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Thursday. May 29, 1975 s Hrndrrson Honi News Henderson. Nevada Page 5 Suicide Center •v ^ fe? BOYS AND Bl TThKFLIts-This youth was obser\'ing the art pxhihit held at Robert Taylor week. Guess what raught his eye'.' Butterflies DaJe Riddle was happv with the results. Presbyterian Church Announces Sundoy Services Here Thi lirsl PrcsbMcrian water', is \cr% Iruf. Church of Hcndirson Iikc%ise amonR those announces its services for ^ho are bom anen Into Sundax. .lunc Isi and che familv of God b the inxites all persons of the HUKKI of .Ksus Christ communil% and ihe area K. ihtre is a bond which worship and to fellowship, tannul In broken. DenomThere will be Sunda* inational. nor national. Schfwl for children and %ounK p-ople bcKinninR ""'^ •^'•'' • ''"'*" < • ""ol be a at ':4S. A liul> class and ''''•'' • '" 'he oneness c.f a fine leather will w<-|. <~hrisis pec.ple. Durinn romall persons. The •*** ^""^ '"• •**'• • • • "11 be y^ nrship Sen ice will be al ""'^'^T' ft small children. 1I;0(. The Pasior.Kichard ^'^" '*"" *•'" ^' L. Morning, announces "•'^t'P''>n "' members and that there will be the *•*"'• baptisms. At l-.m celebration of the Sacra '^"^ ^""•'' lellovship mem of the lords Sup^'""P "'" '"*'*' This per. Tht mcdiuiion for "*"P includes ihosi of the lords Supper will be '''^ se^enlh ^rsdc and entitled: One U ith All "P**"'^*^ The Saints.-In the <>"'^'"ndawveninR ihe human physical fmmih "K^'^*^ meetint of the then is a tic that binds. ***''""" '" be held at Members of a family ma\ be separated b\ man* miles and even b> man> >cars. but there is somethinf; of a kindred spirit vhich draMs members of ''"'""' "' '^' • J'" -"d the lamil> back togelhet ^ •-""insier Wav near • iiain. The old saunj; thai '*" *"*" ^'***^ *"•* Morrell •BI0. The First Presh\ierian C hurch is totaled near the NEED BOYS FOR PAPER ROUTES FOR HENDERSON HOME NEWS Coll Mrs. Anderson 564-1648 I DALE'S CHEVRON STATION PROVIDES THE BEST Of SERVICE AND FINEST Of PARTS DALE ASHBY BASIC AUTO PARTS IS PROUD TO HAVE THEM AS A CUSTOMER discovered studiously Elementary School last what else? Principal FIRE AND AMBULANCE CALLS Ma* :is|. Basic High ScbfwJ. bomb threat. Ma\ 21st(ii\ Municipal Pool, assistance call. Cause: alarm set off. Mav r2ndFire call at S ape ""of :(MI Navajo. Hend. from ?0(l Navajo to Rose de lima. Treated for shm-k. Mav l<*ihAmbulance call lo Rainbow Club. Needless call. Mav 2(1Ambulance (all to transport Lisa franklin ti(H 10 of 40:) Summit Hend. from 40? Summit to Rose dt Lima (linic. Mav 2lsl' Xmbuland call lo transport MvrtU Ruth Sparks ace"^. of 21? Mohave. Hend. from 21? ^1ohave III \ allev Hospital Mav 2 HIAmbulanc( tall lo transport V\ i-bsit-r Tavlor a^t "(I. ol 2'i2 Mohii\e. Hend. from 252 Mohsvf to SunriM' Hosp ital. Mav 22nd' Ambulance call to transport U illiam Murphv a^c <>2 of 102 (jrovt St. Hend. from V^ .M.K. lo RoM de Lima. 7 rtated for shock The Suicide Preven tion Center is seeking volunteers to man its 24 hour telephone set-vice Volunteers, who must be over 21. are on duty at their own conveni ence but at least four hours a week. The five-year-old center will sponsor a training session for all new volunteers over a two day weekend When a person seeking aid calls the center phone number, 736HELP. the answennf; service connect!) him w ith the duty volunteer's home telephone That way, volunteers work in their own homes and since their phone numbers arc not released, maintain their privacy F'ersons wishing to vol unteer should call the centers answering ser vice, before June 4th. and ask for the training committee chairman The center receives about 300 calls a month and IS sponsored by donations Henderson Firefighter Receives Award Captain Erncsi H loniprcv of the Hendcr son Fire Department. vas recciitlv initialed into the Clark Cminiv Communilv College chapter of Phi I.THibda Alpha Phi Lambda Alpha is a lival honor society sponsored b\ the I'nucrsitv of Nevada Las Wj^as Chapt er of Phi Kappa Phi. national honf ?.4 or better qualih for membership in Phi lambda Alpha. I he fraternity is unique among university honor societies as both two-year associate and four >ear Baihelor's degree majors tnav qualify. Preceptor Chapter Celebrates Birthday I KM M lliMI'kl ^ Precepi(r Iota, chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, celebrated the hirihdav of all the members im Mav 20. I*^"*; at the home of Mrs. Bob Hampton. \ deliiinus spa^ihelli dinner nas served, followed bv a birlhdav (ake and homemade ite cream, madv bv the members and served liv the Swial lommitlec. After the dinner the Preceptor ritual was given at whiih lime each mem-ber chooses her color attribute for the coming vear. The ritual vtas conducted bv Mrs. lavrence Govt, assisted hv Airs. Oon MiCullough and Mrs. Wm. Swackhamer. (•ills Secret verc exchanged. Sisters revealed and names drawn for the new vear. The door prize vas won b\ Mrs. dU^ria Caslleberrv. Members attending vcre Mesdames Wm. Swaikhamer. Bob Hampton lavrence fiove. .John F iciding. Clint I > ons. Don McC ullough. Bud Anderson, Jim Moore. KImer Shiles. Barbara darvcv, filoria ( a^tleherrv and ^liss llene Kavlin and Selma Classen. Attending as a guesi was Mrs. tdward Allen of \Aood burp New Jerscv siter of Mrs. KImer Shiles. Public itv C hatrman I CAU THE PROfESSIONALS BASIC AUTO PARTS S65-873S iowMer Hwy t Woter Itl W 4 hanging her ionit loifi io' her hnthda\ KING'S FLOWERS 565-0454 TOTAL COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT 3f CIVIC MINDED ^ RESPECTED AT NATIONAL LEVEL )f AWARE OF WORKING MAN'S NEEDS >f 3 SONS HAVE SERVED THEIR COUNTRY )f SUPPORTS YOUTH & RECREATION i^ SUPPORTS SCOUTING # MARGARET LOMPREY COUNCILWOMAN PAID POLITirAL AD\TRTISEMENT •jMi********************** • .ic**************************^*****************'


iS]HD 3Di iin)ii3dV)io VNOzmv 00*1$ P 3}nJ^31 bt'li 9 d3]fl ZIIIHSS 70 Zl II SdlAilJ AQOfl 310HM • SWVH }IN}ld OIXOWS rmcMM i 68* 1$ s^is anw S113HS 39IIV1 70 91 INOZNO)! 00'L$ £ nvs oivwoi M liliHOVdS eoe ]3a-)iv-A09-i]H} 001$ c dnsiVD oivwoi ZO II MiAVH 1M inssii 131101 siioii I xxm 26 I >69 '9321 ill3H9VdS '81 1 INOZNCNi 86 Z 70 Vi9 VNni XNflH} NOUVN^IVD S)ia)IDV)ID zini ZO 91 6^1$ aviiifl Wi t JV01 81 1 )I]S]M ZO 91 9 63'L$ VKOTH SdlHD OlVlOd MDVd NIMi S.AV1 S3I1V]HM Dinr lowno 10 UV)I)I 700 S993 'OiW U11M0H II N03Va NOIdWVH} 6Z'l$" )iv3isai 69-1$" Nvsis 3an} Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmumsmmmmm^ 68'1$ •' MV31S ONIH 'sai 091 010^1 HSVD SV 3WVS SAVQ 06 iiaaHD aiAOiiddv NO liaVIIVAV ONDNVNIi 9NIZ33i 9NiddV)IM ONIUfl} s3anDNi iMd 3338 MnOA in) 3M 31IHM H)1VM ]3iOH3 vasn AHvans SaKVlS GOOJ Ld^JJtif 3A\ IIKII OX 1H9IU 3HX :1AH3S3H 3M I 3\.ir 62 AVW aAIlD3JJ3 S3JIHd HSIVUfO aiO^IVH-anV^SdOGiNMO iWOH 13>I2IVW SdOi o NaMasixH3Aav 113 N 1103 aOd o o I <:> c* <=* I I i ASHdWOl 13IIV02IVW 310A INilMN^aAOO QOOO 2IOi AyiA S.NVWOM V 4> 'A1I1N30I NMO Sll dm 01 N0S)iaQN3H 2IOi ONIAmiS ^ QNni 1HV3H 'NIVldVD V])IV # (S^V3A 01) S^iaiOA JO )iV)liSI03)l did OMVOa NOIlVilDUGS kiO (0Z61) AuiDos mnyf) NVD^awv NividVD vv ^ (SZ-W6L) S3Wia JO HD^VW NVWillVHD iSIO ^ I'oi naawaw ^ S^VU 02 2iaAVdXVi Y 2I]NM0]W0H ^ IDNnOD AlID AS daiNIOddV AISnOWINVNfl ^ :-4vwoMirDNno:)) i.^idwnDMi SUOSDOJ AUDUI OS JOJ I i i>INIHl >.oissik\av o\ 1W0J13M 3.S.0 \a3.\3 K cj ^ iv s asnr AVas.lS SMOHS 39 niM ..n3H osisa.ia IHL JiAOtS 13dS00 OZb^<'*i lie 3^B.-|d • 3ui|.")siin(>j JO 'uoiiRi • jodsueii uoijBiujojui joj tSOJl.UOS ||P IB DUHJ|.1.n VJ.IA OS SI .1UO AJJ\3 ,3ui3uo| IFJJ3 leqi AjSlJRS pUB Mjll -inOA 33uBq,i A(sno(njBjim UBJ •uoiiB\|Ps puB •. • ).->BJ9 MAOI siH puB isijqj sns.if mq iPL|v\ Ju] woujj \|i:>Px."> pun stfueqijej u.)\3i^ sjuieps.i^^ 3JC sjjqiuoui pn^tf )o |Bni!)| H^i^ '^IV P"" uusiii Y^ ^p"r -sj|^ pue uoiduje(| -iv^i^ '(l-iHifiu)] p.)J-| 'sui>iiin(| pjBqji)j 'qjj\oifJU|g .>of soiUKps^i^ :jjq • ojjuj H.iu 3ujHO||oj .iqi p.>UJU.)|.lH BUJitl§ !\ -{i \.tl\ uo jJiuBtluing J!pp;4 'sJi^ jo .->iuoq .iqi |B p|jq s-n j.>uu!(] |Bni!)| V -Sui -uj\3 3qi popnijuoj sijiS JO jilueqjxA puB \MBJ \Bp -qMjg |BnuuB .>qj^ -IUBJS -ojd qi J.>ifB p|->q sBH sjajijjo JO uo!iB||Bisui •j.iaBS 3|uoi^ -j|^ \q pj|Ud 3jd suH '..inos viv ||Bi nu^,, 'uiBJtlojd qj^ ssaujsnq aqi poijnpuoj 'lu.>p!s.Md 'uosn.| s^fdi^ UOQ 'vi^ JO 9uioq oqi IB JB.>\ .tqi JO Jfuj|.AUl |SB| si! ppq iqj euitijs Bi.>g JO iaidaqj uii(|$ i\ DU161S !X iuU op A.iqi Suus-iiM. .lie s|nos ,.ijn ]o i.MP.^v .>qj SI ioiAB^ jno po'j JO uus .iqi isuqj snsof luJ ot" .. "ABpsjnqx 'uoii •Biisi,\ qjJnqj q.ianqj jujuiBisJL •'" '^M' ''i'V JO HO)a -'Ml ui \pniN •vpnis .iiqiQ puP JOABiil i.iMOj JO JnoH .iqj, ss.iuiJJPH pur .\iano.'>5,, I.^SBSSJ^^ lu J ^ OOtAiJS JIlSipdUBAT} lud I MJIAJ.IS .^Uii>|_( isjjj ;sjoq.iBDi p.iiBJip.ip A|ruj qil • LUB ijt-it, s.idr l(B •looq.-xj ABpun<; :n.x>|-> o u.iA.->|.-> jB ..' • i.^H'M y' (JoJQ ">U(J., uo )(B.->ds 1|1\\ BiiaqBios nuT JOISBJ ;s3uissom s poy •UBqs Jiuoj • • IIB 01 .>lU,i' • |.-)A\ jPipjoJ jsoiu 1? pu.>i •x.> .i.v\ ;9uiss.im s|qjii SI pjo-j .iqi 's.T^ .q.-ijnq -) isiidBg VPS,I\ si'i iM) IB p.->llJX,l lie •'>-l.">.S\ 99UDpUdUV saijAui H9Jni|3 isjidog ISO] C998 595 aoijjo qojnqj am JO HUW^ Suii leo Xq pduiBjqo oq XBIU oq) ui sn qjiw uioT |pY\ Xjiunuiuioj aq) JO sjoq -uiaiu )eq) padoq si u qojnqj oqi JB H^H )J3qiiQ UI aunf ui aq IliM dnojS aqi JO Suuddui jxau aqx paAJas ajdAX qjiqw sjuauiqsajjaj aqi juj pue 9jaq) Suiiaaui jo aSapAud aqj joj iuaoui.\ JK lUBqi X|ajajuis uoi) -eiDossv aq) jo sjaquiaiu aqi puB japuez s"IlJiiJj i\Jit*td oioj lojpg t auti^poiiii 01 Jinoq la^aa^iJ 'qt 4q 01100 .3IA A.mVA ow iH i *8i "wa "fl 01 tiinn iii>its' J'^rqauds inoqlnojqi t^ojp f >and iij inuu)! v|iiuaj ouni-ctMill •<( Z '>->pq t ^H'ton asH/ioj noo osinotmiz.\o l|M 01 prfJ|Jj p^jtUtj ao||ij4S|jjvg aupq j 'idnoJ |K 000 sn • pjJi-m <.>ajoq JOJ p^ao2 ittiMi q of|v moon Anmoj xaooj Su|aip itmjuj 4lljri qiaq z oijpq c ''• • > • ^ "o P'loJO'I H3I.\ V HUM 3M0H OOt tZt ooiidmnaiv no M VA VHJ 11-^ III.M '>IP<* mnaioiniv loupq z 'aa|ttJO| la^n^ji^ IN'iN.'iSVti Hll. IMUB )l])IO)i9 mHWH I NA1VA3 U31I1S mVM ZV \^^ AiiviM mnnovr JOJ sadoq Jiaqj pue qn\j .s.-^ Iioos aiaJ3 aoi aqx Sunaaui Xiq)uouj )ua3aj i]9\\% 8uijnp iioos uieaJ3 aai ..IIa mng., isnum aq) JOJ sut|d apwui qajnqo X)iunuiuio3 JO uoij •t!88v s.uauio^aqx 9 aunf joj 49$ ppos UID90 a^l ,||D9 i|in)|, 9 a^ej epcAa;^ 'aosjapudfi SA\a|^ auiofi uosjapaa|| SI6I '6Z <9K 'Xspsjnqx


Henderson Home News Henderson. Nevada Page 7 -^ Defective Valve Makes Thursday, May 29, 197S V 7 Water Pressure Low ^i A defective regulator valve for the city's water system on the BMI line, has placed some of the downtown area and Burkholder Junior High School on low water pressure. however, it is expected to be back in normal service by P'riday, according to Bob Whitney, public works director. The areas will be fed by Southern Nevada Water project water and will be regulated by hand until the repairs are made Lomprey Active in Protests Against Utility Rote Hikes t % WINS TALENT .\W.^RD—Shelly Freeman of Henderson a student of Jan Butler school of dance, was a runner up in the senior division :of Junior Jamboree .%MVETS Post 22. in a recent -talent contest. She won an award and trophy in the jazz dancing. MARJESS SILVER & LAPiDARY SILVER TOOLvS EQUIPMENT AGATE PIAMOND BLADES 10 WATFR ST. 565-7635 Councilwoman Margaret Lomprey was active in protesting rate hikes for utilities prior to her appointment to the city council and wrote several letters to state officials protesting the Continental Telephone rate hike Mrs. Lomprey was responsible for getting 75 letters written in pro test to that rate hike which was heard in Feb She wrote to Governor Mike O'Callaghan to protest the hike and said, "at that hearing there was only one commissioner from your board of three Itseemsa shame thatthe others were too busy' to hear the wishes of the residents In a lengthy letter of reply, O'Callaghan said he was prohibited bylaw to intervene in the ratcmaking process but said he had instructed the commission to keep him appraised of the proceedings She also wrote to Noel A Clark.chairman ofthe public serAice commission, tell ing him the economy of Henderson "IS at a serious lowl Unemployment is extremely high' She said people on fixed incomes cannot live She received a reply from Wm W Proksch. Jr. secretary, acknowledging her protests. WEEKDATS 4:00 m TO 9:00 PM SAT. 9:00 AM TO 9:00 PM SUN. 12:00 NOON TO 5:00 PM Firefighters Ladies Announce Street Dance The Firefighters *'" be by the group Ladies Auxiliary 1883 called Mind Shaft, and announce that a Bicenbeer and soft drinks will tennial community be sold street dance will be held Admission is free and June 14, Flag Day. from there will berafnesheld 7-11 p m at Panama and during the event Old Army Streets fashioned dress is Music for the event encouraged Whitney asked those areas to try to conserve water during these times until the pressure is restored He said there would be water but the pressure will be low Over the weekend the city used 800.000 gallons of water from the BMI systemandfi million gal Ions from SNWP because of the defective svstem HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NNe would also like lo Hish Ihc folloHing couples a Happ> Anni\cran! Thursd>, Ma> 2)ih (okH. and Iris G if ford, Moc and Helen Krlckvon, and Kent and Catherine Rhccs. Friday Ma% .^Oih • Jack & Sandy Vause. Saturday. Ma\ ^\\l Burke & laJuana Gillies. Sunda> June Isl Jim and lora lec Gibson, Frank & kari-n Patrick, (lair & Fma Worthcn, and Anillt & Grace Walker. Tursda\ June 3rd Brian & Gail Sullixan, and Wa>ne and IvIaRac Siililoe. W€^dnesda\, June 4lh • Ken & Xrlene Anderson, and Dale & Marilyn Brocket!. They're As Fresh As A Day in Spring! .. and you did it all yourself, quickly .. ecooomically, with our double capacity washers and dr\'frs! There's always an attendant on hand to help! It's a smart way to wash your clothes. Come set'. CAROL'S CARE FREE CLEANERS 518 Bouiaer Hwy. Ph. 564 2240 ACROSS FROM RASCO'S We publicly Endorse and Urge your Support — June 3 Dale Slarr Dora Wagner Hubert Giles Roger R Klingbiel Alice Price Mary Todd Kathy King Dale Rern^toen Jim King Karen Smith Bertha ForresU-r Fred Hartle Dennis Hafen Ruth Farnsworth Carolyn Sp-llman Del ores Nriger Billie Ilornyak Tony Dillards Edwina Ilopkinti Shirley Dickinsun Claude Hagner Dick Madsen Don "FYosly" Carlquist Joe Jaramillo Ray Mesrhnark Karen Galloway Elaine Kramer Selma Classen Aubrey RuefT Linda Sloan Dr. Michael Montf^omery Gilbert Medina Gary English Jim Horn Barbara Sheahan Frank Belger Kathrvn Schoenfeld George Price Fred Bidwell Sherry Hill H R Rassler John Carducci Bernice Tippets Becky Scarhourgh Jim Bergman Bob Weed man James Dickinson Howard Killian Arthur Hurd Dirk Owens Ruth Stull Dick Wleder Betty Hurd Joyce Carlisle Thelma Gandrud Susan Burns Kathy Cardwell Rex Newell Charles Stone Fawn Jolley Frances Williams Linda Croft Adolph Salazar Marian Walker John Yeager Barbara Garvey Jack Krueger Brent GrlfTus Ruth E McClelland Sally ChafHn Dick Greenwood Mary Ann Belger Mack Excel] Doug Canfield Laura Bennett Connie McKinley Jerry Berray Lyle Hamiter Peggy West Nathan Peeples Pat Madsen Judy Watson Ramona Baughman Geraldine Dawes Corine Tippets Bob McCutchen Clara Downer Greta Lewis Ix>u Banning James Wolf Lou Meyers Judy Bergman Chelnesia Peeples Mary Ann Burns Hal Smith Margaret Excel 1 Sharon Rothwel] Helen Martinez Gene Cobb Williana Hendricks Carl Spickelmier Bonnie Armstrong Marvin Radley John Farnsworth C.R. 'Russ' Neiger Jackie Dillards Joanne Burr Art Farnsworth Douglas Excell Jerry Brooks Edna Slocum Rosa Valdez Barney Oldfield Terry Heaton Max Bosse Claire Horthen HTI Green Gail Nielson Art Di'Ciaccio Brent Mathewson William Slocum Sr. Hester Welch Larry Hornyak Larry Weider Martha Rassler William Slocum. Jr. Lucille Owen Pat Griffus Sylvia RufT Mary Ann Schoenfeld Gail Armstrong Denise Balk Laurie Greenwood Alice McCutchen Eva Skinner Billy Dedmon Janet Cobb Madeline Weider Anne Martin John ChrisDerrick Adrian RuefT PHIL l>ou Carducci Joe Hill Charles Weast Harry Hill Wanda Johnson Emma W'orthen .\ re hie Forrester Beverly Empey Bobbie Simmons Virgil Croft Rosa Horn Corwin Tippets Fred Roth well Velda Farnsworth Virginia Weast Roberta Di'Ciaccio Rod Manning Tina Smith Gilbert Martinez Larry Slocum Ralph Dawes Nancy Sisnores Eldon ( arlisle Ben Jolley Kathy Hafen Juanita Varick Fred Ebert Ronnie Martin Anne Armstrong Billie Somerton Bob Dickinson Vicki Newell Jay Hopkins l^wrence D.^ngelo Budd> Damron Larry Sullivan Brian Stull Foyne Tippets Jim Downer Bill Spellman William Hendricks Dick Baughman Oval Todd Thelma Stokes Bill Dennis Candy Krueger Ruth Soehike Linda Wieder Shirley Castle Delila Fberf Robert Slocum Paul Robinson Gail D'Angelo Jeanine Dennis Lois Wolf Amy Dickinson Helen lago Albert Archuletta Pauline Bailey Lola Sue Barger Wesley Cook Rollene Casey Cecilia Jaramillo Del win Potter W'ilma Holden Sally Bosse Donald Griffle Delia Yeager Sharon Carducci Russ Wilson Roberta Hill Reid White Judy Excell Nelson Soehike Chris Bidwell Joe Stull Gene F'mpey Diane Klingbiel Alice Beaumont Louise Radley Samuel Valdez Joe Medina Nanc> Green Jack Gandrud Gordon Kline Wesley Adams Nancy Campbell David Burns Mike Grover Collis Bailey Dewey Casey Vickie Cook Reyes Archuletta Arnold lago Donelia Salazar A COUNCILMAN FOR EVERYONE PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT


Thursday, Way 29. 1975 Henderson Honae News Hendersou. Nevada Page 8 8 Stake Conference Set For ."'.he7„'r Henderson Nevada West Stake ch„„|, ^^^^ Dear Friends, *". •'^kri" "' News From Espinoza Wc arc happy to report that wc have had quite a few events these pa.st few weeks We had our election for board meeting, which would nominate seven people who will be running for office in our general rlecUon. which will be held here June, 18. at 1 p m We hope you will all come out and support the Candidates of your choice Friday the 23rd we had a birthday party for all people who had a birth day in May at 12 p m Cake andice cream was served by "Meals On Wheels" Saturday at 1 p m we had a beautiful turkey dinner which was prepared by the Eagles We had close to one hundred people come out, and we wish to thank very much the Eagles for all the work they put up in pre paring this meal for us We want to honor Ellen Daily and Leon Prowlx as they became ninety yrs. old this month We think they are the oldest c itizens at Espinoza Terrace We are sorry to report that Arthur Purches is in the Valley Hospital very ill Hope he's better very soon LilyTownscnd hasjust returned from Texas, from which she attended the funeral of her son Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to her at this time Debbie Meyers To Conduct Clinic Debbie Meyers, three Rold medal winner at the 1968 Olympics will offer a stroke and turn film and clinic presentatif)n Mon June 2 from 4 30 to 6 30 at the Lorin L. Williams municipal indoor swimming pool The theme of the film will be 'Demands Required to excell in Olympics." YOUR HOMETEAM HAS OPENINGS. A pot luck dinner will be held on June 21, at the Recreation hall, once a month from now on The public health nurse Marian Lappe R .N will be at the Recreation Hal! the second Monday of every month. Mr Eigmery is back in the hospital Hope he's well soon Mrs Mildred Brown and friends were also at our dinner Saturdav, the 24th Elder Marvin Rainc Curtis, a regional representative of the Council of THCIVC Apostles of the Church of Je*us Christ of Ulter-dav Saints, will peak at the Henderson Nevada West SUkc Conference Saturday and Sunday, May 31 and June 1, in Mcnderson. Elder Curtis serves as the Regional Representative for the Moapa and Las Vegas rcRJons. He hts served as the Presideni of the Monument Park Suke and Mission President of (he Hillside Stake. He is a (graduate of the University of Utah and is a Real Estate Broker in Salt Lake City. Elder Curtis is the father of seven children. The public is invited to attend the Sunday Conference session at 10:00 a.m. in the Ocean Street Chapel in Henderson. Stake President Joseph D. Reese, 4961 Newton Ave., las Vegas, will conduct. R.S.V.P. Emma Quartcrson was HJth us Tuesday. Sure was good to have her back. Too bad she can't stay. Had a report on Jim Clarke. He's much improved, and will soon be able to leave the hospital for a rest home. Hope he can soon be hack with us. Our Tuesday crowds hav e been small lately. Hope you'll come bark to our social merlinf>s. Wc miss vou. Everyone is cordially invited to attend worship services which are held on Sunday mominK at 10:4.S. The sermon topic for June 1st is "The Story of the Two Builders" from Mathew Chapter 7-24-27 to be given by Pastor Ronald P. Mayer. Sunday School classes will not meet for the months of June, July, and August hut will begin again on Sept 7th. Our Savior's will hold it's annual Vacation Bible School from June 9ib thru the 13th, beginning al 9:00 a.m. and closing at 12:.30. The school is open to all children from ages 4 to 14. There is no charge but a free will offering will he taken each day to help defray costs. Advance registration will be held on Saturday, June 7th from 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 noon al the church, which is located at .S9 I vnn Lane next to the Recreation Center. The theme this year is "Jesus Touch Me." It is an exhilarating look into the lives of New Testament Personalities u ho were touched by Jesus and demonstrates that the power of Jesus' touch is as electrify ing toda> as it u as when Jesus walked the earth.Bring your children. If you desire any further information please contact Jane Englebrecht at .S65.8*54. It's been a pleasure visitinK with you as I have called from door to door. Thank you for your warm hospitality. To those of you whom I've missed, perhaps wc can consider a few points as the campaign draws to a close. I WILL 1. ADMINISTER the Justice Court efficiently and fairly: a. Start on time and be considerate of your time; b. Discern the facts and apply the law to insure your rights and preserve | and protect your property; c. Temper justice with mercy. I WILL 2. BE THERE: a. When Court is open; b. At any time of day or night, whenever and wherever you need me. I WILL 3. CLEAN UP MY CAMPAIGN SIGNS. With me. two half truths do not make a whole truth. You know my credentials. They're beyond question. You can depend on me to do the right thing. I'll appreciate your vote on June 3 and will work with you and for you in the administration of justice, preservation of liberty, and the maintenance of the integrity of the Henderson Justice Court. Best personal regards, MONTE MORRIS PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT .aiuiMiuiwiMMMawMaaMMwiMMiwiMiiwiuiiuiiwiwiwwaawwawaaaa^wawaawaMMMwawawMiwwwMMMiwitfiMiwiwiWMiMiiwiwiuiiuiiw ; UTILITY RATES TOO HIGH!! MARGARET LOMPREY THINKS SO! : • • LONG BEFORE HER APPOINTMENT TO THE HENDERSON CITY COUNCIL, MARGARET TOOK POSITIVE ACTION TO FIGHT THE PROPOSED INCREASES!! COUNCILWOMAN LOMPREY WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT ANY INCREASES IN YOUR UTILITIES!! •I LOMPREY CITY COUNCIL PAID POLITICAL AD\TRTTSEMEVT I 'TTiTiviTi.Mri'iiii^Mvii'y TiriTPrrTi TiT[TiTiTiii'nTITITn'lir i'i'i'''nMMTiT rnTIVITn'lTm i: iniwwwttimintwwwinntwaiiwwiiwwMwwwwiititfwwwwiniinotuxwwww^owxwwwMMMMgMMtfM


I"P' I"P" p pi Thursday, May 29, 1975 Henderson Home News Henderson, Nevada Pe 9 sociEn ^ n *^n(er--President. Jean Hardy— Super\i(>ing, LaVon Holmes luau: Henderson Emblem Club No 272wi!l hold Its Annual Luau. May 31st, at the Elkft Lodge on Lake Mead Dr No host. Miinawa Enu (Cocktail Hour) at 6 30 p m to 7 30 p m r>inn'r to follow, entertainment it Dancing at 9 p.m to the MUSIC of "Wild Country" Tickets may be purchased from Emblem Club Members or at the door $4.50 donation. Dinner Menu: Ham Salad Molakai, Hawaiian Glazed Chicken, Bar-B-Q Puaa (Piglet). Oriental fried nee. Sweet Potatoes Raffle tickets may also be purchased from any Emblem Club member or at the door Spend a dollar and win a hundred Mr. and Mrs. \^illlam C. Sanderson. 4Q4,^ Philmar St., Las Vegas, announce the rngagemeni of their daughter Karen, to Jay Hopkins, SOD of Mrs. LdMina Hopkins, 21 Laswell St.. Henderson. The wedding has been set for Aug. 9 at St. Viators C atholic Church In IJIS \ egas. The prospecti\c bride is presently a nursing stuParty Set For Jim Ness Basir High School Student Body President ,fim Ness will be h.>niired with a party tomorrovi night at the home of Dr. .1. Marian Walker prior to his attending the National Music School at Jnterlochen. Mich. The part> bepms at .) p m and all of his man\ friends are invited. It will be a home-made ice cream social and there will be a dollar tree in his honor. Ness has been recognized because of his ability to plav the tuba After his eight weeks in Mich he will return lo at'end Brigham Noting L'niver sitv. dcnl attending the I ni\ersitv of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is a 1972 graduate if Basic high SI hool. Her nance is a 1969 graduate of Basic high school and attended Dixie College in Si. George, I'tah, where be was aeii>e in student government and athletics. He is employed as an apprentice pipc-nttcr through lcal ^2S. Kevin Lund Helping Vietnomese Relaxing in between makii.^ ;..„;.. i... im Annual Luau. Barbara Hugulay Serving chairman deorgia I \ons-Publicity, La>on Holmes-Ways A Means Chairman, Betl> Crnssle>--President. Na\\ Conslrurlion Mechanic Conslruelionman Apprentice Kevin D. I und, son of Mr. and Mrs. Horare H. Lund of 10.1 Yucca St., Henderson, is helping provide aid to ^ lelnamesi' refugees on (•uam. He is participating in "Operation New Life." the I niied Stales" effort to furnish food, shelier and clothing for the evarualed people. Carl Smith Dies in Provo, Carl W. Smith. 53. who formerly lived in Hender son. passed away in Provo Saturday of a heart attack. He IS a brother to Larkin Smith, long-time resident of Henderson, and his mother. Siddie. resides in East Las Vegas. Funera' scrsices were hvid III I'rovoun luesdav. he is survived by his widow. Dons and fiv( children. MARGARET LOMPREY CONGRATULATED FOR APPOINTMENT TO CITY COUNCIL HOWaaO m CAMM>M. MTV CHAlMMAM HaiM. a wiLLiAMt. m .n I. MAM, O MArr^ti^D. iiam r.'^o';"*.T'.l^T""" • *", MiKxxtleO <^tcttcs <^enatc UI_tS *ND AOMINISTWATIOH WA>HIN<2T0M, D C I05I0 Mrs. Margaret Lomprcv ., ^ „, ,„„. 601 Federal .Street ^^''^ 24. 197,5 Henderson, Nevada 8901.5 Dear Margaret: I was pleased lo learn that you had been appointed to the Henderson City Council. I know you will do a fine job on the Council, and I hope you will let me know at any time I can be of assistance. With all best wishes, 1 am Sincerely, ID VM CANNON / lfWC:l.i KAY H DAISES Municipal Judft BILUE EDMONDSON Court Clerk •'$ MUNICIPAL COURT City of North Las Vegas 192$ North Bruce Street r O Bot 4096 SOHTH L4S VEG4%. SEVADA t9f)S0 Telephtme 6495911 Eti JJ7 March 21, 19 75 Counc?Iwoman Margaret Lomprey City of Henderson 243 Water Street Htn'.erson, Nevada 89015 Dear Margaret: Congratulations on your appointment to the Henderson City Councill They've certainly made a wise decision in selecting you for the position. I know you will be an asset to the City. May I wish you the very best and send my sincere wishes for a happy and successful term. Sit rerej lines Municiy&l Judge City /l North Las Vegas RHDrlg fc*'I Of*!. THE STATE Or NEVADA CAOSON C T y KitvADA March 21. P75 Mrs. Margaret Lomprey fOl Federal Street Henderaon. Nevada fi<)015 Dea r Margaret: My warm congratulations to you on your appointment to the City Council of Henderson. It s a fine tribute from your associates and a reward you richly deserve for your many years of splendid • ervice to the people of Henderson and to the Democrats of the entire state. I cant think of anyone who would have been • better choice. My very best wishes to you and deep appreciation for your loyal support of me always. Sincerely. Mike O'CalUghan GovttrDor of Nevai rAip pouncAL ABfmmHiNT


lo Page 10 wmmu la Ikr Eighth Judlrltl OliUlrl Curt Of Ihr SUIr of Nrttd*. • and Kor tbr ( oual) of Clirk HLKO APR l4 32 PN 75 I^RI':TTA BOWMAN (LERK BV LINDA SKVERt rA.SE NO AIIMM • • Ihr Mitirr of tbr Pirrntal Rl(ht> H U> LAl'RA U)l ISl ( OO^EV (nd I.I.SA MARIE ( (KtNEV. Ntnont NOTICE TO: (iARV P rnONEV. hlbrr oflhr abnvp namfs) minor chlldrrn ^<)l \V.\ lURI-R) MITIEIED that thrrr h> brrn nird in Ibr ibair rBlltlf^ ( nun • I'riltion pratlnx for Ibr trrininatloo of \our parrattl rights otrr thr iho\r naaird tolnnr prrtAOK and tbit Ihr Prtllloa htft brn vl doo n fnr hraring brfomhii Court. St tbr courtroom tbrrrof. it l^ Vrga> in Ihr ( ounti of (Itrk. on Ihr jaih do of Mav. 1(75. al thr hour of • 00 oclork A M at ahlrh ttar and plarr \ou arr rrqulrrd to hr prrarni if >ou driirr tooppo^ thr Priillon hrmn nATEl) lbi> 1 dat of \pn l*7i ni.STRKT tOl FT .SJAI U)R:TT* BOH MAN. < Inh By IINPA SE\TRE IVpulv CIrrk I HAT I 15. . ttri In tbr Eighth Judiilal Didrirl < ourt Of Ihr Sutr of Nr\ada In and Eor Ihr ( ounlt of Clark No Al CHE.STER AZISr: and Vl.RON \ AZISE riaiBiin NEIL A. WTl II and I I f III E H WTLIE. Drfrndani M"IMOS> THESTATf OI M\ \n\MNnS (.EET!NC,> TO THE *BO\t: NAMEDDEEENDAVT Vou arr hrrrh> ftunimnnrd and rrqulrrd to !irr\r upon J\M>S M BIXI.ER E>Q plaintlfTt allortir> aboar addrrsv ii> 225 Mil BndRrr .\vrnur l.a> \>ga!> Nfiadi an anaorr to thr 1 omplaini hirh i^ hrrr*ltb fcrrvrd upon >ou. i1bin 21) day* aftrr ftrrvirr of ihU SumiDonK upon you rrlu<(ivr of thr da\ of arr %ire If >ou fail to do ho. judgmrnt by drfault ill hr takrn a(ain>t you for tbr rrlirf drtnanrird in thr I om pUlai Tbia la an artinn brought h% Plain tlffa against Drfrndantv for *)Uins dor aii4 ooing pursuant to a Promi^ tor* No4r as ran hr morr full* srra IB tbr Cemplainl on filr hrrrin l/)IUTT\ BOWMAN CIrrknfCoun Bv I.ISPA sEMRE Drpui\ < Irrk DISTRICT COl HT SEAL DATE January 20 1(75 B May I g 15. 22 ?•. If75 In Ibr Elghib Jodirial Dimrlri Court fH Ihr .Kutr of Srvada In and I or tbr Count.* of Clark No AI4071* DAVID BON AS. PlbiDllfT WAt'UJIN BONAS. Drfrudanl SIMMONS THE STATE Of NEVADA SENDS GREFTINCS TO THE ABOVl NAMED DEFENDANT Vou arr brrrb> kumraoDrd and rrqulrrd lo arr%r upon GEOBOI F'OLEY ISQITRE pIslDllfTaatlorDr* bosr addrra tt let Eaal Canon Suiir 1102 I at Vrpi Nrtada g101 an an>rr lo thr Complaint hirh i brrrwitb arrvHl upon vou lthin ZOdavaaflrt arr^-lrr of thl* Summon* upon *ou rirlualvr of tbr dav of rr\irr If vou fall 10 do *n Judgmrnt h* drfaultoill hr lakrn agaiOMi vou for thr rrlirf drmandrd in tbr I omplaini Tbia la an arlion brnugbi tr. obuia a Jadgmrnt diol>in( ibr hond> of matrioionv hrrrtoforr and now unit ing tbr riainlirf and Drfrndani DISTRICT COIRT SEAL LORETTA BOWMAN CIrrk nffouri B> ALDINA MANI, Ikrpulv CIrrk DATE May Mb It75 H-May 15 22 Juar 5 12 1*75 POLICE )f. REPORT ^ LARCENY REPORT May lOVictims name: John FugentMinrtio of 362.) Marie. Lak VcsaN. Henderson Home Nrws Henderson, Nevada Thursday. May 29. 1975 mmm In tbr Eighth Judicial Dialrirt Coun (K Ibr Sutr of Nrtada In and for thr ( ouniv of Clark No AI405ft3 NANCV JEAN PAR>-NER. riaiBiirr •. Rir^ARD RI'WELL DARKNEK Ikpfrndant SIMMONS THE STATE OE NEVADA SENDS CU:iTIN(,S TO THE ABOVE NAMKD DEPENDANT UCHARD RCtiKELL DARfiNEK You arr brrrbv aumnoord and rrqulrrd to arrvr upon KENT J DAWMIN ES4 plalutirri. aliomrt •boar addrrat \s 243 Wairr strrrl HoDdrraoD Nrvada SWISan anaw. to thr f omplalm obirb u hrrr* ib arrr4 upon vou ollhiB ZSdavaaflrf arrvirr of tht Summon*, upon vou rarlualvr of thr dav of arrvlrr Ifvou ralltedoao judgmrnib* drfauli will hr tabrB againai vou for tbr rrlirf draaadrd in liar ( oaplalni TbIa la as ariion krougki to diaaolvr Ibr boada of matrlBon> aoo and horotoforr rilating briivrrn vou aad Ibr rial aim U>RETTA BOWMAN CIrrkorCoan B> SANDRA Mr( LAREN prput> nork DIRTUCT COIRT KEAI. DATE MAV 2 It75 y-Hty II, n. n. jar t. It. int In thr Eilhib Judlrial DIalrli t ( ourt Of Ihr Stair of Nrvada In and E'or thr County of (lark No At247l J0SIE:PHA SAVAGE. piaiBiirr Paradifkc Vallr> Golf & Counlrv Club. Suspert|N| lookSl.S. worth of jcwt'lr> and precious mclal, S20. worth of rlolhlnf> and furN, $2.^0. inisi'fllancuus, total loss ^alul>d al S2H.S. lARCtNY RKPORl |Ma> 9|\iclims nami-: Jack Howard Murtindalc of I84,S Ward #26. Hind crson. Theft from aulo. Suspcctlsl took a $11. radio, SS24. misirllaneouN, total IONS \alued at ss.ss. LARCENY REPORT |Ma.\ QlOl-Viclims name: Uw Knee ftlack, of 19 Washington Wy, Henderson. Theft from huilding. I Wash & l)r>l 842 lake MeatI Drixe.Suspectlsl carried out chairs, bui did not disturb anything else. Total loss \alued at Sl.SO. MM liORI>ON SA\ AGE. Drfradant ADDITIONAL SCMMONS THE STATE OE NEV ADA SENDS GREETIMi.S TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEITNDANT Vou arr brrrb> auramonrd and rrqulrrd lo arrir upon BELL 4 LEAVITT (TD plalBtifTt atlor Br\%. wbo^r addrraa It 319 E Rrid grr \vr l.aa yrgai. Nrvada an anaorr to tbr Complaint hlrb ia hrrrllh >rrvrrrlbrd In Ihr (omplaini fllrd hrrrin lilRETTA BOWMAN CIrrkofCourt Bv JANET RI':BER Drpuly Orrk DATE March 31 It75 H May 15. 22 2* Juar 5 12 175 In Tbr Juktirr Court Of NEUSON TOWNSHIP CASE AND DOCKET NO IM 1 MARION ORVIS Plainiirr JACK W ARINER A MRS JACK WARINER. buthand and lfr Drfrndaau AEHDAMTOI COMPLAINT AND ORDER STATE OF NTA ADA SS (Ol NTy OE Marlon Onia bring dul* voom drpoarfi aad vava that ihr DrfrndaDI I* tndrbtrd toibr IMaintirf in thr um of 5450 M plua rokta That Afnant ba* drmaadrd pa*mr8i of i*aid turn Tbal Drfrodaal rrfutra to pav tbr vamr and no part ibrrrof bat brrn paid That tbr nrfradaot rraidra is NrltoB Toonahip (lark Count* Mair of Nr\ada Tbal Ihr AfTiant rraidra ia Bouldrr City, in thr County of Clark Slair of Novada Marion Ortla. Plaialiff Suharrlhr^l and aftoro to hrforr lar tbli24tbdav of April ir5 ii Clifford! Srgrrblom ClIEFORDI SEC.ERBLOM Juttlrr of tbr Prarr Nrlton Tooaablp lai Vlvlaa M Smllr VIVIAN M STOLLE CIrrk of Ibr Juatirr Court ORDIR SUIT oTNrvada to tbr W liSia Namrd Drfrodaal GrrvtlBRa you arr brrrb* dirrrti-d lo apprar andanvorr Ihr I thin and forrRnmit riaim al m* offirr in thr ( it* of Bouldrr Cll* City Hall Stair of Nr*ada on thr Sth da* of Junr Iff75 al thr hour of 3-04 P M on thr aflrr noon of aaid da* and to bavr atith *ou. tbrn aad thrrr all hooka paprrv and wilnraart nrrdrd b* vou m rvlahllab your drfraar of aaid rlalra And vou arr fsrtbrr aotlflrd thai In raar you da not apprar Judgaarni mill hr gitrn againai vou for tbr anouni of rlaia aa iigird IB aaid afndavii Dilrd lhl Itb day of Mav 1175 lai Clifford ( Nrgrrhlom n.lEKORD ( SEGERBI/IM Juatirr of thr Prarr Nrlaoa Towntblp lai Vltlan M Slallr t IMAS M STOLLt CIrrk of the Jualirr (ourt U 4 B Ma* 15 Z2 2 1*75 In Ibr Elf bib Judlrial DIatrirt ( ourt (K tbr Suu of Nrvada In and For tbr fount* of Clark No AI4M4I PERRy HVSO*!. Plalatin RI'BV WILWN HVHON. Drfradaai RinVMONB THE ST ATI fF NEVADA dC^DS GRF:E'TIN(;S TO THE ABO*T NAMED DEFENDANT Vou arr hrrrb* aumaioard and rrqulrrd In arrvr upon STAN1.EV W PIERCF plainllfra attorarv ivboar addrraa la JM Frmoni Sirrrt l.a> Vrgaa Nrvadaanaaaivrr lotbrf OB plalsl oblrb la brrraltk arrvrd upon yoj aallblB 20 dayt alVr arr vIrr of Ibia SUBBOBI upon vou rarlualvrof Ibr dav of arrvirr Ifvou fall to doao. JudfBrai k* drfaalt aalll b< takrn agaiaai *ou lor tbr rrlirl drmaadrd in tbr ( onplalot Thii la an artloa brought lo diaaolvr thr boada of aaatrlBOBv ralallag briorrn Plalallfraad Drfradaai UIRITTA BOWMAN CIrrk of (ourl B> ALDINA NANb Drpaly CIrrk DIHTRICT (OlBTltEAL DATE May I 1*71 H May 11. U. i*. Jaat I, II, l*T LEGAL NOTK I l74 Ford SUIInn Wagon to hr aold to bighrvi biddrr hro iitir i* ohtainrd by tloragr lirn Srr No OJ7KI00 lir Nc ( L 4g3 Nrvada platrv |j-al 0nrr-Parinr Lliuntr 140IN Drratur.ljaVrgai Rrglvurrd Oivarr John J Dair* 4I4 W*nn Rd lav Vfga Nr* Sair to hr brid 10 A M Junr 2. I:5 at So Nrvada Aulo Partt off Bouldrr Htrv aad King St HrndrrvoD Nrv H May 15. 21. 2 1*75 la Ihr Eighth Judii iai Diatrlrl ourt Of thr SUlr of Nrvada In ano lor Ihr lount* of < lark Sn M4042 HI (.O MORI NO riainlifT LIPIA LlflA OROPEL dr MOR>NO Drfrndani SI MMONs THI STATI OFNEV ADA M NPS t,RFETIN(.s TO THI AB"\ I NAMin DEIIND\NT Vou arr br-rrh* •.umm'^n'-d and rrqulrrd to vrr*r upon I liw ARD WEINSTEIN ESvJ plaintiff V attornrv *^h^^r addrrvv iv ;.10i I .a* \rgavBI*d S lav *rga' Nuada ••1(14 an an*orr to Ibr ( omplaini uhirb I* brrroitb <,rr*rd upon *ou. oilhin 24 da** aftrr v< r\ irr of thi* summont up^n vru rirlutivr of thr dav of arrMcr If vou fall lo do vo Judgmrnt bv drfaull ill hr lakrn agaiRftt you for thr rrlirf d^'maodrd m ibr Complaint Tbiv artion i* broufihi to rrrovrr a jadgnrnt di>*ol*ing il.r hondv of Biatrimon* prr*rnil* r-tivtinK briwrrn vou and thr PlaintilT lORmABOM\N Cli'iknfloull R* RITH lMi Input* CIrrk niSTRKT (01 RT SI AI DATE Mav 12 1:5 H Mav 22. 2 Junr .S 12 I* 1*7% la Ibr Eighth Jodirial Di^irlrt (ourt Of Ibr SU'i of N.-voda In aad For tbr (ouni> of (lark No AI4I274 RlNl ORMA7An\I Plainlifl \s E.STER ORMA7ABAI Drfradaai SCMMONS THE STATE OF Nl\ADA SENDS i.RIFTIN(.> TO TlIF ABO\i NAMID I> H ND'.NT >*ou arr h rrb.^ vummonrd and rrqulrrd l' *iT*f up"?jOHS (, SPANN ES411FI rlaiBiiff* attornrv *hoMaddn .* i* 302 Fa^i Carvon Avraur *-tMir 1106 1 at trga* Nr*oda R910; an anvv*rr Ui thr (omplaini birh la hr -miib trrvrd upon *i'U within l!Oda*vaftrr •rrv Irr of Ihi* Summnn* upon vou. rarlualvrof thr da* of vr rv irr If vcu falltrtdoao )udgm'ni b* drfaull Kill hr lakrn againvl *ou for thr rrlirf drmandrd in Ihr ( omplaini Thi* artion I* hroughi \t> rrrnvr-r a judgntrni diasolviag tbrbonda of malnmon* hrrrtoforr and no riiviing brtwrra vou an^ PlaioltfT UiRITT A BOWMAN CIrrk off oun B< I.INIiA SlAlkl Drpuiv CIrrk DISTRKT COIRT SEAl DATE Ma* I* l:5 H Ma* 22 2* Juar I. 11 If 1*75 In Ibr Eighth Judlrial Divulrl ( ourl of tbr Stau of N'r*ada la and For Ihr ( ouniv of! lark CASE NO A 115127 JOANNE ERICK.HON. Plalntirr In Ibr Elghib Juii: lai Di-itriri ( ourt Of tbr Suir of Nrvada In aad For tbr ( riunt* of Clark No AIMdM SHIRLE\ TEHERE RAirO riaintirr v VINCENT RA^ Drfrndani SI MMONS THE STATE OF NEVADA !(EN|S GRFITINf.v. TO THI ABOVt NAMED DEI I VIIANT VINCENT RAC.0 Yoa arr brrrb* aummonrd and rrqulrrd lo ornr upon KENT J DAWRON ESt plaintlfTt altorar* ** hot*-addrraa I* 243 WaIrr Sirrrt Hrndrrton Nr.ada HkOI^ anao-Hrrii. Ihr( om rialniahl' hit hrrr It lib arnrd upon .ou itilhiii ifli da*, aflrr vrrvirr of Ihit Summon* upon vou rarlualvr of Ihr da* of arr*irr If vou fall lo do ao ludgairat h* drfaull alll br lakrn .igaiDtt *ou for thr rrlirf drmandrd to thr ( omplaini Tbi* It an arilon brought u, di* aolvr thr bond* of matrimon, not* aad hrrrtoforr raiaiing brtttrrn vou and Ihr PlaintlfT LORFTTABOWMAN (Irrkoffouri By SANDRA VORK Drpaly Orrk DISTRKT (OI BT MEAL DATE Mar 21 It75 H-Hy XI. n. Juar 4 II l(. 1*74 ta MIITON PORTER THI (,I ARDIAN LIFE INS! RANCI lOMPASy OF AMERK A DANIEI \ T H A ( K I M 11 II RI I) I TH A( KE ARI ENE P SHELBV and JOHN |tOi:.S I through X. Drfrndantk NOTK \ OF >-HERIEF"S SALE Bv viriur of Ihr Judgmrnt ralrrrd b* thr abovr I ourt on thr 2*lh da* of Apri! 1075 and thr Ordrr of thr aho.r rntltird ( ourt rnlrrrd on tbr 2)davofMav 1075 dirrrtrdanddrll *rrrd lo nir at ShrrlfT of Ihr ounly oft lark la BInrh Nlar 1*1 of GrraUr l.a> Vrgaa \ddllloB Tract No 2 at vhoon bv map Ibrrrof OB nir in Rook t of Plait pagr kT in Ihr ofnrr of thr ( ouatv Rrrordf>r oil lark ( runt* Nr*da I Avo known aa 1505 I RonaaU' PI Bl l( NOTK I It hrrrb* givrn that I Ibr uadrraignrd aa Shrrlff of Ihr (ounly of Clark, mill on Ihr 24 dav of Juar. 1*75. at 10 0 odork AM nfaarbdav atthrClarkCount* (ourlbouar 200 latl (arioo A*rnur l.at Vrgat Nr*ada aril at public auilion to thr btghrti htddrr for ca^h auhjrrt to thr rnrumhr ancrt of ir< ord *hir b arr aa follosa Malrattr Lifr in tbr amount of IK 118 84. aad Danlrl F Tbarkr and MlldiH L Tharkr in Ibr amount of li: 017 42 all of Ibr right lillr and Inirrrti of MIITON PORTER and JOANNE IRII KSON in and to tbr abovr dracrih^-d rral proprrtv vuhjm to conflrmaiioa bv thr (oun DATED tbit 23 da* of Mav 1075 RAIPH LAMB hh-riff of Clark (ouni* Nr*da B> I'l Br*rrl> W Prrkint Drpuiv R PAITSORINSON FXJ attornrv for PlaintlfT 1*1 R Paul Sorravon 323 \M\ Vrgat Boulrvard s Ijt yrgat Nrvada gOlOl B May 2* JuBr 5 12. 1*. 1075 In tbr Eighth Judinal Diairirl Coun of Ibr sutr of Nrvada In and For tbr ( ountv of Clark FII.Fn MAy 22 0 50 AM 75 UtRITTA BOWMAN (TERR BY LINDA SEVERE CASt NO A 141242 In thr Mattrr of tbr Appllrailon of MILI'RED RADIN for Iravr (a ( baBgr Hrr NaBr lo MILDRED MORELL NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY CI>TN ibal MILDRED RADIN hat on ibr lOtb dav of Ma* 1*75 fllrd lib Ibr rirrb of thr ahoir rnillird court brr prti lion for change of naicr fron MILDRED RADIN to Mil DRED MORE: LI. and all prraona Inirrrtu^ IB Ibr aforraald maiirr or dralriag to br brard mav apprar la Orport mralNo of Ihr abovr ratlllrd court at Ibr ( ourtboaar in tbr ( liv of L^t Vrgat CouBlv of Clark Siair of Nrtada as ibr 24 dav of June 1*75 al tbr hour of 0 00 o dork A M of titd dav or mav flir oitb tbr cIrrk of Ihr ahovr rnillird court atrlltra objrctlont l tbr propoard cbangr of camr OB or brforr tbr 24 da.* of Juar 1075 DATED tbIa 22 dav of May 1*71 It! Trrry L Hraa TERRV L HESS Atinrar* for Prtltioarr 220 l^a Vrgaa Boulrvard South Laa \rRaa Nrvada •*IOI H May 20 Juar 4 II 1074 lARCENY REPORT |Ma> 6-7)Victims name: ( harles Ernest Chapman of D2.< loll St. Henderson. Suspecl|s| stole tools from parked vehicle. Total loss valued at S3.S0. AKRESTIMav 151William Jarvin Salvadore age .^2. Charge: vagrancv, prowling {Misd.!. ARREST|Ma> 141-Sandra Ann James ajje 24, of 14(M) Chestnut, llend. Charge: assault with a deadiv weapon. ARREST |Mavl4|Kenneth Earl Page Jr. age 20, of ins Ocalillo. Hend. Charge: hurglar> |fe!on>l. ARREST IMav 41 Wallatc Harold Tomlinson age .56. of KB I El Camino, Boulder Cilv. Charge: Dl I. ARREST I Mav lOi la tbr Eighth Judinal Divirirt Court Of tbr SUU of Nrtada la and For tbr ( nuni* of Clark No AI*T STEPHEN M SVOREN. Plainlirr Vh GMIRIA V KVfFRFN Drfrndani SI MMONh THI STATE OF NEV ADA SENDS GREETINGS TO THI ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT Vou arr brrrb* aummonrd aad rrqulrrd to arr*r upon JOHS W HI NT ES(i plalnlifri altorar* tthotr addrra. it 423 ( artoa Lat Vrgat Nrtad&ananattrr lotbr COB plaint ohirb it hrrrwitb arrvrd upon vou atilhin 20 data aftrr arr virr of tbia Summont upon *ou rarluaitrof tbr dav of arrt icr Ifvou falllodoto ludgmrntbt drfaull alll IM takrn again*I vou lot Ihr rrlirf drmandrd In Ihr ( omplaini Thit la aa artloa la DIvorrr LORITTABOHMAN llrrboffaun Bt DUMTHEA RAbQl'l. Drpul> Clrrti DIKTRICT ( OiRT MAL DATE MAT 4 1*75 H May (. 15 12 I* Jaar 4 1*71 GARDEN CLUB INSTALLS-New oHicers of thp oarden club were instal'ed. Shown are Sylvia Miner,treasureriHazel Miller,secretary; Emy Jo Vannattan, vice president, and Judy Adams, president. LEGAL NOTICES In Ihr lighih Judicial Dialrirt ( ourl of tbr suw of Srtoda In and lor thr ( ount* of Clark ni ID MA> 20 3 12 PM 75 lORETTA BOWMVN ( IIRK BV RITH tHiwn ( ASE NO A 141134 IN THE MATTER Of THI PARENTAL RIGHTS A> TO DIFGO ( FSTIRO HIPOl ITO and MARIA ANTOMA (FSTIRO HIPOIITO Minor* NOTK I TO DIEGO HirOLITt) lilVA. The fatbrr of Ibr abovr namrd minor rhildrrn and to all prrona (laiming lo br Ihr fatbrr rf turb minor childri n and lo all prrtont claiming to hr rrlatrd to tbr aho*r namrd minor rhildrrn VOl ARE HERIBV NOTiriin that thrrr bat hrrnftlrd in tbr ahovr rnillird < ourt a Pciliion pra*tng for tbr IrrmlnatioB of tbr father parrntal rigbiv o*rr tbr abo*r namrd irinor* and that thr Prtiiion hat hrrn art for hrarirt hrforr ihiv ( ourt in thr ( f uriroom Ibrrrof at Ibr ( II* of l^t V rgat in tbr Count* of ( lark, ^utr of Nrvada oa ;br Z? dav of Junr 107a at thr hour of 0 (Ml \ M at ohicb timr and plarr vou arr rrqulrrd lo hr prrvrol if *ou drsirr to oppovr thr Priillon DATED thit 20 day of Ma* 1075 UlRITTt BOWMAN (Irrk B* BITM tKlWD D.pui* DISTRICT COl RT SE AL H Ma* 20. Junr 5 12. 10 1*75 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO (ONSIDEFTHF ADOPTION A REI.l IJVTION IT)R THI Nl\ADA DEPARTMENT OI I MPUIVMENT SECl RITV NOTICE IS HEREBV GIVEN that laorrnrrO MK rarkrn F frutlvr Dirrrior i.( ib> Nevada Drpartmmi of I mplotmrni Srrurti* int/ndtio consider thr ad->p Nrv ada 4 The purpotr of aaid hraring it to rnntidrr *t briber nr not taid reg ulatioB namrlv ESD'I7 Rrvitro thould hr nodlfird rrarindrd rrpraird or adoplrd for tbr third anil faunb calendar quanrrt of i075 |nurrlrd pervont trr lOvilrd lo attrnd the braring and prrarnt Ihnr virat roncerning thr adoption mod Iflraiion amrndmrnt or rrviaioBi of taid rrfiulaiioaa or prtaroi an* rvi deacr oral or orllirn that thr* aia* bavr prrUiBing ibrrrto 5 Anlon on taid rrgulailoa ahall hr ukrn althin n*r daw aftrr aaid publir hraring and thall br rITrrtivr Jul* I lO'S Dalrd thit 14lb da* of Ma* 1075 iti Morrnrr O Mrf rackrn I arrullte Dirrrior Nrtada Ih-partmrni of Emplovmeni Srrurll* HMa* 2 Juar 4 1*74 In tbr Fighib Judicial Dtttriri ( oun Of the suu of Nrtada la and fur tbr (oual* af < lark III ID MA> 21 3 3(1 PM 75 lOBFTTA BOWMAN I IIRK BV DAV ID PI RCEXL Na t7B IN THI MATTEROETHEEKTATf 01 HHARRON MARIE LIPPARD Drr NOTK I TO CREDrTORS iThrrr Month* Sniirr. Notirr It brrrh* given that Ibr uodrrtignrd hat hrrn dul* appointrd aad qualinrd b* tbr ahotr rnillird ( oun on Ibr It da* of Ma* 1075 at Adminiairaioi of thr rauu o( SHARRON MAkll LIPPARD drrraard All rrrdltara having riaimt againai aaid oaUlr arr rr for Ihr E>utr (.OER(.F E FRANKLIN EMJ H Mat 2* JuBt 4. IZ. II. 24 irk Homer Gregop Ashcraft age 18, of 90 Visla Trailer Park, warrant .S2.^8 lor give awav of controlled suh stance, {felonvl. ARREST IMav 91( vnthia Veronica Hardv of 7.^0 Center St. Henderson. Charge: possession of a controlled suhstancc I Marijuana j. .\HKEST !Mav 10 Paul Allan Siricgel age 21. of 438 Jefferson, Hcnd. Charge: possession of a lonlrolied substance. ARREST IMav lO]I inda Marie Eil/patrick age 21, of 4.^8 Jefferson, Hend. ( harge: possession of a controlled substance. ARREST Mav 9 Cecil Brush age 19. of 23 Wvoming St. Hcnd. Charge: sale of controlled substanie,, ftlonv ,. ARREST (MRV 9!Joseph ( arl Paquclic age 22, of M'^ > an VNagenen. Hend. Chal^;e: harboring a subject liable lo arrest. ARREST Mat • -Garv James H,ird>, of "'.30 Center St. Hend. Charge: possession of a controlled substanie. ARREST Mav 121Kenneth Kirbv Nicks age Garden Club Install Officers On .Mav 16th, the new officers of the Palo Ncrdc (rarden Club vvcre install' cd at an evening ban!.|ue( for the members and their guests. As the installing officer, Mrs. Aggie Roberts. Prcs ideni of the .Nevada State Federation nf dardin Clubs and Creaiivt .\rls Mother of the >car. passed the Presidents gavel to Judv .Adams, the \ iie-Presiden( V to hmv Jo N'annallan, the Serretarv's position to Ha/el Miller and the 1 rcasurcr' s b(M)ks to Svlvia .Nliner. .Mrs. Riiberts" installing theme was "Hov Shall \^e Be Judged." Next September the C.ardtn Club and Clinir will be offering new talks and activities. If vou are inleresled in gardening or having questions involving flowers, vegetables, housiplants, or flower arran>;ing, the members of I be Palo \trdc will be mfisi happ\ to have vou join us. There are openint;s lor new members also, and ve'd love to have vou. 24. of 4487 lake Mead, las Negas. Charge: Dl I. ARREST IMav 10 John Ortez Martinez age 22, of 401 Merlavne, Hcnd. Charge: burgiarv ARREST Mav \\ Jefferv Benilv Shields age 28. of 4ri Silver Dollar "Cr, Las \ egas. Charge: disordcrlv conduct. Attend CHURCH Sunday sponsored By \ OPEN LETTER ] ^ Dear Henderson Voter: • w This past year has been a turbulent one for limderson. as jL ^ well as nationally It behooxes all of the concerned (itizens -^L. ^ of this romrounity to work diligienth to restore faith in the -^ judiciary system, as well as in goveramrnt. A m^or step ^juuit.iaii> a^sbrm, a* wrii & in ((uverumrni. i\ m^or step ^ T n that direction is electing LARRY TABONY as Justice j^ T of the Peace, who will be a credit to all of us. ^ •^ L.\RRY TABOVY is the right man for a tough job in a tough ^ • ^ time. If the economy fails to be rejuvenated in the immediate^ •^ future, there will be more crimes. j^ ^ • .^ Vie cannot afford lo have a part-time judge We must have • ^ a full-time, concerned and conscientious person represent^ ^ ing law and order. Anything less than that will be a luxury ]^ ^ that we should not tolerate LARRY T.ABONY is such a per]^ ^ son ^ ^ \Vi order to do this job as Justice of the Peace. e cannot ^ • • realize the full benefit of the office if the man we choose ^ •^ is not an integral part of this community. {^ >^ w LARRY TABOVY' is an active member of the Streets and ^ ^ Highway Commission for the City of Henderson He belongs %. T to local civic and fraternal organirations. His roots are deep ^ ^ in this town. He has a stake in its' future because he T tax-paying citizen of Henderson ^ here. IS a j^ His home and family are ^ • ,t*i •^ We need LARRY TABOVY as our Justice of the Peace Join J^" <^ with us in making certain that on June 3rd The People'siJ^ ^ Choice LARRY TABOVY dons the robeof a full-time judge 3f ^ of the Justice Court. • Thank you. (si Cruz Olague CRUZ OLAGLT:. Honorary Chairman Campaign Committee Henderson Justice of the Peace ^^#.^^^^4^4^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^^^K|




I Henderson Home News and Boulder City News -j ..ir.^r*wrrr^. TVLT^'-^T; --T^TS^: -^ • Page 12 • Thursday. May 29. 1975 Bighorn Sheep To Be Trapped And Marked At Lake Mead HENDERSONS BIG DAY-Henderson's three legislators are shown with Governor Mike O'Callaghan recently when the Governor signed the dog racing bill. AB491 into law. From left are Assemblyman Nash Sena. Governor O'lallaghan..Assemhl>-man Jack Jeffrey and standing. Senator James I. Gibson. The bill allows dog racing without horse racing and erases previous stipulations on when the law would be in effect. For (he third war in a roH, Nevada Dt-partmenl of Fish and Game Hill trap and mark deert bighorn sheep at Lake Mead National Recreation Area with ashiKtancc from the National Park Sen ice. Depending upon weather and cooperation of (he sheep, DFG plans to rapture SQ animals, 10 of which will be fitted uith transistorized radios (ha( emit an electronic "Beepbeep" for 8 distance ol one mile or more. The other 40 bighorns will be marked ith hrightl> rolor-coded collars for later identification. According to John Donaldson, DFG Kefiional Supenisor, "An additional 12 bighorns Mill he remo\cd from the herd and released on a mountain range in Central Ne\ada, if the trapping project proceeds as scheduled and the quota of .SO sheep is atuined at an earl> date." During the first \ear of trapping in 197.^, DFG and NPS crens captured 22 sheep, 10 of which nerc transported to Zion National Park for release into an enclosure and later reintroduction into the Hild and 12 which were individually marked and released at the Lake Mead trap site. In 1974, 21 animals were captured and marked during (he summer months which were marred with intermittent rains and other conditions uhiih made trapping difficult. The bighorn sheep population under stud\ near Boulder Beaih numbers approximate!) 2S(I animals and constitutes a \vr} small portion of (he total herd that inhabits the l^ke Mead National Rerreation Area. Bighorns with radio transmitters can be accurately located and followed by biologifcts with electronic receivers tuned to the sheeps' individual frequencies. The coopiralive study is e\pec(cd to \icld information about the bighorn's daily and seasonal movements and life history habits valuable to state management programs an breeding stink for reintroduction into other par(sof Nevada whenthe desert sheep onulived but no longer exist. WHITE HOUSE SILVER The new ^ir'iinK ^•r\i' Ut \te lisrri in the Whiir Ftou'JIS Oi-hdin's "Kint rhrki." dpugn, first in irodufed in 1891 It's r original C'lorham drvicn in sIvUof thf popular F.r.fii^*Kings patKrnt. imp rturine the ISth and ; • • rmturifr*. Th Whit* Houi s*>rMccotikiits i>f • ?.131 piwo!,. which will accomrrKJdat' as many % 1.10 luncheon or dinner f;uPM!> 1 iVeir Horizon Homes Have Ca"'N0deTaR§'75 r Home seelcers of modest income who jump to the conclusion that houses in the luxury class have skyrocketed beyond their ability to buy should steer their family cars over to New Horizons, suggests builder Robert E. Lewis. The Lewis Homes president said that house shoppers visiting New Horizons' models, Appeal To Everyone when told the low cost of 7\ percent ow ning the home they're with a catch'' eyes "what's the look in their He included among What's more, the these built ins such feaadmiring. usually developer added, just tures as refrigerated air express their surprise one dollar will move a conditioning, oven, vet in range and dishwasher, •New Horizons' price as well as wall to wall scale and money saving carpeting in living room. But there is no catch financing terms are all hallway and master bedto it," Lewis said "You the more tempting when room, can still buy a home at you consider the quality The homes also feaNew Horizons for only of the Lewis built homes ture energysaving insu $31,450 And you can still and the abundant fealation in all exterior get VA or FH A financing tures included m the walls and ceilings, spawith interest as low as purchase price," he said cious 2 car garages, con Crete driveways ana front and rear lawns seeded Nev* Horizons is reached from Boulder Highway, by turning west on Horizon Drive, just below Henderson. The route continues up Horizon Drive to the end of that scenic thoroughfare, shortly beyond the Black Moun tain golf course DIRECT FROM PARIS WITH A CAST OF 100 PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY FREDERIC APCAR EARL OBEtN AND MIS ORCMtSTRA SHOWTIME 7 4SPM AND 11 4S P M FOR PESEPVATIONS CALL 734-4741 ADULTS ONLY unes HO'li MO COuN'Bt C^ue .*i VtCii $31,450 STILL BUYS A LEWIS HOME VAandFHAAsiowAs 7%%. 8% INTEREST ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE TAX CREDIT AVAILABLE VETS! JUST $1 MOVES YOU IN! Purrhase prire includes refrigerated air-ronditioniDg ... dishwasher, oven & range, wall-to-wall carpeting in living room, hallway and master bedrooms... seeded front and rear lawns. fToiD Bouldrr Hwv 0< •<> • '>>> o'Hrntfrr m. luro rii on Horlton I>r (flnllDur on Horlion Di bryoBtf BUrk MauDUlB (.olf rourtr PHONE 55 7045 Models on display daily • ff "The Thing By Volkswagoi Our Thing does Your Thing, Whatever yoiir thing may be • Carpenter • Fieherman • Hunter • Delivery Man • Skier • Rancher • News Dealer • Beachcomber • Camper • Resort Operator • • YOU'LL LIKE 21 MILES PER GRL •YOU'LL LIKE THE PRICE... • YOU'LL LIKE EVERYTHIHG ABOUT... 'THE THING"! L SUNUUn MOTORS, inc. 3131 L raEMONT • 457-3014 AUTHOMZEODEALfRFM VDLKVMfH


Edward L. Pillischafske or Henderson is leaving the third of June for Grand Rapids. Ill to visit his daughter and his brother. Ed will be gone about three weeks. Stella and Austin Sandstrom are leaving for home in Winnepeg. Canada on June 6fh. The Sandstrom's will be back in the fall for the winter. Mae Foelsch got her husband Floyd to play Bingo Monday She said it took a lot of talking to get him to play. 1 Happy Birthday to I Jcanino Dennis. Jeanine I is a 21 dealer at the Eldorado Club And May IzSth 1975 was her I Birthday, we wish you many more Little Telena Brown is in the Desert Springs Hospital for surgery. I Celena is the gran; ddaughter to Art and Icharlene Brown. Best wishes to you Celina. Get well soon. I Georgie is back working at the Corral Bar on BoulderHighway.Onthc I Swing Shift. Go down I and have your favorite \ drink with her. Talk of Luck, last [ Saturday at the Rainbow I Club a lady won $800.00 on the 48th number on number 48 It is nice to see people from Henderson win at BinRo. Alice Staley, a former resident of Henderson now living in California. is visiting here with Lillian Slocum at 51 E. Texas She is also spending time with Mr and Mrs Bill Dedmon of Henderson. Al Staley joined his wife for the weekend, then they drove home together. Betty Sechert and daughters. Bernice and Mary Lou. went to Tucson, Ariz. Art Brown who works atStauffrrChemicalCompany and wife Charline are leaving for Cottonwood. Ariz for a few days and then they are going fishing on their vacation As Mac and I were coming home from Vegas, I was stopped at the Red Light at Sahara and Boulder Highway and a fellow hit us from the rear of our pickup Didn't think anything was hurt, but found out it broke our bumper and bruised Mac up pretty much. Mr Edward Verrault bought his wife Bea a new car last Sunday. A new 1975 Dodge Dart It sure is a pretty green So now Bea left for the City of Hope to take Ed for his six month check up on his Heart They will be gone until the last of the week Virgil Darnell spent all last week at Lake Mead fishing And came home with some nice cat Tish and Bluegill. Dorothy Manfield. Thelma and her husband. Amos Manfield from Palmdale, Calif are in Provo. Utah helping his son and wife Dorothy is Pat Van Wimple's sister-in-law. Mac and I are leaving the 4th of June for Port land. Oregon and Orland. California. As we are planning to move up to Orland, California about the first of July. Peanut Butters b^f^^ Reol Root-For Sondwichej PRESERVES 299 < OLD MILWAUKEE BEER^ fk $149 O n OZ. BOTTLES | (.GREEN BEANS Del Monte Cut 33 < CORN Del Monte Creom Style sv35* V LEMONADE WAFFLES ||5'..15'^i;J9 Q Green Beans ^.i.:: l:; 33' Q Cheese PinaH.o.';lrs.Je ;'/:^ 99* QBroccoli Cuts Be. 'P.T 59* 3 Onion Rings ^Z'i:., ;:; 39" SAFEWAY MEATS ( SFrench Fries Xtr 2.Ut Holf &ollon ICE MILK 85 PIE CRUST U SHELLS 49< I'^t PI'S V, SMOKED GRADE A' PICNICS FRYERS GROUND BEEF SAFEWAY PRODUCE WEET CORN Tender Golden Kernels. Ideal To Bake, Boil or Roast. Eoch MANGOES ^^%M|^^^^^^^. Delicate ^^^| ^^^B I g; House Plants ^S' 6-lnth Pol $149 3 House Plants \::\jr Boston Ferns Blooming Plonts ir.r 47' Eoch ARTICHOKES < Nut Like Flavor IKII 19 TOMATOES 331 USDA Grode A Whole Body Southern Under 3-lbi BONELESS BEEF ROAST USDA Choice Beef Chuck To Pot Roast Beef Round Steok USDA ChoKf ull Cu' Bo"ln Top Round Steok USD* Choice ftonrlrii Bret S|69 Ground Beef Premium lb ^ F'n„ S &c i-^ipt'ec y'"9 (ktn $119 lb I 49' 98' $189 Fryer Wings ch lb I Bocki& Nrckslb IS Boneless Tip Steoks $219 Fryer Breasts USDA ChoKt Se'Round lb A o' Orumiticlit ei Thighi Safeway Sausage <} .ifiQ< 0^'' Mayer Wieners A Ac Whole Hog Pork Roll W # VOMK, Pock IJoi '1 29 Lib Pkg # # Sliced Bologno ,t, QQ( Noddock Fillets <>> $ 129 S*e'f">g B'ond BAKERY BUYS' SAFEWAY PREMIUM Half (^'i,^ BREAD rs^l'^'r;^"" l' Xi^ I 'gPl 80-Proof U 30-Sltce ^^ wBSBP A U^ OLD CROW UQIOR BLYS! VODKA BATH TISSUE 4 ?:!i 69^ Chorrrtin large Slicing Siie Lk. i"/j.ib. loot ^ # 86-Pr. Qt. *4*' /V OLR DAIRY CASE...^ M/\£ BLYS! CHEESE e-, ft TABLE WINE • ^^r Gollon M 'AA' Butler r '^ 84' ft ANCIENT AGE Lonie'AA'Eggs-51' '" *4" TRASH CANS With l.dt 32-Gallon each Safewoy Longhom Style ., Cheddar lO. Shady \Ion* Cm Look for these tags. tTfiey mark temporary extra savings all over the store. Stock up! SAVE MONEY WITH THE EXPERTS AT SAFEWAY!


Henderson Home News and Boulder City News • ^^r>A1 Durinii the Mirtdl* Ag. It w hrlivH that th lonnum mation of marrii|f could b* prm-nted by anyon* who, while the wedding ceremony wa> taking place, either locked a lock or lied a knot in a cord, and then iKrew the lock or cord away. • ••• Sam Boyd Jerry Maren 30th Anniversary Story Of Jerry's And Sam's Friendship •ge 14 Thursday, May 29. 197S Jerry Coombes, Pepper Coombes, Jimmie Jo Balk & Steve Semilein invite ail their Olid Diug StiMe 1 DOWNTOWN J FOR YOUR DANCING L t AND LISTENING PUASURE J!^ S,;me6wv£ ^THURSDAYS fM. „ I FW. t SAT. 9 P.M. J I* I "TfceBeHlqe" J I COUNTRY A ROCK 1 CONGENIAl ATMOSPMERC \^ • ni. m i#Mie 7 r.m. TdeBoiIqe' CONGENIAl ATMOSPHERE i;^ 'e4-\ • •<.j4e^5c.>^ iMt.<::?:->:*:':vX"M^>X->--:->x.: Both boys served their country In World War 11. "Sam" as a fighting Soldier and "Jerry", biing only four foot, three Inches, as an entertainer in the ISO HospllaJ Unit. Sam met Jerr> when he was an entertainer In Las >egati in 1945. Sam being a "21" dealer, suggested to Jerry when his engagement was completed thai he try his hand at being a "21" dealer. Sam, who was a pit boss at the Players Club, where the Desert Inn now stands, convinced Wilbur Clark the owner, that Jerry would make an excellent "21" dealer. Sam pointed out to Wilbur Clark that Jerr> was personable, outgoing and dexterious, all be needed now was a box to stand on to start his apprenticeship in his new career as the world's smallest "21" dealer. One of Jerr>"s first customers was the famous Howard Hughes, who frequented the club. After a > ear as a dealer, jerr> was called back to HolUwood to continue his aj> m,\ career as an actor. The you. living trademark for "Buster Brown", radio l ook Jeny thirt> \ears and television, "LitUe *' searching until he Oscar" for Oscar Ma>er ^""""^ Elizabeth. On Ma> Meat Packing Company '^'*' ^ • ''"'"> R"' •^i" and motion pictures. He ^*>nce to fulfill his promworked in numerous pictures surring as "Lollipop Bo>", Munchkln In "Wizard of Oz". In recent \ears, two years as "Little General" on the .Andy Williams television show. He also starred in the mo\ie, "Little Cigars." currently on lelev ision, "Big Mac" on McDonald I iiildren commercials plus sUrring as numerous characters on the children's show, "Lidsviile". Jerrv's latest television appearance was as a guest star on the "Odd Couple" plaMng "hany the Tout". Most recent picture yet to be released entitled "hustle", sUrring Hurt Rc>nolds. He appears as a call girl lawyer. Over the years, Jerrv frequently visited Las Vegas and saw his friends Sam and o\er the years, saw Sam's career flourish. His association with the Desert Inn. The Mint, The Union Plaza, The .Nevada Hotel and culminating with his owning the beautiful California Hotel and Casino. Truly a magnificent career from "21" dealer to owner of his own hotel and casino. During Jerrv's visits to IJU Vegas o\er the \ears, Sam would often ask Jerrv, "did you meet the right girl >et?'' Jerrv continued to sa>, "not yet", but still pursuing, finding it difficult to find the right little woman, with the charm and quality and intelligence he desired. Sam told Jerrv, when you finally find the giri of Vour dreams, let me know as 1 want to be the best man and if conditions allow, to arrange for the wedding and honcvraoon wedding present to ise, culminating with a sumplious wedding partv for Eli/abcth and Jerrv In a deluxe suite at Sam's California Hotel, with champagne, beautiful flowers and a chauffeur. Superior Court Judge, Jim Brenner joined the little couple in matrimony with Sam as best man. A photographer was present to record the event for the happv couple. This turned out (o he a double celebration for Jerrv. First, his marriage to Elizabeth Anne Barrington andr second, the thirtieth annl\ersar> of his friendship with Sam Bo>d. SAM GREETS THE 'LITTLE PEOPLE -Sam Boyd of the California Hotel, is shown with Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Maren who were married recently in Las Vegas. Jerry is four feet three inches tall, his bride is four feet four inches tall. neaiy Barment capacity a I tCT—"— 1 Whirlpool IMPERIAL 80 LAUNDRY PAIR VALUED PRICE LAA 8800 2-SPEED WASHER 'S and Knit garments • Vjriahi. ir,,^ ,. sortene' d,spen$frs • MAGIC CilAtf fi'f.f traps l,n, ,h.p ,,,,,„ each ,;!^e 1 r ;s^P-peofrom,he.ub,your,,eor^,;: LAE 8800 3 SPEED DRYER Bit Hj"Or> tut (,„„ ""^ ""• H<"IUI cul(l cl*| AT OUR HENDERSON STORE 3 DAYS! .^^^^ TV & APPLIANCE |l33W.r$.. SALES* SERVICE p, j,,.,,,, .^ THURSDAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 9 AM TIL 1 0 PM SHOP SUNDAYS 10 AM to 7 PM!




aenderOD Home News and Boulder City News Page 16 mwm nVE YEARS AGO March. 197Q C. Mach Albertson Has elected president of H>dro Conduit Corp., it was announced b> W.C. Norman chairman ot the board. Hydro Conduit is a subsidiar> c4 Marcor Inc., the parvni of Mntgomor> Ward and Co. and Container Corp. of /Vmerica. The firm operates 2.^ contract for architectural plans and designes to expand the con\ention center. The bladium will be buill on 4M) acres between Boulder Highway and the Vo-Tech School, whether or not the %oters pass ihe buiUling expansion issue. The Bo> Scouts of Troop II, recentl\ took a 50-mile hike. The bo_s, between I' and 14 \ears of age plants in 12 stales, across ,,^i .u • ui j • •^ took their hike during the nation, includini> the ,_ ; .• *• spring \acation and e\er>plant on North Conduit Avc. here in Henderson. Th*' Convention authorone compleled the hike. .Starting March 23. Mike TilUr>. leader, led Jim Miller, Kim Owens, Ralph it> approxed construction • %. • • ,, • • ^^r. Mortensn, Kim Hair. ot a $2.2 million sporljt stadium, and k^IO.OOO Scott I arrel, son, Noel Mike UatBlanchard. Ahoy There Boaters! ty Make Safety A A First Mate! Before shipping out be sure your in sutonte IS in ship shope There s o policy to fill all your needs here ^^ Phone us or come in ... no obtigotion. 725 SOUTH 8TH 0' '•'e CO' "f K\I;K( iiiK IN^I K\\( I Kevin Tillerv, Rick> Robinson and Don Smith on their SO mile trek to Roger Springs. Each scout carried his own provisions and water. Since the> were traveling in the desert, water was taken to them once each da>. While walking along and camping, the bovs learned to gel along nith what thev had, bul more important, thev learned to get along with one another. Thev enjoved seeing wild mustangs, a very rare sight. Manv drivers slopped and offered them rides, but evervone chose to keep on walking. On their return home, thev uere welcomed as true heroes and each was eligible to receive a special award at a future Court of Honor. The Piiiman Park will be t hanged to Wells' Park at the Citv ( ouncil meeting Mondav night. The new name was suggested bv the Pittman Women's Club, honoring Mr. & Mrs. T. A. Wells, who donated the land for the park. J Traffic Survival School To Move Evening classes in Las Vegas for the Clark County Traffic Survival School \M11 be moved tn a new location during June. July, and August according to an announcement made by Bert Leavitt president of the CCTSS The nev* location will be at I'NLV in Room 214 of the Social Sciences building. Evening classes vill start there on Tuesday. June 3rd from 7 9 pm and on Thursday. June 5th from 6-8 pm The day school \*ill stall on Thursday. June Thursday, Mav 29. 197!% 3rd from 10 am noon and will continue to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Gold Room Entrance) Classes \MII also be held in North Las Vegas at the municipal court room in June and August and in Henderson at the junior high school in July, both classes starting the first Wednesday of each month from 7-9 pm Classes arc held two hours a week for four consecutive weeks The eight-hour educational program consists of lectures on state traffic laws, defensive driving. .Nevada's financial responsibility and "no fault" insurance la\s. and also includes traffic safety films and a final test The school is held in accordance with the Department of Motor Vehicles Dement Point System whereby a person with 3 to 11 dement points on his driving record receives written notification by DMV to attend an approved Traffic Safety School and upon successful comple tion uill have three demerits removed from hi.s driving record A per son ma\ attend only once in a 12-month period of time for the purpose of losing dements from his driving record Serving on the CCTSS Board of Directors from /i> BIISSIES ituftcin n^^ .wutvji^BtnwG A fc.f .f J BWNeifSS? HBSt e^ .J Post 31 Trounces Paramedics, 12-3 Roger Kcstcrson got Post M off to a flvinp start wiih a first inning home run ami winning pitcher Kirk Hothwcll kept Mcrcv Paramedics quiet most o< the way for a 12-.^ American Legion wm hr\da> Kcstcrson. the runshatttd-in thampion for Basic High the past prep season, belted a two run homer off Mickcv Cassell and Post }\ never liwked back in its opener. Bothwell shut out the Paramedics, now 0 2. for iht first seven innings before tiring in the eight The righthander. who pitched Boulder City to the Class AA stale finals, stnuk out nin< and walked just thrte (>ar\ Harri^'f?in sinulrcl in a sii.i>ti(l tP 31) HR-Roecr Kcs terson iP 31). 1st one on W—Bothwell 1-0 L--Cass 99 15 99 BRICKT BEAUTY ENGINE ENAMEL 0 ••*<•*-r* M -.*•, 9a 0*1 foP.' *• J. lie. I 49 99< "v DELUIE COOLANT SAVER KIT 1 99 KEIIilE RADIATOR NOSI 1 49 lie '< • '^^^ 129 AUTOFREON '12 -. 1 99 FLUSH 4 Fill NIT ,n,„ 99 1 COMPRESSION TESHR ALUMINUM FAN SPACERS 79 STEEL .'^^^ FLEI /\ \ FAN -^ ^ 11 99 ag DELUIE FULL ACROSS COOL CUSHION Bic 7 99 .99 SPARK PLUG TIRE PUMP lie 7 49 A99 FAN CLUTCH ,'>^, 11 99 QUALITY REBUILT WATER PUMP • ITU I ICHtlikl '99 AUTO BODY o^j;o REPAIR KIT -— 379 ALL WEATHER THERMOSTATS lu l.*9 lf>i GtSKIT 1" SPARE TIRE X^ SEALER 4 ^^ INFUTIR [ ••* To u 0.,.fk', 'J • .^^ T..t .. 1 M....,. l.h. ... T ... IK I 19 88WesTinghouse \^ AUTO HEADLAMPS 179 DELUIE POWER PUMP 99 I SAFETY FIRE EXTINCUISNEI Ci a--.' App<>*i], s • K I 49 1L99 If **^ HC 49 'Ug 5" RALLY CREAM WAX IK 1.49 129 • u 0: 30,000 MILE .. BRAKE SHOES [','9 ;;399 •KN iicvmci l4.l QUALITY CHECKER FAN BEITS 1e Hfl<. 0 4 Cwd 4 R.iU*< 1 59 i_ a HIGH QUALITY INNER TUBES [99 WASH Min \^39 30 WASH BRUSH 1* STARTER • ITH (icMtnei ALTERNATOR *-.'.vr.'. 1799 17 U B(K 1 l>l K HII.HHAt HrMI H><>N M> ADA ::Mi t LAk> NtAliBlXI) > LAS VC(.AS NIVAbA • • loMI HOI K> • 3* 00 I(>S SAT KIHllMMS A HdLIUAVS :K RAN( HO OK BoMU* U 4 WttkiBftsii Ar • in Ibr aid ToBvpah H*<


Henderson Home News and Boulder City News Page 17 n Thursday, May 29. 1975 Fletcher Jones Delivers: Price*..aliiirays the lowrest! PIUs..good gas mileage in every size car? 1975 CHEVROLET IMPALA: It the room, ricje and corrfon ol a tuiisiie car maxe srse tor you. thn cJiscover how nicely the 1975lmpaia meets your needs' No 73fl 1975 CHEVROLET MALIBU: The rri'd-siie Chevrolet f^e g^eat advantage p) the Cheveiie is thai t 3oesn t o^e' you just one great advantage, it offers you a combination o' good things' No 1720 1975 CHEVROLET VEGA: An economy car and a half Its a sporty httie car that s comfortable ar^d tun to drive, and shouidnt cost vcb a lot to own c to operate No 1336 1975 CHEVROLET PICKUP: Economy a-'C ^ai-e iiarted a iong -me ago /..[r. Cnevy trucks Year in and year out. mo^-e Chevy trucKS are n use than any other make No 1462 1975 CHEVROLET MONZA: • -ere "ove ai*a>s tee" aressy t g Chevroiets We thought :; Aas I'l-e tor a d'essy smaii one the nev* Monia Tovne C: jpe No 1871 Summer LOTS OF TRADE-INS: 73 VAN AIACOND. 2688 No 6592 71 COUGAR M688 AIRCONO No 6560 71P0NTIAC '2788 Firebird Am COND No 6SS9 71 CHEVY ElCamlno. AIRCOND. '3588 No 6516 71 CHEVY M888 Mont* Carlo AIRCONO No 6563 74 BRONCO '4488 Nice! No 6560 70 CHEVY M088 Malibu. automatic, power tieermg No 6613 72 CHEVY M888 No 6563 '68 WAGON 788 No 6572 '65 MUSTANG '588 Convertible No 6541 '70 PONT Catallna, trenaportallen! M088 No 647B '74 NOVA '2988 Automatic, power ateertrg, AIR No S533GS '67 PONT Firebird convertible Dart '74 AMC 888 No 6457 '74 DODGE '2888 No 6466GS '74 CAD. SAVE Eldorado Convertible loaded! No t667GS 1974 VEGAS AS LOW AS... 2188 >3288 Ambaaaador automatic. AIR No 8601GS 1974 GMC 71 CHEVY M788 j 25 ft. MOTORHOME. Original cost: S33.000 Monte Carlo, auto power tteenro. AIR No 6563 0| '69 CHEVY M488 ^ Camaro.tharpI No 6517 23,988 4000 Ml. or 100 DAYS 100 DAYS PARTS & LABOR .. GUARANTEED ASK ANY PROUD OWNER OF A FLETCHER JONEt QOLD SEAL QUARANTEED USED CAR, HE'LL TELL YOU... irS THE ONLY WAY TO BUY A USED CAR! NEW 1975 128 ^ #^ ^^ ^^ ^^ aaaa ^2888 '74 260Z Dataun "Z" car! '5488 No 6582 Mercedes Benz LEASE FOR LESS! See us today you can i buy tor less ANYWHERE' Large Selection 73 XKE Jaguar 7288 No 8628 Aifa Romeo • ROADSTERS • COUPES 73450SL '12,488 Mercede* Benz! No 007 70 SIMCA AIRCONO '1288 No 6615 '67 FIAT Sedan '988 No 8532 DISCOUNTED! 72 AUDI '2188 AIRCONO. No 6459 '73 MAZDA Wagon, automatic '1888 No 8611 71 WAGON '1388 Dataun No 6502 74 ALFA Alta Romeo. AIR COND '5588 No 6126 72 HONDA 500CB '888 No 6591 70 TOYOTA '1188 Automatic. AIR COND No 6716 '73 CIVIC Honda '2288 No tit7 71 MGB Roadater '2288 So 6104 '62 MERCEDES'1788 AIRCONO No 6409 '72 TRIUMPH '2588 Spitfire No 4936 '74 BUG ^2588 VW, AIRCONO No 6501 '72 240Z AIRCONO '3988 No 6605 '73 XJ6 Jaguar luiury acdan '7988 N086SO ONE OF THE WORLD'S LARGEST CHEVROLET DEALERS WHERE CHEVROLETS ALWAYS COST YOU LESS!" FlETCHiR IMES CHEVROLET 444 SO. DECATUR BLVD. AT ALTA DR. LOST OR FOUND A PET? CALL US, WE'LL HELP! PH. 870-9444 RIMIMUR, "Wl CARRY OUR OWN CONTRACTS," NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR CMIPIT wg'LL M^


Henderson Home News and Boulder City News 1% Page 18 Thursday, May 29, 1975 4' i. n • :^<*''^"^ "^K^i^^'*' *"'**''*l<'M!^4f^• • '^ • *4.^^' •4 ii^ w Ltf. -*^ • i* .* ? ^v YOm OWN BMYM. ')Ht^;i;' -,JH;^, '/;.''' • > -,>4^^ COHERED wanni COUNTBT VflKTIIhlV \l';Vlllt -V< Cv\> v ••a-i"^^ i.wnv.H roi \T\ in naoi DTCoi \ri STUEGolcB CODNTRT mm\ mm CXRSOSilT\ Dotui %scolyrv • i.Yoy CO! \ri • CHtRVHIII. coi \r% STOREY roi %rv Vri, th'f ti tK* lond o* tKr i^ogrcoock wfer* new diiro'^r'tei tnn be (ound ov*r rorK hrll ond under every rofk TKee wde open tporei ore ribbed wttK beovtiful ht^h mountotr> ronget ond toniot" hundreds of fotctnodng plorni Thr oreo it termed by dne Kighwoyi ond eicel lent grovel reodt (or itde trtpt tKof wnll moke you' vikif i/nforgeHoble To find lom( of *Ke mott tntereit ing plocet, |uit otk. for friendship ond (ourtpty ore bywordi here The S'ogeroorh Loop once ocluo'ty terved by the (oorhet ond freighter wo^mt, now (okei you to the fmeit accommodotiont and Cicoi recreotiori m very litfU time Rememb*', reqi>eit mformotion first, ond don't be cought withow' food woter ond goi PROSFECm WESTER\ & (EVTRiL\EVADA ^Is, f stffcii M.D% roi \rv fiiyt:R\i.coi \TY \Yt: lOl \TY s,. CALEMR OF EVENTS MUY 23>26 Mm Mlfff 9*fi TiMjMl JiMirti mm 13-15 Sltw stilt StHqmliElIti iMrtirK Bais iNWtr CItf iOlY4 Fnrtfe If My MFaltn JOIYS^ l>$fw Fistwai Etti mi 1720 ftil iMHn StMpNi Fillta JillY 19.!{0 Chf latfn Fatiia} AUO. 1-3 WUttPniRtrM Stow Ely Aue. i Snta Maria l BtytN All€. 16-17723-24 fwy bprtnliyi Ity AUG. 20-24 Las Vtfu Jncie Stata Ftu AUG. 2324 Ntnia Fair 8f liMstry Ely AUG. 2S-Sm. 1 Ell CMMtr Fair I Nam lactt Elka AUG. 30.m 1 Nt*^ laiM I Fair WMmmcca SiPTEMIBtl Ulbm lay Mu Fallw S9TlMliR1 Mytfrtplaac legitta Spwfci SErTlMKI3-7 Nevaia Stata f ak IMI Cawil lacu ViffMa City SffTUIIB 12-14 NaUtaii Clattfitisfeif Air tacts liM. Sttai FKiWty oaoia3i Nfvaia lay Ptralt t CtMratiaa ClfMaCity Nevodo bids welcome for oH who come to enfoy photogroph ond retpect it Vituoliie the people who n-ode nnd loii fortvnei here Ond moved in o world of eicitement color ond dfomo Thetf dttcovenei bvilt the greot otiei of the Pocific Cooft. the roilroodi, iteomihip lines ond the mduitnei of the for wett If you esplore the neo'ly 70.000 milei of thu fobled port of the Old Weit tohe o tip from the proip*(tor Corry eitro woter 901. food. mopt. ttrei end worm tlethei lor Hie (htlly mgKti _*-\yl While Interitotf 80 ond pOved highwO> tofce you ever rnyth of tht% route the mony tide tupt con be o tremendous eipenente There ore gignn'< vol'eyi 9'eo' mountain rongei, colorful conyont ond tumbling itreomt Thu II itiM pioneering country r'ce you leove he poved highwoys Don't be (Ought without ompte woter. gos ond food Eiplore. photogroph but please respect thu desert country it olmost the 'ost pf the open tpocet \E\\II\ • HMITf Piyf coi yT\ n RfK ( COI yry • mcoi.y coi >T Here IS 0 lond once so wild thot oil low a"d order vonnhed forgot'er^ 1 bnttlefieldi ore seottered ove' these fhree counties When you see the beouty 1 here you will reoliie why the lr>dior^t fought to ^nrd to keep thit lond There IS still minmg ond ranching Hunting ond f'shtng ore both rugged org wide beoutilul and hospitoble' ^ s m a tViiiliK (il III* rr.iii>ti witli IIM |l-|iiiritii< lit lf ^ilMnMlMK l>(-Vrlii|illirilt. ^Itlli iif Nrt.iilu H*ltrrl K (Holil I iliiuit. Ihrtthtr l>Brrvf T Monulmii thf>i,is lhet,h>r, I ntiriMu { £ I


nt-nurix... Home News and Boulder City News StK ^I'ftuhi tishiiifj^ Report ^ Nevada Department Of Fish And Game A sharp drop in temper alure and resumption ol h'gh winds haNC put a damper on fishing success In Southern Nevada these past feH da>s. V^ hat appeared to be spring with its warm and mild weather last week has disappeared with anglers hoping for a quick turn to the better. Angler success for largemoulh bass has been excellent at both lakes recently with best catches In shallow w aters of co\ es during the earl> mornin|< and evening hours. In mid-da>, however, bass move to the deeper waters and can be readil> cau(;;hl at depths of l.S to 25 feet in areas of rockv bottom or along cliff faces and sharp dropoffs. .\l this time of year when bass are nesting, almost anv vtellflshed lure or bait tan bring a response from a belligerent fish. Preferred lures are bombers, hellbenders, rebel and rapalas and the nevt \\ Z-plug. Waterdogs have been in short supplv recentiv and anj;lers substituting nightcrawit rs have reported good success. Crappie fishing success has taken a significant upswing these past fen davs after a lull (hat lasted several weeks. Hottest spot has been the upper end of Overton Arm with a few other good catches reported from Temple Bar, Callville Bay and Cottonwood Cove on Lake Mohave. Reports of Striped Bass from Lake Mead are few and far betveen now but action in the Colorado Kiver below l)a^1s Dam is picking up according to reports from Bullhead Cit.v. lor channel catfish. Las \egas Wash is still the l)esi place to fish with f,MH\ catches being made at night on nightcravlers and shrimp baits. .Msn rated good for whisker fishing arc the upper end of t)\crton Arm and Iceberg (an von above Temple Bar. Other than a scattering of pan-si/ed rainbows in the catch at CalKille and in Las Vegas Wash, trout fishing in Lake Mead has slotted to a standstill. HoHever. it won't be long before surface temperatures rise and trout drop (o (he 100 foot level and begin taking deep-trolled lures. lake Mead Fish Ilairherv has released three quarters of a million rainbow, cutthroat and boweut trout in Lake Mead since Noxember MOVIMG STOWBJC LKOI Stotcwi'ie Worldwide YOUNG & RUE 'COT GLOBAL VAN ItNIS TOTAL SERVICE CISTOMKR SATI>F\CTION IS OIR WATf HHOBl* We i insider your move completed only vhen you are completely satisfied. Phone 457-3060 t| \ III ^ >_ Wt I -T "-l KMS<. -ISrl IMM and these should start showing in the catch this summer. On Lake Mohave, Cottonwood Cove is still producing good catches of rainbows with Willow Beach reporting numerous trout over five pounds these past two weeks.According to Butch Webb, Willow Beach Manager, the leader in the women's division of their contest this month is Wanctta Sharp of Las \egas with a seven pound rainbow. Cheese baits, Mepps spinners and Z Kav lures are credited with good rainbow catches recentiv in the 111 12 and 18 • 20 mile marker areas. Ronald Pugh Graduates Forest Grove, Ore. Some 258 students received degrees at annual Pacific Univer.sity commencement the afternoon of May 18 at the campus athletic center Eighty three were bachelor of arts. 78 ba chelor of science, 10 bachelor of music. 2 bacchelor of music education, 60 doctor of optometry. 3 master of arts. 1 master of arts in teaching, 1 master of science, 2 master of science in education, and 8 master of science m teaching The commencement speaker was Dr Lewis W Bluemle, president. University of Oregon Health Sciences Center. President James V Miller presided for Pacific. Earlier in the day a baccalaureate service was held. Ronald Mark Pugh, Doctor of Optometry, v^ as one of the graduates FENCING 6 FT. FENCE $1.95 ft. INCM DES 4X4 POSTS 2X4 RAILS 1X6 CEDAR BOARDS NAILS & CONCRETE 4 n. FENCE $1.45 ft. INCLIPES 4X4 POSTS • 2X4 RAILS 1X6 CEDAR BOARDS NAILS Ac CONCRETE CLOTHING WOMEN'S DinOS SIZES 3-13 SADDLE BACK RAGGS HI RISE REG. 115.00 SALE PRICE REG 116.00 SALE PRICE REG. tl4 SO SALE PRICE $11 $11 $11 65 50 25 II VALLEY LIQUIDATORS 333 SUNSET RD. PH. 565-7309 Junior High Bond To Perform The Burkholder Junior High School and pop group will sponsor a concert May 29 at 7 p m in the school multipurpose room Admission is 50 cents per person and tickets may be obtained from any member of the group or at the door The band will perform various numbers, many of vkhich received superior ratings vihen performed in March at the district music festival The pop group "Vibrations," will perform several current .song hits such as "Philadelphia, Freedom". "Mandy", "Dancing Machine", and others. Mine Shaft Fencing in Progress at Loke Mead Pase Thursday. May 29, 1975 /? '^^^^ ^z Man gooch (orlh unto his work, am! to his labor until the evening Hazardous mine shafl fencing is progressing well at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, announced Superintendent William J Briggle More than 200 shafts have been identified through air and ground surveys and nearly one fourth of these have been fenced. "We arc concentrating first on shafts that are most accessible to visitors those near roads and developed areas, said Briggle, "but we also plan to fence even more remote shafts Rangers arc fencing both horizontal and vertical mine shafts with steel posts and three strands of smooth wire. Signs stating •WARNING MINE SHAFT hang on the fence so that one will be seen by persons approaching from any direction In 1972 Ranpcrs bcRan ground surveys to locate shafts and warn visitors of dangerous areas Early this year, funds became available for aerial surveys and fenc ingoperations A special crew has been fencing shafts since mid-April "We are even fencing shafts that are only a few feet deep," Briggle added, "since they pose a hazard to motorbike operators Motorbikes and other vehicles are prohibited off established roadways within the recreation area, but people don't always obey the regulations." he concluded Some people believe thai a "birth tree" planted at the I.me a rhild \s tmrn will rrHert in its growth the nature • • f Ihr rhild'i lifr In RiiiTirtr.ia, caterpillars are viid to bi" the I)cvir.s ti'.irs! CASH RIGHT NOW! For SCRAP IRON BATTERIES AND ALL PRECIOl S METALS Top Dollar Available OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK 8 TO 5 Century Steel METAL DIVISION

Henderson Home News and Bouider City News Page 20 4. Thursday. May 29, 1975 An Editor's Adventure— Into God's Country By Worry Zenoff • r^*^ • -^r^^' 'ysf'^^^im^^M^^'^'^ t-: I.; uti m:fm^^^v"' I \ ^ I. HERE'S A GROUP OF TRANSPLANTED MENDERSONIANS left heing Gerald Franklin, Jern's father, and now chief of police of Prairie City, Oregon. Then Jerry and the Al I un/man's, who, when here, operated a lunch stand in the old drug store and a knit and >am shop across the street. The sign in the background is Jerry's, denoting a motel and cafe EMIL AND DIME MADSEN'S TWO BUILDINGS are the major spots on leadore. Idaho's main street here's his Siher Dollar bar and right next door is his sparious home, whose large windows overlook a 100 mile long run of snow-rapped mountains. AND HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A MORE EXCITLNG IITTLE CHURCH-which we captured in all its simplicit> with our NEWS camera ... and the old little jeep in front of some townsman of Leadore, Idaho. ENVIRONMENTAL ALUMINUM OPEN MON SAT. 9 AM TO 5 PM RECYCLING PAYS RECYCLING CO. OF NEVADA 255 ELLIOn PH. 565-6457 You think you seek nature at its very best when you travel the Baja peninsula. No one can deny -it isn't bad as each hundred miles bring new landscapes. But you go plain right out of your mind when you travel straight on up from Reno to John Day and Prairie City. Oregon. All 500 miles of it bring sight. s and sounds and animation that make your eyes tear with thankfulness at what the great God has spread out for all to enjoy. Yes • a visit to Oregon central and Eastern • and a trip to Idaho central and north is a visit to God's Country. Luckily for us, we had a reason to go to visit fine friends and relax after having a horrible session witnessing the maneuvers of our state legislators. It's like going from the sublime to the ridiculous... only this was in reverse. Oregon country for miles is lush grass feeding country. Oregon country is where the tall trees grow straight and where they are cut down for man's use as lumber and pulpand where educated lumber people plant new trees. You see the mills, their ponds nearby loaded with logs. You see men corral them, ride them, push them to the shutes that yank them up to the mill to be worked on by cutting and shearing machines. You see the cattle everywhere. Feeding the lush grass cattle so fat you can imagine what they'll taste like as prime beef., thousands of cattle on every ranch! You want to get mercenary in this vast field of cattle. You times $500 for each critter any you know you're looking at a half million dollar herd. You ride over creek after creek and you know why the fields are lush why the soil is black and why ever>'thing grows. You talk to the rancher, the ranch hand, the supplier, the merchants of John Day, of Prairie City and you learn this is a fine life their life with cattle and lumber plus some time spent in mining, too. You talk to these men as you talk to the happy Jerry Franklin, his father Gerald now the police chief of Prairie City and their wives and kids and you get replies you want to hear from man on this earth. Happiness even tho it is a struggle to survive in a new business for Jerry with his little motel, his little dining room which his in laws the Lunzman's of Jenderson run--. Happiness because Jerry while helping make up the beds in the motel each morning is figuring how he next goes to collect a dozen eggs in the hen-house, the overnight production of nature. You know he is mentally cleaning his rifle for the trap later that day up the nearby trails for some partidgc for dinner, for some trout nearby and he cautions you can't spend overnight in the mountains cause the law and the bears won't let you. Merchants gather at Jerry's for lunch and talk of new city projects. F'lxing up the museum the coming weekend with a picnic right now in the middle of town. They are enthusiastic and the wives will make the food and the kid.s will do the chores and the folks will have time to re-do the old walls while they picnic You go on another ."^OO miles thru Boise. Twin Falls, then up north thru Jim Gunville's country Sun Valley and you roll the big gas eater along the salmon river for miles and miles and you pass thru Arco where the sign says tho first city in the world lighted by atomic power and you look at a lighted light and chalk down another first in your life a first experience like a new stamp in your collection. Your eyes scan hundreds of miles of snow covered mountains. Soon along the lonely road you see 20 someantelope prancing and feeding and looking up at you startled when you stop to ah and oh. They turn their fan tails at you and within seconds are lost among the brush You are only a few miles away now and another herd is alongside you and you go into Leadore, Idaho your destination. The Silver Dollar Bar in Leadore this town of less than 200 that's the now home of Emil and Dixie Madsen.once Henderson Furniture now two people enjoying God's wonders Cedar lined rooms, big hand hewn logs, roaring 10 foot wide rock fireplaces, a home next door to the bar each works a shift and a special ring on the phone between the buildi ngs has his husband-wife team in complete control. The tow ns people and the people in the surround ing country where mining and cattle raising is also the economy not as lush as Jerry's country but certainly as beautiful with nature's outpourings of fast running rivers. You've heard of the Salmon River where the big whoppers come in from the sea each year to spawn. This is itYou wanna bit of lunch you go next door to the little general store and eat in the back room. It's the town dining room and there you see cowhands big raw boned fellows any coach would recruit for tomorrow's varsity. In fact, we had to hold Eva down so handsome was one of them thar tobacco chewing cattle hands. Best looking Americano she's seen, she said. You sit the quieter hours thru with Emil in the bar and along comes his daily customer fellow named Reid and soon we have nominated him for the next president of the United States because he expounds his theories or his back country people who are dedicated to America the old America where they sang America, Columbia tho Gem of the Ocean. This fellow Reid said he has pat tcrned his life after Lincoln and when 1 said the nation neededsuch thinking he agreed and said he'd run for president. We have his picture printed today and if you agree with me send him a note in care of Emil Madsen's Silver Dollar Bar, Leadore, Idaho and you'll have another Lincoln Emil takes you up to the mining country, to a mill, and there you see what modern man has done better than those of the old days. .Modern man and machine have installed a mill that combs the tailings thru and thru and they are sending concentrate to Boise woth $10,000 a truck load. Just combing tailings from nearby mines that one day long ago were working mines. You go see the local church which is like a movie set you can't believe it's real. You snap a photo for the home readers. You look at the Eagle that just dropped in the next field Emily spotted it first and he said you can't shoot them as they are protected by law. Too many had been shot and now we'll have this noble bird around for awhile. You hate to leave this never, never land but you must for matters at home need your attention like overdrafts and broken pipes and local news happenings and merchants' store promotions which local people are more and more learning to follow. You leave Jerry's countr>' Emil's country Gods Country... praying you one day will return determined to urge you to see it if you haven't go again if you have. ONE OF THE LANDMARKS that give you a thrill ridin(> thru the Oregon-Idaho God's Countr>' is this — reading 4'*lh parallel •• halfna) helneen the Equator and the North Pole. LET'S CALL THIS .MAN REID -and let's sav that wc lalked him into being a candidate for the next president of the U.S. ... hecausc in a chat HIIH him at Emii Madsen's bar. he expounded his theories of how to ri)jh( the M rone's uf this cuuntrx He said >ou must be a Lincoln and he said he'd use Lincoln's theories. We a(;rred and this cow box-rancher-miner has a handsomeness you like. Plus a Hnc !enM; of humor. Reid for President! WHEN WE GOT TO YERINGTON we turned left instead of goin;; straight ahead to Carson Cit\ -and we wound up going \2S miles out of our x*ax -• into the beautiful little ioxns in California that nestle amoung the high Sierras. Like here stands a beautiful, quaint court house -the landmark in Bridgeport. California. i .> THEN OVER IN LEADORE IDAHO where HenderMn'k Fumhure former owner. Emil Madsen runs a little Uxem and spends most of his spare time shooting ex er> thing from Elk to Bear and fishing salmon •• here is the post office.


Henderson Nome News and Boulder City News Topics for Taxpayers By KKNEST I. NEWTON, Sprretary The closing days of the late leRislatixc session were marked with expressions of bitterness h> proponents of amenHmcnis to the sales tax ia^s over actions of the Assembl> Taxation C omniittee in faiiin^ to n-porl the bill to the floor of ihe .\ssembl>. The proposed bill, Khirh was pascd b\ Ihe Senate, would have removed from the sales tax "base" sales of food in K"'**'<^''> N'ores and Mould have raised the "rate" on other purchases of tangible personal property b> one-half of one percent. The net effect would haxe been to increase the total tax burden on sales bx $.V2 million, aecordinf; to estimates of the Tax Commission siall. The bill, introduced b> Senator Marx (.ojack aixd otheni, bad Rreai political charm and xas offered as performance of a promise made in the 1974 elections. It xas amended for clarification in the Senate and passed xtjin almost no opposition. The "stonexall" in the Assembiv was unexpected b\ proptments. Hasicallv the bill was supported as another tax advantage for people of \n^^ income. And that it was (although probablx not as great an advantage as it purported to be.) It is true that low income people spend a greater percenlagc of total spendable income for grocery purchases; but the examples presented were oxerdrawn. National statistics assert that few, if an\, households spend half of their gnss income for food in grocerv stores. A more realistic maximum \s 2> percent. But the biggest stumbldiUM A. Anmiki. l/H-V. aid dudiik A. Aimih. m.V. Announce the relocation of their office from 509 Avenue C to 1212 WYOMING ST. BOULDER CITY, NEVADA 89005 on JUNE 1, 1975 Telephone: 293-1122 or 293-3600 ing block for the bill xis the campaign promise made last fall that *'tbere will be no new or increased general taxes imposed bv the 197S legislature." That promise was made by the (iovernor and bv many legislative candidates. And it took a lot of fa.sl fmttwurk to make good on that piomise in the face o( tax irureascs totaling at lea.st $2t) million a vcar wbiih had been passed on to consumers bv the time the sales tax amendment bill was considered in the Assembb. (It will take a few weeks to delermintvjust how great were the adopted tax increases.) The addition of S.V2 million in sales taxes was just tM. too much. First, it was a specific "general lax increase." Sectmd, and more important, it was highlv visible. The other tax increases enacted, while much more burdensome, were increases lexied on einplovers who will base to pass the increased taxes on to customers in the form of higher prices for goods and scry ices. The scales tax increase would haxe been a spciiflc lax levied dircctiv on customers and collected from them at everv (ash r't;isier in the slate. There was another disadvantage. Tax-hungrv bureaucrats a) every level of governmeni were distressed in their fear that Ihe highly productive sales tax levies would lie clo^ed to future increases which might Innecessary to satisfy government's insatiable appetite tor an eyen greater share of ihe resources of our slate. PaRe 21 Free Clinic The Histrirt Health Dep-irtmenl ha.s .scheduled free immuni zation clinics and free well child examinations for Clark County families Well child cxam.s are available by appoint ment only for children uptofoiirycarsoid atthe Easter Seal Treatment ( • onterat2l5E Sunrise from 9am to noon Tuesday The public health nurse will check the child for normal growth and development and make referral.s if any abnormalities are observed Call the Health Department at 385 1291 extension 325 to make an appointment Free immunizations arc available to children from two months to 21 years old for protection against polio, measles and diptheria at St Timothy's Episcopal Church at 42 Pacific Avenue in Henderson from 8 a m. to noon on Wednesday and at Trailer Estates at 2240 Linn Lane (at Judson) from 3 .30 to ."S 30 p m on Wednesday Call the district Health Department for further information i !ii>U!.rr arrn t t noucli donors of kid ^'. or fiiher nrpans A di> njii'il nrpan. succrssfuilv trans pbritMi. IS lile.'dlly the gift of i.ff For mortinformation wnic "1 Kidnpv Koundatjnn of NY. 11; Park Avc South. NeVort<. V Y IfWIn ^P^B" A'YA 1 TABLE FLANNEL SHIRTS BROKEN SIZES VALUES TO $13.75 50% ONE GROUP FAMOUS BRAND KNIT SHIRTS 50% POLYESTER REG. $13.00 NOW $8.00 BOYS & STUDENTS BROKEN SIZES FLARE CUFFED SLACKS REG. $10.00 & $12.00 50 % OFF GIVE A PERRY'S • GIFT • CERTIFICATE^ ASSORTED 1 RACK VALUES TO $25.00 LIGHWEIGHT JACKETS eA% CORDUROY. Tm mm DOUBLE KNIT. %^ ^^OFF POLYESTER. COTTON. SHORT & LONG STYLES BROKEN SIZES MENS JEANS & DOUBLE KNIT SLACKS VALUES TO ^20.00i .QiL NOW'S THE _TIME TO ""LAY IT AWAY"' FOR FATHERS DAY JUNE 15th MANY OTHER GREAT VALUES THROUGHOUT THE STORE master charge GOOD SELEaiON OF GIFT ITEMS FOR YOUR GRAD BANKAMERICARO! 'ii^fmJflmf n$^ ^ BOULDER HWY. PH. 565-6421 HENDERSON SAFEWAY PLAZA IniiL.inv biluvcd Ihjl thwnrld rj-sl.s on lhhfrtd €>f an ••lph.inl, whose mnvrmrnlii ctusr rarlhquakft! Thursday. May 29. 1975 Al rrT-r E o > In Amen. .1. i>. ni.l.doini; imil.iii<.n> s,iy liowwriw," but in Franrr ihy sjy "w^h wah.' in Spam lh-y My "(joo wow" and in Kusiun they howl "how how." WATCH FOR G^mol Olieimfg COME IN SOON DO^T WM TEIS \^ RIB CAGE ROOM IS MOVING TO ROB'S WALBANGER LOUNGE WITH THE SAME FINE FOOD & SERVICE AS ALWAYS. LOCATION IS AT ROB'S WALBANGER RESTAURANT & LOUNGE 2140 S. Boulder Hwy. Ph. 565-8857 VvXSXi.\ R0 LINE WOODS WILSON X 31 DQ9s| WILSON 1200 11Q95I |(4)r^ 1M.M I 19 MCGREGOR TDWfT QQ95| I (4)lto 1MOO ^Q MCGREGOR MT QQ95 (4|r.S 1M.00 99 iWALTERHAGENoQQsl HAIG ULTRA 7Q95I H06AN iiQ9s| li4iii*a moo 119 STAG 70951 (4|n. 140.00 19 LYNX IGMPHIT! DRtVERS -Qg^i 1H.M 19 J BAGS GALORE MEN S& WOMEN'S MASTERS McQREOOR WILSON HAQAN Etc. Huoe DISCOUNTS BALLS Doz. lOVE ALL COLORS & SIZES LYNX ruuriNocucD ^95 n^M •? VELCRO 3>5 Hag. 11.00 • TITIEIST • TOP FLISHT •HUE MAX • WILSON LO • H06AN • MCGREGOR •DOT r.io tiorTOO mm mm 4813 PARADISE TROfICANA PARADISI SMOMINQ CENTER 736-8030 ^^^^^


Henderson Home News and Boulder City News Thursday, May 29. 1975 Page 22 Mifc^.l Members of the rnivcnity of Baja, California Gymnastics Club from Ensenada, Mcxieo, recently put on an exhibition at Basic High school. The group is composed of the students from elementar) through college age. under the direction of Professor Marcelino Re\es. Four |4] members of the Club are Mexican national Champions. TIMES... CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY FROM 9 P.M. ALL CASINO BAR DRINKS 50< • ONE OF THE LARGEST. MOST MODERN CASINOS ON THE STRIP las v€gas marina hot€l allllllllll casino PRESENT THIS COUPON TO THE CASINO CAGE CASHIER FOR YOUR FR^E SOUVENIR IT'S "P.Y.P." TIME AT POLURD POOLS... PICK YOUR POOL PICK YOUR PRICE! ^^^^^^.^M^^POUARD'S SUPER SPRING $PECIAl******** Once J reir as in pist years Pollards Pool's. Nevada's largest pool company, offers a sprint special that is witkoiit comparison in the industry Please ckeck with other dealers -yov'll find these prices cannot be beat Better hurryoffer IS limited SL M*x29* |432sq. h.) 3 ( II Ittf M349 00 NMMAl ACCliS M195*^":um ^4249*''*"'*' ACCISS lidlMs 'I lltlft iMt Mill Ml M'tl H>(' M"l l>Ml> 'ICfllll ill|t lilt lllfl >• ItlHn iK tn IHI t>M Met citfiii pii'i iii'.'ts ijici II MMfttir eiiclric M liii m > • • • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE AT SPECIAL LOW PRICES 400 watt light odd $20000 Cleaning tools add S8S.00 Electric run is(r so fii odd 1.50 per ft Automatic sweeper odd $140.00 laars 175 heater add S349.00 Gas line (meter to filter) odd 2.50 ft. Kool deck add 1.50 q.ft. / HENDtRSON I lOUlDCR CITT SUCNTIT HICNfR Cvoronlrrd Cemnlrtieii BRING IN A COMPLETE PLOT PLAN INCLUDING MEASUREMENTS OF YOUR YARD AND SAVE $50.00 3^,^ Spring Mountain Road 876-5656 Mtmer il tM Wtl listmte OPEN 7 DATS A WEEK See our Display Pool. We ore open 7 days 0 week. 5 IK #tJM Dannon Royal Named Small-Fry King Pannan Ro\al, son nf Wi-ndcll and Susannc Royal of 226 Do(>uoocl, HcndtTSon. nas troHncd Small! r> Kin(; in the annual AmiTkan Veterans "Junior Jamboree" prize bab> \',\o^^. The shou vas held Monday niRht, May 19 al the I.as \'e(>as hi^^h School auditorium. Throunhoul the I'ontesi, Dannan vtas judged on his health, beaul> and popular \ole. He received ^old seal certificates on all three and Mas gi\en a troph\ for the honor of beinj; king. Dannan is three \ears old, has blonde hair and blue exes. veighs .^9 pounds and is 42 inches tall. All the proceeds at the shoK Hcrc gixen to disabled \eterans and their families. Those present al the shou uere Pannan's parents and his sister Teshia, his grandparetns. Mr. and Mrs. Clxde Ro^al and Mr. and mrs. Don Rowland. Also his I nclc Don and Cousin Roh>n Rowland ere present. The parents of Dannan vtould like to thank all of those vho helped him succeed. This Mill be somelhin(< special for him to remember. Oat ID every four! lirrnsrd drJvrrK. oo tbr l avrragr. will bei involvrd in an arcidrnt I this yrar Do >(>u knou hat to do in cut of | arcidrnf* i Firat stop and idrn(if> yoursrif Do not admit fault. iffauK nrrds to br detrrmlned. If t a jury do it GrI namp and addressrk of drivrrk car ownrrt and otbrrti Involvpd. Rrmrmbrr to • gpt numbers of driver*' ncrnei> Notp llrrnM' platr nuni' ber. makr a drftrrlptioo of all cars Were tberc witnrkiiri.'' Grt tbe;lr nampk and addrrktrk. Wrltr an account of the arrldrnt ak koon ak you can. If your car ran br moved, get it out of the way before it becomek a traimr hazard Tootact police If thr amount of damage warrants II iraeh stale sets Its own llmiiki Call your iDsurancr company. No one looks forward to an aeeident but it pays to be prepared Are you*' Let's look over your coverage at I.A P(RTA INSl RAN( 1 Af.KNCY. INC 129 Hater Street. HenderfcOD. Nevada, Pb. Lfl Porta St—#•—*———< • ••* • • **—•! This exhibition was part of an exchange program which has been in effect for many years between Basic's Spanish Club, under the ad\isorship of Dr. Marian Walker, and Professor Re>es' group in Knsenada. Last October, Dr. N^'alker look a group of Basic High Spanish students to Knscnada (or a cultural e\( hange uttki.'nd. Plan arc presently being finalized for the Spanish Club summer trip to Mexico City and a return trip to Knsenada in October. Camp Fire Troupe To Convene Here The Camp I ire Summer Repertory Troupe for high school age boys and girls, will conxene on June 16 al the Reed \V hippie Cultural .Arts Center at H2I Las \cg:is Blvd. North ;Center Stale from 1(I:(M) am. lo 12:00 noon. They will meet on Monday. Tuesda\. Wcdnesdav and Saturday of exery week through July 2nd. The class will learn improvisation, and wiihin the framework of plav rehearsal in preparation for presenting a 1-act plav at various institutions throughout the city: state techniques and characterization will be exolored. U'orkshop Director for the class will be Paula Dion. Ms. Dion is a paist gradu.ile of The Americmn \i ademv of Dramalic Arts in .New Vrk City and spent many vears acting in OffBroadvtav productions and summer stock. Registration is set al Si0.00 and will take place ai Camp lire Hcadqitarter-al .'^OOS V,. Charleston Blvd. For further information call Paula Dion at M'6-VH01.


Page 23 Henderson Home News and Boulder City News Thursday, May 29. 1975 /)n$* b • ->.*, SBUfrmsr.f Buyn-fHeHfrL Wc witnessed something fine the other nif;ht. Tom G(>dbc> H ho had a Jensen's munieipal rourl resislin^ arrest. A charge lot to do with ihc estabTuesday morning. Nichof failure lo (han^e his Il Has the fact thai the lishmenl of the hall park olas Duran was on trial for bo>s on Basic high and with the continuance disorderly conduct, resistaddress was dismissed, school's baseball team of the American Legion in ing arrest and failure of an Sentencing will be June 17 were placing with the Boulder Cit> as there, ex-felon lo rhanRC his at 9 a.m. bo>s from the Eagles and he was paid a special address, team. Bolh teams have tribute. Kach person who tesliplent> of talent, but il was .n„t' i^^on was the fled was not permilled in good to see the kids announcer, and he decourt while others were pla>ing together and not serves lots of credit also. testifMnjand wc had a GARAGE SALE IIZO SIh St BT Sat 31 It 7 AM lotPM Z RKFRIGKIIATOK!. BIkr*. riolblog. porUblr lyprwrlU'r. virdigr minv mitr limit GARAGE SALE StI Miy lid 9AM l 3 PM tM Araidt ri Bouldrr (It) 1(73 Kord PiDio SttllOD Wagon With Auto Trim to* mllrigr Powrr and puih ian mo* rri. baby Itrma. hair dr>rr( kllrbroarr. clotbft. toya. draprriri. Elr rlr. Another charge, nhich "> •*^'*T ^^ ^"^ domlDlum. adults no prln Bdrm lafurn Hai Rangr A Rrrrlgrrator |2S0 prr No raiimiiMBr \n'repin on opposite sides. \\^ folloned both the There is no hall Tield in Basic and Boulder teams the count\ that equals the this tear e\en though he Boulder City field and the sometimes found himself American legion bo>s will to he hitch-hiking. be playing there this summer. People sometimes call .Another thing that us and sa\ we got the caught our attention was wrong slant on astnr>. that the officials of the Have \ou ever sat in on American Legion were at a court case and heard the Ihc ball game. Whether different wa>s a slor> is the> had a strong interest told? Lach one of these In the game or notlhe> persons has been sworn in were there and cheering to tell ihc trulh. Kither for the l(Hal kids. The> ihcv are liars or everyone sponsor the team as Post sees things differently variety of stories on the ver> same event. grew out of the same event is being heard in district court. The events all started when neighbors called police and said a woman One lady who testified was being taken in a car at inthr trial, connrmed the gunpoint. The events of fact that she didn't know the arrest follovted that. how to spell her last namf. City Attorney Kent The Basic high school Dawson said. •You dont Booster's Club should he know how to sprll your complimented for the last name?" Spring Sports Ban()uet The answer was no ^eld lasi Thursdav. Duran also testified he FIU:E TO GOOD HOME -1 wrrk old RIark Mair Kitun Hat bad iboli Lliirr Tralnrd Call 293-Z24S FOR RENT : Bdrm I nfurn Duplrx 2 hinrki rrnn rrnt#r orBouldrrnty Older roupir (all 213 335 S(7 AHrr S p m or r llr 3i Way dlrodori (I •1740 31. had 20 to 30 drinks before the whole incident occurred but that be had perfect recollection. Duran was found guiltv 1 sat iiTon Judge Jim of disorderly conduct and The food vas delicious, the companv was fine, and there must ha\e been close to • '(Ml persons attending. USS FISH 'N CHIPS HENDERSON PIA2A COME IN AND MEET THE NEW OWNERS LARRY & NORIVIA ROSS SPECIAL "FREE LARGE DRINK" WITH EVERY DINNER ORDER FISH-SHRIMP-CIAM STRiPS-OYSTERS-CHICKEN OFFER EXPIRES MAY 31st USS FISH 'N CHIPS 642 S. Boulder Hwy. HENDERSON, NEV. PH. 564-5696 HOURS: 11 AM TO 9 PM DAILY EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES DEPT. OF HOUSING & URBAN DEVELOPMENT (HUD) FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION NOTICE TO REAL ESTATE BROKERS Tk r*llo*lD| prvprrtira Tt brlni offrrrd for Hair A tZOO rarnrat mD drpoali lll br rrqulrrd llh aubmliaioo of Kairk ( oDIrarl rrgardlrai of typr of ulr or loan amouol Balinrr of down parmrDI dnr If anv mill br rollrrUd at rlotlni Aroounla orTrrril iboyr • br minimum offrrlOR prtrr arr \n br Inrludrd ID Ibr down pavmrat ai a largrr lovralmrnt IB Ibt property OFFERS TO Pl'RrHASF Ml ST BF IN IN( RF:NFNTS (F tM ABOVl THF HTATFI) NINIMl'M Rpvim of alfrra will takr plarr In our Laa Vrgaa olTIrr oo nUDAV. JINC*. If7 11 MAM and paalilon will br ratabltabrd by Ibr bral offrr prorrdurr riplalnrd ID drtall la our HM l^retrr 74 I datrd April S. It74 K\.\ OFFIR-S K9.f. TO Bl SfBMITTKD IN SEALED FVVFl/IPFS WITH THE PROPERTY ADORI.hS AND DATF R>:VIFW IS KCMFDIXED ON THF OITSIDE Trma llatrd not avallablr lo lovratnr* If laaurrd nDaarlDf rrqurttrd Kubjrrt lo rrror Tbr fnllowlDf proprrtira arr offrrrd for ALL CAHH. NO WARRANTY and will rrquirr aD rarnral moary drpoali of (MM All oRrra will br arrrptrd on a nrvl romr riral arrvr bada SOLD OR WITHDRAWN NOT AVAILABLE FOR HALE 33Z-444741 MS IIM AllrBKIrrri Hrad iJ^4aMZlb tll. Vtn Higrnrnsi HDdn nr^WOJMI ZU I. Van w.imrn SI Hnii U2-04MM US lai t Van .„Bri> Hr.tf I7.IHM GB 1 1 1 ZOINMI HB 1 1 m 70.MMI HB 1 ] IS • Ul HI 2 1 HI D PROPFRTIFK AR OKFFRFI) roR HALF TOQt ALIFIFP PfRf HASKRS WITHOl-r R<.ARDTOTHI PROKPICTIVI PI RCHAHFRS RACE COLOR. RFLIblON OR NATIONAL ORIGIN Pl'RrHASFR.S ^-May was a veteran of the Henderson; brother. 27 at St Rose de Lima Army in World War II. Richard, of Escondido. Hospital. and was most recently a Calif: sister, Mrs Ruth Mr Smedley was born casino worker Wilson of Henderson, Sept 21.1912in Vale, Ky He is survived by his five grandchildren and one great grandchild Funeral services will be held at Palm Chapel Sat at 2 p m Interment will be at Palm Memorial Park L.L. Woods Passes Away in Kansas L L I R 0 y I W f) o d s. passed away in his sleep at Ida. Kansas Tuesday He and his wife. W'llma were on vacation from their Calif home They previously lived in Henderson where Mr Woods worked at Stauffer Chemical Co He was bornNov 1905 Funeral services will be held in lol a. Kansas today at 2 p m MODE O'DAY I nstinoilU konw n rrUiIrr nf wom^n ft apparrl w •Trpfini • pphratiAnt rrnm rprripiirr franrbiitr fr>r Bouldfr Clt% No fioaDcial rlik nfr invrtiro^Dt in rn'rihanrfitc \pproiifn*Ul> ISMO rrquirfd for flilurffc aod rqulpmrDt If >uu dfirr an op[Miriunlt> for finaofial lodr p# ndrnc t prr(t([r and grfilrr loromr MODE O'DAY ro Bni 17?07 Sail L.akr ( il> luhMII7 Y ARP SALE 31 Ar D BC Thun S P%lu>l PM. Frlda 4 PM 10 7 PM Satarday DAM lo7PM diabrt ^aa blaokria rurlalat. rlolhri ladirt •mall tlirt magnu* It rhnrd organ nj UR3 CiARAGE SALE Dolorryrlr. baby rrlb rlotbri. abort and man> o 11. oaly 11* W Baair FOR SALt Domr.llr Whll> SrwiBg MarblBr. Haioul rtblari wllb altarbinrnin tM &5-lU W ANT TO RENT A 1 bdrm apt In Hrnd I prl. rail MS 9201 FOR ^K\S. • By Owarr. U'XM' Mobllr Hoar A MM .S^ Ft Lot. Z Bdrm 2 L^rgr aloragr ibrdi. rarloard Patloa. Carport. II*.000 Call tOJ IBTl B r HELP WANTED • oldrr womai aa tlvrln rompaalon for ridrrly lady Salary, rail aft I pa or wrrkfada. tBi-ZSZI FOR SAI K 4 bdrm 2 balb In Bouldrr Cllv. many ritrai, lU.MO 201 170} VArATIONERM D you want a rrlalablr HOI SE SITTER"' If to, (all ttl^ 2300 B C Atk for Linda FOR SALE • WhIU Frroch Pro^ tlnrlal Bdrm irt 2 Twin raoopy Bda I drik I dbl drrtarr. MO Earb Boi .Spr iDgi. mattrraari. iprrada k ranopy lopi. aUo avallablf (allZOVZOOO BC FOR SALE Prarllcally nr. Ldlra biryrlr MS Call 201 ISIS or 2*3 2302 BC I^OR SAIX Good runnlog IS ft Rrfrlgrralor. with frrrirr arrota top. tSO Call 201 2SM B( FOR RENT Room lo rraldrorr KItrbrn, laundry priv 2033M1 or 29330BI Bf CAN DO ALL TYPES HOI SEWORK good worfcrr Hrnd nnlv CaJI S05 13St anv limr FOR SALE Rromorr 4 bumrr |a itott. rirrll road oldrr mndrl. ISO, arr at 3 Idabo Way FRJETOGOOD HOME rrk old blark malr kittrn. bai had tbolt inter tralnrd 2*3 2Z4t fORSALi 11, acrt lol.onPur bio SI all util avallablr. 100 imp powrr boi. •lib all brakrn SAS M FOR RENT amall fun) I bdrm apt 1 aduli DO pro ulll pd up to 120 1110 prr mo 203200S HOl SE FOR SALE 2 bdrm • lib panrllrd drn inirrlor rrmndrird I13M0 callafUr noona S*t S031 FOR SALE Qorra alie brd. ranplrt* WItb abrrta. iprrad. Artr Call Ml IBI7 BC FOR 8AI£ • Wbltr rrfrlg good rood Errrarr arroia lop. ISO C all 2I3-2S B C ron SMS. EIrrt Typrwrlirr IBM proporllonatt l>pr. LoDgtarrlafr art up llfcr aD rirrullvr 1110 EIRM (all 2*3^}1M briwrrn 10 & 12 or 203-23M brtwrra 1 A SM EOR SALE SAIL BOAT. IKS 11^ ft KLEPPER. Nylao aaila A rigging. uard aacc. Call tll-2171 B.C. HELP WANTED oldrr womaD aa llvt-lD rampanlon for ridrrly iady Salary Call aftrr I p m or wrrkroda. 203 2023 EOR RENT 2 Bdrm Furn Ap( lo Bouldrr S<)uarr. pool aldr. t27S prr Me (all Juar Hall 2*} 1711 B( SIMMER BAB V SITTER NEEDED 4 rblldrrn agrt 1 to f rail aft i SS'M37 EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITKS DEPT. OF HOUSING I URBAN DEVELOPMENT (HUD) FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATtON NOTICE TO REAL ESTATE BROKERS LAST CHANCE SPECIAL OFFERINGS FOR 235 FINANCING 3'^r Down FivmpDt Requirement includes deposit for impounds. The 235 Program is being discontinued j These Properties ha\f been repaired and are being sold with insured financing and warranty. All offers will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Properties are also eligible for 203 financing. A 1200 earnest money deposit ill be required with submission of Sales Contract regardless of t\^ of sale or loan amount Balance of down payment due. if any. will be collected at closing HI n IRopmTIIS API oinllED I0 SAlf TO Ql ALIFIED riXHA^IH'-WITHdlTtEGAPti TOTHI PPf>sp|rTI\E n Re HA.-IK ^R%( > -(l>tX>R REllOIONdRNATKISAl ORJ(,|N Pt R< HAMR-s vH'ii I n rosTACT THE Ri Al IMATI BROKCB 'II THMR < HiiHI Tilt 1/K Al HI n 0|n< I l>> UM ATI P AT 300 !.*> \"l(. AS RI \I) VI I.ASVI.OAS W AFT Gets Injunction For Teochers American Federation of Teachers, Local 2170 jAFTj tnn a modirication of a permanent injunction RKainsl the union on Ma> 22. on the grounds the prr)hibitions ^erc uncnnstilutinnal. The permanent injunction was modified in he effectivf only until a nt* hearing on the Clark ((lunlv Classroom Teacher AsKocialion CCTT\ complaint can be held. The new injunction narrows AIT restriction In non-inlerftrence with CTA's contract rights of salan dues deduction, bulletin boards, mail boxes and meciioK roomK. AFT president-elect Duane Oaks proclaimed the decision as "A icton for the constitutional freedom of individual \IT members". In an afndavit Tiled with the court. Oaks pledged the .\FT would observe the exclusive contract rights of the CTA and that anv AFT on-campus aclivitv uould not interfere viih ordcrlv school functioning. "The piimarv concern of the AfT is qualiiv education for our children .Oaks said. "In seeking to preserve the rights of teachers and gain for them the best pussihk working; conditions and aj;reements, wc will ptTmil no activity that would interfere wiih ihe educa lional process". ROB'S WALBANGER RESTAURANT I LOUNGE 3140 S lOULMR HWY S6S-aiS1 WISHKS A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOB \^HITNEY HAPPY HOUR 4 PM TO 5 PM ALL DRINKS 50^ 235 FINANCING Will Be Available On These Properties. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNmiS DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING I URBAN DEVELOPMENT (HUD) FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION NOTICE TO REAL ESTATE BROKERS Thr fnllowing prnprrtirt arr bring ofTrrrd for salr A 9200 rarnrt money drposit will ht>e requirrd witb suhmission of Sairt Contriri regardlrsk of typr of sair or loan amount Balancr of down pavmrnt dur. if anv will be collrcled at clotting Rrvirw of nfTrrs vtll takr placr in our Las Vrgas ofTicr on FRIDAY — MAY 30, 1975 11.00 AM ALL 0FTF:R.S ARI: TO BE SI BMITTFD IN SEALFP EN"VEIX)PE.S WITH THE PROPERTY ADDRESS AND DATE REVIEW IS SCHEDl LED ON THE Ol TSIDE Tr rmk listrd not available lo invei. tors if inturrd financing rrquchtrd The following proprrtirs havr been Repaired and arr being sold itb inturrd flnaDcini; and warranty. 03? n4!.71Mi Hi 1 \ an H •grnrn St Hnd^D in 15(1 l.f 1 3V*4*!m ?3S 10] 1 \ ID Waff nrn Si Hndan Mn HR 1 3 IS 3]244U3U lOI V an Wafrnrn ^t Hnittn II KM) H 1 3];o44Miwni III t Van Watmrn SI Hndiii 20 HB 1 3 IS 3324I%*13& 3U 1 V an Waff nrr si Hndtn It KM) N 1 ir t \ an WafrnrG St Hndin ltM HI 11;44MI t3i zu t Van Wacnra Si Hndai ItJM H 1 33;44M'; :3 M: Van Wafrarn Si HndtB lIM (.Bl 33;4tM} t3S IM > Van WagrBrD Si HndtB It at* HI 3.1:-4t57*t.1S 3i: 1 Van Watrarn hi Hodic ItIM) H 1 34Mt3 3j: 1 V an Wafrnm Si Iln4>n ItINO H 1 3]i4&*} t3 3tl \ an Wa|f nf n si Mndn ItHW H 1 33I-II4.VM U& 3J: > V an Wafrnrn Si HDdn ItiM (.B 1 332-MUMUt 3*1 t Van WaffMD Si HD4>n IIIM HI Thr following proprrtlr havr been prrv loutb lilted Tbrtr proprrtlet havr been Repaired and arr bring sold with Insurrd flnannng and warranty All offrrii will br accrptrd on a first coror. flrtl served batik i3i-04ttii at 33;4M2 Zlt 33>'4t&33 233 33244ISKI U 33t-04S4't3S till Van WafrBTi Hnilin ZIS I VaoWtfrnrB Hndan 217 1 VanWagfnro Hndan 3! I Van Watrnrn Hndtn S3] I. Vas Watmrn Hndan it.ast C.B 1 ItlMI H 1 it.t* H I it.ita HI ItSM H 1 1 I 2 I 2 I t I I I All pro|irrltrt on I V \K H A(>1 N> S si HM>SS arrtuhjrri lo Hni> nrrf A>amlall"n dura IB thr amuni if t3Z prr aifmlh in addillanlnlSr rrgular moBlhh morigatr iMtmrnU HI D PHori RTirs B OH miD ro s*i r to i 4i inf n piBrH/vsiRs wiTHorTRtr.AKDTiiTHi raiisptfTivi PI RI HAstasiiAf > i OI.OR Rtii(.io AT 3M lAti VtCASBlVII so lANVKt.AS SIV


'****%-• ^**u a.AuUi. ^%Kv* auu oouiutri vii^ 4vn r/^^Y/ vxy/j^ SAVEM-TAKEVOl'RS'VTAXrREDITOITOFNKXT YEARS INCOME TAX!'! AvailiblronI) on houiiriisUrtrd brforr U Marrh 197S!!' Deduct 11700 froni your 1875 Tisrii Srr u Choofti* from 5 nrw bomri!!! $34,000 EACH" YOIRS FOR (20.000!!! 2 brdroora nor balb Idfal for rrtlrrfs!! Vrry oral, private yard. -MOBILE HOMESIDEAL FOR A FLYING BUDGE BOAT!' Mobllr bomr larKr ll.OOO quirr fnni lot • 30' X 30' double naragr and abop drwrt lindraprd • block walU all around -vrry private. Ownrra loaa is *ubstaotlal. aaya negotiate! -UTSON MT. CHARLISTON (10 OOO R-3 ZONKO Build multiple nnlta tU.OOO ACROSS THE STRtKT FROM GOLF 110.500. TOPOF A HILL OVER LOOKING BOILOER CITY.Over • ^ arre. negotiable! LAKEVIEW TERRACE $7 000 to 111 000!!! NEAR LAKE MEAD A FANTASTIC VIEW IIS.OOO, TERMS:;: Z'^ ACRES WITH A VIEW OF THE LAKE • ONLY $2.00:!! -BUSINESS OPPORTIAITIESBUSINFJkS IS GOOD ANn IMPRtlVING"! WHY NOT TRY TO STOP SOMK OF THE S 000 000 TOl RISTS THAT DRIVE THRl BOl LDF.R CITY ANNl'ALLYRENT A SHOP IN THE BEAl Tl MINI-MALL ONLY 1200 MONTHLY "Building A Better Boulder City" General Contractor Custom Homes Builder ADD, ons Repairs Nevada Stote And Boulder City Licenses Bonded THE DOME 1610 Nevodo Highwoy 293-1613 293-3267 MOBILE HOUiES FOR RENT1 4 2 bdrm Newly furn I til ln< Hrndrraon Trir Haven SC&^OMO FX)K KALE By Owner. In Boul der ( Ity. 2 Story Colonial Houae. on Golf Courae. Many eitns rall2>3 ISKIBt FOR RENT furn bachelor apt.. 5*50320 PAINTING & PAPER HANGING ROIGH ( ARPENTRY. REASONABLE Free ritlmaleit ( all ?.') 3790 B( TBIRD i Corpet Care V tomplrte floor (are P Free Ellmalei> L 5V7739 Ted Bird | CEDAR SHAKES direct from mill 329 95 q 735 7196 24 tlOUTf, KRIiNDSHIP ( I.I B SINt.l L Al)l LT "Get Arqujinird dances r\rty Fri 9pm Hhs I odne 900 I V Rld No (ill 4.S7 1867 or 4S: WILL CLEAN Garagea. yarda. haul away Junk, (all 2(3 2711. FOR VOI R FREE ( OPY OF "HoM to make a < hristlan Will", write l.t\ Vexas Hecur Mukion. Box 3M L.V. Nev R9I0I. TV Service ( f-\,r I • ril' r 111 • STORAGE GARAGES • STORAGE,ROOMS • OPEN PARKING • COVERED PARKING 565-6966 151 STEINER DRIVE HINDfRSON ; ^\^n (.RAVEL TOP S(ll. i Dump trurkv back hoe Service [|I>JS cement for sale call L'93 J B ( WE no ( ARFKNTER WORK Onns & INDS Accousliral ceilings VOl NAME IT WK DOIT PROMPTLY Call 293 4291 or 293 4248 R ( PHILLIPS RADIO & TV F\Pf RT SIRVK F \l I MXKES A MODFI^ COLOR rV STEREO nc/i E]3 SALF:S k SERVICE wS :i3z A PERFEt T SPOT TO IMPROVE AN EXISTING Bl'SINESS!' LAND Bill.DINGS ^ND OPERATING Bl'SINESS • ONLY tIS OM DOWN (125 OOO TOTAL CALL ON THIS ONE ON THE HIGHWAY £ • mt DOUE m 2*3-l(13 2V3.3M7 1 fMie to I(l Nevada HIghwav. Tke Dome" or rail' Friarv 2(3 ilM or Mel Dnnawav ;3.2438 or / Barlow: 2*3-2354 urCJV X url> Smith 2(3 I5WI CLARE WHITE • Remndrlinfi • New ( onstruclion • Siding {Vinvl & \luminumi Ph. 564-5315 (fcnrral ( onlrarMtr Banded & Insured (=) ml 30 Woter Street Ph. 564-2515 M DIANE G. LALBACH, REALTOR M STORE & OITICES for rent in prime R C location Fut>, air conditioned. offices furnished, immediate occupancy 293 1283 FOR SALE Half arrr lot. Lake Mead view 293 3576 STAY COOL Refrigeration cooli tbia 3 bedroom. 1 batb home Recently completed family room adoitloo and lar^e covered patio Tastefully decorated, with panelling and wallpaper throughout Quiet neighborhood (27 350.00 &PUXRS PFM(,HT ThI* ruttom built home on the 13th Fairway baa been reduced 3 bedroom 2 baib. and large familv room, with a fireplace A bargain at (47.(0000 ^MrHf^' ^'EW SPECIAL Addition Jot completed, addinf! 7nd hath and utility room Thit 3 bedroom fuily carpeted and panelling in the living room EI ECITIVF HOW F •Hiite brick hn)f kith 2700 q ft of living apace Thl 3 bedroom. 2 bath borne baa many eiiraa Fountain in the entryway. room for pool Ubir in family area white brick fireplace, plenty of kitchen cabinetk Overlooking entire valley dual aee to appreciate (M 000 00 NOQlALirVING Witfe mail down, ataune tbia low Inlrreit rale 3 bedrooma. I%< balb home, with refrigeration and gaa brat (22.000 OO fOl-NTRY Cn BIIVINQ Thli 4 bedroom 2 bath home It In eirellent roodltion. Situated on tbr litib Fairway Lawn ia well groomed with completr apriDkler ayvtem Double < ar garage could be finlabed at game room Hi (SO 00 TRACT NO 2 Super corner location 3 bedroom I bath refrigerated borne Well decorated with eitra lender loving rare Thia home won't latt long (ALL TODAY' HENDERSON PLAZA APIS. Furnished ond Unfurnishedl 2 Bedroom SI 60 to $175 HEATED POOL 7:i(f ( viiUr St SE( RETARY W AVTI D Part lime, expert shorthand and typing, write MM Zenoff. 22 Water St Henderson SEE NEW GIFTS Arriving daily (ovtume & Indian Jewelry Graduation and all orcaaion gift* F.icluaive INGLE NfK)K WINE DESERT SANDS POTTERY & GUTS 753 Nev Hwy BC TEDDY S KITCHENETTES Just bring \our Toothbrush 293 IT1€ BOl LDER PLl MBING 1320 Wyoming St Ph 293 1345 Now doing bualness in Hen deraon Mon thru Sat. ( AREFREE LAI NDRY Safe way Plaia. wash 25'. dry 5'. H AM to 7 PM Everyday See like new SINGER SEWING MA( HINE at FASHIO YARDAGE 521 Ave ( Fc r Sales A Ser\lce Call 2(3 13 t7 B( F KFZtR OWNERS SAVE THIS ^0 I II repair your freeier or refrigerator where II olik 54 2210 HENDERSON AREA Oo quallfylng.3bdrm. ISbath. (1500 down, aaaumr loan (215 per mo. 5M-54 SI F LIKE NEW SINGER SEWING M A( H1M AT RA.S((S lorSalev ASe rvice r all 293 3770 B ( Will. MR (OOKS El E{ TROI.l X VA( I I M ( LEANER Cl STOMERS PLEASE CALL THIS NIMBER. 457 7335 (HII.DCARE NIR-SE Fully eiperlenced. offers day rare for child of working Mothers ( all 293 2516 R( BRAND NEW Deiro AM car radio for aale Phone 55^77 after • p.m I LI SOLVE YOl R PROBLEMS I^aky faucets t, tolleta repaired Reasonable Call 2(3 2511 B( I AfOt'STKSSPRAVEI) beaut iful acoustical >i-ilingk thru out the whole bouse or 1 room No mess reasonable rates also painting A dry wall 504 1770 or 5t5(026 BEE NEW GIFTS Arriving dally (oatume A Indian jewelry Graduation and all orcaaion gifts Ficlualvr INGLE NOOK WINE DESERT SANDS POTTERY A GIFTS 753 Nrs Hw> B( APARTMENT HOt'RE CLEANING also rag aham poolag. reaaanable atarting at (M MUm or 7U-OM2 WANTED T( BIY A very • mail refrlgrraior for Teddv • Kitcbeoetlea 2*3 1710 Will trade large rroatlop if de(lr4. fOU SAI I i lotsTrTTuh a..r Lal< \Allet. Srtada RiaMi nabt* SM I MM EBEE Pi;PPYh balf ahepbeN, Fl RNITl RE. (ARPET. DRAPES AND MATTI(ESMF:S bv> them at wholesale, whv pay more'' MarvsDialrlbutlng (7(4(71 or 976-5357 WORK WANTED BY HANDYMAN Hauling, car pentry. cement, plumbing electrical, etc call M3-ZS70 far Ruaa FOR KAU: 1(09 Blltmorr mob borne. I Bdrm furn Moving Duat sell Set up In BC park Z((^2g70 AL((Honner Way call 2(3 ll(B( FOR KALE • Lavrly 3 Bdrm borne Boulder City iyrt old. briow Appralaal. 1S bath 32 1 15 n awlB poal, (all Etl IZ7( B ( I 'V TOM'S Boarding t Training STABLES 252 Klliott Rd licndrrson. Nev HELP WANTED 0r Zl, far aaark bar and grorerlea Mvaaenal Z(-IW1 far Inter564-2870 2 W PICIFK .Serving Henderson Since 1S53 NEVADA MAINTENANCE Odd J'os Cooler* Home Repairs 565-0687 V M. *s I \ PI H Kl I K HI PAIR 1601 I Sahara las Vf-nas TIS 7.11'5 Our sperlil ils used rehuill l\pewrilcr>' Sjlisfariinn Kuaranlerd KK HINT I. J A, :j hdrm irjilers (20 to (.Ml wli S65 7141 DRIVERS l.l(FSs, TESTS Tufsdo and Hfdnfvrtis S 45 dm 1ft 1;; noon I p m 10 4 15 p m' Its Annei ( iir (enter 200 H r sirrel RiMm ( OTON n.fiiUIRCTT n^ns. Iroker 01 TD(K)R LIVING i AND INDOOR Three bedrooms loDf: nupen. Z balbk. covered • patio, rncloaed bar-1 kyard. fruit trpet. aprln • kirrt. carport, eiira j itoraKr. iDcluding: separate buildiDK I (37 000 Term* ON IM)rBI.E IX)r : Outlying area, ample : parking 2 bedrooms A: den carpeted metl j window frames ample: covered porih. storage • rooms, landscaped | sprinklers $24.1100 j Terms. : SMAl.I. m SINKSS j What business oppor '. lunilv or business lot j are you looking for"* j ( ome in and diacuss : your dekirrs with us PHONC 293 3333 S&4 Nevada Hwv Boulder (ity N< HENDERSON MASONRY, licensed. bonded. FIREPLA( KS, blorkwalla. Additions and repair work Eiperlenred reasonable All work guaranteed Call Bob t>eWitt 584 I4H7 FOR SALE queen alxe bed. (M; 5(4^14(4 FREEZERS BOl GHT I need freeters w'ui Iher the> work or not Includingoldercabinets 504 2210 FOR RENT 2 room furn. cabin. 1(34 Margarlu Dr., Pitt. No daga or cata^ ^_ 'YARD SALE ^TpeaMred^by the Church of JeausChrlat of Latter Day Saints, many Items to choose from. May 30 A 31. at 10 AM at Ocean Street Chapel TRAILER SPA( ES FOR KENT Will lake 35 lo S3 fl li>n( we furnish water sewrr K garbage Hmd TrIr Haven 565 6-% (16 00 wk I lllltirs paid Shadv Rest Molel 565 76H8 (ASH KR YOl ROID( \R Ml \mrric an Aulo VS ri'< 1>>T-. 1949 Parkson Kd Hrnd SOS-7007 DOES YOIR BATHROOM MARI.ITF MED REPLACING' Ph I. Von Taylor 1336 Palm St HOI SES FOR SALE 2A 3 Bdrms 2 baths, double gar ages ONLY 6 left. 10 beautiful Laketree. between Boul der City A Lake Mead (all 879^1929 A&M Electric Inc. • Hi-i.). nl \ { • .•mill r< ijl M II I Hi; • I iirn'.,.! & HoM'1. .1 rh .•.I u HI MO H^fis M \ \i,\ M>R RENT 2 bdrm home at 1(21 BIdr Hwy no children or ppta. Inquire at 120 Fir WILL BABYSIT night or day. 2 to ( yean. ph. 54-5(7(. FOR SALE Late 1(71 Ford Torino Station wagon, purcbaaed Dew in May 1(72 • IN to 21 MPG. W ( cylinder stick ahlft. power steering. Eiclnt. Cood. (1400^'lrm S4( 7th St. Call 2(3-28K( B.C. l.EARN TO DRIVE IJS Vegai School of Driving specialii ing in the nervous and handicapped with professional and patient inatruriors. (all N7lt-03 FOR RENT-Furn apt for I (55 (alir B( DISERT OASIS r ( Beautiful Kf" n H' s Cafe .Stars of toitiorrow are being born today DANCE THEATRE WEST 1404 WYOMING .ST BOlLDER CITY ballet acrobatic jan tap danrerriie 793-3*77 FOR SALE I((5 Nonad l( Trailer, al eeps4 carpet, good tirea (S(S Call 2H 142 34 Don Vincent*' B C Ql'IET, 3 room bachelor apt (4SM weekly I tllltlea and llnena furnished Cloae in. fum. carpetrd m-l71( APARTMENT for one or two Quiet, clean furnlabed and carpeted Available immediately Phone 2(3 1710 FOR SALE '03 Plymouth, air. tape, radio gd upbol clean, depend trana Needs I jolnta only 3-214( B C NEW Fl RN A I NFl RN 2 Bd Rms apis in R ( ADl I TS ONI > ( all 29.1 2702 or 734 8751 LOST • Black Mtn area, yaung female Siamese rat. pink jeweled collar, please call Mr Corbin 55-(0( John Heywood is entilird lo a Free Top Sirloi n for t0 al the Henderson Sitiler. Boulder Hwv SALES CAREER WITH SALES MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES IE VOl ARI A THISKI R a responsible nnn cnnformi'.t brsidrs being friendiv and energetic if sou are mana* ing now or can be trained lo manage people I want m hear from vou D>oamir new training program allows sou lo begin learniog our bus ness in your spare lime while still at sour present job Then move 10 full time sessions with training salaries avail able to all partitipants Our managers inc omrs average more ihan (20 000 per vear I nlimiird commissions and all the fringe benrils iMust he currenth emploved 1 ( all Hal Kaminske 1701 Wesi C barleslon. Las \'egas. Nev 3M 6121 INVESTIRS DIVERSIFIED SERVICES Lost M4)*r St. area. May 22nd blackish grey poodle with white cbesl ai>d uoderllp. wearing orange cellar wllb Hend tags • Lrgr surgical arar on right bind leg need clipping.aoswerr lo Holly ". good with children A people. 545-042* BOtLDER CITY 3 Bdrm. refrigerated home, prime view location on a cul-de-ar, near Schools and Hospital iFoel Savingi Thermopane windows, country kitchen, carpeting garage, fenced backyard, full grass yard with Sprinkler system border flower beds many eitrsa Available after June 20th. by owner Call 2(3-4242 Bf PAINTING eilerior interior Satiafartloa guanleed' Pleaae call S5-7*S3 ORGANIZATIONS WISHING TO pickup old newspapers pleaae contact Mr Anderson at 5A4-1((1 on Tues orTbura morning from ( am lo 8 am ANTIQlTS coil FCTABLES iTH ANN|VER>ARV SALE round tables couc brs. chairs, break fronts rockers, ice hoses, roll lop desk beds, dressers, wasbpans lamps. clocks, organ halltrees. china cabinets china glass, copper, brass I NAMIT 334 Water St Henderson 5A4 2157 Sale ends May 31st FOR SALE Lace Wedding Dress with cap A Veil site 12UII Call 293 3851 BC FOR SALE 4 bdrm 2W batb home corner lot complelelv fenced, sprinkler system ( all 293 4250 BC SHAMO REFRIGERATIOM I AIR CONDITIONINC Installation A Repaira LIrenaed Bonded Liability Inaured. Call Ned Hhaao. ZWtsr? B( WANTED Telephone aallrltor male or female eipertenced for Henderson Home News. Boulder City Newa full or part time pb S(4 l((l for appt Dui' 10 our ( • xpnniiion | In thi I BOL I.DhR CITV I HINDlRSONi AKK A | WE WILL HIRE 3 Sales ( ounaelors ff YOU HAVEj blKbesl iDlefrtty 1 stable backjtrouitd dealer lo work I WEORBlI draw 1 rptlrcmritl aad bralib Inaurance plaaa | local travel only high earning potential I nr Appointment I Calt734a( I bMwwrn ( ^A la I pjB Pobi Tnlit & EslMt I pkmlfDMMn | 7600 Sorfh iiBim I • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • RT IBIBIBBI Henderson Child Care Center Doily & weekly rotes Nf. I*,his II,ill. linlllihl llii^ .',f..'i.>.;/; / DKK BLAIR REAin-BROKER I M3NKVAI)A HWT. 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1975-05-29 - Henderson Home News

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1975-05-29 - Henderson Home News
Jeffrey, Jack ( Columnist )
Zenoff, Morry ( Columnist )
Kesterson, Lorna ( Columnist )
Eckley, Jean ( Columnist )
Nelson, Laurel ( Columnist )
Newton, Ernest L. ( Columnist )
Zenoff, Morry ( Photographer )
Zenoff, Morry M.
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East Las Vegas
City and town life -- Nevada -- Henderson
Community life -- Nevada -- Henderson
History -- Henderson (Nev.) -- 20th century


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Jock Jeffrey, Assemblyman. I Think I Am Witnessing the Beginning Of the End''— / (Editor's note • When the recent consolidation bill project came before the state assembly for vote • this community s representative. Jack JeflVey, stood up and gave his reasonable why he aad tltea sought an amendnient which would demand a vote of the people before the consolidation bill would become a law. The amep<1ment was voted down, but JeflVey's speech will be long remembered and it was televised the night he gave it and reported to Northern Nevadans. We felt it should be presented as a public service to the people of the Boulder and Henderson communities and we asked him for a copy. Here it is:) Subject Amendment to SB. 601 which would have allowed the right to vote on consolidation. By Jack Jeffrey I rise in favor of this amend.nent If you will look at the documents distributed by the proponents of this bill, you will see what my fears as a representative of Henderson and Boulder City are. 1 would rise in favor of the right to vote under any circumstances This is a basic right when you are talking about an issue that is going to effect the people as greatly as this issue will The Charter changes that were adopted in the 56th and 57lh sessions went to a vote of the people. The legislature certa'inly has the power to change city charters. They chose to take these charter changes to the people. The ward system and various other items were put on the ballot at that time to let the people decide whether or not they wanted the charter changed. In the particular case of the city of Henderson, the people turned the decision of the legislature around 180 degrees in the election process in that city. But getting back to this document My fear as a representative of the Henderji -Boulder City area isjustthis. If you will look at the con glomeration of leads of the news stories reproduced on this page, you will see the Monday, MaySth RJ editorial, "Partial consolidation is better than nothing" You will also see various Las Vegas Sun editorials such as "half a loaf better than none." This is the kind of thing we have been faced with SB 601 is only the beginning of the consolidation question The initial motion put to the urban action committee was border to border consolidation, one county government for Clark County. The people in my area definitely do not want any part of it In the future we'll be involved. I have no doubt we will be. Not this session, because as the proponents have said time after time, theycouldn't get it on politically. It is not politically feasible. The legislators from around the state in this house, and in the Senate would not agree to consolidate the small cities in Clark County against their wishes. What is going to happen in the next session when we have 8 senators and 16 assemblymen from the City of Las Vegas'' I think it's going to be a different situation As a representative of the small cities, I think I am witnessing the beginning of the end We need to keep the precendent that was established in the Reno Sparks Consolidation effort. The people there had the right to vote on the question. Regardless of whether the legislature thought it was the right thing to do or not, the people in both cities rejected the move. I have always been opposed to a form of government that is going to do what is right for the people whether the people like it or not. I think this is what we are seeing here today. The amendment lost 23-17 HENDERSON THE COMMUNITY'S NEWSPAPER Our 27th Year 42nd Edition including merchants' messages that serve the 9000 homes in the Henderson-Boulder area. Thursday. May 29, \%V PHONE 564-1881-.\II Departments PRICE 15 CENTS Old Vegas Public Trust Clears Council IHoviy'SiMti By Morry Zenoff Anniversaries come and go • you have them • and I and this week happens to bring back some yarns to spin as we know you do as you recall to your family, friends and neighbors certain days and weeks of the year. This week a year ago we were in the Arab countries and Israel with 100 journalists on what was called the Kissinger Mission. We were allowed to talk to Arabs in all walks of life in Syria. Lebanon. Egypt. Jordan. And we even talked to the Arafat-led Arabians who seek stronger measures to build the Arab's future. We talked to the refugees in camps populated into the 25.000's and more. No questions remained unanswered. We talked to and were talked to by the bigwigs of government where we heard their ches for what they deem are their rights. We went then to Israel and talked to that new nation's man on the street and heard from the leaders what they need to assure peace in the MidEast foreverroore. We came back convinced there would be no more wars, altbo there would be outbreaks, border-strife, nasty incidents where deaths would come brutally to one side or the other We today a year later have seen no outbreak but find we're still on the brink of a lasting peace or an all out war. The lands and areas we constantly see in tv news reports... the Golan Heights, the Suez, the Lebanon borders Jerusalem these are the areas we walked and inspected. Today a year later we would like to return We know we'd And the people of the street, the masses happier, making their way thru work and industry still yearning for peace. We know we'd hear the leaders cry for their rights or they will fight, they'd threaten. However, we feel the leaders are playing politics and they are aware their peoples will ride along with their maneuvers but not with another war The people of all rountries, in our book, will be the last word before a fight This paper Will Have A Sports Section! by Morry Zenoff Cont. on Page 2 See "MORRY" Since day one in this newspaper's life, our secret ambition has been to answer the community's desire for a full sports section. Now-we'II have it. A fine young man -a university graduate in journalism a former sports editor for the Fallbrook community of California -has agreed to become sports editor of the Henderson Home News and the Bouldi'' City News. As soon as he can possibly put ends together he will present weekly sports pages today that will conform to our policy, which is: Portray only local sports and recreational news. We leave the national and the county to the daily papers. This man Bruce Fahlen won prizes among 900 contestants in writing while at San Diego State. This man Bruce Fahlen loves home towns, small towns, and believes, like we do. that coverage of a ball game with 11 year olds or a football game is as much fun and ceruinly as much value to the profession as covering the New York Yankees against the Chicago White Sox. He will do golf I^ke Mead fishing and boating, borseshows, rodeos, high school and intermediate school coverage and swimming, bowling, hunting, fishing -• you name it Bruce will be there or get the story. He loves to write features about people the umpires, the former athletes, the coaches, the programs. And if criticism is needed to straighten out some wrong he'll come to you with that. too. So then the thrill of all thrills for us we finally can offer a much needed plus for Henderson and for Boulder City Your cooperation, your occasional responses in a pat on the back to Bruce and a needle if he needs it ~ is this writer's wish as we proudly make this announcement today. WAR MEMORIAL TO BE DEDICATED BftWWXrW:-:-; :••; c-x-ww-x-x*:-:-:-:-:-:-:• -: >:*:v War Memorial Dedication Set For May 30 Here i The dedication of a veteran's memorial to deceased veterans, has been set for May 30 at 10 30 a m in front of city hall on Water Street, according to Thelnia Stokes, president of the War Mothers The memorial, which is the joint effort of several organizations, is being spearheaded by the .American War Mothers. Henderson Chapter. Mrs Stokes said the memorial, which will contain the names of Henderson's deceased veterans, IS a community project and those who have contributed will have their names published at a later date All branches of the military in this area will be represented at the dedication The Burkholder Junior High School band will play the opening number and the presentation of flags and banners will be by the VFW Post and Auxiliary 384B and American Legion Post and Auxiliary No 40, and the American War Mothers. The flag raising ceremony will be by the National Guard and the salute led by a Boy Scout. The invocation will be by Joel Rivers of the Vegas Valley Christian Church There will be a solosit from one of the strip hotels to sing, "Battle Hymn of the Republic A dedicator>' speech will be given by Thelma Stokes, president of the local war mothers and the unveiling ceremony will be by Mrs Stokes, Wilma Anfield, state president: and Mayor Dicli Stewart and World War I Veteran Fred Rinker The acceptance speech will be by Mayor Stewart Howard Decker, national councilman of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, I7lh District, will be the speaker of the day, then wreaths for the monument will be presented. Dignitaries will be recognized, then the War Mothers will lead the congregation in "God Bless America" The benediction will be by Don Frazier of the Foursquare Church. A 21-gun salute and taps will be by the Nellis AFB Ruth Emery will serve as organist Anyone wishing to bring bouquets may do so and they will be placed around the monument. Herb Crosby Passes Awoy Herbert George Crosby. 57. a prominent Henderson businessman and long-time resident, passed away Tuesday about 9:45 p.m. of an apparent heart attack. Crosby is owner of Cosby's music store at 19 Water street in Henderson He was first vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and was expected to be installed next month. Mr Crosbywasborn Aug 13, 1917 in Jersey City, N J He originally came to Henderson in 1954 but had lived in Clark County since 1947. He lived in Henderson for a number of years before moving back to Las Vegas He returned to Henderson to 19 Water Street. Apt. 3, in 1973 He was a member of the Masonic Lodge No 32 of Las Vegas, the Scottish Rite. Shrine Club. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3848, past state commander of the VFW. Services will be conducted by the Masonic Lodge tomorrow. May 30 at 2 p m, Intombment will be at Palm Memorial Park He IS survived by his widow, Kathrvn, a son Doug, of Las Vegas, mother. Mrs Helen Sallzseider of Las Vegas and two grandsons The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Nevada Heart Fund or the Las Vegas Shrine Temple Building Fund Henderson city councilmen unanimously approved an ordinance for the Public Trust for financing of the proposed "Old Las Vegas project in Henderson. The action was taken at a special meeting of the council held Tuesday evening. The Old Las Vegas project is planned on Boulder Highway and would be a resort entertainment park featuring the history of this area. From last night's action which gives an ok on a 9€.S million bond, the owners of the Old West group from Phoenix, Antona. will take the resolution of the Public Trustees and the city council to underwriters to show the city's approval of the project. The underwriters will then undertake a study tc assess the project. Prior to firul approval they will obtain a bond rating, trustees and the council reserve the right for final approval and the discount rate and other matters must be acceptable to the trustees. In other actions, the council Ubled a request by H.W. Polk to rezone the Carver Park land to trailer estates zoning. It will be brought up at the next city council meeting on June 2 The council agreed on the development of a city park at C T Sewell school and will continue with plans for HUD funding of a park at Robert Taylor School. The council also went on record as opposing the modular type of mail delivery at Section 27. F BACCALAUREATE SERVICE .Sumiay.Junt 1 :i /',W. Arlitih i enter Process!onal-"Faith MendeUaohi Organist-Carolyn Keele Invocation Mr. J. Marian Walkeif Former President of Mexico North Mistioo The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints •'Saul" Hovland Bel Canto Choir Baccalaureate Sermon Reverend Richard L. Morningf First Presbyterian Church BenedictioB Reverend John Oskof First Baptist Chnrrh Recessional-'Supplication" JL Schreiner Organist-Carolyn Keele ii


Henderson Home News Henderson, Nevada Page 2 Thursday. May 29. 197^, Lomprey, Stout—Morris, Tabony In Election Contests QTY OF HENDHSON. NEVADA GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELEaiON TUESDAY, JUNE 3,1975 CANDIDATES FOR NONPARTISAN OFFICE '^^^'^^i^yS.M^f'-^t^ MUNICIPAL JUDGE 4 YEAR HRM JENSEN, JIM 3 ^ COUNCILMAN WARD NO. 1 4 YEAR TERM VOTE FOR ONE LOMPREY. MARGARET 5 ^ STOUT, PHIL 6 ^ COUNCILMAN WARD NO. 2 4 YEAR TERM PRICE. GARY 7 ^ o o o o o o o o SPECIAL GENERAL ELECTION FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE JUNE 3,1975 CANDIDATIS FOR NONPARTISAN OFFICE *•*,*>' JUSTICE or THE PEACE HENDERSON TOWNSHIP UNEXPIRED TERM VOTE FOR ONE MORRIS, MONH J. 22^ TABONY, R. L (URRY) 23 H ENDMSON iit*:t I :i::iTi 4. ciirii NEWS M • "-I^X'^Ill AN INDIPfNDCNT N(WSFAPtR 27 Wottr SI PkoM S64 1181 ( trrul*l)n Htrold Aadrrton ,.mr r m M* n n<1 r l4 "MORRV" Cont. from Page 1 breaks out Conferences of our president and Kissinger with MidEast leaders and with Russian Ifadrrs should bring about guarantees that Israel will accept and Arab countries will accept. Come one year from today • and see if we're right and pray T tn not wrong. miur .B Junr I I^M Mr>Kt(\ /I Mi I riiin. \ I'uK IllK\ X K "-Tl II-.IIN vtjr^uBt \4vrrlifiaii EIrtnor Prd^raoaii Unt ^>af Thfrr mnnihv ^tll ^uhh, r .ptt.n TOO *m w. •^ Mi'vi I Mi> dollar a week to pay for what frills we dream up as things we want to do before we leave life's venture. The thank you's by your letters and the prizes for community service, and the merchant ads that come thru your response to their advertising in our papers • have been the rewards for the route we selected as of June 1. 1948. Anniversaries • this week 27 years ago was when we left metropolitan journalism for community journalism making our life's stake center around Boulder City and Henderson. Two great towns about to grow into home-rule cities. We say a challenge to help in the growth, to reflect communit> feeling and efforts. We saw little chance to make a fortune financially., but we saw more in writing and reporting and editorializing more worth to it all • that daily yarns about Babe Ruth. Bill Tilden. Bobby Jones. Jack Derapsey and DizzyDean., the Green Bay Packers, the Chicago White Sox. etc. Journalists everywhere pick a route to follow for a path in life. We picked this route • and to this day • we are happier than many of the other Journalists • we feel in many ways although our bank balance is always a roughy to keep even • and our own way of life is conducted on a dollar down and a As we look at ourself in the mirror on this anniversary day we see an old man in comparison to the young confident entrepreneur of 1948. We charged in in '48 with a will to ser^e. a will to make good, a hope that the world will be bettered by some things we do. The old man in the mirror surely looks old but be still is young in desire to serve, the will to make good, a hope that the world will be bettered by some things we do. Congratulations. Zenoff. old man in the mirror, we pat you on the back • as we have others • for trying your best and achieving, if nothing else, a way of happiness in a life in 8 great profession-journalism. How you like that • Congratulating yourself? But we do because we feel the old guy's got it coming and has his rights author's rights • if nothing more. WHAT IS A JAYCEE? What is a Jaycee'' Phil Stout, National Director of Nevada Jaycee's explains, The Jaycees is an organization of young men whose aims are LEADERSHIP TRAINING They provide solutions to community problems, often stated as leadership training through community development The philosophies of the Jaycees are enbodied in the Jaycee Creed We believe: That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to bunian life: Thai the brotherhood of man transcend! the sovereignty of nations; That economic Justice ran best be won by free men through free enterprise; That government sboold be of laws rather than of men; That earth's great treasure lies in human personality; And that service to humanity it the best work of life. Phil said, 'Asa Jaycee, I believe in the old ideals that made this country ^reat, that success comes to the man that can deliver the goods." In believing that he can rise highest by stay ingon the level, a Jaycee his own governrr.'nt than beg from it. He ioolcs for ahelpinghand attheend of his own arm A Jaycee looks different people. To children at Easter, he is the Easter bunny. To many people at Christmas time, he is Santa Claus To those with a problem, he is one to talk to and will seek the right solution After getting into the mainstream of community affairs he may start out as a follower, but tomorrow he can be a leader But. in the meantime, he'll spend time on committees. or running around on cold nights helping on some kind of improvement project He'll stand on the street corner with a loud speakertelling people to vote, to given Hell come and go and listen and he'll be concerned The Jaycee will start getting public recogni tion, and he will be on speaking terms with hundreds of people he never knew before But, his real reward will be the realization that he is doing things that BUILD communities and states and nations He can say: while others were following the crowd, he followed his conscience; and als out," a Jaycee was ready to step in He will spend many hours in leadership training sessions and compete in speaking debates Being a Jaycee can be a most rewarding experience for a young man It IS important today to care about your community and seek means to improve it By becoming a Jaycee, I had the opportunit>' to take my education and put It to work. Phil said "I further strengthened my skills and developed a mature ability to deal with many problems and people throughout our community," he stated Any young man betwen 18 and 35 should take the opportunity to join Jaycees and learn from actual experience in his own community how to become an EFFECTIVE INVOLVED LEADER and gain the skills needed to get the job done. Phil concluded Recreation JSeivs SOCCER CLINIC AND COACHING DEMONSTRATION On May 31. 1975 at 10 am, a Soccer Clinic and Coaching Demonstration will be held at the University of Nevada. Las Vegas For further information call Tom Khamis. 739-.3480 The Henderson Parks and Recreation Department urge all coaches interested in the fall soccer program to attend this clinic and demonstration BASIC CANOE CLl^ MOVIE The Henderson Parks and Recreation Depart ment would like to announce that a 16 mm color film produced by the Basic High Canoe Club will be shown on Thursday. May 29th, at 7 30pm Viewing will be in the balcony area of the Lorin L Williams Municipal Pool This one hour film, which has only been recently completed, is the live-action story of the club's 1974 trips on the Umpqua River in Oregon and the Klamath River in northern California As an additional feature, mem bers of the canoe club will have on display one of the canoes from their small fleetequippedjusl as It IS for the club's Summer superactivities There will be no admission charge so be sure and attend Thursday night' GOLF DISCOLIVT CARD ON SALE The Golf Discount Card IS available for purchase at the Hender son Parki and Recreation Department. Now for only $15 00, all of you avid golfers will be able to play 9 or 18 holes of golf a total of 12 times within a 60 day period The card can be used Monday thru Friday wit the exception of holidays For further informa tioncall 565-8921. Ext 32 when some were merly thrnk. it's better to'run yelling "throw the rase Sorry! Due to last minute political ads which had to run today, some of our news was left out. It will be printed next week. Of special Interest will be complete coverage in pictures and story of the spring sports award banquet when was held Thurs. -ippi Ititi't :s>s':-;x<-:-:*x-; m • — ..... WM to* all •••• ft OCirr y9' C M fnr eii months 10 QO pr >vaf Henderson voters will go to the polls for the city's general election next Tuesday, June 3, but there are only two contests on the ballot. The two contests are for a councilman for Ward 1 and for Justice of the Peace. According to Genevieve Harper, voting will not be done by precinct but the voting will be done by district as it was in the primary election. Margaret Lomprey will be seeking to keep her seat on the city council in the general election for Ward 1. Seeking to unseat her is Phil Stout Both have beencampaigningduring the past weeks, both going door-to~duor to put the campaign on a personal basis. Mrs. Lomprey has been active in civic affairs and is the mother of six children. Stout, a Vietnam War Veteran, has also been active in civic affairs. Seeking the position of Justice of the Peace are Attorney Monte J. Morris and R.L. Larry Tabony Morris Is centering his campaign around the necessity of having an attorney for JP, %nd Tabony is centering his campaign around the idea of having a Henderson mar for the post. Morris lives in Boulder City and practices in Henderson. There will be two other names on the ballot but both are unopposed. Municipal Judge Jim Jensen is running unopposed for a second four-year term. Councilman Gary Price is seeking his Tir si four-year term for council seat No. 2, and he IS uno .:r-''jv.<-: :<*>X';%'C''''<'w'icx*>iM > .'>.oo'>'X<<-rT'!vX I World War I Veteran Recalls Famous Battle ••'•4: >. By Lorna Kesterson World War I Veteran Charles "Fred" Rinker of Henderson, this week recalled over 57 years ago the famous battle of Belleau Wood in France which is credited with keeping the Germans from entering Pans Rinker. who joined the marines on his 16th birthday, told the officials he wa.s 18 He served in the only marine unit m World War I. that served with the infantrv Governor Mike O'Callaghan .served w ith the same unit in the Korean War Rinker served in World War II w ith the army engineers While in the service in World War II which he began in 1916. he won the silver star, the third highest US medal and 15 other medals He has numerous citations .\lthough he spent many ycarsof his life in Ohio, he and his wife moved to Las \eeas area in 1960 In 1963 they purchased a trailer estate lot in Henderson and they live there now. Mrs Rinker worked for the Internal Revenue Service and he worked for the state as a claims examiner. Both are now retired Rinker went overseas with the first American troops and landed in France in 1918 His storv follows SILVER STAR--Charlc* "Fred" Rinker, World Wr I VeierBn. is iihown pointinp lo one of his many medals and c-nmmrndaiions he von during hi* 6er%ifc time. Il is • Silver Sur, iht third hi(;hc<.t dcrnration in ihe U.S. The 4th Brigade of US. Marines were correctly called the Saviours of Pans in the early days of June, 1918 at what has been called the Battle of Belleau Wood On June 2nd the 55th Co received orders with the rest of the 2nd Batulion. 5th Regt which was bivoucked near Pyramides France, to proceed through Marigny and take up a position about m kilome ters northeast of Marigny The orders stated that the French, a few kilometres ahead, were slowly falling to the rear, and directed the 2nd Battalion for form a line of resistance which was to be held until the last The companies of the 2nd Battalion went up separately, as the battalion was to cover a large front and the German artillery was very active The 59th Co was halted in the woods just above the town of Champillon. while the officers went forward to reconnoitre the ground to be occupied by the company It was then about 4 p.m and the German artillery suddenly increased, the barrage being plainly visible as it moved up the valley by Bussiares and Torcy A number of French sol,41 1^ -I Mil Kinkt-r joined the Marine* diers passing to the rear (retreeating) along the Champillon Bus.siares road, stated that the Germans were right behind them A runner was sent back with orders to bring up the company on the aouble A thin skirmish line was formed the right of the company touching and covering the Champillon road, and its left resting at Les Mares Farm Get this, the placing of the .'>5th Co so that it's left rested at Les Mares Farm was strictly an accident, the fate of fortune or unfortune, whatever you think Now get this: It developed that the nearest point the German.*, came to Pans in 1918 w as at Les Mares Farm So by a quirk of fate, the 55th Co of Marines stopped the Germans dead at Les Mares Farm I was in the4th Platoon, 55th Co and as a further quirk of fate the 4th Platoon was ordered by 1st Lt Lem Shepherd to organize the defense of the Les Mares Farm house and it s adjoining barnyard and the remainder of the 55th Co to dig in along the several hundred yards of assigned frontage Such was the situation of the 55th Co on the morning of June 3rd prior to resumption of the enemy attack The foregoing definitely shows that the 4th Platoon, 55th Company U S Marines stopped the Germans at Les Mares Farm point nearest Paris reached by the Germans in 1918 I was there, from beginning Bussiares 'o ^"'^ ^ member of the 4th Platoon. 55th Company.


Henderson Home News Henderson. Nevada p^gp 3 Parent Awareness Group of Sewell School to Meet Chester T Sewell Elementary will hold the last Parent Awareness Group (PAG) meeting Thursday at 7 p m at the school, according to principal Wendell Bond Sixth grade student. Jackie Holiday will be Master of Ceremonies for this meeting, which will consist of a summary of the past year's activities Mr Chester T Sewell. will present awards to nearly 60 students cho sen as Sundevil's of the week The sundevils award was given to a pnmarjand inter mediate student each week throughout the school year for ourstanding citizenship Entertainment will be provided by students. including a parachute and exercise demonstra tion from Mrs Cam phcll's and Miss Roudcbush's Hrst grade, choral reading by Mrs Augspurgers third gradr; sing a lon>: with Mrs. Keels third grade; grade a square dance by Mrs Also included in the Smiths nnh grade and a program are election of song and dance routine new FAG officers Ref from Mrs Baker and reshments will be pro Mis.s Straders sixth vided and served by sixth grade students Senior Citizens Sociol Club The rlub met I'ridav Mav 2.'frd as usual. The usual games ucrv plaved. The rooms arc cool and allrartive. Frances Church and Maggie LeClair were hostessessowingdelicious sandwiches and \er> good chocolate cake. We vere pleased lo haxe tmma Quanerson visit us. She is a former member now living in Santa Barbara. It is nice to sec her again. The next meeting will be Iridav. Ma> .^Oih room 1<) at the Civic Center. Thursday, May 29, 1975 Pitch THE BOULDER THEATRE Phone 2=3-3145 LAST 3 DA\S ?&tChid^ Rizran) yfi^SSS^ pt; 7^1 tln4 If GUI demands ore not met vwr will execute the five gifts one by one PETER O'TOOLE / RICHARD AnENBOROUGH vr. To DanceNancx Cole, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. James Cole will dance the role o( the foresi angle who guides the lost children lo satetv in th. ballet 'Hansel and (.retejwhich will be presented bv the Valliei Dance Studio under the direction of Marvellen Vallier Sadoxich on Mondav. June 2, at the Henderson Civic Center Vuditorium at ^ pm. The public is inxited. there is no charge. 'Hansel And Gretel' To Be Presented A folk hallel •Hansel and Grelel," wiih music b> LngleberJ Humpcrdink will be prevented b\ the students of ihe \allier Dance Studio under direction of Marvellen Aallier Sadovich and Margaret I MCL BROOKS COMK MASHRPfCT Si'jOL*' "f €k nxiNG /isyREiSKtii DID YOU KNOW? IS A SPECIAL PERSON!! A person who takes the time to research A person with a keen desire end ability her commitments. j to follow through with her commitments. not afraid to tell it like it is. • An experienced thinking person who is A person who has been involved in positive community improvements for SO many years. WE KNOW! SHE IS OURMOTHER. Jim Lomprcy Marlene Lomprey Buzzelli Robert Lomprey Ernest H. Lomprey Lome L. Lomprey Becky Lomprey MARGARET LOMPREY COUNCILWOMAN P.^ID POLITICAL ADVERTISEWENT J * * Ketchum, on Mondav, .lunc 2. at 7 p.m.. at the Henderson Civic Center Auditorium. Mi/ahelh Marsias and Carol I ucero dance the roles of Hansel and Gretel the children who are losi in the dark forest in one of the popular Grimm's I air Tales. Terrified, the children fall asleep under the protection of Nancv (o|', the Forest Angel who teaches them to see the forest as a friendiv haxen when flowers and ar^imals ll\c and pla\ and siran;;clv costumed forest people light the stars to guide the lost children while hands of angels hover close bv the guard them in their sleep. Tina Brink. Sbari Rowe. Vickie Schicrhoff, and K:ith> Maroushek dance the role of the flowers vho bo* there heads in greeting as Hansel and C>rt*lel move along the forest path that is blocked bv the Ihrer little kittens. Krist\ Cottrell. Clnd> Derrick, Christina De I illo. and ibeii Mother, .lanct Mbis Inn Dianne Porter appears as the Butterfl>. and Sh.-iron U ooten and Sandv Millis appear as the oriental lamplighters v*h( turn nn the star% tn light the night lo bring a glow of warmth for the lost children. I aura Dawson,Michelle Mimene/, and Ana Maria Pavis appear in Ihe mks of the angles who watch over the children to bring ibem sweet dreams through ihe night until tbev are safelv relumed to their lather who is led lo their side hv a gentle lawn. A HENDERSON MAN FOR THE HENDERSON JUSTICE OF THE PEACE LARRY TABONY is the ONLY HENDERSON CANDIDATE in the upcoming General Election race for the office of Henderson Justice of the Peace on June 3rd. LARRY TABONY received the highest amount of votes out of 15 candidates in the Primary Election, and is very grateful for the vigorous and enthusiastic support he is receiving from our community for the forth-coming election. LARRY TABONY is a knowledgeable person, and will work hard to represent you the people of HENDERSON. He is not a false person, and there is nothing pretentious about this man. LARRY TABONY'S OPPONENT is NOT A HENDERSON RESIDENT as implied in a recent political ad statement "He's one of us". LARRY TABONY'S OPPONENT RESIDES in BOULDER CITY! He CANNOT VOTE in the HENDERSON ELECTION, and as a point of information, HE IS NOT THE HENDERSON CITY ATTORNEY as related in his previous political advertisement. The City Attorney for the City of Henderson is a ver>' fine and capable gentleman by the name of KENT DAWSON. LARRY TABONY'S. BOULDER CITY OPPONENT has indicated in a recent political ad that he would work about 14 hours a week as Henderson Justice of the Peace which pays around $16,000 a year! This raises a question in the minds of many HENDERSON VOTERS as to a possible CONFLICT OF INTEREST by having persons appear before him who previously were, or are possible future clients. LARRY TABONY has NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST and will resign his present positioi> to devote his fuli attention to fulfill the mandate that the office of Justice of the I^eace really requires. LARRY TABONY has the quality and qualifications to bring pride, efficiency and professionalism to the "Court of the People". QUALIFICATIONS: COLLEGE EDUCATION IN LAW ADMINISTRATION CERTIFIED CRIMINAL LAW LAWS OF ARREST LAWS OF INTERROGATION 20 YEARS WITHIN THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM 5 YEARS AS A COURT INVESTIGATOR FOR DISTRICT AND JUSTICE COURTS GRADUATE OF FEDERAL BUREAU OF NARCOTICS WASHINGTON D.C. RULES OF EVIDENCE LAWS OF INVESTIGATION TRAFFIC LAWS ELECT YOUR ONLY LOCAL CANDIDATE LARRY TABONY JUSTICE OF THE PEACE CHAIRMAN, CRUZ OLAGUE mmmmmmmm niit>


Jbursday, May 29. 1975 Pa#> 4 •'>f**|*t|M Henderson Home News Henderson. Nevada r |£ROUND T4IE iTOWN B> Jran trklcy mBm 1^!^ The number to call for the Golden Age C'lubN Trip K 5ift.S-6990. Sorn il • Mrong la&i week. The 6 and fl got mixed up. Spring and picnictime must he here. I just san a sign in AII>enhonS Market windoH-"U-e cold walcrmellon for sale." There will be an A.A.R.P. meeting at St. Peter's Center .Monda> June 2nd at I p.m. A business meeting followed bv entertainment and refreshments will be held. All Senior Citi/ens arc welcome. Jan and Mike De Mille and their daughters,Crista and Kimmie made a Trip lo I uh last week. Jan Swift is home from the Boulder City tiospiial where she underwent surgery last week. Ail the Henderson Bowl implo\ees and their partners celebrated the end of the Women's State Tournament with a big buffet part>. Il was a big job and well done. Jacqueand Bill Kobison rM~ei\ed a letter from their daughter, Charlene, who is in duam. Charlene tells of her expeiences working with the Metnamese Airlift there. It's good to get firsl hand information. There are so man* different stories thai it's impossible lo know which is irueCharlene and her two children hope lo return to Henderson in the near future. Blue Chip Stamp Bowling resumed Saturday nights again. The turn out last Saiurda> was \en good. The Henderson Bowl is also running ihe Red Pin Special on Thursda> nighlK. Henderson Bowl. IV1a> 28lh officers and busine&s cluHroom meeting al Moose lodge in Henderson. I hear Ihe Club room is open e*er> night and lhe> ask for all members lo come up and Good lo hear Fa>c Lo\cl support >our friendU barIs up and around again lenders, after ha\ing back trouble. Ph>liss I his, clerk from the St. Vincent Thrift Store, jusi had her ankle cast remo\ed. Watch out for these holds Ph>liss. lee and Merrilec Foll\ became parents of a beautiful nine lb. bab> bo> delixered al the Boulder Cin Hospital on Ma> 23rd. Congratula lions from xour famil> and friends. Lola and Linn Kirk spent Memorial Dax weekend in llah. I heard that Peg and Dannie Mc.Mahan ha\e just returned from a few weeks \acation to California, where lhe> \isited friends. While there. Dan pla>ed in the soflball tournament. Peg Mc Mahan works at the Fiiliiiin Crab Group To Perform The hidanncrao musical group. oon.sisting of local youths, wjli perform at the Swiss, Park in Duarte. Calif Friday night Those in the group are Jimmy Van Camp, lead guitar, Joey Van Camp drums, Mike Hainer b a s .s: Dave Owens, rh.vthm, and Gary Eiler, h'nger GIVE $627 TO f^USEUM--The Daughters oi ol their home sewn quilt. From Left are Maxine the Utah Pioneers presented a check of $627 to Buckles, Alma Getz, president of DUP. Marj the Southern Nevada Museum after the raffle Ivary of the museum, accepting the check, and Ruth Moore. Chaires Named 'Coach' 5 Named All Conference A 1975 baseball .season that saw Basic High lose in a heart-breaker to conference champion Clark, may have been a cloud with a .silver lining First year Basic coach Gary Chaires was named hi.s league's coach of the \car while five of his players were appointed to the Las VcRas Sun's Class AAA AllConference baseball team The selections this year were made in lieu of balloting by the baseball coaches who did not conduct their own voting as in past seasons Chaires. who made his team a title contender in his first season as a Basic coach, regained part of the glory of the schools baseball aspirations by recalling their brilliant 1962 conference championship Actually Basic was on Its w ay to the 1975 cro*. n, but were defeated by Savior which threw the conference into a twoway tie Basic lost the ensuing playoff game lo Clark Junior second baseman Dave .Anderson outfielder Ralph Mor tenson and first baseman Roger Kesterson all were named to the Demos Endorse Lomprey For Council The Henderson Democratic Club at its meeting held May 20 in the banquet room of the Eldorado Club, unanim ously endorsed Margaret Lomprey for city council for ward I and Jim Jensen for municipal coun judge Jensen is unopposed for the position of Judpt .All club members will be working to get out the vote in the June 3 general election Roger Peacock of Con sumer affairs, will address the membership at the meeting to be held on June 17. first team The Wolves also placed shortstop Steve Kirk and third baseman Vonnie Kelly on the second team Anderson, a transfer from Chicago, topped a brilliant season by leading the conference in runs scored with 26 and hits with 24 in finishing with a sparkling 459 average Senior Mortenson was one of the league s top defensive centerfielders and stole 12 bases, while first baseman Kesterson knocked in a conference high 31 runs Kelly, second in the league in RBIs with 17 was a second team repeat from last year while Mortenson moved up after being on the sec ond team a year ago Clarli pitcher K irk Savior was tabbed as the conference s Most Valu able Player Nl M., Htnrtrrson Nr H.d • ;ft r M H'l 1rn,p|, rtnipfj lii>i) OLst'ti Realty & huHurnncp Inc. l>n at bpir VM ffp I h