custom fabrication of sheet metal for ducting and stainless steel work for kitchen equipment. The writers of this 1976 review suggest that you contact this well known firm for annhing in sheet metal. Call them todav. '^^ The Gun Smoke Shop Jim & Lolly Ballon • Owners Get a proper start on the hunting season this year with a visit to the GUN SMOKE SHOP One of the area's leading firearms specialists at 2528 East Fremont in Las Vega., phooe 34-n47. Thla well known shop features one of the largest selections of guns in the region, and they're known as the better gunsmith, too. They now also feature a fUll line of miliUry surplus merchandise. Stop in and browse, you'll see a fine assortment of famous name rifies, pistols and shotguns. Choose from such well known brands as Winchester, Remington, and many more. There's ammunition, too, in all calibers, along with reloading supplies and equipment Hunter's accessories such as decoys, clothing, calls, and much more, are also featured at this fine shop. THE GUN SMOKE SHOPhas now added two expert gunsmiths, Fred Turner and Roy Gleckler. who can repair or adjust most any weapon. They will also build any rifie to your exact specifications. The authors of this 1976 Review are pleased to recommend such an ouUtanding gun shop to all of our readers. Thursday, September 16, 1976 ED POST REALTY Clare Stubr-Broker i Page 24 \ Looking for a better %'jy in real estate? See the friendly people at £D POST KEALTY and get into that new home for a lot less! Located at 2770 So Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas, phone 732-4545, and 4119 W. Sahara, phone 876-7535, this respected firm offers a greater selection ofcity and country than most anyone in the area. They specialize in finding the kind of property that YOU want at the kind of price YOU can afford. In addition to finding the type of property you want, this reliable broker can arrange bank financing and other plans to fit your budget. Rental property"' Vacation property'' Investment property? This well established realtor has It all! Their listings are kept "completely complete" due to the large volume of business they do In compiling this 1976 Review, we, the editors, would like to make particular mention of this fine real estate firm. Automotic Washer & Refrigeration Service Co. ] MIDAS OPENS NEW SHOP! With a new MIDAS MUFFLER SHOP open at 2797 E. Tropicana, just East of Eastern, phone 458-4191, MIDAS now has four locations in the Las Vegas area. At the new MIDAS SHOP, convenient for Henderson people, as at all MIDAS SHOPS, you'll find that famous Midas service and. of course, famous Midas Muffiers With free installation and coast to coast dealers, Midas is America's leading mumer shop Here your muffler will be installed in 30 minutes or less and if your Midas mulTIer wears out for any reason, it will be replaced free of charge Midas IS also the area's No 1 shock-and brake service shop With skiIIrd professional mechanics and all of the latest equipment, Midas can "brake, shock and mutnc" you in one convcnicni stop .•\na, ol course, all of your major credit cards are honored at Midas The editors of this 1976 Business Review suggest that all of our readers give famous Midas service a try. We know you'll be glad you did. CHARLESTON GARAGE & RADIATOR Wouldn't It be nice to be able to take your car to just one place for all of your automotive repair and radiator work"* In Las Vegas, there is such a place and we're talking about CHARLESTON GARAGE & RADIATOR. With complete garage facilities located at 1731 E Fremont at Bruce, phone 384-8715. this is one of the area's leading repair shops. Ask anyone who has had their car repaired here, and they'll tell you that this IS the ONLY stop you need to make on your way to worry-free driving. From valve grinding to complete engine overhauling or radiator repair, this is one garage which has the equipment, parts and skill to repair or replace any part that may malfunction With years of recommendations behind them. CHARLESTON GARAGE L R.ADI.ATOR is fast establishing the type of reputation that other shops may be envious of. but just cannot compete with in terms of service and quality. So. when you need any automotive repair, the editors of this 1976 Business Review suggest that CHARLES'TON GARAGE L RADIATOR is the only stop you'll have to make. CROW'S RADIATOR SERVICE "Ronald R. & Izita Brown" CROW'S RADIATOR SERVICE located at 319 N Main (Downtown) in Las Vegas, phone 382 2345 or 382 1217. specializes in complete radiator service including repairing, recoring. and cleaning This IS a firm that has had years of experience in radiator and cooling system work, serving Las Vegas since 1922 They are specialists in automotive cooling systems, trucks, commercial and industrial equipment. They have one of the most complete shops in this section and cooling system repair work is their onlv business. Since 1922 CROW'S RADIATOR SERVICE has been one of the "leaders in this area. They are distributors for leading makes of radiator cores and radiator parts, and are your local Authorized service station So for the highest quality, best service. and the most reasonable prices, we. the editors of this 1976 Business Review are happy to recommend CROW'S RADIATOR SERVICE to all our readers. We know you'll be pleased with their services. SPAUHNG MORTUARY With complete facilities in one convenient location. SPALDING MORTUARY at 310 Forcmastcr Lane in Las Vegas, phone 384-9642, is well known as being one of the region's leading funeral directors. They have everything to offer to the family in their time of need and, once in their hands, you needn't worrv about a thine. Whether your preference runs to a simple ceremony or an elaborate one, this is one funeral dircnor who will make effort to comply with the wishes of the family. Oliver Baker-Owner Fast, reliable service on all brands ofmajor appliances That's what you get whenever you call AUTOMATIC WASHER & REFRIGERATION SERVICE CO This respected service center features factory-trained and completely equipped technicians to quickly and accurately deal with any problem you may be having with your washer, dryer, range, refrigerator, dishwasher or garbage disposal You can count on consistently accurate diagnosis of the problem and a speedy repair With shop facilities located at 422 Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas, phone 382-4881, this leading shop features authorized service on most major brands including Admiral. Gibson. Invesit, Rheem Hot water hea'er<. (vales anr) service). Speed-Queen. Busboy. In-sinkerator garbage disposal (sales & servicei Atomic, and all Western Auto appliances Their fast, dependable service is famous throughout th area and tbey are the recommended service technician of manv retail stores ALTOMATIC WASHER & REFRIGERATION SERVICE CO wants you to be pleased with their work. They offer their own personal goarantee: You must be satisfied. Th writers of this 1976 Review would like to recommend this outstanding appliance repair shop. VEGAS SECURITY LOCK & SAFE CO. Leo Wrigbt-Owner Newport's Auto Body Shop "Gene Newport Owner" People in this area don't have to look far and wide for a firm which is capable of dojtig the hichest qualitv auto body work and painting. NEWPORT S AL'TO BODY SHOP located at 3015 Westwood Drive in Las Vegas, phone 732 3663 (for free estimates) can refinish and re paint ANY car or truck, foreign or domestic. Their work is well known as being fast, economical .WD beautiful. When you bring your car to this outstanding body and paint shop, you can rest assured that the work will be done to your exact specifications and that the estimate will match the final statement Specializing in customer satisfaction they have featured quality work since 1954. From a small crease to a roll over, you can do no better than to trust vour car to the experienced pros at NEWPORT'S AUTO BODY SHOP The editors of this 1976 Business Review urge all of our readers to remember that most insurance companies now permit vou to choose the bodv shop you like best. We suggest you choose NEWPORT'S AUTO BODY SHOP. Cordivon ComDony The CARDIVAN COMPANY with locations in Las Vegas at 1823 Western, phone 384 5880 and in Reno at 2505 East 2nd, phone 329 • 1641, is one of those reliable firms whom we are able to speak of in the highest terms They are one of the oldest slot operators in the state with over 25 years of service, and they realize that in order to have done this, they had to have the support of the community. The CARDIVAN COMPANY has been doing business with the people of this area for some time, and over that perioa. they have established themselves as one of the leading firms in their field No amount of effort is spared to give you the most careful service and their customers are delighted with the service which they receive. The employees of the company have had a long experience in this business and are thoroughly competent in every respect. The editors of this 1976 Business Review are not often able to give the whole • hearted recommendation to any firm which we give to the CARDIVAN COMPANY. I Causey Construction Co. Ronnie Causey • President li IS the opinion of most anvone in the Las Vegas area who has had the CAUSEY CONSTRUCTION CO handle their building construction that there is no more qualified contractor anywhere. With offices located at 3360 Decature Boulevard in Las Vegas, phone 876 2553 for estimates, this is one general contractor with the ability and equipment to get the job done and done right. Specializing in custom homes, this organization is noted for their fair prices and business -like policies. They urge anyone considering building to contact them for a referral list of satisfied customers. Their work is their best recommendation. Using only the latest equipment and tools, this is one firm that combines the most up to date building lechniques with a professional attitude to see YOUR job Virough The authors of this 1976 Review wish to take time to commend this well respected construction company and suggest to our readers that they have the CAUSEY CONSTRUCTION CO. Uke care of ALL their construction needs. Custom picture framing bv the NEVADA FRAMES AND GALLERY. INC. Located at 3061 Sheridan Street in Las Vegas, phone 8766734. this quality-minded shop features one of the area's largest sciectionsof framing stock in a myriad of colors and styles. They also carry a fine selection of original paintings and graphics as well as high quality reproductions of famous works. Nevada Auto Parts The reputation of this concern has been achieved through service, satisfaction and quality merchandise. No where will you find a firm that strives to please every customer, regardless uf vour needs, as conscientiously as they do at NEVADA AUTO PARTS. Wheneveryou are in need of anything inthe name brand auto or truck parts and accessories, see NEVADA ALTO PARTS (NAP) located at 1401 South Main in Las Vegas, phone 382 7990. They cater to the buying public and garagemen of the area. They will be glad to assist you in any way possible. Here you will find prices are right but quality is paramount You cannot go wrong by trading arlth this firm, for they stand behind every purchase. They are aware that to "please" a customer is to "keep" a customer. Therefore, at NEVADA AUTO PARTS, they will do everything in their power to please you when you trade here Stop in and get acquainted with Mel Kreigh, the store manager. In this 1976 Business Review we. the editors wish to recommend this reliable firm for all your auto or truck parts and accessory needs CULLIGAN SOFT WAHR SERVICE "Archie Jones-Mnnnger" The CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE located at 17 E. Wyoming in Las Vegas, phone 384-7815 js your authorized sales and service dealer for the authentic Culligan v^atcr softner. They feature the Culligan soft water ser\'icc including the automatic home-owned models, rentals and the commcrical-industrial units. Culligan has the modern answer in a permanently installed softner. Soft water saves on your family budget by making your clothes last longer, soap go fanher, reduces water. heating bills and saves on your repair costs. Soft water is excellent for cooking and drinking. Culligan offers you complete water conditioning, nitration, purification, and odor removal. This firm features expert water softener repair service and offers you a prompt salt delivery service. The editors of this 197b Business Review suggest to our readers that they pick up their phone and call their Culligan man for all vour water conditioning needs. McCANCE REALTY, INC Don & Dottle McCancc-Brokers This prominent firm is located at 4055 South Spence in Las Vegas, phone 735-7171. This is one of the most dependable real estate firms in this section of the state offering all kinds of city and county properties. Your best investment today is real estate, regardless if vou invest in a homesite. farm or business location. They also have many income listings for a really worthwhile investment. If you have any real estate you would like to turn into cash, get in touch with this reliable firm and thev will sell this property for vou, if you wish. Call McCANCE REALTY, INC. today at'735-71 71, they do extend an excellent service to the people of this section with their understanding and interest in the growih of our section. The editing staff of this 1976 Review are more than glad to give them extended mention, and invite our readers to contact them soon. Remember the number to call 735-7171 and the name McCANCE REALTY. LUCAS & SON Phil St Wanda Lucas-Owners Have you been wanting to have an old table or chair rebuilt and refinished because you just couldn't replace it with the quality and price of merchandise that's on the market today? Take it to LUCAS 'jobs to his credit, this is one locksmith who wont leave you waiting a long time Fast service and oualitv oroiuct.s are the reasons for his ever-increasing clientele of basinessmen and homeowners. As a tetal AND GALLERY INC. ^c^^urity consultant. VEGAS SECURITY can advise you as to just what tx-pe of locks you need for your home, car, and business Just give him a call for a courteous inspection. The authors of this 1976 Review would like to recommend this fine locksmitbing firm to all of our readers NEVADA FRAMES M.G.M. AUTO BODY Jay & Sharon Waller-Owners M G M AUTO BODY located at 1811 S Commerce in Las Vegas, phone 384-1461. renders a complete auto body and fender repair service, including auto painting and auto glass installation. You always get the best m qualitv work and at reasonable prices. Not only in the city, but in all the surrounding territory. M G.M. AUTO BODY is well known for expert work in rebuilding wrecked cars and repairing damaged cars. Whether it is just a scratch or a major collision, they can fix vour car up like new in short order Their service is know n throughout the area not only for their ability to render expert repair work, but also for their fair and honest dealings with their customers Let them handle your insurance work We. the editors of this 1976 Business Review, are most happy to recommend M G M. AUTO BODY to all our many readers We know you'll be pleased with their services and their prices TROY'S WAHR CONDITIONING Want to enjoy the many benefits of soft water in vour home? Jusi call TROYS WATER CONDITIONING at 3599 Boulder Hw V. in Las Vegas, phone 457-783"'. They're ready to show you just how much soft water can help make vour life easier and cleaner. TROYS WATER CONDITIONING specializes in Salt, parts, and service for most makes of water softeners and conditioners. They feature new and used units. Just give them a call today. Allied Building Moteriols iMasonry Problems Call Jim Building with blocks, bricks, boulders, stone, crushed rock or anything else that has to do with masonry, needn't be a time consuming project that costs you a fortune when you make ALLIED BUILDING MATERIALS your one stop headquarters for all of the materials you need Conveniently located at 221 W. Wyoming, in Las Vegas, phone 382 8704 or 382 8291. this community leader is ready to serve your every need w ith a full line of evervthing you'll need to building patios, bar • b • ques. fireplaces, planter box's, or any of the other beautiful things that you can build with brick, block or rock' For the inexperienced builder, they offer books that spell out just how to do it' Free advice is always available, too! People from throughout the area have been "doing It themselves and saving ever since ALLIED BUILDING M.\TERIALS opened their doors Isn't it time that you joined the ranks of smart homeowners and contractors and start shopping at this building center for all of your needs? The writers of this 1976 Business Review suggest that no business profile of section would be complete without prominent mention of this outstanding firm. WESnRN TRUCK PARTS | & EQUIPMENT CO. Located at 4975 Industrial Road in Las Vegas, phone 736-2950. WESTERN TRUCK PARTS it EQUIPMENT CO is the entire area headquarters for truck parts, equipment, truck beds and bodies, hoists, fifth wheels, hydraulic needs and accessories just to mention a few' This firm is recognired by folks in this section as a real friend to all who trade there Thev have proven themselves reliable in all their business dealings. WESTERN TRUCK PARTS & EQUIPMENT CO employ helpful personnel so you will always be waited on in the shortest time and they are trained to know bow to select the right parts for your needs, which saves costly time. It may not be ofien that you will be in need of the services rendered by them, but they will rememt)er you once you do business with them You will always be welcome to ask their assistance or advice about an>'thing with which they may help you. In this 1976 Business Review we. the editors find it a pleasure to list WESTERN TRUCK PARTS & WESTERN CO among the leaders of this trade area They take this opportunity to thank the people /or your business. HOWARD ROOFING COMPANY "Bill Smith-Owner' Located at 3430 S Valley View Blvd in Las Vegas, phone 876 1777, HOWARD ROOFING COMPANY has made a most exhaustive study of the roofing problems of this entire area, they have looked over the entire field of roofing products offered by various manufacturers and have selected the most artistic and maintenance-free materials available They wil' be happy to survey your home or business to aid you to selection of stvles. types and colors which will be best for your needs Since 1950 HOWARD ROOFING COMPANY has ottered all types of quality residential and commercial roofing. Be sure to ask Bill Smith about URETHANE. the insulation and roof covering all in one. With the very latest in roofing equipmen* and one of the area's finest crews, this dependable contractor has more to offer in terms of a quality roofing job Whether its new construction or re-roofing, call HOWARD ROOFING COMPANY_and get the opinion of the best before you have any roofing work done on your home or business The editors of nis 1976 Business Review think you'll appreciate the careful estimate and the outstanding work that this qualified contractor will give you!


ACE HIGH SALVAGE "Ra> Davis-Owner" ^t 'r.fv^-y M^HOUSE OF BURTON Dcalinc in copper tubing, aluminum, steel, brass, lead, and electric motors ACE HIGH SALVAGE at 1100 Delhi Avenue in Las Vegas, phone 649-5949, will buy your metal junn tor casn: incy deal in all types ot scrap metals and pay top dollar for all commodities. This is one firm which has been in the recycling business for years. By re-using our metals, we can prevent further dredging up of the earth in order to obtain new raw materials, and this is a big help to the ecology. It's one of the best ways to rid the land of unsighilv metals and other junk and perform a service to the environment at the same time. if you have a business which discards metals regularly, make the most of it by contacting this firm for regular pick-up. You'll get paid for the "junk", and you'll help out the enviroment. The editors of this 1976 Business Review would like to suggest that everyone do his part in helping to clean up our country by recycling their scrap metals at ACE METAL SALVAGE! We commend this firm for their significant contribution to the ecology of the local region. STEWART'S ELEaRIC MOTORS INC. E.xpert electric motor service and repair is available for this area at STEWARTS ELECTRIC MOTORS INC.! The skilled professionals at this shop, located at 2113 Western Avenue, phone 384-9949, can repair all types of electric motors. STEWARTS ELECTRIC MOTORS INC. are authorued sales and service dealers for FRANKLIN, WESTINGHOUSF. LINCOLN, and TOSHIBA INTERNATIONAL motors and ALLEN BRADLEY controls. They are also sales &. service headquarters for PUMPS of ail tvties. They specialize in such services as rewinding. balancing, repairing, bearing replacement and more. It vou need a new electric motor for any type of machinery, this is the place to go. The feature one of the areas larjjest stocks ot new and used motors tor any and all applications for industrial, commercial and residential uses. Arc welders, transformers and other units requiring heavy duty motors and electrics are also serviced by this fine shop. See them for all of your electric motor sales and service needs. STEWART'S ELHCTRIC MOTORS INC. is pleased to announce one of the area's top machinist has joined the firm and is offering custom and industrial machine work of all kinds. PEACEFUL ACRES Today, more than ever before, a woman's total image dpends a great deal on her hair. Beautiful hair can make even the average woman look and feel exquisite. In this area, women on the go, find the pleasant surroundings of HOUSE OF BURTON, located at 2466 E Desert Inn Rd. (Corner of Easternjt Desert Inn in Las Vegas, phone 732-2144, the in place for hair styling to the .Mh degree. Drop in and see Lee Burton, the owner and discuss the new hair styles for fall. The new styles are in full swing. Lee Burton Is formerly from Henderson. You too. are sure to tina this place the most progressive hair styling salon to be found an>-where. Here you can relax and unwind in their pleasant atmosphere which has been recently redecorated, while professional hair stylists show you the latest up-to-date, scientific approach to beautifying your hair. The hair stylists here are specialists in styling, cutting, tinting and waving as well as wig styling and total wig care. The personnel here have a passion for perfection and a flair for glamour. We. the editing staff of this 1976 Review emphatically suggest that you enter a more exciting and beautiful world with a visit to HOUSE OF BURTON. We know you'll be glad you did. "Vera IMurphy-Administrator" PEACEFUL ACRES is located at 2496 W. Charleston Blvd in Las Vegas, phone 878-5011. Here the offer complete care of the ambulatory patient. This rest home is well located, close to bus stop', church, shopping facilities and hospital service. Itierc is never enough noise to bother the sick, yet near enough so friends and relatives of guests can call without inconvenience. A large law n area for recreation w ith shade trees and flowers'perfectlv compliments the home-like setting of PEACEFUL ACRES. Hratine. ventilation and sanitarv arrangements are most completely planned for the comfort of each guest and all methods are approved by the supervising medical authorities. All rooms arc light and cheerfully decorated, and have that home atmosphere which has a good psychological effect. Home style cooking and special diets give their guests well balanced meals, nourishing and appetizing, for rebuilding the health and strength so necessary for the inactive person. This and the surrounding territory is very fortunate in having a rest home. "So like a home".the Editors of this 19"o Business Review are proud to make particular mention of PEACEFUL ACRES, who open their doors TAYLOR RENTAL CENTER "Chuck and Bill Hand-Owners" As the price of merchanidse, tools and equipment continues to climb, more and more people are beginning to realizethatby renting whatever they need from TAYLOR RENTAL CENTER located at 4685 Boulder Hwy. in Las Vegas, phone 458-6222 they can save many dollars over buying the merchandise .<)nd then maybe never using it again. The management of T.^YLOR RENTAL CENTER takes particular pride in assuring that evervthing they have for rent is clean an and in the best condition, and that it will do the job it was rented to do. They feature tools and equipment for the home, industn,' or contractor. Bill and Chuck are long time residents of the area being involved with many cluhs on the strip. They invite all their Henderson friends to stop in. Not only is the rental price right, but the items you have to choose from are wide and varied, from party items, lawn & garden, camping to baby. The helpful personnel here will galdly assist in selecting the right item for the job. TAYLOR RENTAL CENTERS also offers interstate, cross country and local truck rental through RYDER. To the people of this area. we. the editors of this 1976 Business Review make the recommendation that you rent whatever you need from TAYLOR RENTAL CENTER. You'll enjoy doing business with this well liked and resoectert Hrm. THE WHEELER DEALERS Dave Strawser-Owner Rick Malone-Mgr. When you're considering transportation, energy conservation, and fun .. consider this: A Moto-Becane motorized bike. It's built better, utilizing the finest components so it's easier to ride. You can go faster and farther with less effort on a Moto-Becane, and an example is; you can commute to college for four years on $34.50 of gasoline! This outstanding motorized bike is available in the Las Vegas area through one of the leading shops: The Wheeler Dealers! Located at 1143 Las Vegas Boulevard South. phone 382-iW20, tliis quality-conscious dealer features the Moto-Becane because of it s pr.-risio;-. w ...itruction. Us fine handling and its remarkable depcndabiliiy. Unlike some of the more expensive motorixed bilies, the Moto-Becane doesn't require maintenance very oflen It's built to ;a. t & features 170 MPG Gas mileage, ana doesn't require a helmet, license plate or registration. See the complet* line of Moto-Becane at the Wheeler Dealers. They also have a fine selection of accessories and parts as well as a skilled service department. Get into it right with a new Moto-Becane! The writers of this 1976 Review think you'll enjoy riding your motorized bike more when you get it from this fine dealer. ERIKA'S GERMAN DELI AND RESTAURANT "Harald & Liselotte Horstmann-New Owners" If you're in the mood for a trip to Germany and not leave Las Vegas, then get acquainted with ERIKA'S GERMAN DELI AND RESTAURANT and the new owners Located in Las Vegas at 604 E. Sahara Ave. (behind Marie Callenders), phone 732-7695, this outstanding German Deli offers a complete selection of imported meats, cheeses, beer & wines They are now flying in fresh quality German sausage twice a week. Select from a huge variety of ready-made sandwiches, salads, fruit dishes, and other tempting delights There are cold cuts and cheeses in every variety you can think of for a great meal in minutes. You'll especially appreciate the quality prepared foods that this fine deli has to offer when you're in a hurry or need a big meal without the usual bother of fixing it. Fine food and drink is a favorite topic of conversation but at ERIKA'S GERMAN RESTAUR.ANT it is a most enjoyable reality. Here you will be treated to some of the most satisfying home style German cooking you've every tasted. The home style 'ooking is prepared by Liselotte and once you've eaten here, you'll be back again ind again. Do yourself a favor and stop in and try the delicious delicatessen food or enjoy I complete meal in the Restaurant. As editors of this 1976 Business Review we know ou're in for a fantastic and enjoyable surprise. Page 25 Thursday. September 16. 1976 BUNKER'S MEMORY GARDEN One of the most beautiful final resting places in the area is BUNKER'S MEMORY GARDEN at 7251 W. Lone Mountain Road in Las Vegas phone 645-1174, This well maintained cemetery is regarded as a fitting tribute to loved ones and it remains one of the enduring landmarks of the region. In the last 3 months manv thousands of dollars have been spent on grounds improvement and maintenance to insure the lasting bcautv of BUNKER'S MEMORY GARDEN. The professionally landscaped facility offers select interment to families ot ail faiths and creeds. The tranquil surroundings speak quietly of dignity and honor and many of the area's foremost citizens hold family lots in this beautiful burial park. BUNKER'S MEMORY GARDEN maintains a cemetery, mausoleum and crematory offering endowment care of your memorial estate in mausoleum or cemetery. This is where the care of your loved ones is a sacred responsibility. Set aside several lots to insure a beautiful final resting place for your loved ones at BUNKERS MEMORY GARDEN. The Editors of this 1976 Business Review think that your respect will be complete when you make plans for interment here. PEPSI COLA METROPOLITAN BOHLING CO., INC. Whether vou're at work, at home or-somewherenng business. It is said that your roof represents only about 3 per cent of your building involvement, its value is oiM of all proportion to its cost; for a roof acts as a guardian of your building and all its contents. •' Just as you. take inventory of any possessions periodically so you should check up on your roof, let B B & B ROOFING CO. examine your roof for thcj may find that it is in good condition, ready for many years of scrv ice or they may find defects that can easily be remedied, but which if neglected might soon dangerously weaken your roof. Or again they may discover that your roof is so badly worn that it needs a new covering to protect ii and to pre\ent a costly leak. This 1976 Business Re\iew and its editors are • pleased to recommend B B \ B ROOFING CO. to our readers as one firm who di)es the job right at an hpDest price. :••;;• SEVEN ELEVEN GARAGE "Earl Klingcnsmilh-0ner" Excellence in all phases of automobile repair, transmission service and 24 Hour towing is what's featured at the SFVFN ELEVEN GARAGE in Las Vegas at 114 N. lOIH (' .• Block North of Fremrni on lOTH). phone 384-82~9 or .384-0107 for free e5,timates by phone or appi. The automobile of today is a complex and prbcise machine requiring a thorough knowledge atid the proper tools to repair and adjust it properly. Thists one repair shop which has both the know how and the equipment to get the job done right the first time. From a tune-up. carburetor adjustment, brake work, transmission service to a complete motor overhaul, this reliable Karate will keep your car running perfectly at a realistic price. People from throughout the area -.peak highK'.of the qualitv workmanship which goes into everv job tha,t the SEVEN ELEVEN GARAGE does, and, as we all ^now, a job well done is the best possible recommend^jon. The editors of this I97b Business Review urge all otour readers to trust their cars to this professional shop. Earl takes this opportunity lo thank all the people of this area for your past business and looks forward to serving you in the future. McNEAL'S QUICK CHECK NO. 2 The place to go to pick up something for that late night snack or for something to cat ^t breakfast is McNEAL'S OLICK CHECK "2 located at 404 W. Carey Asenue in North Las Vegas phone b42-'^432. The idea behind their business is to serve the people of this area with a wide variety of name bi^nd merchandise, such as all types of picnic supplies, juices, cookies, Frito Lay products and of course those taste tempting Icee's. They have a stocked their shelves with items oflen forgotten at the supermarket, and items we all r>et-d at usual hours of the morning and evening. Remcijiber. they now offer personal monev orders -^ McNEAL'S OLICK CHECK f*2 offers ample free parking space and last checkout service, which adds to the reason why so many people drop in morning, noon, and night when they're in a hurr>. The editors of this I9"6 Business Review compliment the management of this store for their efforts to offer what is needed, when it is needed. Remember the name. McNEAL'S QUICK CHECK #2. you'll find their stock complete and tncir service extra last ana iricndly. LEO'S TRANSMISSION "Fred Marlin-Owncr" Why ask an ordinary garage to repair jour automatic transmission? With shop facilities located at 804 N. Main in Las Vegas, phone 384-8561. the area's transmission specialist. LEO'S TRANSMISSION stands ready to serve you with quality transmission workmanship. This is Nevada'*complete transmission shop scr\ ing this entire area with quality transmission repair .and exchange. From a minor adjustment to a complete overhaul or replacement, vou can do no better than to do business with LEO'S TRANS.MISSION. Since they can repair all makes and models and offer exchange service on rebuilt units, there is no reason your car should be tied up for more than one day. With towing available and free inspection, these are iust a few more reasons why you should always consaltthis outstandinfi transmission shop for anv service vour car may require. The editors of this 1976 Business R(,'view are glad to recommend LEO'S TRANSMISSION lo all our readers. Everyone at LEO'S TRANSMISSION wants to thank the people of the Henderson area for thoir pasi business. •' CERAMIC WORKSHOP Kitty Houston And William Pulse-Owners Looking for a great, practical hobby that's as much fun as it is inexpensive? Ceramics is a fine way to keep busy as well as providing an unending source of "gifts and beautiful, decorative objects. It's the art form for evervonc. The CERAMIC WORKSHOP at 819 Las Vegas Blvd. South in Las Vegas, phone 382-5577. is one of thge region's leading suppliers of ceramics equipment and supplies. They also have classes during the day and in the evening so that you may learn all of the various skills involved in the making of your own beautiful ceramic pieces. The CERAMIC WORKSHOP carries everytMRj for the beginner or professional ceramics hobbiest. They will also custom fire your products in their professional style kiln and tliev have a w idc sclccuon ol gift items for sale. They writers of this I97t> Review suggest that YOU get into the enjoyable and rewarding hobby of ceramics.


i^^ PERKINS FIED & WESTERN GOODS This firm is located at .^084 N. Ncllis Blvd in Las Vegas phone 643.1996. iTiis is one of the most worthwhile feed & supply houses rendering a most Mtal service in supplying the people of this section with feeds and supplies of the highest quality. They feature hay. grain and supplies and offer a complete food storage inventory. Thc spirit of fair treatment is so evident that it has well nigh become a hard and fast rule. "Once a customer. aUays a customer". Quenton and Gwyn Perkins say. "Thanks." for all your past business. Rentex Have you been having trouble locating a suitable rental home for your family? Maybe you own rental properly and are having a hard time finding tenants. RE.NTEX offers a unique service that solves both problems! Located at 60S Las Vegas Blvd in Las Vegas, phone 382 7181, this outstanding rental housing firm specializes inthelistingof ALL typesof rental properties. Many smart landlords in this area have listed their rental units with thii experienced firm for convenience. They have a variety of houses, duplexes, townhouses and mobile homes. Weekly, monthly rates and leases are offered through RENTEX. Renters, too. benefit from the services the RENTEX pro vides. They can choose from a great selection of rental homes and find the one that's just right for their needs AND their budget! As the wiitcrs of this 1976 Review, we suggest that ALL prospective renters AND all landlords contact this reliable firm. Sunrise Nursery The Dibie slre! thai the entire creation still depends on Its Creator to keep it going. To put it another way, .subtract the wnrld From God and God would .still be God Ijut the world minu God would be nolhiiiK. For the hardiest, most beautiful nursery stock anywhere, its the SUNRISE NURSERY located at 333 N. Nellis Blvd, between Bonanza & Charleston in Las Vegas, phone 452-4375. Here you'll find a dazzling array of plants, flowers and shrubs that are just right for any landscaping project that you may have in mind. Trees for shade, beauty or fruit? Your friendly nurser>' has these, too in all varieties and sizes. Start something growing today... it's the natural way to make eveothing beautiful. The SUNRISE NURSERY has a lot more than just the plants and trees to make your home or business bloom with beauty They can offer many helpftil suggestions for the enhancement of your grounds. If you so desire, they can recommend a landscape contractor to you. The authors of this 1976 Review urge YOU to see the professionals of the nursery business today and do something "naturally beautifiil" for your home or business. Page 26 Henderson Home News and Boulder City Newt INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS, INC. For Information Call Tom OdcnManager Learn a valuable trade in "Becoming a dealer" in Las Vegas at thc INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS OF DEALING in Las Vegas at 1721 E. Charleston suite tli phone 384-584J: one of the region's leading dealers school. Men and women can benefit from the specialized training this fine shcool has to offer. There's personal instruction in all types of DEALING. OFFERING BLACKJACK-CRAPS-ROULLTrE-BACCARAT. You'll really learn the ropes from the ground up when you enroll in becoming a professional dealer at this accredited school and you'll be well on your way to a highly rewarding and profitable career you can stav with! Many of the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF DEALING graduates are now successful dealers with thc job they want and some real security for the future. Thc writers of this 1976 Review are pleased to be able to list and recommend this outstanding School of Dealing to all of our readers. Bowed Strings Music Registration Sept. 20th Registration for the school district's bowed strings program for elementary and junior high students will be held at 3:00 p.m. September 20 in all junior high schools, according to Jan Morgan. mu,sic coordinator. Students should register at the junior high school most convenient to them. Enrollees must provide their own transportation. The school district furnishes larger instruments such as violas, cellos and basses, but smaller instruments must be provided by the student. Instruction begins September 27, with beginners reporting on Mondays and Wednesdays and intermediate music students Tuesdays and Thursdays. All classes begin at 3:00 p.m. A bowed strings program is offered at all sixth grade centers during the school day. Interested students will be registered at school. Mrs. Morgan said. State Industries: ""The People Company'' By .Mark Prime Water heaters are one of those household items that homeowners tend to take for granted until they need a new one. And when that time comes, many people will order a new one from a big-name company, such as Sears or Penneys. However, Henderson residents who find themselves in that situation may be unaware that the water heater they are purchasing was probably produced right here in their hometown. State Industries, known as State Stove until this year, makes gas and electric water beaters at the rate of about 1200 per day, according to Plant Manager Curtis Tidwell. Thc local plant is one of two for State Industries, which has contracts to supply water heaters to Sears, Penneys, Western Auto, Crane and other comI panies. But they also produce their own State ; brand, which is sold nationwide. The parent plant in Ashland City, Tennessee, employs 1400 people and produces 6,000 water heaters per day. They started the Henderson plant in 1969 to supply their customers in the Western United States. The local facility now employs about 260 people. Back then, the supervisors were almost enrives to recognize and treat employees as individuals; not just a clock number." In the production of water heaters, the company's goal is to fully build and deliver all orders within a ten day period. The first step in the production is the tirely people from the Tennessee plant, but Tidwell notes that only about 10 percent of the supervisors now at the plant are originally from Tennessee. Tidwell himself came from Tennessee a little over a year ago to take over the reins here. New employees at the plant start out at $3.15 per hour, however, the opportunities for incentive pay in all areas of the plant actually raise the average wage there higher than that. In some departments, employees make the equivalent of $5.50 per hour. In addition, the company gives seven paid holidays per year, a week of paid vacation after one year, and a good insurance plan. The company also provides any safety equipment needed. In commenting on their position in the community, Tidwell states, "We feel we have something to offer this community. Not everybody can work at the big chemical companies here. We have jobs to offer these people." Tidwell himself started on an assembly line when he was 18 years old and believes Press Department, that State Industries is where a large machine what he calls a "people cuts lengths of steel to company". "I feel that all vao'ing sizes for the dif our employees should ferent size heaters. The have the same opportunsteel, which comes in ity for advancement that large coils, includes a I had", he states. "The thick size for the raw management here sttanks, and a thin sheet metal for the "jackets", or outer casing of the finished water heaters. Then the sheets of metal go to huge punch presses to make the necessary holes for drain valves, thermostats, etc. The punch presses also turn out the tops and bottoms for the is to water test the tanks, twice. To water test them, all the holes are plugged and then air under pressure is pumped into the tank. Then the people doing the testing run water over the outside of the tank and watch for possible leaks on the weldASSEMBLY LINE— State Industries employees assemble gas w ater heaters on a moving conveyor belt. Each individual on the line is responsible for a certain stage in the assembly of the water heaters. NEWS PHOTO SPRAY PAINT—Dell Richardson operate^ the spray booth in the paint room to assure that the freshly painted water heater parts have an even coat of paint. NEWS PHOTO tanks and for the jackets From the Press Shop, the parts take two different routes. The parts for the tanks go to the Raw Tank Line, while the parts for the jackets go to Spot Weld, after a stop in the "Pickle" Department to be cleaned by acid. In the Raw Tank Line, the fiat sheets of steel are fed into a machine that rolls them and then welds the ends together to form the round shell. Then other workmen operate machines that put tapped spuds on the tops and weld the tops to the shell. The next stop for the partially completed tanks IS the Glass Line, where the tanks are sprayed inside and then placed on a line that carries them through an oven set at 1600 degrees Fahrenheit to glass-line the insides. When they come out of the oven, the Finish Tank Line takes over to place the bottoms on with still another welding machine. If they are for gas heaters, they include a Hue which goes up inside The final step ing seams If there is a small hole anywhere, small air bubbles will begin to appear The completed tanks are then ready for the Assembly Lines Meanwhile, the parts that went from the Press Shop to Spot Weld are also being prepared for the .Assembly Lines. In Spot Weld, the flat sheets of metal are fed into a machine that rolls them, and then a second machine, with two operators working toife gether, lockseams the rolled metal into jackets Other people in Spot Weld operate welding machines to prepare lops, bottoms and side panels for the Assembly lines. Finally, the parts and jackets are placed on a conveyor line which carries them to the Paint Department They passed through a wash to clean them and then through a small oven to dry them before entering the Paint Room, where two operators are charged with making sure they are painted the right color according to the production schedule. Two large "ramps" are used to paint the parts. The ramps are circular with a central shaft that spins and throws paint in all directions. The shaft also moves up and down. The line carries the parts around the shaft in nearly a full circle in each ramp and the parts are spinning at the same time to guarantee an even application of paint. The second operator is in a spray booth as a backup to make sure the paint job is even all over. After leaving the Paint Room the parts go through a large oven to dry the paint before being ready for the Assembly Lines. The two Assembly Lines both put together electric and gas water heaters They begin with the completed raw tanks. The first step is to Thursday. September 16, 1976 VEGAS VALLEY CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL "Charles C. Perr> Jr,-Admlnistrator" With a reputation that time and service have built, VEGAS VALLEY CONVALI-SCENT HOSPITAL is located at 2945 Casa Vegas at Vegas Valley Drive in Las Vegas, phone 735-7179. With modern facilities for the best of care, this convalescent hospital is well respected among thc people of this area. They offer care for sick, invalid, and convalescing patients through thc careful supervision of skilled personnel. Their patients are cared for with thc help of 24 hour professional nursing service. You'll find that the rooms here are well lighted and designed for relaxation and (vmifort The fricndlv. helpful personnel at VEGAS VALLEY CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL make it a point to bring happiness Sc. enjoyment to their patients. From their modern kitchen the diet of each patient is carefully prepared to thc strict orders of thc doctor. Thc editors of this 1976 Business Review suggest to our readers that thcv remember thc name VEGAS VALLEY CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL for thc finest and friendliest care available. We commend them for their efforts to serve thc people of this area to the best of their ability. MONTESSORi ACADEMY Connie Mormon-Director Dr Maria Montessori has stated that, "The only valid impulse for learning is the spontaneous activity of the child This concept is put into practice every day at the MONTESSORI ACADEMY: Certified Montessori school forchildren from age2and up Starting with asmall school in 1952. they had to expand to three locations to give full accommodation to the people of this area. All three locations accommodate pre schoolers. At 6000 W Oakey Blvd. in addition to pre-schoolers they have Kindergarten through 8th grade It's prepared learning for the preschoolerto get a good start on the road to a better, more complete education, as well as being a school for those children requiring additional assistance in iheir studies. The school it fully accredited, licensed and bonded and employs only cerj tified teachers in the true Montessori tradition. Education is where the child is. fulfill the child's needs not the teacher's There are no clocks or bells at this school j Contact the .MONTESSORI ACADEMY and find out I more about the famous Montessori system. The writers of this 1976 Review urge all our readers to consider the many advantages of having yourchildren learn, the Montessori i way. L<"'-^tpd convenientiv at 6000 W Oakev Blvd call {878 3744 child care, school 870-5118. 2214 Pecos call '< 452 5561 or 3338 Oneida call 735-5070. all locations in Las Vegas, this is another of the famous Montessor; schools for i the continuing development of the child both mentally I and physically. heaters are being correctly built. And the Maintenance Department is charged with keeping all the machines, forklifts, conveyor belts and parts lines operating efficiently. So the next time you must purchase a new water beater, remember that it just might have been made right here in Henderson by a local firm, with predominantly local people, that plays an important role in the economy of Hentap out all the threaded derson. spuds on the tanks with an air gun and then put j onlhedrainvalve. Ifit is | a gas tank, it is then water-tested again. If it is an electric tank, then the elements are put in before water-testing. After water-testing, the gas tanks are then set upright on a conveyor belt. The electric tanks have thermostats installed and wired before being placed upright on the conveyor belt. Both gas and electric tanks are then covered with fiberglas insulation. Then the jackets, tops bottoms and side panels are put on. For the gas heaters, the burners are also installed. The finished heaters are then crated in large boxes and taken by forklifts the final stop: the Shipping Department. In the Shipping Department, workers with hand trucks load the water heaters on large trucks for delivery to their destinations. Many of the trucks are operated by the company itslef having been leased from Ryder. Three other departments also play an important role in the production process. The Receiving Department is responsible for ordering and keeping track of all the parts necessary for the operation. Quality Control keeps a constant watch on all the jobs being performed to make certain that the Eastern Star Sets Bazaar, Breakfast The Eastern Star breakfast and bazaar will be held Sunday, Sept. 19 at 8:J0 a.m. and until 1 p.m. at the Masonic Hall. For anyone interested thc tickets are $1.75 for thc breakfast. Thc bazaar will feature homc-scwn and home-made articles. Solozor I Dismissed On Two CfcwjdS/ Fined $100 On Third Two out of three charges against Lawrence E. Salazar. 22, resulting from an arrest on June 17, were dismissed in municipal court Wednesday by Judge Jim Jensen. He was fined $100 on the third charge. Dismissed were charges of driving under the influence and failure to remain at the scene of an accident He was fined $100 in a charge of driving with a revoked operator's license. Salazar complained about the original arrest report as published in the Henderson Home News June 29. The report was taken direetly from the police report, however, the Home News apologizes for any inconvenience suffered by Salazar. On June 18, Salazar was arrested on charges of failure to remain at the scene of an accident and failure to report an accident. He was fined $50 on each charge in municipal court last Wednesday. NAPA Opens New Office "The Nevada Association For The Physically Handicapped has opened a new office at 900 West Owens", announced David Sherman, association President. Sherman went on to explain, "NAPH is primarily an advocacy organization of inequities that disabled people encounter in everyday life. We represent the entire gambit of handicaps, and are very anxious to hear from any and all interested persons. Our members include both handicapped and able-bodied persons, from goernment. private and public agencies, as well as the general public. Thc only requirement is that you care enough to be concerned." For further information, call N.A.P.H. at his number 648-6617. ,:i"


Page 27 Thursday, September 16, 1976 Henderson Home News and Boulder City News ^7 Morry'Story com. from page 2 You sit across the Rotary table in Boulder and look with envy at the handsome faces of two stalwarts Will French and Doug Douglass and realize that French on that day last Wednesday celebrated his 84th birthday and that the once director of Hoover Dam power Douglas... who later served as chief engineer to the city of Henderson was and is enjoying his 88th year. Douglass, will you believe, actually was in on the drafting of the plans in 1924 for Hoover Dam. He did it while working in the Denver office of the Bureau of Reclamation, fresh out of the army and a career as a lieutenant colonel. You sit at the Rotary table and watch Boulder's newly appointed president Bob Ferraro in action. He does well and you hope he is doing the same as a sales chief for Henderson's stout little bundle of industry Pacific Engineering. You hear how Rotarians try to help in some charitable wayelling maybe xmas trees, some way to help the girls staters and boys Animal Ordinance An ordinance governing "domestic animals" within the city limits of Henderson failed to receive a "do pass' from the city council committee meeting Monday night, however it will appear on the regular council agenda for Monday night. Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. Councilman Gary Price made a motion to approve the ordinance with special stipulations to allow for the raising of game birds but the ordinance failed to receive a second. Councilman Phil Stout made a motion to approve the ordinance with the stipulation that 50 game birds be allowed. This motion also failed to receive a second. According to the ordinance as it now stands and will be presented to the city council Monday night those residing on a lot with one-quarter acre may have one horse for each 10.000 square feet of gross lot area; ten chickens, ducks, geese or wild game birds up to an aggregate often upon securing a registration permit from the building department of the City of Henderson. For the R-E District, one horse is allowed for each 10,000 square feet of gross lot area but the total number of animals on one lot shall not exceed five, other than their offspring under the age of one year. (2) Chickens, ducks, geese or wild game birds up to an aggregate of ten fowl may be allowed upon securing a registration permit from the building department of the City of Henderson. staters, or some scholarship to a local boy. Then you look at that strapping fellow at the top of one row and see Dee Towne and he admits to 75 years, yet yoa know he could whip his weight in wildcats right now. You see Bob Georgeson with a new mustache, enjoying his recent venture into retirement and you know he got the first call from Boulder's council to fill the vacancy that finally went to Ferraro. Bob had served Boulder in so many past necessary capacities that his advice was needed... but his time has come for fun and games and he knew there were others like Ferraro who could take over. So many other grand names across the table in this club that started with the building of the dam. There's Bruce Eaton, and Gib Campbell, the latter the new assistant to the regional director and Central Market's flxture Leo Dunbar and believe it or not there's gal shotputter Cary Putts, the high school girl, who serves as this year's correspondent for the club. What was most exciting to this writer was having the chance to join up with this crew each week. In the early 50's we were among the charter members in Henderson and then dropped away to open channel 13 and KBMI radio, where time and attention were demanded constantly. This alone with single-handed operation of the Boulder and Henderson papers kept us from the Rotary table... too long I realized last week. The program was highlighted with a chat from the new Boulder football coach Evan Wilson, who played with Joe Blockovitch at Dixie College, and then until last year coached seven years at Virgin Valley high. He forsees a fine year for the Eagles and says Russ Hafen is the best athlete he's ever coached. He says Russ is for sure college big time in basketball if not football. Barney Schultheis, athletic director, also spoke and he impressed by explaining that 8 out of the starting team are straight A students. He said Boulder one day will get into triple A league play when the high school gets somewhere around the number of students as other Triple A schools in the county and state. Thus • the constant scramble to work up game schedules from among schools with 650 Idds. Henderson, for instance, has 1600. Scene last week after Saturday's rain sitting on the porch at Segerblom's sipping coffee and watching water go from Jack Rudd's lot, down onto mine, pickup some sand and drip over onto Wick Wickstrom's lot below. From tiny rivulets, grand canyons grow, we saw. Then, even our roof in Boulder Square leaked!!! FOOTHILL DEVELOPMENT CO. MINI-STORAGE You Store h • You Lxk It You Keep The Key BOULDER CITY, NEVADA PRICE LIST 5X10' $ 18.00 5'X15' $ 23.00 10X10' Ontid*) $ 24.00 10X10' (outsid*) S 26.00 lO'XIS 36.00 10'X20 $45.00 10'X25' $ 50.00 10X30' $ 58.00 f^y//i'^iJffj^iufoi*mml rOR SALE IMI Ford ^ Ton Plckr. l>k ihell. ilnt. Mech. coBd. ISM. cr best •rrer. Call Zt3-4441 or 23-S130 B.C. FOR RENT I Hdrm. Apt. AOVLTS. tISS. per Maolh. plat deposit. Call ttl MM B.C. HOUSE FOR RENT • Carpeted k Bcaalirul. Respooilble adaitt welcerae. Gardras used in cllniral practice Program run by qualified psyrhlatrtti and psycholoKlst For further In formatlao conUct M4-2SM HELP WANTED Par! lime general kouseverk. S4&4I2 MISSION HILLS LOTS AVAILABLE Black Mountain Realty S44-2727 FASHION ONTn 1601 Foothill Drivo Bouldvr City, Navada Tlphoni (702) 293-1238 (702) 293.286S ^^ CULTURAL ARTS PROGRAM An Introduction to Arts and Crafts, Dance, and Gymnastics is a new program being offered by the Henderson Parks and Recreation Deprtment beginning Saturday, Oct. 2. Classes will be held every Saturday from 9 to 11:30 a.m. thru Oct. 23. The fee will be $6.00 and class is open to children 5 thru 8 years old. The Arts and Crafts portion of the program will be under the direction of Amy Carver in which participants will create a dried flower holder out of ice cream sticks; make a mini wall hanging or key chain; making string art deFOR SALE Hay, pure bermuda *70 a ton: Alfalfa $S a ton. COUNTRY STORE. SC5-MI* or 4S^MS. FOR SALE Sump pump "Paco" 2" auction. 2" discbarge. • horse motor. Good shape. MS-M72. FOR SALE Treadle type sewing machine "White", runs beautifully, looks good. S-M72. FOR SALE Hunter special '70 Ford Bronco. 4 wheel drive, air conditioned, radio A healer. 12.600.00. Call after 4 p.ns. S5-710a. COED VOLLEYBALL The Henderson Parks and Recreation Department is pleased to announce that the Fall Volleyball League for adults has begun However, It's not too late to join the fun so be sure and attend next Tuesday, September 28 at 6:30 p.m. in the Burkholder Junior High School Gymnasium. There is no charge. For further information please call 565-8921, ext, 32. MODEL ROCKETRY CLUB One of the many interesting and educational programs the Henderson Parks and Recreation Department has to offer is the Model Rocketry Club under the instruction of Marshall Hanson. Besides having rocket launchings. a complete course in the art and science of rocketry and unmanned flight will be given The Model Rocketry Club meets every Saturday at 11:30 am at Morrell Park Clubhouse. If you have any questions please call 565-8921, ext. 32. signs and pictures plus much more. Linda LeVea, Leisure Arts Specialist for the Parks and Re reation Department will also be instructing the Dance part of the program. Participants will learn various forms of dance including folk dancing, modern dance warm up exercises, creative dance forms and eurhythmies. FOR SALE lt71 Olds Cutlass Stationwagon. Air cond.. standard trans., low mileage. Exclnt. cond $1700. Call MS^ZSS after 6 p.m. HELPWA.NTED-Dishwashers, waitresses k. cocktail waitresses. Interviews starting Tues. 10 a.m. to S p.m. Dante's Lake Mead Drive. (Nick Is back). PORTABLE black and white TV t3S Console sewing machine $3S. 105 Ash St. FOR SALE house by owner, assume 7^4% loan. 3 bdrm., 2 bath. den. patio, drapes, dough boy pool, block wall. 293-3240 or 2t3-2S2t. B.C. M0\1NG TO A MOBILE HOME For Sale • 25 Inch RCA Console Color TV tlS. Mr. k Mrs. dres<>er with large wall mirror & night stand $50. Meul VW\ cabinet 5. Call 2*3-4231 B C. Bl'ILDING FOR LEA.SE A^ proilmately 1.000 sq. ft. Highway location in B.C For informatioD call, 203-H32. B.C. FOR RENT • Furn. Bedrm 531 Ave. L Apt. B.C. FOR SALE 1173 PInU. tS9 Good Cond. Call after 5 p.m n3-2M B C FOR RE!^ New 2 Bdrm. Apt Carpets, drapes and kitchen • ppllaDcea. ftarn. 1202.50 per Mo. Water paid Ready by Oct 1st Call 2*3-443S. B.C After 5 p.m. FOR SALE 2 lots Boulder City Corrals. tlOOO. FIRM Call S5-7f7( FOR SALE BY OWNER 20' Gregor Octapoon Boat 50 HP Mercury outboard I15O0 14' Fishing Boat with I hp Sea King outboard. 5200 1172 Kawasaki cond >45 500. EsclDt. ir74 Buick Apollo, like new, Cyl stick shift, air cond 3S.0M mi while with blue iDterioi 53.000 One Wheeled Trailer 525. SM all above at 504 Ave L B.C or Call 203-I471 or tM-4444 B.C FOR SALE I aUtlouery Bike • 540 1 10 speed Boy's Rike 525. 1-Girl's bike 520 1 Boa! trailer 51*5 2 bar stools tZ5 2 outside lawn chairs 510 1 Kirby Vacuum 5150. Call 2*3 21(1 B.C. WILL BABYSIT IN MY HOME Pre-vSchool Children preferred, 5 days per week No week ends. Call 2S3-444C. B.C. NEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE SALE Tkurs. ft Fri. t to 5 Boy's ft Girls clothes ft ahoes. Toys ft games, bicycles, TV Bicycle parts, bean bag, books, aquarium, eierclaers, potty chair, dog bed, radio, MJac. 14S Bronco Rd. B.C. MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Lots to be made now till Christmas Mast hire two women. Henderson area. NOW!! 452-50(1 or 451-701. House of Lloyd. WANTED Manager for Condominium in Boulder City. Salary, plus living quarters ft util. Call 2*3-214 B.C for Appointment for personal interview. FOR RENT 2 Bdrm. furn duplei, one person or retired couple. No Children. No Pets Call 2(3-1173 B.C. FOR .SALE Boulder City 5 yr. •Id Lewis Bomr. Corner 1*1. professional landscaping, custom draperies, lots of paneling, wall paper, mirror, tiles, etc. 7

Henderson Home News and Boulder City News Tbursday, September 16, 1976 Page 28 <2^ 1^//Jli'tiJIf^'Unii*mm. ^L 6.A "CttuCtf" Swat POR SALE IIM SMk Chevrolet Pick-up wltk mag*, ^nt original wbccla. Make offer. Pk —HOMESDRASTIC PRICE REDUCTION!!! (,5 Oworr must move to rallfornla. This 2 bedroom, 2 batk coodorao oow be purchased for ^t.MW. .\asume a |2t JM. loan. Immediate posseasion. SHAKE ROOF 2^ BATHS!! This 3 bedroom, family room with flreplac*, In ao eicellent location can be yourf for M,NO. • A good by! t BEDROOMS IN PITTMAN! We will consider any reasonable offer for this nice 2 bedroom. 1 balk. 3 year old In Plttman. EH A value U t21.5M Make offer!! —LOTS— WOULD YOL" BELIEVE MOBILE HOME LOTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE — hurry, only a few are left — I10.40C. Terms. Adalts and families. 70X100' LOT BACKS UP TO THE GOLF COURSE fU.OOO.OO!! GOLF COURSE LOTS IN LA MANCHA •!! AIRPLANE WANTED — TRADE 2 ACRES ON THE BIWAY!! —BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIESONE COMMERCIAL HIGHWAY LOT — TERMS!! ONE BUSINESS LOCATION FOR RENT — $20 per month. LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH US — We have nameroni bayers oo a waiting list!!! TRAILERS FOR RENT IRANONEW 2 bedrooms, farnlsbed Water & traak paid VKTA MOMU HOM PAM Ml a. Boalder Hwy. FRIENDSHIP CLUB SINGLE ADULT "Gel Acquainted" dances every Fri p m Elks Lodge, MO LV Blvd No Call 4S7 t7 or 4S7 2S22 VEGAS TYPEWRITER REPAIRIMl E. Sakara. Ut Vegas 7S5-7I2S. Oar apeclalty, used, rebuilt typewriter*. Satisfaction guaranteed. ALCOBOUC8 ANONYMOUS A AUANON Open meeting; Wed., 7:M p.m., Public Invited. St Rase de Uma Ha•^ M-77S. DIVORCE YOURSELF Do It vour^elf kiu. For Self rrprrsenlation. In matter of divorce. Banikniplriet, & perMHial wills. Call 876-8M0. FOR RKNT 1. 2 & 3 bdrm trailers. tzo toSSO k 56S 7M1 THE DOME 293-1613 293-3267 Cae to 1610 Nc%a<)a Hij;hHa>, "Tbe Dome" or call. i Tom Friary. Mel Dunaway: Sheila Plimpton; G.A. 2931150 Sue Broadbent: 293-24.18 Lillian Collins: 293-2h2' Nancy Murphy: •Curly" Smith: 293-1598 293-11^8. 565-"951 293-3292 ^m [ ASIC PLUMBING SERVICE drains unclogged, faucets repaired, new flilurrs installed Call SS-0144 P ( \sH K>R VOlROLDt ^R \|| ^mrrmn \ui rr( lurs 1949 Parli<>n Rd H-nd 5(>5700: TtDDVS KIT( HINITTtS Just bring your Toothbrush Zfl 1716 DRIVERS LICENSE TESTS re*4ay and Wednesday 1:49 am tolIaaoa-lpmto4:lSpm CHy aaaei CKlc Cealer na Water Street R—l FOR RENT 2 Bdrm Furn. Apt. Call 23-tg32. FREE FILM OB CASH DISCOUNT. OB all FILMS printed k developed at VAN'S. NEVADA DRUG B C NEV. FOR RfcNT Kilrhrn-ttf!. Sll 00 wk. I tilitirt paid Shady Retl Motel 55 7688 F0 SALE Golf Course Lat Mt El Camino Way, f 14,Nt. nRM Call 457-7WC. ENROLL YOUR CHILD NOW. For Fall program at Christian Day Center Call 23 23M B C "We missed the Phone Book" UOMNK DAY LOaSMITH CAU 565-0706 Complete Lack Service TRAILER SPACES FOR RENT • Hill Uke 35 to SS ft long, we furnish atrr. sewer. & garbage Hrnd Trir Haven. SCS-eMO Skopplng s far-oat at tbe PAK RAT Antiques and Imports 524 Nevada Hwy. Boulder aty WATER PILLS it LAXATIVES May deplete your body's essential Potasslam, ask for K PORTE • at Nevada Rx Drug LOSE WEIGHT SAFE, FAST, EASY, with DIADEX ft OFX A DIET plans Reduce fluids with FLUIOEX. Nevada Drug APT FOR RENT • Adults only. No Pets t2M per nsoDth. Call 2t3'4g32 B C. uiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllHlllilllllllliniiiiiMiiiinniiMiiiimiiiiitniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Henderson Realty (£) Q 30 Water Street Pk. 564-2515 DL ANE G. LAI BACH, REALTOR SUPER CUSTOM SOUTH OF CITY WLMg.M 3 Bedroama. ZW baths Full basement. 2 largr fireplaces. Beaatifal view av city and valley Large d*blc garage. SItaated en 4 acre, soned work or not Includingoldercabinrls 564 2210 DOES YOUR BATHROOM MARLITE NEED RtPLACING* Free Estimates. 5g4-2III ACOUSTICAL CEILINGS SPRAYED also drywaU aad uplagBcaaaaahle S4-ir7g. •UICS CASB POR UBSO TTsWorklag or not. Tialiii Oty TV-13lt Ne*. Bvy. Call ag. 4441. B.C. WC MEET ALL PRICES, BRINa IN ANY AD OR COITON, to VAN'S NEVADA DRUG. B.C. Nev. MOBILE H0ML8 lOR RFNT 12 4 3 bdrm furn or uofurn Hend TrIr Haven 5*5 6tl HILL MR COOK'S ELECTROLUX VACUlM CLEANER CISTOMERS PLEASE CALL THIS NIMBLR 457 7335 OATSUN lt74 71* Sedan. 4 speed, air, white interior, bine citerior, perfect coad.. haok is g32M. will take $3M Arm Ph 2*3 SMI. B C. STORAGE BOATS. RV-S A GENERAL THE BOAT BARN ISI STEINEB. HDN. 565-6966 PHILLIPS RADIO & TV FXPERT .SEBVICE ALL MAKES 4 MODELS COLOR T\STEREO RCil E^2 SALES k SERVICE 564-2870 2 W PACIFK Serving Hrndrrson Since 1953 > • AUi-U-UJO rtS HENDERSON PLAZA APTS. urnished ond Unfurnishei 2 Bedroom HUnO POOL 730 Center St. 565-7&12 • BNDBBSON MASONBY • lleeascd. handed, FIBBPLACB8, free suadlag masowy, hiackwalls, AddltioBs aad repair work. Eiperleaced reaaoaahle. All worh gaaraateed. Boh DcWItI Sg4I4l7. Mel Eager* Ml-7S3. I ** > • > aia to4i u : ac For sale-lF71 Capri 2iM. air. 4 speed, 2S npg city. 3* hwy. new tires, low mileage, low book 11371 aegotiable. Bob Stratton 3g4-4M, alt, 9 pm BASIC H — SHAKLEE PRODUCTS. Vitamins, emmetlcs, hoaaehold deaaers, I'll deliver in B.C Bead.. Call Zg3-3m -1 a.m. to g p.m. Bl • ENNIEL CBKCKS GRIMMAN AMERirAN 111 PER HR WET • lAOLi AVIATION • BOIXDER riTV I3 140g BEFORE P M MON THBl SAT \SK FOR DICK DANIELfiO^ SEWING MACHINE ft VACUUM CLEANER SALES 4 SERVICE Singer Specialists SORENSEN'S St KAY'S KORNER. 325 Nev. Bwy. 22732. DEALER WANTED VACUUM CLEANERS SEWING MACHINES • Sales. Service. Parts, any male Aay hind 2t3-4M SAND, GRAVEU TOP SOIL A LANDSCAPE BOCK. Call ZB3-2IU B.C. ^ Qualified individual(f) naeded FOUND one male haase cat to distribute WORLDS MOST ADVANCED EARLY WARNING SYSTEM" now required by law Minimum investment $3405.00 with buyback agreement. Make this "YOUR" year for Independence! CALL 873-1775. wearing c:ollar, in Headerson Misses owner badly. Call Lettic, lgg-7gS3 days. MISSING one spayed female cat. Black wltk gold markings. No collar. Henderson area. Call Lettle, MI-7gS3 days. Beward aflered. COMICS A PAPERBACKS we buy and will pick up anywhere Hend. A B.C. Las Vegas. Nv. Call IM-2210. i':J*. • ROORIIG Mmm i mnmnB B B • B Henderson Child Care Center Daily I Weekly Rotes St. Peter's Hail, Boulder Hwy. S65.9384 • • • • • • • • • • • pwal WALNUT NEEDLEPOINT CHAIR make in '33 $250. or best offer. Call aft. 3 p.m. •SM-lgdg New GIngerwood Mobile Park on the west side of Boulder City Just off Boalder Bwy • is aow open aad reatlag spaces. Laiurlsns adult Mobile Home Park. Includes pool. Hot wster therapy pool Recreation Hall, etc Chll 2t3 • IM B C FREE TRANSPORATION. U all Christian Center Church Services. Everyone Welcome. Call 2t3 • 1332 or 233 3134 BC NORD.STROM TREE EX PERTS A LAND.SCAPING. Tree Trimming. Tree Removal. Deep Root Feeding, Sprinkler SysK-ms installed. •leeding, fertilising • Call 73-4gM. HOUSE CLEANING doae by I honest hard working woman y^ y Call 2g3-30tt. CARPET H Yarda Red Shag carpet and pad. t27g as Is. Good shape 2n-3g42. lOOTB AWAY BLEMISHES sod wrinkles the natnral way with Mr Cralg's Magneslam mlnersl maa^ae. call now far yoar free aamplc. ati-MU or write Mr. Cralg's Beaaty Cealer, ISM Us Vegas Blvd. So.. Las VegM. NV gilM. MEET ALL PRICKS. BRING IN ANY AD OR ( Ol PONS, TO VAN'S NEV DRIG BC NEV. SHAKUr PRODUOS RHODA D. HAGADONB Authoriied Distributor 293-4350 EC. WELL CALL ON VOi:!! WANTED Office secretsry Write Boa 313-A. Benderaoa SUMMER prices Selected seasoned, fireplace site. Ponderosa pine. (M a cord Elm, $30. Mesquile or mahogany 33. Delivered A stacked. 432-2230. ODDS A ENDS SALE-Sept. 7th f a.m. to 12 nson. St Andrews Charch, 712 Wye St. B.C. FOR SALE14 speed with best features and eitras. SpertI sun lamp with beat attachment Both like new. Call 2931317 after 3 p.m. FOR LEASE, PROFE.SSIONAL BLDG IN B.C. Ideal for Doctor. Lawyer. Dentist, etc. Call 233 33X3 B.C. NEWLY COMPLETED DUPLEX UNITS 2 bdrm fully carpeted, ample offstreet parking, utility room, 3223. mo Call •43-203. BOUSE FOR RENT 2 bdrm.. available Sept. 10, 137, 3173.00 per month pins deposit. 344-3315. i '( 4 TIMPIRATURI CONTROL Saleii • Sen ice Engineering Air Conditioning •Refrigf ration *lee Making Equipment Commercial Industrial • Residential \ Cal 2934738 I BABYSITTER WANTED-my home-matarereliable. Call 55^M50. Hill Mirrrlls TV AND APPLIANCE SALES A SERMCE We specialiie in Radio A Stero TV Service color A black A white Serving Henderson. Boulder City A The Valley MAGNAVOX ADMIRAL ZENITH 4T* RCA GE MOTOROLA SERVING HENDERSON BOULDER CITY fOR 22 YEARS FOR PROMPT COURTEOUS FRIENDLY SERVICE CALL 565-8798 133 HATER ST • HENDERSON DANQ THEATRE WEST DANQ THUTK Wm CL.\.SSES BEGINNING THIS WTEK!!! HENDERSON i 17 Arrav St BOULDER CITY 1404 Wvoming St. TEL.23-3g77 Jazi-Tap-Acrobatic Aad Ballet Startinli age 2 A ap "Only 3S per month" WORK WANTED Carpentry, electric, plambing. painting, garage clean up, etc 34 00 per hour. No Job to small call 343443. KIRBY VACC^UM CLEANERS ATTENTION: Now available. Local man. Sales, Service. Parts Appointment for demonstraUon in yoar home or business. 2-4M Wendell. BABYSITTING. FOR SALE ports pat. camper stand, heavy daty wroaght iron railing for a step over step, portable cooler A hamldifler, and 2" girls bike • old Pk 293-1010 B.C. PICTURESQUE BOULDER CITY 2 bdrm. home. Drive by red haase with white chlmaey st 3-32tt. 334.730 BC. CASH FOB VACUUM CLEANEBS or sewlag machlaes working or not. 2a3Weadell HOOVEB VACUUM CLEANEBS Factory, Aathortsed Sales. Service A Bepatrs. Ph USED COLOR TVs Slt-M A ap. Trade-ins okay Boalder City TV U13 Nev. Bwy. B.C. YARD SALE Thars.. Frt.. Sat til noon. GIrU snd boys slacks. 31 Tops, 50' Men's slacks snd skirts Girls Up* and ballet shoes, also dance costames. 013 Don Vincealc Dr B.C. FOR RENT • 2 bdrm. famished dnplei. One person or retired couple. No children, no pcU. 293-1173. B.C. FOR SALE-t drawer dresser with mirror A 2 matching night sunds. 330 Solid Oak Dining set. blonde flaish MO. Twin bed, king slic bed spreads A 0 Ft. X Sft Boi atllity trailer Call 293-3411. B.C. STORE A OFFICES FOR RENT in prime Boalder City location, fully air conditioned, offices famished, immediate occupancy. 293 1283. ESIRE TO BUY LOT lo Mission Bills, reaaonabic. FOR SALE-gold General Elect refrigerator freeser, good cond. 3M. Call 293-39(1. B.C. MOVE FOftaS SAU by owner. 2 story Spanish style 4 bdrm.. 2H bath home Sprinklers front A rear. Assumsble VA loan. 357,500 or make offer. Corner Bronco Bd. A Saddle Ln 293-3300 or 2934Z30. STORE OR OFFICE SPACE for rent or lease in Hend. Nice and reasonable call 504-2503 or P.O BOI 343 In Henderson owwR-KNiiMi an Beautiful home on golf course, 4 bdrm, Z't bath, spacious family room with floor to celling fireplace. Balcony, patio, sprinkler system, many extras, prtnriple only IMMIMAn OCCUPANQ BOUSE FOR SALE Pool. Igi32, 3 bdrms., refrlg.. sprinkler systems, large patio, assame 7*^ loan pmta. 3134 00. 30.000 00 dawn, owner 305-1 FOR SALE-1974 Buick Opollo. 6 cyl stick shift, air cond 33,000 miles, white with blue interior, 33.000. Call 293-1471 B.C. Allcr 0 p.m. BUILDING FOR LEASE • approximately 1,000 sq. ft. Bigbway locaUon in B.C. For iaformatloa call 293-9932. BC 3 BDRM BOUSE FOR RENT • 043 Ave. F, BC 233-5137. FOR SALE photography eqaipment. Omega and larger, drver. dark roam eqalpment. S5-792 FOR SALE 1974 Chevy Nova Batchback air. AM radia. power steerlag excelleat coad.. 32 JOOor bestsffer. Call 293-1723. B.C. FOR RENT • oac bedrm tarnished house. 3123.00 mo A electric. One or two adalts, refer*ace A deposit. (29 CaUf. B.C. RIDE NEEDED Weekday afternoons to Special Children's Clinic In Las Vegaa. Willing to pay, 293(4(4 before 4 or 293-13(1 aft. 5 p.m. BC CBARLIE TBE BANDY MAN • Odd jobs, faacets. toilets repaired, coolers serviced. Call 293-2311 B.C. LOST Irish Setter, male answers to name of Baaty REWARD. Mi-UtM. BOME SERVICE CALLS 312J. laelades all labor In home, complete color adJastment. fast A gaaraateed. Boalder City TV A Stereo. Call 293-4441 B.C. f Any type of roof r^alr, large or small, ^call for FREE ESTIMATE, LICENSED^ f CONTRACTOR. 736-3376 Call 293-3713 B.C. FOB SALE-beaatlfal 2 story eastern home. Locsted on Boalder City Golf Coarse. Balcony off maater bdrm. with view Spacious 2300 s<| ft. Heavy shake roof, beamed cathedral ceilings, sunken living room, doable selfclesnlng oven, dishwasher, garbage disposa, located on large 100 ft. X 100 ft. lot. t€M Shown by appt. only by owner. Call 293-1(14 B.C. FOR SALE-3 yr old pure bred arabian gelding. Conslstant blae ribbon winner and halter. Priced to sell Call 431(237 FOR SALE • '52 Plymovth runs, needs some work, ideal for stadent in aalo claas. (1(0. As is can be seen at 303 VIQ Wageaen Beaderaoa. FOR SALE SX3S travel trailer Park Model, excel, cond 293470(. DICK BLAm REALTY-BROKER 833 NEVADA HWY. 293-2171 or 293-3402 AFTER HOVRS CALL Bob Blair ^93-2049 • Andrea Andersotv,,^.,^93-2158 • Carl Cowan 293-1499 • EXCELLENT HOME, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, family ram. 2 car garage, lots extra s 340.500 _^_ VERY FINE ABEA. 3 Bdrm.. 2 baths. 2 car garage, carpet, drapes, paUo, desert land scaped, (44.SOO.00. MOBILE BOME LOTS FOB SALE. Sec as fcr details. GOOD FAMILY AREA. 3 bdrm. 2 bath. 2 car garage, fenced, carpet, drapes, (33.500,00 aaaame good loan. CLOSE TO SCHOOLS, 4 bdrm, 2 bath, garage, feaceil. fireplace, patia 335.000. carpet, drapes. 2 car REAL BUY. 4 bdrm. 2 bath refrigerator, range, (3SJ99. fireplace, garage, faaced. REAL NICE older 2 bdrm. 2 bath, feaccd. ONLY. (29.1 SEE THIS 3 bdrm. 2 bath, fansily sprinklers, (5S.5O0 r m. block wall, large yard. WE HAVE BLDG LOTS, from (OJMO see us for deUils. some are by golf club. We also have Townhomes A Condo's for sale • MOBILE HOME ESTATE LOTS NOW avail, again! HURRY for choice of adult or ebildren section. • FABHTASTIC! view of Lake Mead assured from this 13,000 sq. ft. residential lot. ALL improvements Inready for yotir home. Owner will sacrifice to SELL NOW: LAKE MEAD VIEW Townhouse, split level, master bedroom siite with large walk-in closet and balcony "top side'. two bedrooms, two baths; range, new refrigerator, disposal, tra sb masher, shag rugs. Terms. • HUGE WORKSHOP GARAGE' 2-BDRM HOME! Small btit exquisite house ail new thruout. In peaceful Boulder City. Brand itew carpeting, cooler, fireplace. Fully fenced lot. heavyduty wired sep. rear bidg. for hobbyist or possible shop Won't last long at $36,500. • VIEW LUXURY 2400 B<|. ft. cnttom-built home with magniflceot view of Lake Mead. Con fidential inquiries accepted from dis eliminating purchasers desimg gracious living with no sacrifice for qtiality. • GOLF COURSE LOTS are going fast, get yours NOW while they last, • \Z


Supplement to The Henderson Home New Page 1 LAS VEGAS • 2597 E. Ctiarleston Blvd. at Boulder Hiohwav • 3631 West Sahara Ave. at Valley View • 1100 E. Charleston Blvd. at Maryland Parkway 9 2420 Desert Inn Rd. at Eastern • 701 N. Rancho Drive at Bonanza • 700 Decatur Blvd. at Alta Drive • 1131 E. Tropicana Rd. at Maryland Parkway 9 4750 Vegas Drive at Decatur • 5200-15 Boulder Highway at Neilis 1.^ j i • NORTH LAS VEGAS • 2401 Lake Mead Blvd. at 25th Street • 3258 Las Vegas Blvd., North at Cheyenne HENDERSON • 638 Boulde|Hwy. BOULDER CITY • 1031 Ni(yada Hwy. at Buchanon I —J


Page 2 3o MANOR HOUSE FRIED ^^'IHil^^ Frozen Heat And Serve. WITH COUPON BELOW Bring Your Film To Safeway & Save On QEVELOPING & PRINTING Colorprint Film 12-Exp. Roll $069 ^UM 10 or 126 sue Kodak • GAF • Fuji • Fotomat 2 Developed and Printed Beef Rib Stealcs $128 U.S.D.A Choice TUSDAI Large End Cut ^iqiCEj Small End $169 Rib Roast lb 1 lb. 7-Bone Roast 79* USDA, U.S.D.A. Choice ^HOiCE, Grade Beef Chuck To Barbecue lb. Wilson Franks 69 Skinless. Meat or Beef, Ideal For Cookouts. 1-lb. Pkg. White Magic Liquid Safeway Super Savers Detergent CottageCheese @Scot Tissue Potato Chips Margarine Family Pack SAVE 2464-oz. Bottle SAVE 8' Lucerne Pint SAVE 4< 4-roli Pack SAVE 10* ? -oz. ubc Imperial Quarters SAVE 1-lb. Carton $199 59 75* 79* 49* USDA Choice Beet Chuck lb USDA Choice USDA Choice Arm Pot Roast Chuck Short Ribs Beef Flank Steaks Hen Turkeys'^iSTofil^r UIIi*iBM Headless-Dressed Wniliny Frozen Oetrosted Raw SCdllOpS Captain s Choice Pkg. fc lb lb lb 99 $109 SOI* 59^ Farmer John Bacon Sliced Meats \':^u Chunk Bologna Wieners Bologna Corn Dogs 1-lb. $139 Pkg. I 'pk?39^ Sterling Oscar Mayer Meat or Beef Oscar Mayer 12-oz S1.02 lb 89' Little Boy Blue ;ir99' lb 99 n-'_,<]^ • A^ FROZEN FOOD BUYS \v •'•• Orange Juice Scotch Treat Concentrate ^^ Ice Creaifr Snow Star Half Gallon Scotch Treat Corn or Peas 4 '•$;;;? M"" French Fried Potatoes sccTr. 2^, 49* Tree Top Apple Juice ^ I.. ..•SJ 29" In Our Dairy Case ^ LUCERNE m. PUDDINGS ^49 15-oz! w mM Carton • ^^^ Variety Department. ^ SOREST t I^OOTHPASTE Drinking Water ^'aV^LT 39' Lucerne Corn Tortillas '4' 3V Mrs. Wright's Biscuits Scans*r Danish Cheese Sateway Kisit fiano Weigh! b' Ott Latwi Bakery Buys! 100% Whole Wheat BREAD Includes 10' Off 5-oz. Tube QMaalox SAVE ir M 18 SAVE 10' Antacid For 12-oz Your Stomach Bottle QRubbing Alcohol Isopropyl ^6*' 16-oz. Compound Bottle rs. Wright ^[ Loaf 3AngelFoodBar Mrs. Wrigtirt 49 ( SAVE 20* CornTortillas "''i" n,*! QC CasaMPiMMo ^ ot12i W 49 SFruit Tarts Mrs.Wrlghrs ttVf ?,' 23 gl BRECK SHAMPOO SAV( 28 Unbreakable Bottle 7-02. Size Save IB' Good For One (1) 32-oz. Jar KRAFT IMITATION MAYONNAISE 59* 32-OZ. Jar •n HOC WHIi IMS coupon (LMIII IICoNMnNrFamHir tmttUfi. It-It. 1l t7t. IVORY SOAP PERSONAL SIZE Bar Soap eachi ^0 0 Save! 60* i I I I I I I I SAFEWAY COUPON Bood For Oiw (1 ) 2-lb. Pkg. MANOR HOUSE FRIED CHICKEN $i|39 jaji 2-ib Pkg knt fwrtmt U. IMS Caupon (LMIII Limit 1 COHBOT PW IWlWy UMtUpn. It-It. fi tTt. BLUE RIBBON APPLE SAUCE Golden Delicious 25-oz. 39

Page 3 T80PHYA BRIQUETS TROPHY CHARCOAL BRIQUETS For Outdoor Barbecuing 3 Orange Juice 39* SAVE 12' Minute Maid lOOVo Pure 32-oz. Carton Tomato Juice Town House 46-oz. Can 49 Q 7-Up in Cans 12-oz$129 Cans I SAVE Regular or Sugar Free Qi Detergent 99 SAVE 20* White Magic 49-oz. Heavy Duty Pkg. Safeway Good Buys...Count On It! § Kraf tDinner-i4vi..n'"' Peanut Butter£,'r.n'' iiNesteaMiX"^' L-^'' $119 GET ON THE X "j J }jjf All Safeway Stores Have, if •h. An Express Checkstand • y;^8;^ open tvery Hour Our '"LiSi Stores Are Open *-, ^ For Shoppers With... WE ARE PLEASE TO ACCEPT USDA FOOD STAIVIP COUPONS FRESH PRODUCE...COUNTON IT! Syrup Cat Food ^KOSHER PICKLES 69 Mrs. Butterwortti's For Pancaites & Frencti Toast Purina Cat Cliow SAVE 24-oz. Bottle 4-lb. Box $159 1 Aunt Janes Iceberg SAVE Dills 14 24-OZ. Jar DRY BLEACH White Magic Powdered SAVE Bleach 40-oz. Box 89 APPLES Washington State Extra Fancy Red Delicious Dial Bath Soap DownySoftener 6* Off Label Gold. Pinic Pkg. White, of 2 Mayonnaise Wisk Detergent Niblets Corn Pinto Beans 15' Oil y-OZ. Label Bottle Nu-Made 32-oz Creamy Smooth Jar Green Giant 25'Off 64-oz. Label Bottle 12-oz. Can Town House Dried 4 58 40* 79* $203 33* 99* Cucumbers I Lonq Green Sheets f Cauliflower Firm and Cnsp I Ea lb lb. • jcc Bell Peppers -inc \\J Ideal For Slutting or Garnish each I w OQc Bartlett Pears Oi;c 0\/ U S No 1 Juicy And Sweet ID i—w iTm'MijoiiJifiK Good For Ton (10) 8-oz. Cans HUNT'S TOMATO SAUCE $iOO:i!i: 8-oz. ^ • Cou|>on Cans I (LiN 101 M tS Pvrotm* t i lMlii| mm MHt UMlt1CoupiPwFtMltT CoupoAood Spl. 1S-ia. 1*7t. • 10 BANANAS I Fancy Quality Firm And Golden. Ideal For Lunch BOX lb. FROM OUR GARDEN SHOP... 2V4" House Plants Lovely Fresh Plants each Wo Gladly Aecopt U.S.D.A. Food Btmmp Coupona SAFEWAY Prices Effective Sept. 16-18.1976. Seles In Retail Quantities.


wmr mfmm SAFEWAY Prices Effective September 18 thru September 18 at all 13 Safeway Stores in the Las Vegas area Look for those tags, they mark temporary extra savings all over the store. Stock-up! _^. SAFEWAY BRECK SHAMPOO THE Q WITH QUALITY LOW PRICES! LORD CALVERT AUNT JANrS PICKLES • ORD Canadian Whisky 80 Proof Half Gallon Kosher Iceberg Dills 24-oz. Size Dry, Oily Normal 7-oz. Size SUPER um "UTTIBWORTirS SYRUP OriBinal Buttefed Svr WINDSOR CANADIAN SUPREME WHISKY 80 Proof Q^ Half Gallon LIEBFRAUMILCH $159 1 I Karl Manheim Fifth SANGRIA WINE @$059 iailon fc From La Mesa NESTEA TEA MIX Instant Iced Tea Wix APPLE JUICE Frozen LIQUID MAALOX SUPER Antacid GREAT WINES FROM AROUND THE WORLD RUBBING ALCOHOL SUPER SAVER 16• sopropyl-Piastic