1975-05-13 - Henderson Home News

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1975-05-13 - Henderson Home News
Anderson, Steve ( Columnist )
Zenoff, Morry M.
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East Las Vegas
City and town life -- Nevada -- Henderson
Community life -- Nevada -- Henderson
History -- Henderson (Nev.) -- 20th century


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'We'll Be Back' Chaires says Coach Gar> Chaires Arter a crushing 10-1 defeat from the hands of Clark high schoolyesterday, Basic Coach Gary Chaires. who had his sites on the state championship, could only talk about next year, and he said, "We'll be back." Behind the supurb pitching of Jeff Wolff, the Chargers took a 4-1 lead in (he first inning, and by the end of the •third it was the Chargers 7-1. Vonnie Kelly started pitching for the Wolves, but was knocked out and Steve Kirk took over in the fourth The Wolves, plagued with errors. ended with 15 for the game. Chaires, who was visibly disappointed in his team which has played almost errorless ball all season, said he had little to say "You can't know how they are going to take pressure." Chaires said, "and you can't coach It Asked about next year's chances. Chaires cheered up some. The Wolves will lose four starters in Roger Kesterson, Keith Stewart, Ralph Mortenson and Johnny Simmons. Other seniors who will be leaving are Willie Danielson and Fred Stewart. Chaires said he will have a good nucleus for a returning team. Some good prospects coming up include Bryan Lamb. Brian Bainbridge, Rick Jones, Kevin Causey, Craig Hinton and Joe Sadovich. The Clark team will play Reno for the state championship ENDERSON nUlk'l IKDUSTRIAL CXNTIR including merchants' messages that serve the 9000 homes in the Henderson-Bouldpr area. Our 27th Year 37th Edition PHONK 564-1881-All Departments PRICE 15 CENTS Tuesday. May 13, 1975 Trust Looks With Favor On 'Old Vegas' Police Arrest 15 On Narco Fifteen persons were arrested Friday evening following a two month narcotics investigation, police reported. Booked into Henderson Jail were Paul A. Striegel, 21, of 438 Jefferson St.. who was charged with three counts of sale and possession of a controlled substance; Linda M. Fitzpatrick 20, of 438 Jefferson St. chiarged with sale of controlled substance; Gary Hardy. 26, 730 Center St. charged with sale and possession of controlled substance, and his wife Cynthia, 20, charged with possession of controlled substance. Also charged were Bruce E. Bird, 18, of 803 Center St.. sale of controlled substance; Cecil Brush, 19, of 23 Wyoming Ave., sale of controlled substance; and Joseph C. Paquette, 22, of 319 Van Wagenen St.. harboring a fugitive and Assesory to a felony. Paquette was booked for harboring a fugitive after officers arrested a juvenile. whose identity was not released, for possession of drugs in Paquette's home. Homer Gregory Ashcraft, 18, 90 Vista Trailer Park, charged with giving away controlled substance. The other eight persons arrested were juveniles and their identities were not released. All persons were arrested at their homes without incident. The raid netted onehalf pound of marijuana, 12 "hits" of THC, a derivative of and about 20 tranquillizer pills. The drugs had a street value of approximately S115, police said. City To Get $159,221 The City of Henderson will receive $159,221 in general revenue sharing funds during fiscal year 1976, according to Congressman Jim Santini this week. Local communities in Nevada will receive approximately $14.7 million in general revenue sharing funds. During the last fiscal year the state received atx>ut SI 3.5 million and since the inception of revenue sharing in 1972 has received about $44 8 These are the Basic Wolves I Bis' -pK". s^--:, |ps:c 1 Ei2>w/ 6 y 1975 H'OLVFS—These ballplayers, who came so close to the zonerhampionsbip. brought honor to Basic. It is the Tirst baseball team that came close to the championship since 1962. Coach Chaires hopes for big things again next year. Top row, Willie Danielson, Kevin Causey, Craig Hinton, Roger Keslerson, Bryan Lamb, Steve Kirk. Danny Frrrano, Vonnie Kelly, Ralph Mortenson, Fred Stewart. Front, John Simmons. Rob Hagewo(d, Joe Sadovich. Reno Gonwles, Dave Anderson, Darryl Clark, Keilh Stewart, Coarh Gary Chaires. .^^cott Castleberry. manager. Hagewood and Gonzales did not complete the year. ft^JUJ-iUB-ftJ--8.aMU^MUV*J>-U--iV*^V<-MWJUJ^ Clark Arraignment Set Public Hearing Set On Attempted Murder baby girl, Heather Oenise, in the desert, clad in a white nightgown and covered with only two blankets. The baby survived weather ranging from 79 degrees to about 40 and high winds in its 60-hour ordeal. The Henderson police department, which has had a "hold" on the baby, is expected to release it to juvenile authorities. f^rs. Clark had told authorities she had taken her husband, Jerry, to work at a strip hotel where he is a steward. She said when she returned home to their trailer at Price's Trailer park, she was struck from behind and the baby was abducted. No charges were placed against the father of the child. Pamela Clark, 20. mother of a two weeks old baby that was left in the desert for three days, was arraigned at 1:15 p.m. in Las Vegas on a charge of attempted murder. The case will be assigned to the Henderson Justice court, according to detectives here Mrs. Clark is charged with leaving her two weeks old :\ public hearing before the Public Service Commission Randy Rollins Helped Evacuate Vietnamese Marine Private First Class Randy G. Rollins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dee R. Clark of 265 Circa, Henderson has helped provide security and assistance to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals evacuated from the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon. He is embarked on a Western Pacific deployment with 2d Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, and supporting units which were dispatched to aid in the evacuation. will be held Tues. May 13. at 1:30 p m in the Henderson city council chambers at which California Pacific I'tilities Co will support its application to increase electric rates to recover an additional $953,922 from an increase in the cost of power purcha.'ied by the company for Henderson customers The hearing will be reopened al7 p m. on the same day and in the same place so that interested customers may appear and express their view s regarding the proposed increase According to the proposal, increases in typical monthly residential billings for 100 KWHR from the present$287 would be $3 85 or an increase m cents. Henderson's public trust group looked with favor on an $8.1 million project which would cater to family entertainment around the theme of 'Old Vegas' as the trustees met Thurs. night. Meeting with officials of the Old Vegas Corp. were trustees Lyal Burkholder, Dr. Harold Miller, Bill Perry and Estes McDoniel. Robert Sheiton, president of "Old Tucson" and the Old Vegas firms, said the park will be tourist oriented and designed to attract families. It will be located on 124 acres of land in Henderson on Boulder highway in the northeast section of the city. Sheiton said he hoped the* project will be opened in the Bicentennial, year. They paid the $5,000 filing fee to obtain public monies. Sheiton told the trustees the reason his firm is seeking public trust financing is that tax free bonds would be an excellent vehicle to fund the project. The question was discussed concerning senate bill 186. McDoniel, who attended the hearing in the government affairs committee, said it was his impression that with a few changes, the Henderson public trust provision in the city charter would remain in tad. One of the two additions to the bill would affect financial backing but he said, "I think the changes would be liveable." A lengthy discussion was held on the use of monies from the filing lee. Burkholder explained that the money received from the fee is the only money there is to support the trust. He said the money paid by Old Vegas Corporation would only be used on the mechanics of that project. Attending the session from the Old Vegas Corporation with Sheiton were Executive Vice Presioent and Treasurer Jerry Blackwell and Cecil Simmons, secretary. 'USUM The People Speak On Vietnam By Steve Anderson People here generally agreed that it was time the U.S. withdrew from the Vietnam War, but were divided on their opinions about bringing the refugees to the United States, according to a poll taken at random from the telephone book. reluctant to give their views and refused to answer the question. The six opinions received are given below. DONALD TAYLOR "\'m glad that the war is over, but it is tragic that there were so many lives lost without any results or accomplishments." RUTH WEAVER"I think it should have been done a Cnmo noonio rallpH WPre lonn limo ann I rinn't K;"t we should have been in there in the first place." MRS GRAY "I doni think they should bring them over here, because we cant take care of our own people who need help, and medical care, and they might have a lot of diseases which could spread through the United States." LOREN C. COVINGTON • "I think fhat in niillino onf of Viet Nam. they did all they could under the circumstances. They could have precipitated World War III. I think they are doing the right thing by bringing the refuguees here. I think its the only humanitarian thing to do." MARY RESCH "I'm against all these refugees that are going to be coming over we have a shortage of jobs for our own people." BOBBY EIRING 'Well, I don't really know, I've heard a lot of comments one way or another. I don't think any of us have been given enough information from both sides to be able to make a good judgement' on it. I feel sorry for the people, but yet we have to piotect ourselves


Page 2 llrnderson Home News Henderson. Nevada WANT A BOOK? THE LIBRARY HAS IT Henderson Public Libra ry is happy to announce the arrival of the follow ing new books. •of Mattcr.s f.;rt'at and NOTUF OF ri BI.K HIARINO NOT l< t IS ilKRKBY GIVKN that a nipi'iing of Ihr I)i\tn< t Air i'ntlu lion i (incrol llfrtnK Board HIII hr hrld on thr Uth day uf Mav. I91h al H 00 r M in Ihr ( nmmistion < ham hrrs of Ihr riark( uunl^ (ourlhou^r. ;'00 I a>l ("arvon XM-nur.I.asXtXa* Nr\ada Thr hrarinic ts bfliiil urid in ai'i firdanctuiih Ihr prn\ l^ionv nf > K S tISand Ihr Air Pnllulion < nn IrnI Kf • Rulallon^ of Ihr liiNlriti Board of llrallh of (lark t ounlt. Nr%ada. Thr Boaid uill hrai a final pioc r^ • ^^ rrporl h> thr TM \MI M IKFAIS rORPOK \Ti(IN in AMi-RK A. Hrndrr>nn. Nrtada on Ihr in^lallalitin of hlowrr w hrrK on I nils J I and i Ti Thr Hoard will ronsidrr a~linn on a noiiir of tiolaiions isvurd lo BRV \S PAINTlX. J5.S0 N Nrllis Bl\d Las Xrgas. >r\ada for \iola linns of ^rilion 19 I d I uiiilitr PusI Ihr Board utU Ihrn rnnsidrr a rrqurst for variancr suhmiltrd h\ BRV \N I'tlNnSI. A, UK (>RATiN..lN( for purposeV of lontinuinR sandhlaslinK as nrirs sar\ THIS IS A riBiic H ARivr, opporlunii^ shall br affordrd all parlirs lo rrspnnd and prrsrni r> i drn< r and arKumtnl on all issurs invoUrd D\Tl.l)lhis34lbda> of \pri IST.'i (si Dr SlanIrN I Jnnr> PR STAMl> t JiiNtS < hairman nislRII T AIR f"l 1 I I U)N tiiNTROl. HIAKIM. BliARI) H %lay6. 13. 1975 small." by Isaac Asimov. Dr Asimov puts science into understandable terms. Some things he discusses are the farthest distance in the universe. why the North Star keeps shifting, and how it proves that Bacon didn't write Shakesi wm mi In Ihr l-jRhlh Judicial Pisirirt ( ourl Of Ihr Sutr nf Nrtada .In and l-'or Ihr ( ounl> of ( lark mil) MA\ 0 PM 7S roBI-TTA BOW HAN < I I RK B> Rl 111 POMP No 5744 IN Till: MATXm Ol THI K.STATl ot 11UA jii>:s. Ircra>d peares plays •White House Witness." by Jonathan Daniels The author who was administrative assistant to FDR gives us an inside look at government circles of power. •'Is it well with the child?" by Susan Strauss. This monther's story of her mentally handicapped son gives valuable advice on raising a retarded child, fi nding a school and MUMS In Ihf I ifthth Judii lal insirirl ( ourl of Ihr Slalr of Nr\ada ID and lor Ihr ( ounlt of CUrk 411 IP M\> 9 11 .S3 AM 7S 10R4TT\ BOWMAN < 1 RK BV ANNA J0R(>1:NSI:N In Ihr Killhth Judirlal Pistrirl (ourl of Ihr Suir of Nrtada In anil lor Ihr ( otini> of ( lark No 140350 AGOSTINHO Hf.rtlR\S PlaintifT NOTiri TO ( R4 PITORS iThrrr Monlhs Nolirri Noiirr IS hrrrht Kirn Ihal Ihr undrr%i|tnrd has hrrn dul\ appointrd and quattflrd b\ Ihr aho\r rnlillrd ( ourt on Ibr Ifnd da\ of Ma>. 1A75. as Administratrii of thr rslatr of ri I.A JONKSdrirasrd All rrrditors hatinx claims axainsl said rstjtr arr rrquirrd lo fllr Ihr samr Milh Ihr proprr \ou < hrrs aiui hrd oith Ihr ( Irrk of thr < ourl Hilhin Ihrrr months aflrr thr first publiralinn of this notur Paird Mat 5lh \ P 1975 iRtNt n All IN iM IR4N4 p AI.I.4N IM Jamr M Biilrr *ilornry for Ihr IMatr H May 13. ZO 22 1975 In Ihr 4 inhlh Judicial PisirIrt ( ourl of the Sijir of Nr\ada In and 4or Ihr I ounlt of I lark \MAL1 \ OON' 1 \ I s f Bl IHI 1 Wl NO A1402S1 Prfrodanl lll(P \PR 2^ ? 49 PM 75 SI MMONS UIRI FTA BIIWMXN 1 IIRK TH4 STAT4 Ol N4V\p\s|Nps BV JANIT RIBIR fiRIITINf.S TO THI \Bii\f NAMIPDIIKNPANl In thr Malirr of thr 1 ^ ou arr hrrrbt • • ummonrd and rrquirrd to scnr upon JUIIN I. SP\NN. tSQl IRI plaintiff t aitornrt. hosr addirss is .102 I att f arson Avrnur ^uitr llflh las \rKas Srtada. H9I0I an antttrr to Ibr < ,ou and Ihr riainiiff nisTRK T <>l HI .-I \l I0R4TTVB0WM\N flrrkoff ourt Bt RITH DOHD Pcputt ( Irrk PAT! April 2. 1975 H May U. ZO. 27 Junr 3. 1975 MIRIII P fit Np natural mnlhrr and Euardian of (.lOIIRtV R\INII.R(.lNp a Minor lor a f hanilr of Namr NOTH I NOTKI ISIII RIBV I.IVIN that on \pril 24 19Ti Ml Rlll P I.I Nil natural moihrrand suardian nr(.4li|IRt\ KXIMIRMNP a Minor fllrd in thr I ighlh Judicial pisirii 11 ourl of Ihr Mair of Nrtada in and (or ihr ( ountt nf l lark a Pril lion for ( haniir of Namr of said Minor (. inHRI V K\IN1I R r.l Nil from I.IOIIRI \ RMNIIR (.1 Npio Jill Kl X 1.1 M> isi Murirl P (tund Ml RI4 I P ( • Nil lo Proprr Prr son .102 4 (arson Atrnur No 900 Ijs Vriiat Nrtada K9I01 H Apr 29 Mat t 13 20 1975 you re in • u safe '^ • 'L: waters wi th C \M' NO A45372 In Ihr Malirr of Ihr 4 ttair of MAR(.AR>:T Bi:4.Lmi.SK. Pri rasrd NOTK 4 III s\I,| Ol Rl \l PROPIRTV AT PRIX \T4, SXII NOTK I IS HI.RI BY (.IVI.N that K XTHI RIM X IRI.INI X I4K Kl R, as I tri utrit of thr 1 att XXlll and Trttamrni of MARt.ARI X Bll I lit INN will srll al pritatr salr in onr parrrl lo thr hlKhrsI hiddrr. upon thr tirms and conditions hrrrinaflrr nirntlonrd, and tuhjrt t to confirmation bt thr ahotr rntitlrd ( ourt on or aftrr thr 6th day of Junr 1975 all thr right titir and tnlrrrtt and rstalr of MARC.ARIT BIT I 01 INN Prrrasrd uhich said Prrrdrnt had al Ihr limr of hrr dralh and all Ibr ri||ht tillr and inlrrrti thai Ihr said Kstair hat ht oprration of lath orothrrttitr olhrr than or in addition to that of taid prrrdrnl at ibr iimr nf hrr dralh or. in and to that irrtain parcrl of land. to|[rihrr ttiib thr apprrlr naDcrslhrrruntohrlonginit situ air. Iting and hrinfc in Ibr ( lit of [.as Vrgas ( ounlt of ( lark stair of Nrtada and iiioir particularly drscribrd at follows, to till l-olt 1 2 and 3 of Block Onr 1. of BOl I PI R P\M HOMISITI APPITItlN TRA( T NO 4 at thown bt map Ihrrrof on fllr in Book 1 of Plait Par KO in thr Offlrr of Ihr ( ounlt Rrcordrr of (lark ( ountt. Nrtada Trrmt androDditiont of sair (ash in rurrrn^t of thr I nilrd Slata's of Amrma ItOfl 00 of thr purrhatr monrt In br paid al Ihr limr nf salr balance on ( onrirmaiion Purrhisrr lo astumr thr pat mrnt nf and ui takr thr proprrt\ pun hatrd bt him tub jr< t to all sijir t tit and ( nunu taart and all assrt^mrnlt of what sortrr oamr or naiurr wbiih arr now or mat brcomr hrrraflrr char. Kablr loor a lirn ajtalnsi Ihr proprrly purchased bt him All bidt or oftrrs mutt hr in writ inil and mat br Irfl at thr ofTlcr of JOHN (. sPANN \itornrt at Law Suite 1 lOA I'irst National Bank Buildlnt las Xejas Nrtada Xttornrt for the I leculrit or mat br filed in the llfrue of thr ( ountt ( Irrk at ( Irrk of thlt ( ourt at ant limr aflrr thr first puhlMatinn nf this Noiicr and brforr Ihr makinn of thr salr Thr lrculrii rrsrrtrt thr rinht to rrjn I all bids or to rxtrnd nr pottpnr tbr date of the sale suhjrcl to published notice P XTI P Ihit 9ih dat of Mat 1975 Iti John (t spann JOHN (. SPANN Altnrnet for I irculrli 302 I ast ( arson Atrnur Sullr 1IW Us Xrvat Nrtada II9IU1 ST*TI "I Nl X \PA COl NTV 04 ( LARK Other matters. 'If things don't improve soon I may ask you to fire me by Richard Irish A new look at bosses and employees; and all aspects of working for a living. Written in a fast reading question and answer style "Doers & Dowagers by Felicia Roosevelt Twenty minibiographies of American women all over 70 You will be fa.scinated by the stories of these venerable ladies. "Vicious circles and infinity" by Patrick Hughes. A collection of the world's greatest oaradoxes. Lots of fun and information plus jllustrations "John Chancellor makes me cr> by Anne Siddons Incidents of a year m the authors life. "The Astral Journey by Herbert Greenhouse A survey of out-of-body travel from ancient times to the present "Dolphins" by Jaiques-Yves Cousteau This time the Cousteau team share their research on dolphins. Many beautiful full color phnt'is "The snow tiger" by Desmond Bagley The story of a New Zealand mining town hit by an avalanche "The Stonewall Brigade" by F'rank Slaughter. Historical fiction on the part played m the Civil War by Jacksons 1st brigade. "Lady of the Lotus by William Barrett A fic tionalizcd biography of Vasodhara. wife of the founder of the Buddhist philosophy. The supernatural' by ri/ri'/jM oiuliliomiiff \ 20.000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS \ il:^£i^z:^^^ AIIIPAXITOI l*OSTIN(, Tf-jt i I'gM -jince '9S4 we tc sexrd mo'e l^ao 10 000 stiisliert cuiiome'v—propie tmho know the |ru value r\0 sellings ol condilioned wat' Why not |Oin Ihem ani) lei us rent you a wain rontJilioner for only pennies a day Put an end lo bad ta;>ir and impr'teclions m your water Vou can buy Ou' moil popular model lor only S495 COMPLETELY INSTALLED Call US today-735-5902 — HENDERSON VOTERS — Please acfopl my Gratitude for the gracious and friendly consideration shown me during the primary campaign. The encouragement offered hy those who supported me, will provide warm and lasting memories. !V|y Special Thanks to all the opposing candidates for a Good. Clean Campaign that reflected the Best in American Tradition. To MR. TABONY and MR MORRIS. SINCERF (ONGRATl LATIONS. and the Best of Luck in the Coming General. JAMES P. AVERY, JR. lOlllTTX BIIHMXN ( Irrk B XNN^ JdRI.INMN Prpul> DISTIIHT*'& IB thr l(blh Jutflrlal platrlrt ( ourt nf Ihr Sutr of Nrvidi In asd lor Ihr ( ount> oi (luk CASE NO AltOtU 111.IP U>II:TTA BOWMAN ( I.IRK BV JANIT RIBIK In Ibr MtlIrr of Ibr rellMoo of PATSY MARIt HANMON lor • ( hangr of Nmr NOTIf t NOTiri IS HI RIBV GUTN Ibal n April 14 \*',i PATVV MARII HANNON (ornrrlv kbo** aa PATsV MARll (dlloPV %rr PATS> MARII JAIKMIN nir4 lb Ihr ti(blb JudKial Ultirin < (urt of Ibr SUU of Nrda Inaadforlbr ( ounlt of (lark a PrililoB for < hanir of Nainr from rAT?V M\RII HANNON l PATRKIA MARII JAIkM>N III Murirl p (.ufid Ml Rlll P r,t Np Atlornrt for PrlllloBrr ]02 I ail ( artoB AtrBur No (M l^a \r(at NrtBdt WIOI H Apt Nn •. U. M. irt WMkm niloRI THI Pl Bl II MRVK i: (OMMLNSMN Ol NIVAPA Darkrt No M ID Rr \ppliratioB bv ( I ARK < (U NTV < OMMI NITV ( OLI l(.l for a rrrtificatr of pphhr rnnirnirnir and nnrs lilt to nprrair at a innmon lar rirr otrr irrrgular mulrt hriarrn all pniDU and plarrt m < lark < ountt fnr Ihr Irantporu lionof armor t-itizrnk trart nf aiir lad ovrri NOTirt or HIARING NOTiri IS HI RIBV f.IVIN That a public hraring in thr abotr-rDlilIrd matlrr hat hrrn t< hrdulrd at follow t Thuradat Mat tt. I(7S I0 0 A M liffirrt nf tbr Publlr Srrtlrr I oRimutlon I irculltf Tomrrt Sultr JfM 1 South Third Mrrri Ijt \r|[Bt Nrtada • brn and >brrr all intrrmlrd and or affrrird parlirt mat ipprar and br brard Bt Ihr ( oinmuftioa. t> Hrbrr P Hardt HIBIR r HVRPV (ommiv tioBrr \iirtt Iti Mm M Proka'h Jr HM H PROKX H JR Srrrri art PaIrd (Brtoa ( lit. Nrtada Ma> I xr.i M ALi H Mat 1] lt7S Tuesday. .May 13. 1975 Douglas Hill A comF'utnamThatcher.solves prehensive book on amtther murder mysten, ghosts, witches, voodoo ;„ ^is inimitable sytle Women's Club Rummage Sale The Pillman's Wo-' and other supernatural subjects "The Accomplice" hy Darryl I'onicsan A wandering laborer finds himself in a possessive women's pli>l to murder her son's wife. "The Physicians by Henry Denker A young doctor must fight the charge of malpractice in this dramatic novel The New York Times Book of N'egetable Gardening by Joutn Faust How to grow 55 vegetables from seed to harvest "Lookout Cartridge by Joseph McElroy Thi.s novel concerns a film made by two .Americans living in England "Vinnie Teresa's Mafia' by VinnieTeresa .A fasci nat ing nf the Mafia by a former leader of this group. The Devalino Caper" hy A J Rus,^ell A story of suspense in which Joe Dev plots an intricate crime. "The graveyard by P M Hubbard Mystery, building to a .MirpriMnk; climax. "By Hook or By ( rook by Emma Lathcn The ^c on sale, banker detective, John Carver Park Zone Change Discussed By City Council Want To Make Jewelry? MarJess Lapidary Supplies Jess and Marian Chap Birth without Violence by Frederick Leboyer A newapproach in handling man. owners of .MarJess childbirth. .Silverand Lapidary at 10 "Spindrift by Phyllis Water Street, would like WhitiHv Her many to invite the people of devoted fans will wel Henderson to drop in come this author s latest and browse around their Muvel. Store. .MarJess is well stocked with lapidary equipment and supplies, along with silver, tools, and materials for making vour own jewelry men's Club is sponsoring jf" ^^^^ having diffi a niinmagf sale ^his^.^|(y fmding the neck Sutunlav. Ma> I7ih fromjaj^e, ring, or bacelet to *) A..M. til 4 P.M. at thcsuityourtastes. Jess will Piliiiian Communiix Ctnhand-make tf> order any Icr. type of silver jewelry. If >ou have an> uscableand stone settings you cliilhing. IONS, or mJMellaneous ilems M>U no MM^ I B^* longer lor the children lo have arts antl crafts materials this summer at the club and lo sponsor a talent show. Hot dops and pop will A proposed /one change for the Car\er F'ark area from apartments to trailer estates. uas distussed l)> the cit> council last night in a committee meeting. It uill appear on the regular cit\ louniil agenda on Max 1''. The /one change was approved b\ the cit> planning commission. A lommiitee meeting o( the eouncil has been scheduled for Thurs.. Ma> Is to disiuss the amend meni of the liquor ordin ancc. The (ouniil last nighl was expected to award the bid for plavground eijuipme Henderson's C ili/en's Traffic Ad \ isorx hoard recentlx. I here are 1.^ crossoxers in this area and it xaas discussed and decided that probahlx lour cross-oxers would be sulficient. David Aim of the Public Works deparlinent. introduced >eil I ighmv of the state hiyhwav dipartmenl. who saiti ihe Slate would be in tomplete wanted to have some of these cross-overs eliminated. Ii was decided that a studv be done bx the ciix lo see whith ones should he eliminated and those lliat remain should haxc tuin-ins. F ighmv said there is a I.IMKI foot limit on crossovers. He also stated that the lights in Pittman area that were rcccntiv installed, slow down traffic and could cause an accident. He said there is no point in making a gap in ihe traffic. He also pointed iiui that when a crossover is closed, some agfcemeni il Ihi I ilv people get upset. Q Hand-Made uilt Tickets On Sale Ticket.-, on a hand tovx ards the restoration made quilt, made bv the ^^^^ ^'^ railroad depot to the Southern Nevada Museum Colleen Griffin To Graduate From LDS Institute At SUSC Daughters of the Itah Pioneers, arc on sale three for $1.according to .\lma Getz president The winning ticket will be drawn .Mon May 19at 9 30 a m Money raised from the project will go For tickets contact Alma C.etz. 564-5478. Ruth Miiore. 293-2306 or Maxinc Buckles 564.^331 Colleen Griffin, daughter t^)f Mr and ^. • rs Othello Griffin. 125 Con stitution, will graduate from the Institute of Religion at Southern L'tah State College on May 18 in Cedar City llah Miss Griffin, a 1971 graduate of Basic high school, will be among 12 students who will be receiving special certificates in the gradua tion of about 43 young people The students w inning special recognition w ill have earned 30 quarter hou't of Institute classes The speakers for the e\ e nt will be Eric .Marchant and Joyce Christen.sen. students of •he institute The address to the graduates will b" given by Dr Joi J Christensen. Associate Commissioner of Church Education for Seminaries and Institutes for the LDS Church. Dr Joseph C Felix director of the Cedar City Institute of Relig ion. said the program will be held in the Institute of Religion Chapel 650 West Center Cedar City. Utah at 8 30 p m yii^?^' ^^ fMOVING STOWPf local Stateiide Worldwide YOUNG & RUE MOVING I STOtlAGt AGfNT GLOBAL VAN LINES < I sTiiMJ K N \llNf \< \\{}\ IN t)i R W \ I< liHtiKIi \\> ( iinsiirr xnur moxr i omplrtril tml when viiu an i onipli telv salikfled Phone 457-3060 • I \l 1

page 3 Henderson Home News Henderson. Nevada Police Week Proclaimed ^y Mayor For This Week Mayor Dick Stewart proclaimed the week of May llas'Tolice Week, to honor the police on their unselfish efforts on behalf of all of us in the community. The proclamation is printed in full. WHEREAS: the police officers of the Henderson Police Depart mcnt and law enforcement officers throughout the United States have worked devotedly and selflessly in behalf of the people of Henderson and of this Nation. regardless of the peril or hazard to themselves; and WHEREAS; these officers have safeguarded the lives and property of the ftc^iiMi'l DRIVE-IN ON BOULDER HWY N 457-3757 ^ OPENS 7:00 SHOWTIME 1)1 SK "DEATH RACE j 2000" 'TWO LANE BLACK TOP' (ituons of Henderson and this Nation; and WHEREAS; these law enforcement officers by their patriotic ser\ i c e, 1 o y a 11 y and dedicated efforts have earned the gratitude of our community and of this Nation; and WHEREAS: May 15, 1975 has been set aside as: • POLICE OFFICERS MEMORIAL DAY • in honor of those officers w ho have given their lives in the line of duty NOW. THEREFORE, I. Dick Stew art. Mayor of the City of Henderson. Nevada do hereby proclaim May 11. 1975 through May 17. 1975 as. POLICE WEEKin tlu' City of Henderson in honor and recognition of Police Officers throughout (Iur community and the Nation for their unselfish efforts on behalf of all of us and urge the citizens of this community to give thought to these brave and dedicated men IN WITNESS WELDING SCHOOL CERTIFICATION IN • ARC • GAS • HfcLIARC Morning • Afternoon • Evening CloiW • INDIVIDUAIINSTRUCTION • JOB PLACEMENT • STLDEST lOAS PR0G8AMS CAU fOR FREE 6ROCHUBE 385 7884 Nevada Welding School A DiviHOi Of Ao'OTioftd SJ'Tii Int An Adult Coree' Educotion Co'porotion 301 SOUTH H(iGHLAMD DBIVf WE BUT $ lUNK CABS FBEE pick up cut w-tni 2IN0Ullt, 7 DATS A WEEK lUth Olsrn Hiithy iV' htsurancr lur, HvnlUn.Ml.S (t II alvr St.. H*nilrr>i'n MO.S room • nrrpUrr. brralifMl room, •rpariu ulilil.vind rln|| ruomt TiilZ pallo lookIDR Into Kirdrn lUr rrar tird Krull aod grapr* and luth liD (all ui for drlalU l^fVK.STOm* NOTK I IM) b> IM xoDfd for apparlmrou Hlib a llttlr rlraoiag and rrnodrllnii thrrr riKllnn buildlnKt rould br rrotal UDlU LirrllrnI Urrmt. Priir 126 000 UTIUMtNT H(Ml Small rory bomr on largr frnrpd lol I>rKrma.v from air>r lo allry C arport utoraiKhulldlni Kardrn ipol. planted and gronini Lrl ut h— dlf VA and IHA rrpoatrt*^ proprrtlrt. WK HAVE CA 6M BIYEth Hailing for losnttu and (lurro homri PIraar Hal toda.> fur gunk alr WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the CITY OF HENDERSON to be affixed this 12th day of May, 1975. (s) R A. "Dick" Stewart R A. DICK" STEWART. MAYOR CITY SEAL Tuesday. May 13. 1975 Fire And Ambulance Calls ^fff-^ -^a-tt' W 0t9 m\ '' n mt ,.* wyi ^-gHHt—Wt^mWjB'** ,i -"f*j4 s~a Old Quilt Display At Bicentennial Meet A display of old quilts will be the "main attraction" at this months Henderson Bicentennial meeting. The date is Thursday. May 15 at 7 p m. in the council chambers of City Hall. These quilts v\ e r e gathered by Gloria Westover and Ruth Roundy and feature some very old patterns Other bu.siness on the agenda will be commit tee reports by Ben Sweet. Heritage '76 chairman. Ruth and Bob Blankenship, Festival I'.S.A chairpersons and Tom Hollis. chairman of Horizon '76 Also for discussion will be the street dance, scheduled for Flag day June 14. This event is being sponsored by the Ladies .-\uxiliary Local 1883. Henderson Firefighters and the Henderson Bicentennial Committee. .•\11 persons in the community are urged to attend the meetings and become involved in our Bicentennial celebration Pitch Tui'sda>, ,Ma> hihFire rail lo Pacific Manor Aparlmi-nls. Assistance call. Total lime out of slulii.n: 4S minutes. Broken \atcr line. Thursday Ma> 8lhFire call lo Pacific Manor Apurlments 2, Conrmed lo kitchen [smoke onl> | Out on arri\al. Irida) Ma\ 2nd.Ambulance call lo transport Mar\ Crovtio age 4.S of 114 Kola .SI. lo lUndcrson Kose de Lima liospiial. (i\en oxtgen. Frida> Ma\ 2ndAinbulanre call to transport I.etmard Ta>lor age 2'', of 4.1.S) Cloverdale. las Negas. Transported from Highva\ ''.^ at north limits to Rose de I ima. i irsi aid given: cardboard splint. and ireali'd lor slioik. Saturday Ma> . .SlhAmbulance call lo transport David E. .Na\ age 4H, of 5401 Tahoe Dr. Las \ egas, from Rose de Lima lo Sunrise hospital. Monda> Ma> .SthAmbulance call lo Windmill and \W\ 41. TMO men. apparent narcolic-police arrest. Tuesdav Ma> MhAmbulance call to I.'(2 Maple St. Henderson, [false address [, Needless call. Tucsda\ Ma> ftlhAmbulance call for (arc> Murrar> age 22. of 112 Kola St. Henderson. \ulo ped. accident. No transportation. rOR SALK ramp^^r ibrll 1*73. High SIrrra S fi brd. loaulalrd. bool. dbl brd. rurlalni. ciran, rfmotablr rrar panri llh door 1300 H4 S71S. MEDirAL OXYCKN TANKS A Me witb •Ir. low mllragr $3,000 M4 ZZM HOlSKftlRSAU: 3bW>SITK HOMi; M)R RENT unfarn no range or refn (erator 3 bdrm corner lot IZOO per mo plua utillllei. Oral and lail required plui tlOO rietolog drpoill. rail fl7^l7Z4 weekdayi between 7 and 4 M5-Oi4 aft 4 PM aik for Ralpb IIU.P WANTKD onnn for parltime genrril huiirork tZ M hr &M &4tZ. fOR SALK Fat Steer* 35' lb rail Arnold (ole •7X4. (^f aleera at Renderaon Saddle Allo<^l*tl<> <"> Weane.r Rd KILL II MtTER BAND ( APABILITV C beelbe WB, A{ r>( converter, Pal VfO illder 351 B Pal linear 50 ft. puih up pole llb cable ii roaie 55-2Z YARD SALK Sal li Sun May 17 18 clothing ippllincea, Jeelry. roltc 204 ( arson Way NF.ED A SMAI.I. HOMI. for my parrntu lll buy amall equity and take otrr pnati of IIM) a mo or le. tall an>tlme. ( arole DePur 5ft$ 7i // I u c s (1 a > Ambulance Ma> call lo MhLxle bulance call lo transport Burkholder Jr. High. Pos Arthur ( KoKers age .Vs. •'''*' broken ankle. Need front 10,^ Magnesium in ''">" '*'"• Our Country" To Be Produced By Sewell •OurCountn. • A musi ChalTin The mechanical cal Tour." will be pre technician and advisor sented by the two second is Joe Belinghcri grades at Chester T. There will be 60 chilSewell elementary drcn in the production school this week with songs and skits The main production Depicting the various of the musical will be parts of the country f,RJ AT OPPORTl MTV only ( yeim of piymrnli lo pay II ofT il tlU per tan 2 bdrm doll houie located In Hend'r•OD mult (re lo apprerlate. 17500 dnn rill Je5 6821 evet. Z93-Z3Z3 day a ^^^^ ^y^ -V": W^ Justice Court Sets Hearings ,A hearing has been continued uniil June IHih al lit \.M. for (leorge Ko\al ('arks >lso knoy as Robert I'ark. tm burglary charges. IShantv Bar Chester Donald 1 irestone, charged ilh possession of a conirollcd substance, did not appear for his preliminary hearing. Bcnth warrant. S.sllOO bail. Chester Donald Firestone, iaiso knoy*n asl Charles Kdward Wilson, did not appear on burglary I barges. lUnih y arrant. S.s(K>l). bail. A preliminars hearing has been rc-schcdulcd for Wed night at 7 30 .May 14. in the multipurpose room of the school. The parents are invited to this production It will also be presented Tuesday and Wednesday for the other students of the school. The music and costumes for the production are by TernPounds and May 21st ai 10 A.M. for ^^^. choreography and Henry Ernest Ammons. script is by Mrs Sallic charged yilh burglary. \ charge of possession of stolen property has been continued lo May 21sial 10 A.M. for Henry Fmest Ammons. The Timothy Walter Dane of Church will be the place Boulder City, has had his ^o go Friday evening to preliminary hearing set ^^^ "^^"^ • '^" *^'^* Origifor.luly Qai 10 A.M. on "^1 Amateur Hour" • Come see bellv dancharce of possession ol a ^ ^ cers. brother-sister contro ed substance j ,,^ ^,, ,„ „,„ duets, musical solos. there will be a rope tw irling act. cheerleaders who do "On Wisconsin. and rithcr regional acts A number of d;gnitarus from the school district from the Bicentennial CO mm it tees of the county. Las Vegas. North Las Vegas and Mender son. the Henderson Mayor and others, have been invited i nrod ji:i I.. l:r',iliidl dfow.s ovrf burw-d Amateur Hour Set At Loco! Church Community lamphctamincsj. John W. Barros knoyn as' Christian .lake Little, has y*aiyed extradition lo .Arizona on the 21sl of this month. Hearing vhcdulcd for April 28. representatives from also Ireland. Mexico. France />; 'r .Also original hat creations and much more The cost is for adults $1. senior citizens and children 50 cents, and a family group rate of $.'J The big shou will start at 7.30 p m in dilberl Hall OFKNS7 00 SHOWTIMK DLSK "BRUCE LEE AND I" "BROTHERS" "SHANGHAI CONNECTION" SWAP MEET EVERY SAT. & SUN. eK:^jA^ai% #c^ttw7n ccfc ta.^n%iK^.^ff* ff^ h^^:--,:^ Some people bi\e said tnai a lion's heart iiurted in • ^ • .i' hou>e would protect it ijghiiiing Clark Clobbers Basic,8-3 In a heart-breaking game betyeen Basic and Clark in yhich Basic could ha>e cinched the /tme championship in the Triple A Saturday, the Wobes tailed to come from behind and lost 8-.V The Chargers defeated the W'obes for the sectmd lime this season behind .',. superb pitching of Kirk Sa>lor. Ihe big Basic bats failed to find the ball until the seventh inning nhen the Wcthcs fouled up ^>ay lors shut-oul. Say lor. yho upped his record lo b-2. had Basic off stride and tuo runners on base in an> one frame. Il occurred in the second *hen powerhitting Roger Kesterson y*as aboard on an error and Darvl Clark dumped a bunt up along Ihe first base line y*ith no ouls. Savior. ho struck out six. fanned Ferano on a bad pilch and Simmons lined back to ihe pitcher for an inning-ending double plav. Wo|ycs Seal Gorman in ihe Gorman-Basic game Wed. al Hadland Park, Basic lived up toils reputation of coming from behind and beat the Gaels 10-7. The Wolvett pounded out 13 hits off loser Dan Fischer in getting Ihcir 12th y*in of ihe year and used three pitchers lo offset a (jorman offensixe yhich had 12 base hits. Coach Gary Chaires wak not overly pleased viih the performance of the WoKes and their three errors, but did praise the performance of pitching reliexer Sieve Kirk who took over from Darvl Clark after N onnie Kellv was pulled. Kirk made his appearance midway Ihrough the final inning with one down and runners on first and third. He plaved although suffering with a hairline fracture of his nose. The Wolxes jumped on Mscher. now .S-4 in the opening frame when Kirk beat out a bunt and then was drixen home on a linedrive home run bv Kellv. Chairpft' bquad plaved up lo its Image in the second Inning roming back with two runs to gain the lead for good. Clark dumped a short single to center lo start the rally and later scored on a bad-hop single bv Dann> I erano. A throwing error b> shortstop Mark Dilfcworth Ihcn shoved Ferano across the bai^c on • ground ball by Ralph Mortenson. A nubbing single past Rowan at second base bv Roger Keslerhon drove Kcllx and Dave .Anderson in the fifth inning and Kesterson scored )*isi a short time later on a deep sacrifice fiv bv John Simmons. PAULINE RANGEL IS NOW TAKING APPOINTMENTS I I ISABELLE'S BEAUTY SALON f 534 S. BOULDER HWY. PH. 565-0355 P THANK YOU I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL MY FRIENDS & SUPPORTERS IN HENDERSON WHO SUPPORTED ME IN THE PRIMARY ELECTION. LARRY TABONY HENDERSON RESIDENT CANDIDATE FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 t 0 t t t t t I t 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Henderson Home News Henderson, Nevada Tuesday. May 13, 1975 \^v/j/i '//Mm ^Qfc6./l."Cwt&|"Swiflt xinis. 1 ba1b^/dyut>lr (iirau frnrpd r*Hblish) orhooot a rondo but '1 lira duplri Vfr> nrai::! 137.900 T(IT\| 3 bnlriMims nriKhbor SAVK U TAKK YOIRS'. TAX ( RKPIT OKK OK NKXT > I ARS l\(OMl: TAX": Atalliblr onlt on housrs tUrtrd hrfvxr \i March 17S' Sl.K IS • rbooir from 6 nt* homri!! VOl R.S KOR I NDKR 30 OOO" Vitinldi-r home uilh 2 b-dri>iim<. in thr basemrnl plu> 2 brdroomh on the main Ooor $5,000 down, balance at MOBILi: HOMi:s ONI Y S17.4M00-ONLY $2 450 DOWN':; 12 \ 60 ttilh rxpando li\init room In the famll) section c( t oronado Kstites • Better Hurr> rXtri.lKNT KOR (RIATIVK INDthTRIOlS BOAT m>HlS': MH HANK> • Mobile home lane 11000 square fool lot JO \ 30 double K^rage and khop desert landM-aprd block alU ail around -trr> privalr. Ovnrra lots i aubtlanltal. iiays Defiotiale:;: Am ITSOM Y 2 BKDROOMS 2 BATH> One onlv available loda> In ( oronado iMalei. price habeen reduced to a low. lo $22,000. : OTS Torilfr A HILIOVIR LOOKING BOl IDI.RCITY (>er W acre, negotiable' ONE ONI Y. Kamilie* • in (oronado Lstate-. $9,000 24 A< RtS WITH A VIKW OK THK LAKK OM V $29 500 l.\kK\ IKW TKRR.A( K $7 000 10 $11 000 :: (IN MT t HARLKSTON $10 000 K 3 ZONKD • Build mulliple unit> $14 OOO Bl SINESS OPPORTl NITIES-A PKRKKCT SPOT TO I>jPROVK AN KXISTIN*. Bt SINKSS' LANK BrilI>IN(,S ANI OPKRATINf, BLSINL.sS ONLY SU.OOO DOWN $125000 TOTAL I ALL ON THISOVK Bl SINKSS IS GOOD AND IMPROVING • WHY NOT TRY TO STOP SOME OK THK 5 000 000 TOLRISTS THAT DRIVK THRL BOLI OER ( ITV ANNLALLY' BENT A SHOP IN THE BLALTIKl I MINI M-ALL -ONLY $200 M(NTHLY"' THE DOMr — 23.ii3 iMJir: Cone to 1(10 Nevada HlKba% "TheOome or call Tom Friart 2*3 IISO or Mel Dunawa\ 23.243 or John A B&rlo 293^54 orGA -Curl.v >mith 293 1516 • lOR RE.NT Kurn Apt for 1 at U5 ( allf St f^\i MI( r,l |1UN( t know ^ our I uUirr lyOte Healib A Buolnets i>leiiiii famiU rm .fireplace k. more By owoer 293-12H3 SEE LIKE NEW. SINGER SEWING MAtHINE AT RASiOS FurSaiei.4 Service Call 293 3770 B ( iCCrOH n.6MUKTT f^-^^n^rt A LIVIIS" DOLL Houtd luvf thii. little: dolt house". ( arpeted : 6i paneled 11\ rm fcDied vard tU.MMI • 5 BR .; BATHS 8 rm hume fdr larfter famtlt at L(iH (usi' Ouner ha<> movrd' Muki kfll NOM' l.uvk duwn Terms' lull prire tHtNW: KXTK\ KtMiM.s' Homey, 'i bedrooms | drn. iiun room, work: shop I arpiirt. automatK j sprinklers Sa5 000 This : Mill Hell siton! \ • ON IMH BJ.t IX)T UullvinK area ample parking, 'i bedrooms &: den. carpeted, metal: windoH frames ample i covered porch, storage: rooms, landscaped.: sprinklrrh. S24.800 : lerms SMALL Bl SINKSS What businrsH opportunit% or business lot are you loukiiiK for'' Come in and discuss your deiiirek with us PHONE L>93 3333 :>:tA Nevada Hwy K'lulder ( llv Nev SALES CAREER WITH SALES MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES IE YOL ARE A THINKER a responsible nonconformist besides being friendh and energetic if vou are maoag ing nou or (an be trained lo manaRe people I want to hear from vou l>>nami( new tram ing program allos >ou to begin learning our business in sour spare time mbilr (till at sour present job Tbeu mute to full-time sessions uiih training salarie* avail able to all parlK ipants Our managers ini omes average morr than $20 000 per tear I nlimited commissiuns and all the fnngr benefils iMust he rurrentlt employed (all Hal Kaminskr 1701 West ( barleslon Las Vegas Net 3M-C121 INVESTfRS DIVERSIFIED SFRVITFS TEII\ > KITCHENETTES Jusi bring tour Toothbrush 293 i:if A( OI STK S SPR.AVEI beaut iful at oustical ceilings thru out the vthole bouse or 1 ruuni No me'-t reasonable rates also painting 4 dry ttall 5M1770 or 56S-02e SEE NEW OIKTS Arriving dally (ustumr Indian jeelrv Graduation and all ociasiun gifts Etclualve INOII NOtIK MINI IlFSERT S\NI)S POTTERS k GIFTS 7SJ Nev Hwy B< KRK;E KITTENS 55 7M1 EIRMTLRE CARPET DRAPES A N I) MATTRESSES buy them ai vholekkle. hv pat more" Mart tUiatrlbutlDg li784H7l or 876^57 fOK SALE boughbo\-l>pe tivimmiDg pool 12 X 3 ft compl with liner filter* lad der NEW never used $1M or best ofTer 293-1973 LECITHIN MNEGAR B KELP No all four lo one (apsuir ask fur VBC at Nevada I>rug B ( LOSE WEIGHT SAEE East eats Mith DIAUAX plan Reduce Fluids ilh ELI lUEX Nevada Hrug B < WILL PAY $10 to$30 for junk cars (all MIKE at 293 2611 B( "Building A Better Boulder City" General Contractor Custom Homes Builder ADD, ons Repairs Nevada Stole And Boulder City Licenses Bonded THE DOME 1610 Nevoda Highwoy 293-1613 293-3267 MOBILE HOMES EOR RENT I & 2 bdrm Newly furn llll inc Henderion Trir Haven 5590 mR SAU: By 0iier in Boul der C ity. 2 Story Colonial House, on (lolf C'ourvr. Mjiiy eitras (all 293-1583 BC EOR BENT furn bachelor apt 55-93Z0 HENDERSON MASONRY licensed. bonded. EIKEPI A(ES hlockwall* Additions and repair isork Eiprrlenced reasonable All work guaranteed (all Rob t>eWitl 564 14M7 HELP WANTED cleaning • Oman eiperienced preferred (all 55 9374 or 73540*1 FOR RENT Suitable for doublewldet mobile home space located 10 Boulder (ily. 293-4344 after • p.m FKIF M>SinF> (I I R s|N(,l F ADl IT (.el A(i|Uiiinted dances evrrv Fri 9pm F Iks I odge. 900 I.V Bltd No ( all457 I67ur 457 2822 WILL (LEAN • Garages yards, haul aay Junk Call 293 Z7I1 KOR YOLR KREE COPY OE llott to make a Christian Will, vtritr las Vegas Riscur Mission Box 3IU L V Nev 89101. EOR SALE 600 power (asco telescope Barlow lens plus others, used 5 times com pletely assem on tripud $225 293 2524 FOB SALE By owner ID BC 4 Bdrm 2W bath dialni family rm I pgraded Lewla Haae. Call. 293 2^adlo 8. TV Service I I i TBIRD Carpet Care ( omplete Kloor (are F ree Estimates 5*5-7739 Ted nird § ( KDAR SHAKES direct from mill $29 95 sq 735 7196 24 hour-THE BO I.KW F I TOP ^0|I I Dump ttu( liv t>d( k hoe ^i-rvii i t, [ihat; ( emenl for sale cjll 29.1 jj PHILLIPS RADIO & TV EXPERT SERVK F Xl I MAKES & MODEUt ( ol.oR T\ STERF.O nc/1 1^^^^ s\l F> A sF RV I( F "1 • *am MF I0 ( ARPENTER WORK fllins k ENDS Accoustical ceilings VOl NAME IT WE IMIIT PROMPTLY (all 2934291 or 293 4248 BC CLARE WHITE • Remodeling • New ( onstructicn • Siding iXiDvl ki Aluminum^ Ph. 564-5315 General ( ontracrtr Bondrd k iD'-ured SFC RETARY WANTED Part time, expert shorthand and typing, write MM ZenolT 22 Water Si Henderson 564-2870 2 W PACIflC Serving Henderson Since 1953 S>. KRFE/ERS R<1 ( HT I need freeiers w hrlhrl Ihrv worlior not Inclu ding older cabinets 564 2210 TRAILER SPAC ES EOR RENT Mill lake 35 lo 55 ft long we furnish water sewer & garbage Hend TrIr Haven MHEN Ul AI ITY VAI.l E k sEKVK E tOl NT ( ount on Kullei Rruvh ( all Mariha IHtssat at 293 1687 or 291 1543 FOR RENT Kitchenettes S Ifi 00 wli t lililies paid shadv Rest Motel 565 76tN ( ASH FOR VOl R 01 D( AR MIAmeriun \ulo Wrec kers 1949 Parksnn Rd Hend 565 7007 DOES YolR BATHROOM MARI.ITF NEED REPLA( ING" Ph L Von Taylor. 1336 Palm St A&M Electric Inc. •Kf.(.|. fil \ i ..'IlltM-TI ijl W I f 1 n t • 1 i< rriNrd & Homl'-'l Ml Mil K^t>\ M \ \|i\ ,', ^k*.At^WIa* T"tTttT"""'' '-f* ^ 'j'-'-H-fi. HOI SES EOR SALE Zk 3 Bdrms 2 baths, double gar ages ONLV 6 left in beautiful Laketree. between Boul der ( Ity Lake Mead (all 878-1929 STORE k OFTICES for rent in prime B ( location lulls air conditioned offices fur nisbed immediate occupancy 293 12K3 KOR SALE Half acre lot Lake Mead view 293 3576 HENDERSON PLAZA APIS. Furnt5hedbnd Unfurnishec 2 Bedroom $160 to $175 HEATED POOL 7:Ui (riitrr >/. SEE NEW GIFTS Arriving dail> Costume 4 Indian Jewelry Graduation and all ocraaion gifts Eiclutive INGLE N(KK WINE DESERT SANDS POTTERY A. GIFTS 7S3 Nev Hwv B( CARPENTRY CONCRETE REMODELING large or snail, reasonable rates Henderion or Boulder 545-6272 BOl LDER PLl MBING • 1320 Wyoming St Ph 293 1345 Now doing business in Hen derton Moo thru Sat ( AREKKEK LAI NDRY Safe wav Plaia. wash 25' dry 5' 8 AM to 7 PM Everydas NEVADA MAINTENANCE Odd Jobs foolers Home Repairs 565-0687 See like new SINGER SEWING MACHINE at FASHIO* VARDAGE S21 Ave C Ecr Sales & Service ( all 293-13'l7 BC FREF2FK OWNERS SAVE THIS AD I II repair sour freeir or refrigerator wbere It bjiu M4 22I0 JERRYS PAINTING RF: MODELING vert reason able free estimates 565-MOI Will MR COOK S F LE( TROI I X V ACl I M (LEANER CISTOMERS PLEASE CALL THIS Nl MBER 457 7335 ( HILD C ARF Nl R.SE Fully riperieored ofTers day care for child of working Mothers (all 2*3 2516 B( I LI SOLVE YOl R PROBLEMS Lrak> faucets k toilets repaired Reasonable (all 293 2511 B( \F<. VN HPFWRITFR PF P\IR 1601 F Sahara I as Vwga-. TJ5 7125 Our spe.i*l llv used rebutll lvpe rilrrs sjlisf^rlion nudrtntrr4 FOR KF NT I 2 4 3 bd-rn trailers $20 to $50 wk 565 7141 liRIVER-s 1 ic |:^^^ TF-Ts Tursd and Hednrsdas fe 4& dm (o U noon 1pm lo 4 15 p nrI II* %nnrt t l\tc Cenler .'00 Hater Mreel RMM PORTABLE AIR TANK holds 200 lbs air reffllable any service sUlion. for inflating auto or bike tires, rubber rafts etc $15 call 452 747S KOR SALE • Lovely 3 Br borne Boulder City 4 yr old below appraisal I S bath. 32 i 15 fl swiD pool 293-227$ DICK BLAIR REALTY-BROKER f33 NfEVADA HWV '2*3-2 171 or 2 93 3402 Bob Blair 293 2*t Janrt Arali 293-4130 ^ndrra Anderson ..93 2!5li EX( ELLENT LO{ ATION GOLFTRS DELIGHl 3 bdrm. den family rm fireplace heated pool gas barbecue, fenced, auto-aprinklers 2 car garage, tbabe roof, many other ritra I MS.OOO 00 Lovely area 4 bdrm 2 bath Tireplacr den large lot. frnted aprlnklrrs carpet, drapes $45,000 assume good loan EINE. 2 bdrm. 2 bath sunroom dialog rm drn. rar^l. drapes range $35 000 KEF IS F(IR Bl ILDING UITS from $6 700 ome near golf courae also Lakrview lots ALMl (OMMERdAL PROPERTV k LOTS CISTCIM HUMES some with l^kr slew from$42,900 SEE Vh regarding Tai ( rrdit on these bones SMALL Bt'SIN'EHS for sale BE YUl B OWN BOSS HNE UK ATION 2 bdrm immarulale. range, rrfrlc car^l. drapes. large lot t24.0M aaaume very gaod loan NKW El RN 4 INFCRN 2 Bd Rms apts in B C ADl LTS ONLV C all 293-2702 or 734 1751 IXtSE WEIGHT SAFX fast easy with the Diadei plan Reduce fluids with Fluidex Skaggs Drug ( enirr LE( ITHIN VINEGAR B$ KF LP' Now all four in one capsule a*k for VB6^ Shggs Drug (cBter. MlRSAII Mots in t tab abovr I aylc N Mlc\. N|-\ada Kiaso nablt. Stst I(s4h. "CERAMICS" lb a fun hobby (omp Irarn how at mv placr. Borboro's Ceramici 318 Tungsten Henderson 565-0707 I rtrrs everything you nerd paints, brushes, glazes & ifvols. grernware 4 hvdracal SHAMO REFRIGERATWN I AIR CONDITIONINC Installation 4 Repairs Licensed. Bonded Liability Insured (all Ned Shamo 2931367 B ( WANTED HOI SEWOBK Good worker can do all types, call aft 1 p ro 5&^8252 LOOK Gins From THK PAINTIN Pl-ACE Hydraral Statuary biAs that vou romplfte yourself: CHRISTY S STATl ARV SHOPPE in the Mini-Mall Nel Door to Harry's C afe ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOl S Open meeting Wed 7 30 p m Public invited >t Rose de Lima Hosp 565-9566 ivNEED >Ol R LAWN MOWEDTLawn garden work, fertilii-: : • : ing soil conditioning, or; • :: traih hauling 293 3021 293--: j-: 3419 '.vl'Svi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i*i*XlMlMilJMUL-i (etil B. HufTine is entitled to a F rre Top Sirloin for two at Ihe Henderson Sirrler Boul der Hwv DESERT OASIS I A hf^udful itrr-f-n Houtdrr < ii\ i| tK-dr(4m famil\ room dR SALE Lovely 3 Bdrm Store Manager. 2 vrs convenience store, eiperience with references apply in person. 302 Water St home Boulder City 4 yr old. below appraisal IS bath. 32X15n twiapMl 293-2274 EOR SALE 4 bdrm 2 bath in ^^T.^A / "^ T' "^ New Horiions beautiful ''*'^0^ Vou work accord view 5 mo old $2500 4 ''•>"•* •H.bll Ily assume low interest loan 565 0K7g Training provided, contact Ron or Diane Hubei 545-4252 FOR SALE like new kitchen table 4 chairs 1 leaf $20. I chair $20 I bird cage $15 1 organ $5 1 lamp table $10 evening only 564 1321 I wo crinard V inr.tiVL oil • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Wf">^^ Henderson Child Care Center Doily I weekly rotes S/. 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