1972-07-27 - Henderson Home News

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1972-07-27 - Henderson Home News
Harbour, Bill ( Columnist )
Zenoff, Morry ( Columnist )
Ostrom, Dorothy ( Columnist )
Eckman, Blaine ( Columnist )
Robinson, Betty ( Columnist )
Stebbins, Ann ( Columnist )
See, Dorothy E. ( Columnist )
Newton, Ernest L. ( Columnist )
Oldham, Willa S. ( Columnist )
Zenoff, Morry ( Photographer )
Hertzog, Eugene ( Photographer )
Zenoff, Morry M.
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City and town life -- Nevada -- Henderson
Community life -- Nevada -- Henderson
History -- Henderson (Nev.) -- 20th century


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p^^w^^r^^^^" • w^^^^^^a / .*(** • ••••"• rr^ t i r i> • •* r • r- •ji'C' rr*}*-; Winnebago Officials Get The Red Carpet Tour by Bill Harbour The City of Hender.-on is currently holding its breath and anxiously awaiting a decision from the • (.'adiilac"' of the motor Home indus;r.\Winnebago ln(lu>tries. Inc-as to whether or not Henderson will be selected as the site for a new Winnebajjo plant It IS understood that a final site selection will be made by the company's Board of Directors within sixty (lavs an()r Kstes McUoniel, Lt Governor Harry Reid and Senator James Gibson .•\ slide presentation of the beneficial aspects Of the area was presented by Dawson. The Southern Nevada Industrial Foundation had put together a nucleus of some 30 persons drawn from the various service areas within Clark County. This group effectively presented a demonstration of the needs of industry and exhibited the ability of Clark County's ability to meet these needs. Presentations included a discussion of the loca' labor market by Frank Schreck of the State Department of Employment Security; transportation facilities were presented by Warren Neuslrom of the I'nioa Facific Hailroad: the tax situation was outlined by Robert Cochran, Nevada Tax Commission; availibility of utilities were pictured by Ron Langford, CaliforniaPacific Utilities, and Robert Whitney, Director of Public Works for the City of Henderson. Clark County's School District representative Charles Fleming made a presentation of the school situation in the area. in addition, the visitors were treated toathorough briefingofthe Henderson Industrial Complex presented by Jim Orr of Stauffer Chemical Company, Carl Blake of Titanium Metals and Glen Taylor of B. M I following a luncheon given for the plant officials. The construction industry was represented by Tibcrti Construction and Del Webb Construction Corporation. As an added piece of salesmanship, transportation from the helisport to City Hall and back was furnished bv Hersh Trumbo and Walter Sullivan, manager of Henderson Dodge, in their Winnebego recreation vehicles. The City Manager, in outlining the specifications set forth by Winnebago in their search for a site for the expansionoftheiroperation,stated that some 200 acres of land will be required A considerable area is reported to be needed for outside storage as well as for future planned expansion Initial employment figures released indicated that 1,200 persons would be required when the facility first goes into production, but that this numl)er vould gradually increase to approximatel\ 3,000. It was also noted that in the event of a two shift operation, the total nu mber of personnel might exceed this estimate. ENDERSON THE COMMUNITY' 'S NEWSPAPER J including merchants' messages that ser/e the 9000 homes in the Henderson-Boulder City area. Thursday. July 27,3972 •hone 5fi4-1881-AlI I)ear" formula, sought by the 2it woikers who had struck at the I S I,line Division plant ol 'he Hiiitkote Company, was not part of the coniracl that ended the Ihree-wcek old .strike last Sunday. Workers had wanted a provision in the contract, a so-called "magic number' that would have given full retirement benefits when a combination of years worked with the company plll.•^ ;( man's age equalled 75. Thus, a 50 jeur old worker with 2.5 years of employment would gel full retijrenicut benefits. fhe most important part of the new contract, according to Frank Walters, President of t'nited Steel Worker.s Local 4H5fj, was the increase in pension benefits. For every year of employment with U. S. Lime, a retired worjvcr will receive six dollars per month. That figure goes up to $7.50 per month, during the second and third yeacs ol" the three year contract. The old contract had called lor four dollars monthly in retirement benefits for every jcur of work with Uic toinI)aiiy. 'fhe workers also gained in the part ol the new contract that reduces the aniouiii b.\ wnich a pension is lowered • when a man retires at an age between 60 and 05 Full retirement benefits are iivailable at 65. The wage increase under the new three-year contract is 25 cents an hour in the first .vear and 23 cents in each of the next two years. Wages under the old contract ranged from $3 88 to $4.79 per hour, according to .\\ Span, one of the membersofthenegotiatingcommitlee Morry'Story By Worry Zenoff Not one factory-Winnebagobut two factories are thinking of making Henderson their western manufacturing and assemblying center-at this very moment. Of Winnebago-you have read about here last weekand in detail as written by our new reporter Bill Harbour-this week But-of factory No 2this is il-froni (Continued on inside) WHAT'S MISSING? — The culprit that's been responsible for the current water restructions. that's what. The empty base and vertical pump shaft shown above should be covered by a motor similar to those seen behind it. No motor — no pump, hence Uie prolikin of niaiataiaing the water level in the storage tanks. Hal Smith reveals State's Slice of will hit $814 Million; all goes for State Assemblyman, Hal Smilh, Rllend., yesterday revealed the Jirst year's revenue from the stale'snc\v slot niachine credit tax pumped nearly 8.5 millKin dollars into the general funds to support Mcvada Kducalion. Smith and William Swackhanirr, I)Battle .Mounlain. worked successfully lor congressional passage of the ai tioii to keep Nevada Gaming Ucveuue m Nevada. Before their efforts, all taxes on Nevada slot machines went directly to the Federal (iovernment. Slot credit taxes totaled 8,477,600 in fiscal year 1971-72, a figure that exceeded our expectations and which may well be topped in this fiscal year," .Assemblyman Smith said. Smith and Swackhamer last October made their initial loray into the •-IFOLLOW THE ARROWS — Boulder Highway took on a new appearance recently as highway crews installed this detour near Horizon Road. The barriers are expected to remain for from six to eight weeks as contractors install multiplate pipe across the highway in connection with the widening of the neavil^ traveled btrip between Ucaderbou and Lab Vegas, -..l-ll' iwci" slot machine tax Nevada Education nation's capitol to seek congressional approval of their plan to channel revenue from the State's Gaming; Indus try into Nevada schools. "It was an uphill fight," Smith recalls, ''but finally resulted in Nevada keeping $200 of every $250 license fee lor every slot machine in the State." The entire license fee on slot machines formerly went to federal coffers. Now only $50 of the $250 levy per slot goes to Lbc iQtcriuil Kuveuue Service. Smith pointed out his and Swackhainer's successful proposal to coiiiircss was carefully defined to "circumvent federal middleman allocation" of Nevada's share of the slot machine credit tax. "That $200off every slot license stays in Nevada. Otherwise we'd need congressional approval if every fiscal years allocation," iimith said. He added the gaming intJnslry now is allowed to contribute directly to the stale, rather than the Federal Government. "These new millions of dollars to support Nevada education serve either to eliminate other state tax sources or to improve the quality of education for Nevadaas," said Smith. HF.NDKil.S0N HOME NKWS rul>lishril fvcrj Tuesday and Tliursday morning at VkU)r> Village Center, P. 0. Box 815, Henderson, Nevada 89015. Kntered at Ihe post ofricr in Hendrrson, .Nevada, as second class matter on June I, 1951. Subscription rales: Single Copy. 10 cents. Kale hy carrier $5 per year, $3 six months: t'i lliree montlis. Mail subscription West of Mississippi River • $4.50 for six months. $7.00 per year Kast of Mississippi River $5 .50 for six months, $9.00 oac >car. file copies 25 cents each. M. M ZKNOI-T. Kdilor and i'ublibher. liiuu Kcttcxkiuii iWan^ina ^dium • *— i• .* .••*, August Day tn Court For Polk The preliminary hearing in a case involving Harry Polk, Henderson businessman, was set yesterday for August 29, according to the Justice Court in Las Vegas. Polk hasbecn charged with "Drawing and passing a check win no funds on' deposit and no account in drawee bank." The check in question was made on .\ugust 28,1971, in the amount of $747 toLoui&iliaUs,accordingto the Justice Court. In .1 separate matter, the Justice Court reported that a warrant was signed yesterday in that court by Justice Legakes for I'olk's arrest on the charge id "obtainint; money under false pretenses." One Injured In Accident A personal injury accident involving two vehicles occurred at 10:30 am yesterday on Boulder Highway near Water Street. Steve A. Hart, 21, of Las Vegas, sustained head and arm injuries according to police. He was taken to Rose dc Lima Hospital where authorities said he was given emergency treatment and then transferred. Police said that Hart was driving north on the highway in the fast traffic lane and overtook a car operated by Craig D. Rosequist, 20, of Mesa, Washington, which was proceeding north in the slow lane. Rosequist allegedly pulled into the fast lane just as Hart's auto drew abreast, cau&ing the two VCiU&lCS tO ti;dc;>wipe. City olTicials thought that their water pump problems were virtually over yesterday afternoon, but such was not the case. The lOO-horsepowcr motor, supposedly repaired, was installed yesterday at the Water Street pumping facility. The motor "was not quite right so we sent it back in (to Las Vegas)." said Public Works Director Bob Whitney. Whitney said he was sure tliat the jnotor would be installed today. City officials are still asking Henderson residents to water their lawns at 50 per cent of the normal level until publicly notified by the city that regular watering is acceptable. Whitney reported on Tuesday afternoon that water use was down by 30 per cent or more. The city's GreCTfVay water tank had gotten as low as eight feet during the water trouble, down from its usual 24foot level at this time of vear. Maintaining enough water to provide a lOhour flow from each reservoir for fighting fires had been a chief concern of the city. The motor was re-built in Las Vegas after it burnt out. It is one of four Ocneral Electric lOO-horsepowcr motors, each of which can pump 1000 gallons per minute. The motor is one of three at the Water Street puiiiping facility which the city acquired in the 1940's. The insulation for the motor broke down. 11 was "probably just overwork and overheating that caused the malfunction, said Public Works Director Bob Whitney. Henderson is in its peak season for water use due to lawn watering, according to Whitney. ".\11 four pumps have been running 24 hours a day for the last several seeks," he said During the winter, one pump is generally sufficient to handle the city's wafer needs, said Whitney. Two pumps can handle the busiest winter load. Starting in .April or May. one pump will be used full-lime. In July or August, "We keep them{the pumps) on an hour meter," said Whitney, w ho added that there was no reason to expect trou ble with this pump. The pumps at the Water Street facility move the water to the Hori/on tank. From there, it goes to the Grccnway Drive reservoir. Water Valve Comes Back This is not the age of hand-operated equipment and the Henderson's water systems phase of manual operation of pressure-regulating. Water was shut off at approximately midnight on Tuesday for the installation of parts for the valve that regulates water pressure in the downtown area. The operation lasted for about one hour and twenty minutes. At the Water Street pressure-reducing station. Businesses that operate around the clock were notified in advance of the water shut down. The city had been using men to manually regulate water pressure for the downtown area since trouble was discovered early this week with the valve. Water had been drained from virtually all lines in the city after a shut off of the water early Wednesday morning. The replacement parti) came from Los Aoselcs. .^im.


Hfc^W" T|w r/sytfi • •' y Morry'Story. BY Mom imm .it Continufd from Page One ^^^ some sources that I deem reliabT ft,^^ ^^ One of the nation's largest carpet T manufacturers from Rome, Georgia, has been toured thru Henderson's available acreage-and likes it! He would build one building that makes the string or fibre, another to dye the fibre, another to weave the carpet, and another to handle the marketing, shipp• ing and office routine. He's talking about 3,000 to 5,000 employees! How does that grab you..! If we can live long enough, we'll have maybe what we've always known was coming-the second largest city in the state. Happy moment this week wns spCTt talking to Bob Mahou of Howard Hughes fame--at T.ake Mo;ut Marina -which he and a group are buying from the McCulLough interests. He will make a splendid host For the place-and his growth ideasunless harnessed by other.s-will bring thelake the facilities it so sadly needs. To get a motor repaired, for example, you must bring it to Boulder -or send a man down to the lake from one of the Henderson or Boulder repair places. It •would seem they should be rented outlets right on the scene. The great Jim MrCarthy is moving on the greener pastu'fs. He came to us, impressed us with his Princeton and Stanford degreesand his writing showed he has itbut hiS (U'sire to rove on-will be satisfied as of .Saturday. We Ufish him luck-and bet hell one day find his niche as a journalism prof in Bessarabia, leaching how 1o edit a Weekly. (Jood luck. Jim and i hope you return the vehicle 1 loaned you--all repaired and ready for my daughter's next visit-the bike, I mean. The horrible death by bombing of Bill Coulthard is so shocking that wt cannot hardly mention more. Bill was a great friend of people in our communities. I can recall a limp very lonp ago-and I I believe George Campbell can verify it--when we felt someone should start a bank in Henderson. We got the state bank examiner's approval to go ahead and get a petition of 100 people which we then wt'ie to n file along with an application to the state. We asked Bill Coulhard to draw af> the petition, which he did and then h asked if he could be the first to sigtt* -which he was. We asked Kay Collins, then Boulder city's bank nanager, il he'd be our man* ager. He said no We a.sked H.iin 1 ahr, who then was wjfh ihe Fiisi National in Vegas. He said maybe. By that time the word had got around that a couple of guys were going to start a bank in Henderson. In short order-the Bank of Nev-ida announced it was building a branch m Henderson. And not long after. Harry Lahr with Cliff Jones and others started the Bank of Las Vegj's -which later brought a branch to Henderson. So many limes Coulthard and 1 would recall those old days. When he was a member of the state legi; lalure-two terms-he declined to run again-and at the time was being urged to run for governor-so popular and able had hO proven himself. For many years years ago-we urgod the park service or the board mannas to install a permanantt short wave stationand rent or .svll units foi bouts-so that people in trouble on the lato could call ill fur help. Nothing happened. Nowthanks to a fellow named Art Brothers of Boulder Cily there will be such a serMce -and I for one, wanttO join up He can be reached at 293-1415. He deserves the help of all boatmen. He may save a life. Recently the president of titanium^ parent company-K H. Rowley, made a statement to .stockholders which is loaded with facts on titanium's past, present and future..which 1 herewitll present; A second protjiem area Is v/\\h Titaniuni Metals Corporaiion of Amofica (TiMET), which N L Industries owns jointly v;ith Allejj* heny Ludlum Industries, Inc. TIMET is th9 largest of the three do.'ncslic producers {tf titanium metal. Titanium is '".till a relatively new metal. Its greatest use hao been in high perlormance aircraft, both mihtar/ and civilian. In Itw mid '60'c. a number of major programs were projected for lnqh performancQ aircraft which would need conr;iderable volumes of titanium. At the urging of the fedoral government and the aiicraU indur.lry, Wf and crttitr tiianium mulai producers ex* panded subsllfitlally. Over the past three years, changes in economic and political considerations have affected those programs. Full-scale production of such aircraft as Ihe F-14, the F-15. the B-1 and the supersonic transport have been stretched out, postponed or canceled. At the same lime, production of the new commercial jumbo jets, such as the Boeing 747, NilcDonncll-Douglas DC-10. and Ihe Lockheed L-1011, has been cut back as airlines postponed deliveries and new orders. As a result, all three US producers discontinued production of titanium sponge, the basic metal, during part of 1971. TiMET reopened lor limited production early this year. Last year our share of TiMET's losses came to app:o;' high in important service to this fast growing community-by a proper selection of a manager. Most cities are hiring men trained in merchandising, trained in city planning, trained in public relations, trained in how to promotion of land sales, subdivision developing, industrial development. This is a tall order-and it takes amighty many to fill such a mighty job. But Henderson needs such a person-to implement the fine talent the Chamber Board of Directors have as advisors. Few notes from the public are more excitinp then like the one we got this week from Carol Foster of No. 4 Hillside Drive in Boulder City. She says: "I am happy to say that because of your grand newspaper, my dog was found safely," She had run a want ad in our combined want ad page and for $1,80 she got results...which-makes our day. Now if we could get such stores as Henderson Drug, Hender son Furniture, Coronet Variety Store, 88 cents variety store-Karl's Shoes-to realize how well our readers react to our advertisers, we could think of serving our communities daily which has been my lifelong ambition. The flea market is, to me, the greatest place to spend your time looking for old treasures, taking you down memory lane, working your talents as a bargainer while you hear the story of the collector, the sales person when I was in Madrid. Lisbon, Portugal, Mexico City, Guadalajara — I went to the flea markets instead of the museums, libraries, castles. And now —every weekend —they are here in Henderson — in Victory Village — where you can go and see what's for sale — and where you can take your own stuff to sell. So far, I've bought four pieces of junk that I love — total $18, .''* y ij* Thor8diy,JnIy!7,1978. From the Editor's Camera These are typical delegates that were in attendance at the Democratic National Convention — as pictured from shots taken by Worry Zenoff at the scene. Others will be shown shortly as taken by other visitors from Nevada — as soon as the films are developed. NEW DOC — Alexander Witkow, M.D., is a staff physician at the Veterans Administration Clinic at Rose de Lima Hospital. He is a native of New York and holds a Master's Degree in Public Health Crom Yale University's School of Public Health. ADMINISTRATOR AT CLINIC Milton Wiedeman is the man in charReof medical administration at the Veterans AUniinistration Clinic at Rose de Lima HospitaL


3 Henderson Home News. Henderson Nevada Tharady, July Z1, wt QUESTION: HOW ARE YOU VOTING FOR PRESIDENT? JOHN SMEREK, OWNER TRl STATE MOTORS HENDERSON "McCJovorn-not that I likp him; hr's the lessor of the (>\ils. I'm sirk of thf Wa\ thnihprwise iiitrlliRrnt Rrpuhlican leadership has mishandled IhinKs. and if the Demos bloH it, then I'll change horses aRain." fRON CRAY ^^_..,.. DICK STKWART, JR ATI.AS TRAILER ^^^ m BLACK MOl NTAIN SKRVKES "MctJovern-Wf need a F' 1 REALTY "1 honestly don't know r h a n R e in the White 1 Ki vet. Now that the canHouse 1 feel thai (he Old A.#*,. i* didates are revealed. 1 need (iuard has Tailed us. I.ei the lime to look them over and IwnpHrtv system prevail '\^ to study the issues VotinR is a serious IhinK with nie :r^ LIZ iSLEY THE SWANKY CLUB HENDERSON "I don't mind if it's known how I vote, but I just don't know yet. May I'hanRe my mind a dozen times, t heck me later." T-Ball is a Way To Learn the ISalioiml Pastime The "T-Ball" program being sponsored by the Henderson Recreation Department is designed to teach young people how to play baseball. Young would-be baschall players between five and eight years old who are not playing in leagues, are invited to come to the old Burkholder Junior High School between 9 and II a.m. on Saturday. The instructional league keeps no scores and will be held on Saturdays until August 12. About 25 boys are now participating in the program. Ron Hubel. head of the program, and assistant coaches Tom Parker and Tony Panessa.are trying to teach the fundamentals of baseball: throwing; fielding: base-running; making lags; swinging the hat; catching; and playing in game-type situations. SOCK IT TO ME — Buddy Swartzeberg really laid it on as he swung away during batting practice at the T Ball program being sponsored by the City Recreation Department at the old Burkholder Jr. High School. Coach Ron Hubel watches (1) the swing while ( 1 to r) Johnny Valdez. Patrick Lucero and Billv Nelson wait their turn. WATCH OUT. BALL — Bobby Osbon was caught bv the photographer just as he was about to connect with the 1 Ball during practice at the old Burkholder Jr. High School. Looking on are (1 to r) David Mooso and Blaine Reber. ON GUARD — Ronny Hubel (rl guarded first base as runner Bobby Osbon (on bag) waited for his chance to be off and running at the T Ball program session. Shown at second base (1) is Niki Sanchez. EDITOR'S CAMERA BUSY THIS WEEK n V Here he queries Boulder's new Councilman Mondt. Spots a Salvation Army early morning run of kids to Mt, Charleston Chases after his lost dog catches him and gets laughed at With water scarce in Henderson — he watches it pour from Park service faucet Bob Springer, IVlarv Wood and John Mondt shot at work-talk luncheon Shoots Dr. Dave Walkers enjoying 2Sth anniversary as Dick Stewart opens gifts. .!!•;'' J3l • • ^ ^ •.•„ •


) (il* • ••*• • • • irentffnon Home Vfwi. HwdfTfTO. N*vid '^ Hithcr and Yon Ik; PRETTY AS A PICTURE -Shelley Anne Leggett, •daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Leggett, 119 I JUjickory. was married to Carl E. Cole, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward O. Cole, 109 Groce, in a ceremony performed by the Rev. Edward Van Harn at the Jtijirst Presbyterian Church on July 1. LATE WANT ADS roil RENTCorral, large. 4rra, ihadr. water, lark room, 293-3312 In P.M. B.C. J-OR .SAl.I-: • 16 n boat, fiber over wood. 30 II. P. • motor, pvenrude (iood condition $250. and trailer. Call 293-3837 B.C. BY OWNER 2 BR carpets, separate i;araKe. lotfi of fruit tree* ?)9.l>00, 293-1.175 B.C. FOR SALE three speeil .Schwinn bicycle, Exc. rond, Kood buy. 293-1962 B C. rOR KALE 0 Chevy ^< Ion pickup. 4-fipeed $275. Call 29.3 3386 B < OPEN HOUSE Put some color in your life Arlex Roll-on Decorator tube paints. AUK. 8. I p.m. to 9 p.m. I It 1 Arapaho Way. B.C. 293-3777. UTAH TOMATOES, we will take your order now. 5645753. LOTS OF CARPETING for sale $25.00 Call after 5 p.m. 565-8163. FOR SALE 1965 Delroiter mobile home, 10 x 56 expanded livinR room, front kitchen, furn. Good cond. 293-9964 9 am to 6 pm by Dorothy ORtrom A three-day weekend can go last if you travel a distance even if Hying This last weekend I flew to Walla Walla, Washington, to be with my parents, Mr and Mrs Martin Ewer My father had been and still is in the hospital there Knroute, I spent Friday night with my brother and sister inlaw and lh<'ir daughter in I'asco, Washington FROl D PARENTS Mr and Mrs Donald tJene Cudney are the proud parents of u baby girl named Donnu Jean The Infant weighed eight pounds, ten and half ounces when she was born at Hose de Lima Hospital •in July 17 at 9 30 p ni Her height was 20'z itichi's The baby is welcomed by four .sisters, Tina. Tainmie, Tanya, and Tiffani The maternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs. Frank Juleson of Henderson. Jewell Cudney of Han.sford, California, is the paternal grandmother wno came to .^ee the new born Laura Varnell visited here with the Cudney's for one week but had to return to Houstin, Texas, a lew days before the baby was born. .She is the baby's great grandmother Other vistors coming to see the baby was Louise Henderson and children of Tucson, Arizona, and Rick and Deb Rollins and children of Bellgardens, California. BRIDAL SHOWER A couple dozen ladies gathered on July 18 to give a bridal shower to Sue Carter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hoover. (Sue married Dick Simmons on July 21-wedding story later). The shower was cohostessed by Mrs Fred Pennington and Mrs. Belton Cowen in the latters home One of the main events of the evening was dressing the bride and bridesD0N7 GAMBLE! SHOP LAKE MEAD FURNITURE ALL SALES GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY OK DELIVERY. HIGHEST QUALIH AT LOWEST PRICES COMPARE AKYWHERE! SHOP YOUR NEIGHBOR FIRST AND SAVE OPEN 10 to 7 MON THRU SAT PHONE 565-8648 maid Itt newspaper and toilet tis.sue 1 mut add that that bridal gown was very unique with itn soft pleated, two-tier skirt, puffed sleeves with wide cuffs (of toilet tissue), etc..etc.,--completed with "veil and flowers'. GARY TH()MPiON (lary Thompson, son of Tommy and Marlys Thompson, celebrated his seventh birthday by friends joining him for dinner at Circus Circus and a swimming party at his grandparents home in Las Vegas LORI BRAGG Lori Bragg was greatly surprised when shireturned home from her grandmother'son JulyHio find a birthday pait> in her honor It was enjoyed by ten of lier Wends. Our daughter Shirley attended this party as well as the forementioned one. Lori is the .seven year old daughter of Mr and Mrs John Nading GAME RESl'LTS Is any one cLse curious why we've not seen in print the .standings of the Pee Wee and Midget League teams each week"" 1 do not understand why I he city recreation depart ment cant get this printed. Then again it may be for the same reason why so many of the stories I wi iiidon't gel in or arc .several weeks late. But why don't some of you do some ask ing if .vou arc inlcrt'stcd Recreotion Department Baseball and Softball "^^", American on Boys Club Jets V.F,W. Cardinals Boys Club White Sox Mullens Jewelry Astros Kens T.V. Angels National Division 7-11 Met.s OK Tire Roadrunners 7-11s Falcons Builders Twins Seech Painting Dodgers MIDGET LEAGUE American Division Jets B.M.I. Dodgers Boys Club White SoX A&W Eagles Won Lou 8 1 6 2 4 5 1 7 2 8 t 1 t 2 4 4 4 3 .') 1 8 National Division OK Tire Midgets A.A. Orioles Scott Riggers Pantry Pride Cardinals City Mustangs MEN'S SLOW PITCH American Division Daley Masonry City Of Henderson Rainbow Town House Continental Telephone Sanders Con.structioD Titanium Metals National Division ij.S. Lime Harlle's EntcrpTises Quickie Bar 908's State Stove Boys Club WOMEN'S SLOW PITCH Odds & Ends Speed Queens leopards Class of 74 Toads 1 Class of 75 Class of 73 7 2 7 • A 2 7 1 9 10 5 3 6 4 5 ?, 0 9 13 13 11 8 10 6 4 10 .10 6 8 6 2 4 3 3 1 I 1 3 4 5 7 7 11 12 6 7 10 11 12 15 0 1 2 2 4 4 5 LOCAl CHAMBER BEGINS SEARCH The selection of a new executive director for the Henderson Chamber of Commerce has begun, according to Kllcn Shirley, who submitted her resignation from the posi lion recently to accept a similar position with the North Las Vegas Chamber beginning August 1 According to Ellen, a notice of the forthcoming vacancy and its qualifications has been submitted to the American Chamlicr of Commerce Executives Association. The Association main tains an active file ofqual ified individuals who have indicated a desire to seek new locations The files will be screened and those candidates meeting Henderson's re(|uiic tiient>. will be sent to the local Chamber where a selection coininittee will examine Iheni Selected candidates will be conlacled by the connniltec and the field will be ii.'irrowed down through personal inter views, etc Ellen also stressed that local applications will be accepted by the comniit tee in their search for qualified candidates She addedthat thefinal choice o f t h 0 c 0 m Hi i 11 e t> will probably not be made until early in September Associated with the Henderson Chamber since 1958, Ellen was chosen over a field of 20 didates to fill the North Las Vegas position Her new duties requires that she and her fainily move from their homo at 105 E;im St. to a new residence in North Las Vegas. The children would rather stay here." she c0 m m en 11' d. It's their home. Still,we can make new friends. That's part of life. It was a tougb decision to make." Her husband. Dalby. is the superintendent of recreation for the City of North Las Vegas. Henderson Realty Has Dick Owen Henderson Realty is proud to announce the addition of a long time resident to their staff Mr. Richard Owen passed the Nevada State examination for salesmen and recently received his license. Dick is a graduate of Cleveland State University. He has attended realestate seminars in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and completed a business course through Alexa.nder Hamilton Institute. The Owens settled here in 1961. Since their arrival. Dick has been active in the Boy Scouts, the Republican Central Committee, and the Toastmasters. He is also an elder in the First Presbyterian Church. •I Thaniiay, Jaiy t7. itw NEWIYWFDS Judith Diebold Wed To Gregory Wooley .hidith Mane Diebold and (ireogry Pale Woolley were uiuttd in marriage tinevening ofJuiu' 15. at (irace Community Church in Boulder City The double ring ceremony was perfornio'lbs the itev tiny llolliday Linda I ooper sang "We've Only Just Begun', accompanied by Svlvia Legler at tlu organ. The churcii was liecoraled with candelabra al the altar, and arrangements of blue chrysthanemums, green and while dai.sies with baby breath. The bride's white gown had longslepves puffed at the I'lljow, a long train, and she wore a short veil. Her bouquet was a cascade of daisies and roses. The matron of honor was the bridegroom's sister, Paula Laballarti of Whittier, Calif Her green voile formal, trimmed in white, also had long sleeves. The high neck featured a cameo pin She wore a while hat with large brim and blue ribbon band, and carried a nosegay of blue daisies. The bridesmaids, classmates of Miss Diebold, were Jane Hughes and Julie Brothers of Boulder City. Their blue dresses weee similiar to tha of Mrs. Laballarti, and their hats contained green ribbon. Their hand bouquets were green daisies. Rebecca Connolly, the flower girl, wore a long pink dress, and her basket was filled with blue and gieen daisies Michael Connolly, the ring bearer, had a smallarrangement of daisies on the white satin pillow. Presiding at the serving tables were Madelaine (Mrs. Elton) Garrett and Corrie (Mrs. R J.) Brocx, family friends. The four tier wedding cake was decorated with yellow and green flowers. Daniel Diebold. brother of the bride, served his ''riend as best man. Ushers were the bridegroom's brother in-law, Jaes McCormick, and friend Les Peterson, both of Henderson. Following the w • n reception w.7' the home of ')/ • John Coni:. The bridegroom is t; son of Mr. and M A. Woolley. 30 ) Henderson ?'v: wore a Ion;'. lilac colon'1 white gloves, sage was whit Miss diebold from Boulder ( School in 1972, ?.: • • ley was gradun.t. year from Basif I; School. Followinr eymoon al Grand Cd. • they are making tht i: home at 2321 Ellis, Norlit Las Vegas. The bride ts the • granddauj'htcr ot (Mrs. Perli(<> Mo Boulder City. Otherout of-tov. II attending the we-, were the bride's gn grandmother, Mrs. EL-;. Jones, Long Bench. Caiii and her relatives .Ari'.i.i Soinmers. WhitHer. Calif: Ruth Diebold, Lon,'. Beach, Calif.. Sandy \V-,i son Clark. Fort Laudc. dale. Fla ; Linda Wil<^', Cox and Cecilc Wilsr.i Victorville. Calif. Juc' S c h c 11 and J;. ( Haverth, Elmhurst, N Also friends Dora C pbell.Whiltier. Calif, IIIM. Inga Briggs. Highland, Calif Relatives of the bridegroom wree his gran dmother. Mrs Warrnc Young. Kanab. Itah; Mr. and Mrs. M W. Beard, Mr and Mrs. Fenley Buntir Miss Rachel Woolley,, f Lof Kanab; Mrs. Gc .< Walters, Scottsdale..'. Bette Daniels. Pau Laballarti. Whittier. California, CONCERT FOR SICKLE CELL ANEMIA — Sickle cell anemia, a disease almost exclusively common to blacks, is the target of an upcoming benefit concert. Above, sickle cell anemia patient Phillipa Price and conductor Dav id Forester review the program for the benefit on Tuesday evening, August 1. The "Music Under the Stars" program at Las Vegas Stadium will star Sammy Davis, Paul Anka, Gladys Knight and the Pips, conductor Forester and the Nevada Symphony Orchestra. Proceeds from the ticket sales will support the urgently needed Economic Opportunity Board's sickle cell anemia project. Admission tickets may be purchased at all Wonderworld Stores and at the Economic Opportunity Center. 900 West Owens Avenue in Las Vegas. General admission is $3.50, while tax deductible Donor and Patron tickets are $7 and $5.50 respectively. .U_ ..J


M/ Hrndprson IToinp New^, Hcndernon, Nevada Huffey Seeking Seat On Board of Educotion Dorothy Huffey. who Just r'tired after six yenrs of leachini; at ('ashman .liinior School, is a can didaie for (he State Hoard of Kdiication from District "D",which includes llen(Jerson, and Uoiildcr Cily, as well as surroiindiiin areas. She was a snbstitiife teacher at Basic Hmh School and is married to Paul FliifTey. who taiiuht social studies at H.isic from the H>()I(i2 school year Ihiouyh liKiUTd. "My main thiim rit;lit now is that I feel I have had the cxpeiience" necessarv .ilter having; taiiKhl in .school, .said Mrs. Huffey "Too maiiy kid.s nrc beinu lei out of the 11!lh yrade not prepared lolakc on a jolt.' she added, .^^hcr thiiik.s that another jirohleni is reading, which "is very neglected on llic elementaiv levels." "1 would be .TI)1C tO devote Cull timelo the job and am open to all .suffies* tons from parents and teachers She .said that she thinks parents aro 'very much aware of what's go'inti on in the .schools She cites discijiline, narcotics and ovcicrowded classrooms as areas in the .schools winch need attention. She was eleeled by her fellow teachers to represent the Clark Zone, an area includwif; Clark Jlinh Atfend church Sunday sponsored By School and Basic High .School at the Nevada National Kducation A>^oci;iti()n conventions in 1971 and 1972 She was born in Reno and is a fourth tjeneralion Ne\adan She received her bachelor's decree from (he I'niversity of Nevada, ({ciio, and lives wilh her husband at 'M'A5 jMcadowcresI Drive in Las Venas. August 5 Will Be Lost Day of Registration HcKislrallon for (he Primary election of .Sep tem'ier ."ith. 1972. will close en Saturday. August mil al !) p in I'he Klection Department offices, at 41)0 Las Vci'.is Boulevard South, will Inopen on ev<'nin^s fri)m7 p III (oM|).iii Ha.iii Tuesday, August 1st the offices will be open IhrouKh Friday, Ans;ust 4lh Saturday. August 5th. from 9 a in to 5 p.m. and from 7 p ni. to 9 p.m." Col (on also wishes to remind all field deputy registrars ar' reminded that their Affidavits of l<('i;is(ration. completed and blank, are to be turned in to the Klection Department offices by 9 p 111 on August r)lh, or sooner if possible. STANTON B. CObTON Heyistrar of Voters Wiedeman To Be Administrator At VAClinic Milton .7. Wiedeman has been appointed the Medical Administrative OITicer at the Veterans Administration (VA) Outpatient Clinic. Mr. Wiedeman. a native of rieasaiit Valley, New York, iscominn to the Las Vef^as are from the Vete^ SHOPPING Is 0 lot easier when you have first reod the Advertisements in the HENDERSON HOME NEWS Bob Olscn Really ,\ND INSURANCE INC. 6 Water St, Henderson 564-18.'?t y. ROBERT A, OLSm (sj Realtor "ilf^ '11. .f,i.tlMH Ml I TIPLF LIRTI.VG SERVICE NICI-: I.Of ATION Three bedroom home with mature landscaping; and completely lilock-wall fenced. Carpeted, drapes, and lafRp yard with room for pool or patio. Located In established nciKhborhood FIIAor VA financing or lake over payments with small down. GOOD RF.TIRF.MKNT HOMK OR INVESTMENT Nicely remodelled 2 bedroom home with enlarged living room and formal dining room. Big picture window, carpeting, concrete drive and Malk, Only $1LUUO with terms available, (all today. BARGAIN BUY This i bedroom home has rarport. laundry room, and built in range Financing to suit buyer and the price is only $16,200 PATIO This home has a eovered patio with huilt-in rock harbeque and completely fenced yard. Mature landscaping. Two bedrooms Carpeting in living room and master bedroom. SPECULATORS! We have several investment and commereial properties available, plus Boulder highway frontage right in the heart of Henderson. Terms to fit all budgets and all inquiries handled courteously and conndenlially. TimMcRoberts,19,a UNLV Student, Has Filed For Board of Education Tini .VIcRoberts, 19. a junior at the Univernityof Nevada, Las VeiE;a.s has filed his candidacy for the District ])" seat on the state Board of Kducation He said that he is "concerned with the education that young people are gett ins," and adds that. "I didn't like that (educational) experience tnyse?lf His friends, he says, share similar complaints about their schooling. In his senior year at bas Vegas High School and in the summer following that year, he worked for (he Clark County School Dis trill's ailininistrat ion officeiis a liaison between (he school administration and the high schools in the district McRoberts was the student body president at Las \ eyas High School and graduated in 1970. He plans to attend George? Washington University in Washington, DC. He .says that the school system is 'not adequate to face the needs I'm facing today as a young .student. Wilhelm is in Security Work With Air Force Lewis Wilhelm II. a 1967 graduate of Basic High School, has arrived for duty at Fort Meade in Maryland He is a second lieutenant assigned to a unit of the CS. Air Force St'iiiiav Service. Wi I Ite 1 m earned his master's degree in electrical enginec'ring at Stanford University in 1972 after receiving his bat helor of science degree from the U.S. Air Force Academy. His wife. Linda, is the daughter of Mrs. Alice purvisof Las Vegas and of Estes McDoniel, mayor and principal of Basic High School. rans Administration Center in Reno and the VA Hospital in Salt Lake City L^tah. He was in the U.S. Air Force for four years and has been with the VA since 1965. He received an A.A.S. Degree fi-om Mohawk Valley Community College in New York and a B.A. Degree from Louisiana State University in Louisiana. His interests are varied, ranging from history and painting to grand pri.x auto racing. Mr. Wiedeman and his wife Jane, who is a registered nurse, will make their home in the Las Vegas area, By Dick Stewart Jr. Being in business gives us an opportunity to meet a lot of nice people. We talk a(it(le...listenalitlle...and hv and by we find our viewpoint broadening and our opinions less opinionated. We hear a lot of interesting things we'd like t(> pass along to vnu because we think you'll enjoy hearing about them. We're going to appear in (his newspaper every weel< and share our thoughts with you. Don't fret ..we're not going to be political analysts or news commenlatorg. This is going to be a friendly little column, concerned only with pleasant happenings and our personal observation. We'll confessi We have a reason for doing this. We want you to think first ofus whenever you need the service* of a realtor. And we'll touch briefly on this aspect in future columns, loo. BLACK MOUNTAIN REALTY 26A Water St. HMidenon Phone;S6S-8769 A new curriculum, including environmental studies and consumer education is needed, says McRoberts. The schools should "teach how things are and teach things that people can each day how (o gel whole sale food, (and) wholesale clothes." There should be sex education as well. McRoberls thinks. There also should be, says the young candidate, drug courses that give the facts on drugs. He is confident that young people can decide what is right when the facts are available to them "I know what typo of education we're gelting, what kindsof problems we have," said McHoberts. His father is a plumber and his mother is a li-jusewife. He has a sister who just graduated in June from Las Vegas High School and a brother who will enter Las Vegas Higli School in the fall. He lives at 1928 Sweeney Avenue, in Las Vegas. He was born in Amhersl, Ohio, and has lived in the Las Vegas area .since 19()1. Letter to the Editor Contray to Charl(>et. 'I'lie meet is open to all amateur swimmers who hold a 1972 A AC. card. Kvents will begin at 8 .AM. each day and swimiiicrs will compete in the i5utlerfly. Backstroke. H least stroke, Freestyle, Ind .'Vied.. Med Relay. & Free relay. Sandy Sandoval & Doug Si)avin fLas Vegas & No. Las Vegas team coaches) and Gary BondiiranK Henderson team coach) have hopes that (he Soul hern Nevada Sandpipers Swim Team will be high winners of the 1972 meet. It Sounded Like a Dog Neva Creasy, of 212 Pueh'.o Place, was contacted on Saturday morning by Henderson police because ofa coinpiaint by a neighbor(hat tlii'ic were dog noises coming f'lom the Creasy The police were told by Neva that she had II dogs there and no kennel license. She was informed that keeping so many dogs was a violation of the Henderson .Municipal Code and that she should apply for a kennel license, resulting shot in the arm" to the area's economy is quite obvious Winnebego Industries, Inc has enjoyed a phenomenal growth in the motor home industry and has brought great economic prosperity to the people of Forest City, Iowa It has aLso been the vehicle for the success story of its founder, John K Hansen. A few year's ago, Forest City was a small Iowa farm town suffering nil economic depression The town was ill trouble. Farmers were selling their land and moving elsewhere. The town's young were leaving due to lack of local employmuilt fipportiinities. A group of the town's leading businessman banded together in a last ditch effort to save their town. One of these businessmen was Hanson, who operated the local International Harvester dealership and owned a lo( al mortuary. They did (lieir utmost to at(rac( anyone who would lislen to build a plant in Forest City, hut their efforts fell on deaf ears-110 one was inferested. However, llansen had been mulling an idea over in his mind. He had read somewhere that trailersand camping were a big thing in California. He Cat Gets Shot With an Arrow A cat belonging to Lillian Sayers, of 12-D East Washington, was shot in the eye with an arrow, Lil1 ian discovered it last Sunday night. The cat was put to sleep. RECENT BIRTHS The birth records at Rose de Lima Hospital were increased by one this week with the arrival if a haby boy to Diana and anny Parrott of Las vegas on Tuesday, July 25. went west, verified his information, and returned excitedly to Forest City, Through his enthuRiaim, he convinced 209 local residenti to invest amounts ranging from $100 to $1,000 and wound up with a pool of $50,000 with which tu establish a company to build trailers for a small west coast manufacturer. The initial venture was not a success and in a .short period of time it went out of business. But from the ruins, Hansen managed to purchase control of the land, plant and equipment for a few thousand dollars. And today, that company is the leading manufacturer of motor homes-Winnebego Industries, Inc. Today the company has revenuesof$133 1 million, profits of $13 6 million and a stock market value in excessof$l billion. Forest City has grown and prospered. Its impact on the city cannot be measured dollars alone don't tell the entire story. Prosperity includes healthy employment, smiling faces and a general atmosphere of well-being. Whatever it is. Forest City has it, thanks to Winnebego Industries. WHETHER YOU'VE MO\ED ACROSS THE GLOBE... or across town. Your Welcomfl Wagon losless has gifts and helpful informatiott for you. Call hu ot Pitone 565-89S1 457-5098 ^oTo e^j logout M Telepl\pi(e> Comp^y^, To do the best job of handling the many differi'n( questions and requests that arise, we have several different people at your service. There is, however, one person who can take care of most of your telephone needs. She is: YOUR SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE She's (he one to'call for new or additional telephone service; a move or disconnection of service; changes or additions to your directory iisdng and advertising; copies of extra directories; questions about your bill or paym('n(s. Call your Service Representative, too. about any general questions regarding your telephone service. In the e\pnt your situation requires something different than the above, (he Service Reprcsen(a(ivc can usually handle il. However, should you desire to talk to the supervisor, or the manager in charge of the office where your acciiunl is haiiiilcd, llicy stand ready to assis( you. To talk to your Service Representative, call 50.'i-9701. In nddi(ion, (j(hcr key people to call for special service needs are: REPAIR SERVICE if yiuir (elephone is not working correctly, but you can call out, refer (he sitii.itinn to Repair Service 114. (Effeative July 1, 1972, this number will be changed to 611,) DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE If you cannot find a number in your dlreclory. Directory Assistance will lie glnd (o help you. The current number is 113, (Fffeclivc July 1, 1972, this number will be changed to 411,) THE OPERATOR If your need is of an emergency nature, remember the operator is always behind your dial. E Continental Teiphone Company of Nevada Henderson District


k Henderson Home News, Henderson, Nevada LEGAL NOTICE \. Thursday, July 27. 1972 In thr EiRhlh Judlrlil Dlilrirt r'ourl of (hr HUtr of Npvtda. in and for thr County of Cluk NO A I0U7S ROHA LEK HrCAM^ Plilntirr VI JAMES CLAYTON EUGENE McCAIX, Derrndint KCMMONS THK STATi; 'irNKVADA SKNDS GRI';.TIN(;.S TO THE ABOVE NAMEO DEITNDANT; VMI irr hrrrbv aummnnrd and rfqulrnltoarrvr upon McNAMEE, MrNAMKE A RITTEMIOI SK r iUlnlirTa allAmrv. whoiir •ddrmt I 31l> South Third Slrrrl. I.i> Vf|a>, Nrvadi, an annwrr lo tbr Complaint whirh U hrrrwith arrvrd upon you. within 20 daya •(If r nrrvlrr of Ihik Summoiia upon you, rirluKlvr nf Ihf da\ of irrv (rr If you fkll In do %n JudKmi'nl hy drfaull will hr lakrn aialnit vnu for (hr rrl kf drmandrd In thr t omplaint Thia arlinn In hrouihl lo rrrovrr aJudKmrntdlxtnlvlnii thrronlrart of marrlaxr rtlnllng briwrro >d qtja',*td by Iht obove irnl.tlwl Court op tl'e III dny ol Moy, 1973, oi Adminittrotor ol the iiot of tlvat 0. O'Banion dacftntd All crrd'tori hnvtng tlfjims against %w\ •Itatr orff rf>r}ij,rftd to lile Ihf tD'OP w,lh thr propitr vourhiir* qttocHwH, with the Clrrk o' th rniirl *,thin thre monlhi ollcl rtia arit puhl'Cnt'On o* lh, notice. DoUd Woy .Ird. AD 1972 fOWARD G MARSHAtl EDWAAD G. MAKSHAU tdward G Moriholl Attorney lor the lltnte M-July*. U, JO. V. 1972 In the E,ghih Judic'ol D>itru:l Court 01 the ^trite ol Nevado. in anfi lor the County ol Clofk No Aiojeo/ BARBARA DICKtRSON, Ploint'll VI, CHABlEii OICKERSON Defendonl SUMAAONS THE SIAIE Of NEVADA SfNOSCBEHlNOS TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEElNDANt Vou ore hereliy lumoionr'd tintj required to e,ve upon ROBE Rl C All IM( R, E5Q ploin|.H\ oMorney whole od-lrrM i 6?3 lo* Vequi Blvd South, lol Vegrn, Nevodo on ani,wer to the Complaint vvh.,', i| herewith terved upon you, wth.n ?n doyl olter lervr e ol th,| Suntfoni upon you. eiclu,ve ol it^e / ol erve II you In-I to do o, |uftl upon you wiiniti ;:() nay.'S aftnr servirr of this Summons upon you. rxriusivc ol Ihf (lay of service If you fail lo ilo so, jmli;men! by default will hitaken aKainsI you for the relief demanded in the Coniplainl This aclinn is lirniiKht to recover a judRmpnldissolvini; the contract of marriaKe ixistinij between you and the I'lainlill, I.ORETTA BOWMAN, Clerk of Court Bv Rt'TH unWDIii-putvClnk (DISTKK TCllIin Si;,il.) DATE .lulv in. 197a IMulv K). 20. 27, Au 3. lH. 1U72 In thr KiRhth Judicial liisincl Court of thr .State of Ni du in and for the County nf Clark NO A 1031(01 VICTOR PA.srm, PlainlifT vs. MARIA PA.SFTTI, Defendant SIM.MONS THE STATE OF NEVADA SEMIS GREETINfiS TO THE ABOVE NAIWED IIEFENOANT: Vou are hrrehy sumnmnrd and required to sene upon THOMAS F. KlIMMER. plaintifTs atliirne>. whose addrehs Is 323 I,as Vi>Kas Blvd. South. VcRas. Nevada 8SI01, an answer t the Cnniplaint which is herewith served upon you. within 20 days after service of thisSuiDmons iipon >nu. rxdu aivr of the day ol service If you fall to do so. judRment by default will he taken iKainsI ynu for the relief demanded in (he < nmplaini This is an action hrouRht In His solve the bonds of matrimnny now existing between you and thr plaintiff which Is more fully srt forth in thr complaint on file herein. I.ORETTA BOWMAN. Clerk nf Courl ^ By DORUTUbA R.\sqil SAVED FROM DEATH by • compaiiionat* bar owntr, Ihli young coH wai tvintualty nuriad back to hultli by MM Lga fbmlly at Cootwatar Ranek. Evan Ittt badly bowad frtmt last art itralglit now ttwik* ta Mlly maaaagaa aad a propar diat. IT'S BKKN TKN Thr Bnsit lli^h ,Sfhool Class of 1962 recently held Ita ten year class roiinlon at the Kiks Cluh Hail in l,as \>KaH. From lefl to right are Darryl IHonahaii, Iliuiic Kelly I'eavy, Jim Do.Sarl, Ramona Martinet Baughman. Lieutenant Governor Harry Koid. Luila Park Kdinondaon, Dick Jamison and Pat McDonaltl. Colt Given Loving Care Boy ScoutsHdil summer camp (Editor's note-Whrn Jim McCarlliy decidfd to Iravc this newspaper's staff as of tomorrow, wr loolti'd into our application file for candidates for rcplarement. A Btory attached to (lir application of Bill Harbour, which he wrote while servinftas city editor ofthe Barstow Desert Dispatch, was just the right touch to prompt the editor to hire Bill ri){hl then and there We would like to have you read the $tory--too--and judKc whether the editor's judgement was right. Follows, then-the story that prompted us to hire Bill Harbour) ByBILLHARBOUR He was burn on his way to dii'in the back of a crowded animal Iranspoit truck, wedi;i'd in aiming others of his kind. Hr arnvi'd unnoticed iind unlmcd cxci-pl 'by his half starved, fnnlilrni'd inotlicr who liTidned liini such care as .she was ablo. For .seven joltini; days he hmiK on til hff wlnle Ins iiinvinn world Ir.ivijifd the hmhways of Uie west with its (iii|;o of horseflesh headed for a Killer';. Market Mad It Mill Ix'cn foi the thirst uf thi; tiiiik driM-r, this story would have a short and unhappy cniiint;. As it was on that hot .lunc day, the truck stopped at r)at^>;i'tt and the driver pau.sed to quench his thirst with a cold beer He .struck up a conversation with the bar owner (Conversation turned to Uie truck's raij^o juid their destination. The bar owner looked over the tightly confined aiiuiials, .spied Ihe vounfi bowk'RMcd colt iuid made an offer of $10. Tlie truck driver, thinking tlie colt would probably not survive the trip to market, acctDtcd. He was a Buckskin colt with prominent dorsal stripe, shoulder b;irs, a black mane and t.iil, black tipped ears imd zelira stripes on the back of his bowed-front lens. The younj; fella was a sorry sl^ht. His scrawny frame showed ck'iu-ly through his matted coat. Heitlixinj; how hungry he must be, ha new owner nave hiin a half j;allon of cold milk which the colt devoiuedand promptly went into shock. The bar owner placed a frantic call to the I.enKe resid^ce at the Coulwater lianih. "We have a baby colt in the b;ir and he's laying on the floor stiff iind treiiiblinc" The l<'(;(;e's arrived at the bar within five minutes and, JilthouKh the little Kuy was near death, put him in the back of their pick-up and took him back Rosalie Larson in the Field From District D for The Education Board P.osalie I.arson.a house ^ife and government program consultant, is runninK lor the District "D" seat on the State Board of Education, She said that she filed for the seat because of her lonRlinie concern for education, as a former teacher and as a mother. She said that she viewed hcrcampaign as'anexcitincopportunity to bring to the voters of District I) not only representation after theelection. hut an awareness of the key issues" with which the .Slate Board deals. "How miitiy people in District 1), or lor that matter in the entire state, know what the Board does? hidved, how tnauy cxfn know there is a Board? Ff nothing else, I hope my campaign will show the people these things and bow important they are." Mrs. Larson taught literature at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and at the University of Oregon, where she completed cnurscwork toward her Ph.D.inF^nglish language and literature She also earned her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in the same field at the same university. Mrs. Larson has been in the past a teacher at the University of Nevada, Las Deputy Clerk (DI.STRItTCOCRTSEAL) KATF. July 19. 1972 iiJuly27,Aug3,10,17,1872 Vegas as well as at the University of Oregon where she also received her Master's Degree and completed courscwork to the I'hD. "Kor the voters to get their full value from the State Board of Education," she added, "their choice on election day should be for one who is a concerned citizen of the community and state, who has a basic knowledge of education, and who is wil ling to devote time, energy, and effort to the matters of the Board "I shall try lo show every voter in my district that 1 have qualifications Sinct coming lo Navuda In lHfi7, MM Larwiu has been a member and officer in a number of educational and civic organizations, including the American Association of University Professors, a number of political clubs, the Nevada Alliance for Human Rights. Citizens for Ftespfinsive (iovernnient, the Nevada Coalition for Fair Housing, the Southern Nevada Women's Political Caucus, and the Nevada Coalition for Peaceful Integration Mrs Larson lives at 240 Carson Way with her daughter, p;rin, and her husband, Dan, also a former university teacher, who is the Supervisor-Organizer for the Economic Opportunity Board in Henderson. li) the ranch to give what care they could. He was obviously in need of unmediate nourushment if he were to suivive, but he refused all efforts lo make him accept nulk in ;uiy form P!ven goat's niilk was tried with no succe,s5. • niniiijih much trail and error tlie lieKge's finally came up with a form nf nouri.shraent that the starving young ixilt would accept--a prepared food called "Big Un," It was discovered that he would accept a pre<-hewed carrot. The coll'.s owner realized that a beer bar was not the most appropriate stable for a yoqng sick animal iwd so the colt was given as a gift to the [.egRc's dauchter, Terrill for her FFA4H project He was promptly christened. "The Coolwaler Kid." He was provided with a foster dad by the name of Oiris-a 14 year old MiLstang. Chris had been caught wild as a three year old out by the CaliforniaArizona border. The first month or so was really touch and go. Too much of any one form of food priKluced the scours and several forms of prepared food such as .Show CaJf, Calf Manna and Clnvnle wore u.ied in his iliel as well as HiK Un Rvenlually the other foods were reduced until his feed was almost 100 percent Biu Un Hy the third month the Kid had .sliirted lo pick up and was showinii definite SIRMS of growing and fattening out He was also gettuig proficient al in the pasture. The fourth and fifth months were .spent strictly catint; and growing with a Ullle learning on tJie side. Al his first leadinc le.s.son he rehelled and basted his nose a healthy whomp and decided quickly to coopcriite. As a result of daily inas.sages, his front legs lost their curves and straightened well He continued to be bright and frisky and he was soon perfonning antics that would put reining or cultinj; horses lo shame. Gienn and Yvonne Ifgge think that this may be the result of the bowed front legs which required hun in his early days to concentrate his weight on his hind legs, thus keeping them well under hirn at all times. The (>)olwater Kid has it made. He has pastures to frolic in, a big daddy horse for companionship, and best of .'ill, ever present love and care from the I/egges. Not bad for a colt that was born on his way to die. This was the scene, when Boy Scouts of America Troop ;n and the Nevada National (iiuird Company "M" slopped (or lunch near Pioche. they were on their 356 mile .journey tn Snake Creek, near Baker, Nevada Inr 10 days at Summer Canij). Sgt. Lee of Company "M", was generou;. to lifter the services of his liraiicli of the Nevada National (iiiard Atler transporting the troop to their cnni psite. Company "M" participated in the songs .iiid skits at a ciiniprire held in their honor that evi'iiing Hegretably. they had In leave for Henderson the following da\' Various forms ot v^il dlife were observerl. one of the many foinis observed were deer, one CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Peruvian city 4 Mop 8 One kind nf boss 10 Fre.srnt 11 African drsert 12 Clrla name 1.1 — Burrows 14 Scottish county Ifi r>)ncpalert 17 Sandy'.s vocibulary IS Bond of kinship 19 KlHRlSP ) 20. A check 22 Not once 24 One of Nelson Eddy'.s hits 16 Mcsirm faith 27, out (supplementi!d) no SUtule 3t Empty talk 1 slang) 33 Crata mount* m H.MjU)^i (2?, of wliich may jtossihiy have been a 4 point liuclc. riie boys were also iiislincted in Archery and Marksinati' hip alonu with many other thiiius by Uoberl L. Anderson. Ainotig the advancements done were I luce 5 mile hikes, line ol which \v;is it hike that led II' UiMMl, it was an oveinighter. mean iiii: full backpat ks'llAOer 14 days (il altcnijit only (i7 fish all lainbow or brook trout were c;iuglil The most severe accident that happened was when one bk.buthirtiiiKitely he survived: ,\ll ol the boys pareiil.s were invited up for the big closinu caniplire mi the weekend ol'Ihe 4th of.Iuly, which was held with huge and great success, or the parents invited only a few attended the event The hoys recieved all awards earned by them in summer c.imp at the Court t)f Ihinor which was held .July 18 at the First Presbyterian Church on Wcs Imiiiislor. II was also a pot luck dinner which was a hime .success. Scout.s attending suniiner camp were; Mark Stokes, .hinior Assistant Scoutmaster; Paul Bledsoe, Senior Patrol Leader, Terry Shults, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader; Wenell Dawes, Patrol Leader; Donald Wilier, Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Members are Eddie Russell, Ben Shehan. Kenny Briggs, Billy Kephart. Roger Owen, Frank Abadendolo. READY TO GO M> i.ilicr of ( ompany IVI of the Nevada National Guard, are shown with members of Boy .Scout Troop .17, ready to leave for summer camp near Baker, Nev. djr-t


• •• • •• ....! • •• rf Ui b •IfX^i /|rr Henderson Rome News Rendenon, Nevada Fleming Files for Education Board Charles FIem!nj{. .17, inCorrnaliiinscrv irj'scfMjrditiiitor I'd I thf Cl.irk ('i)iinty Sthoiil Dislricl, is a fatnlid.ttc lor the Stad? liiiard (if Kdiicatioii f'roiii Ilislrifl • !) • "I ht'liovc my vnricd pxperitMiie as a tt'achrr, teachers' association oxc'ciitivi' and school administrator KIVO mo iini(|iM< irismht iiilo tlu> |)i (ililcMis ot education, Ixill) here and slafi'widi'," said l''lciiiim;. District I) includes Hen(ieisoti, as well as ituiiiy prcciiicis in ihe surroundinu ana III liMil liclaiiclit social studies at Western lliuh Sdiool in I,as Ves The iM'xl year, he was n.diied chairman ot Ihe school's social studies dvparlment lie said that he sees two mam jolis Cor ihe slalc hoard of <';arten should he changed, thinks Fleming, so that children who are ready for school, hut not now allowed to heyin. would then he ahle to do so We talk ahoul individuality of inslniclion, hut j^el arhitrarv when it comes to the age for kindcrKarten, said FleminK. Fie was file president of the I,as Vcj^as Classroom Teachers' .Association in li)64 fi.") and was elected the first president of the Clark County Classroom Teachers' .Association in ii5. Three months after his election, he resigned to become the full-time asscstanf executive .secretary for the Nevada Slate F'ducation Association, a job he held until 19fi8 Me was in the T .S Naw from !!).':< Io IH.^?. and worked as a Navy journal Ist in San Diego, Califor nia.. Japan and Ihe Navy s Office of Information in Washington, DC. Fleming Is the publicity chairman for Ihe Las Vegas Area Council Parent Teacher A.s.sociation He was horn in Curry • 'oiiiitv. New Mexico lie and his wife I.inda. who taught at l.onnie Heard Klenienlaiy .School on Nellis ,\ii|''orce Hasf iinlil UMI M'ai S ago • ire holh graduates of Kaslei New Mexico I'niversity in I'ortales He earned a Master's ilegree in school administration from Ihe Cnivtjrsity ol Nevada, Vegas, The Flemings live at 13(il Hinge I.ane in Las Vegas ;ind have two chil dren. Mike. 4. and Tobi Lynn, six months. Governor's Cup Tennis Tourney Is In August The fourth annual Nevada (Jovernor's ('up junior tennis tournament will be held in three locations during .August. Las Vegas, Carson Cil>' and Heno, Semi finalists will advance to the slate finals at Incline Village. Lake Tahoe. to be heUI from August 27 through August 29. The Las Vegas area tournament director is Chuck Kellogg. Information and entry forms on the Las Vegas regional tournament, to be heUi from August 14 through August 1 (), can be obtained from regional tournament director Chuck Kellogg His phone number is 735-1122. The Governor's Cup Committee has four members: Nevada Supreme Court Chief .Justice David Zenoff, chairman Thomas "Skip" Wall; Chuck Kellogg; and Robert Fairman. Coitl 0^ Tlumiifi Our heartfelt gratitude to all of the wonderful friends, neighbors and staff of the Boulder City Hospital for their kind and generous expressions of sympathy and help given to us during a most sorrowful time due to the loss of our beloved husband, father, son and brother, Robert C. Hurst. MRS ROBERTO.HURST AND FAMILY WE HAVE EXTRA CASH! Ask Budqot fof c.i&h to got the gooa thmqr you w.'int and nood — v.Tcitions, n second, color TV, hobby .ind sports equipn. jnt. you name it' Enjoy Ihe good things now with a planned and sensible loan — one designed to lit your (amily budget. Up to $5,000 from • • FilMANCE 135 VTatef Stml rPLAN Phone: 56$187a > '• Sedway Running for Education Board Marvin Sedway, 44, a Las Vegas optometrist, is one of eight candidates for election to the Slate Hoard of Kducation from District "D", which includes .ill of Henderson, as well as many other towns and parts of Las Vegas and the unincor poiated area of Clark County. Sedway said that the hoard is "very important in the over-all educational process They really set up Ihe rules and regulations that loc;il school boards conform Io "I p until leceiilly. they (lh<> board) liav(>nl given proper leadership to Soullicin \e\ada He intends Io keep "a w.ilihlul eve to see that Clark County gets its fair share of money Sedwa> sa>s that he has seen the w,i.\ nionev IS taken (away) from Clark County for its 'ducalional needs Scdw.iy is the chairman of the ('lark ('oiinl> Com miinits College Advisory Board and says (hat he is hopeful that the campus in North Las \'cgas will be opened in the fall of 197.T "I'm not going Io lake any money from people Letter to Editor To the Kditor In the city of Las Vegas, and surrounding com munity, there seems to be an overall problem with the cond 11 ions of our sheets and Highv\ays. Most of Ihe roads have bumps, riffles, poor lighting, or large holes in them, and need to be repaired now! It's not only a few streets it .seems to be a majority of roads in the city. It is really a hazard, an do damage to your car, or truck. I feel that that this matter should be look into, and the roads be repaired inunediately The public pays taxes for this service, and the needs should be met I hope that this issue will be publized more to let the tax payer know he isn t getting what he pays for Sincerely yours, Patricia Garvin lOTOctolillo Henderson Free copies of one of the world's most quoted newspapers Juaged Ihe most fair nnwspapor in Ihe U S by protP',sion,il loijrnalists themselves A leading iniernational daily One o1 Ihe lop three newspapers in the world according to iournalislic polls Winner ol over 79 major awards m the last five years including three Pulit/er Pnzes dvor 3000 newspaper editors read Ihe Monitor Just send us your name and address and we'll mail you a few free copies of the Monitor without obligation. Please Pnni Name Address Cily Stale ._. Zip THE CHiysPAN SCIENCE M().MT(JR P> 125 Aslor Slation Dosloo. MassachusetisO!lJ3 /1< for the campaign, says Sedway "I'm not out to .serve any special Inter ests," "There must be an absolute limit on class si/e III elementary schools and high schools, thinks Sedway. "The state board should have some say in this arbitration process that goes on between teachers and administrators People get to won der, are we going to have teachers' strikes 'Ihe c'llldldate Was born in New York City ami laised in Las Vegas. He grndiiated from Las Vegas lliuh School and l'acifi< I niversiiv in horesi (irove, Oregon He also received a I'hl) in oploin'try from Pacifii I'niversity He was chairman of thi Clark County Citi/ens for Humphrey in HMiH and is a past president of Ihr Lions Club III Las Vegas He and Ins wile H.irbara live at MH Corral I'lat < • in Las \egas They have three children Hoger.19 a student al the Iniversily of Ni'\ada. Las \'egas, Stejihanie. 11; and Michael. 3. Job Shift In Police Department In a July 10 reassign ment. Lieutenant Walter Zawrotny. who had been in charge of the Henderson police department's patrol division, took over the supervision of the detective division. He has three men under his command. On the same day, Lieute nant James (Joff, who had been in charge of the detective division, took Zawrotny's old job as head of the 23-man patrol division. Tipsy Drivers Beware The two Henderson policeman who will be working full-time to combat drunken driving should begin their work on August I. according to Police Chief Floyd Osborn. Patrolman James Aver\' and Corporal Joseph Vitek have returned from San Diego, where they took special training with the San Diego police department's officers who handle an anti-drunk driver effort in that Southern California city 7 Thursday, Julv 27, IB72 Flowers Flowers Say it Best Little nosegays, a Spring bon({uet ihcyrc just special. VJ'c'lI deliver them to

) ^ Henderison Home News, Henderson, Nevada -.., Six Basic Players in August AllStar Game f f. Ry RIainp F>kman ; Halt a do/cii Hasic Hi^h ifootballors are amon thtl^liifih school alhk'lcs who 'will compi'tt' 111 Ihr all-star football souihiiii|ihei'n area ^schools are diMded into Itwo s(|iiads thiKasI and ^West Kast represctila/ti\('s are Hasic. Hoiihief 'City. Viruin Vall>y. (lorI man Kancho. and \allcy. i The Wi'st IS conipri/'ed of ? Veuas, Western, ^Clark, Moapa. I.ineoln i('oiinl\ Tonopah. and • Indian Springs schoids There is no defmile • lavorite Moth s(|iiad.s seoni to l)e well balaiued and under capable coach inn stalls \'alleys mentor. Larry l-"roinhart uiij be din'ctini; the Ibices ot the Kast Basic s.loe Bloc kovich will aid I'roinhart in the contesi Basic has six of its touches! Ibdihall players sclectfd lor the extravauaiiza ,lcl'l Smerck. riiu^ed and ()iiick. will act as a linebacker Smerek's sidekick .lay Shalei \M11 prrloiin as an olTeiisuc tackle Back Wheat may be at Dixie, also, this tall Boh Anderson, ureat Basic { • enter, will play the same posit ion 111 the ,\ll Stai clash .\inlerso'i has a sclKdaisliip at Liiilield, Oreu(m this tall (laiy Williams will act as a (leleiiMve coiiicr hack 111pt'iliiiined well last year at the same position \\\ [' is Williams clioicc Hill .lohllxill. "t'telisivc tackle, w ill jiro \ide Liapiim holes Inr idteii'-ive backs BlockoMch IS pi'iiid ol Ba-ic V representatives a nd lee I s t hey will be impoilant '(• • ms" in the wheeiv 111 the Kast machiiiei'N The Kast line i • oxperfed to weigh-in at ZU) pounds per man The West will boast the better hackfield personnel Top West player, Kd Sinionmi. i.s expected to make his prcsense known .Smio nini has a scholarship at Texas A&M a known loot ball power Boulder City's Chuck Ilentcll Is expected to set' plenty of acton lor the East at fullback The name will homn at 8:001) 111 the nmlit ot .Nun list.'ith. .Xuoiid.itleiidanie is expected .mil a nreat eveniiiL; oi iiMitl)all iti Store lor all Eagles Tales Many activiiies ha\e been planned Im llie Kanles of Basic Aerie 2t>72 and it."! auxiliary lor the coniint; weeks A pot luikdinnei vMlHie held on July 2! at 7 pm at the Katies hall, and ;i kids swim party and w.-itornulon liust has hecn planned for July :U This parly is for all chil dren whose parents lielonnloihe Kacles They will meet at the hall at 7 p in w here Iranspnrlatinii will be provided to the Black Mountain swinim inn pool .Af'tiT Ihe sWHO the youiiKslers wil I uo back to the hall for waternudon. There VMII be an eli'cton ol idlieei s liu tlie.tunior Kauies also Joint Day On Ann. 12. the local .'\eiie will have n joint field day with \et;as Aerie 1213 at the Kales hall on Brine and Washington in Kas Venas The time has been set for noon with a lunch to be served A fun day is planned with tnuriiamenls in pool, horseshoes and Softball Auxiliary Parly A swim p.irty has been set for AUK 14 tor the aux iliary. Kveryone will meet at the hall at 7 p in sharp On Aim. liMhere will he an oldtiiner steak dinner and dance. Oldtimeinemhersot Mie Kaules will be honmeil Dinner will start at 7 :t() p.m. and the band will .start i)layiim at 9 The price is $3 per person On .\UK. 2() thi-re VMII he a membership dance al H p.m. .Aerie lneetln^;s ha\e been scheduled lor.Iuly 28 AUK 11. and AuK 25 .\u\iliar> meetiims are scheduled lor .\un 14 and .\uv; 28 c :i''. How All Clothes /JvM. Should Look... l\ -^-i it's Q breeze when you come fo us for expert drycleaning. We con make your wordi'obj sparkle like new, last S'Tvirc ONE DAY SERVICE MIRACLE FINISH '-^y / 'VI / .^^'i: AL DOWNEY Dry Cleaners & Laundry 152 M?rket St-. Henderson ftiKK PICKCP 565-6541 FHF:K DKLivr.^v OPEN: MON -FRI. 7 AM-6 PM fSAT 9 AM-5 PM) f • TiiyHi z^"^"*** *i5*7/i^v,,43^?w •** • "^ • • \^ <•• ^4, /^M**^ Across The Fence R> Belly Kohinson Well aniither iiioiUfi is almost past and a nvv, one bej;ins soon Time really goes tlocsn't it? New BirlhsConBratnlations to the follow iiin Mr and Mrs Hoy I'lircell a hoy. t)i)rn J ulv 20. baliy Hoy Soolari has three older sisters Cynli'a HI. Kameil H Biscele 4 The Purcells reside at 4ti() National t frii-ndof the bride. I.Ill a l.v line I ,1 iiev was maid III hiiliiir Cncle of Ihe urooiii. Bii hard l/iiin Ian was l)i'sl man Bintlier 111 tillliiidc, Kentielh .M.ii 11 n uav e Ihe bride a w .i v and Carl llcMidersdn w.ilked her duvvii the isir The bride lie.iiilifully dressed ill a white formal Hiiwn with lonu train and h(dd a while s.'itin liibband on' yellow roMdmil The maid nl hniinr was ill cv I'd ir \. r >\i .IIHI I .11 ried a bo(|uet of vellovv I osil)uils. baby lireat h, white carnations auU ureen lereis. Alter I he |Q9 WHISKEY !r!^?'. 4o. Malt Duck-Premiumc. >„i.i:....# ^^1 MALT LIQUOR 'o-^". O";, Glcnmore Stroight $099 I Bourbon Whiskey . O o' ^ FARM FRESH L TODDUCt Oberti Foremost 6 $>..., Selecs.303Can ^ &.m OAC PITTED OLIVES .3,.. 1 INSTANT BREAKFAST 39 Libby's TOMATOE SAUCE v Compbeirs PORK & BEANS M.D. TOILET TISSUE .":' • '. Ardens ICE CREAM r•.':'•: Chiquita BANANAS 12 ib^ Ralston's FROSTED FLAKES r. Tender Sweet Eors ^ CORN 6 69^ CoptoiiiHook FISHSTICKS ."; 3-o?l M Thompson Seedless Grapes — 49;^ M.C.P. Frozen Fruit f ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ >.,.,,„.„.., 3 ,^.>, DRINK MIXES .'^10 M-SS:!;?:::;*^^ Green Beans rrrr.. .29,; 5SS;M;i-Nectarines "'/'?" 29i 't. ,-* *' .M'^" • • • .^ 'A'^M • aA ^|i J* # •• • •••'l*-'^ *. A vw ^.^ '^ v'<*A^4J|i(^il.ii^#(i>4WiJ| -j.


f Thursday, July 27. 1972 The Nevado State Su(reitte Court HIPPY MADNESS STRIKES IN GAME DEPARTMENT ^^-l ^j rL^ r.i -^ j u.inif i.s calli'd .SWIVKL. Thf holtost, IIUIIII'NI Ixtrly ucliun gattlC silH"' Twist IT Kipiir pl.i\iMs p;iir i>rr In trm.s. Then si(Uari' off tO bliiiki' Miiil .shimmy up a .slorm. SIX biiwhin; lypo pins set out oil the vinyl n.nuo mat serve as (he nhjecL 1<> b hwivclli-d al Pliiyrr.s buckle tip to Ihr sirikcr roul, piisitiiin the p<-iidiihim sliikcv in the iiMiUT. Anil st.iit to movp. APPINESS1$: WfAMILY PET K.ich ti'.ini tries to kmx-k over the (ilhir le.ini's pins while priilecliiiB their i.wn .is bcsl Ihey Te.iniwork d<>i"i it. If yon can sl.iy on yutir feel, and not tall down laucliinn. New SWIVKI, is a sure winner. Uovind ID sh.ike up iliill p.irtK".. Put more fun in family picnies. And move in to lill a (!ap in the informal, fun .sido uf Ainertcuii social lile. Cof hipi>? Get liip. SWIVKI,! In this latest picture of the honorable.iusticesof our state supreme court, shown above are left to right Justice Goidon Thompson, Justice Cameron Badtger, Justice John Mowbray. Seated, left to right, are Chief Justice David Zenoff, and Justice Al Gunderson. F Ve Days Lei\ On %^\}den^ Aid At Junior College .*^tudent,s who want to ar^ply for financial aid a' the Clark County C )irinnniify College hi vojn!ilJuly3Itofiie thoir applications. The college has instituted a financial aid program that iiultidt'S a variety of progr.-aiis. Aid is available for full-time stud'^nls now enrolled at t-ic ,>chool and for now stu'ictits who anticipate full-time enroHii'ont for the fall semester. Appoir* ncnts with r.rown may be made by calling 385-0195 or by vi.sitinj^ the .school at 735 North Main Street in Las Vegas. Most financial aid is contingent on the applicant, maintaining at least a "C" average and being regularly enrolled at the college as a full lime student. "It is only with the assistance of interested individuals, groups, business firms, governmental agencies, and church organizations that the comnninity colleg'J will be able to identify and assist needy, c? pa hie students in financing their • college education," Brown said. SUMMER CLASSES Classes in weight copirol now form-, iiig at Rose de Lima Annex on Monday J.30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Limited In si/e. Join now or cal! 382-6957 or 4!il4247. Madeleine J'-hnson, Weighf Cpntrol. Pd Adverllsenent ftY CUSTOMEkS & FRIWf^S DU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE ABC BEAUTY SALON is now at 1.340 Wyoming Boulrfer City MR. ROGER Lil&ffJL21Mal:ir/. Y01NCI& tuir GlOBAl VAK UNES MwM 457-3069 ,, i i < ai HK^ ^ students planning full-lime enrollment for the fall semester at the Community College shoiild file applications for financial aid by July 31. Several University of Nevada Regents scholarships are available for minority group students who demonstrate scholastic ability. sclinlarships, covering tuiuon and fees, are offered to exceptionally needy students and require the recommendation of the financial aid of.ficer. Kducation opportunity grants, a maximum of $1000 per academic >ear matched by other financial aici, are offered to students of extreme financial need who show academic or oroalive potential Students must maintain full-time status and apply each year to reinstale the based on continual economic need. The college's workstudy program is open to full time students who are in need of earnings from part-time employment in order to pursue a course of study. The program involves a iiia\imum of 1.5 hours work (>er week in a job approved fur work-study. To qualify, students musf complete a financial aid application and show a desire as well as a need for employment. In addition, the college offers other campus employment. The amount of eligibility is i bodies throutjhout the US have the ripht to sot season lennths and limits below the niaximiiin but are not allowed to enlarge than$200forsix months or less are not charged interest. If either the dollar amount or length of time is greater, the student pays four per cent simple interest. Appointments with Brown may be made by calling 385-0195 or by visiting the college al 737 North Main Street. upon the federal limits. During the 1971 dove season, hunters in Nevada harvested a total of 11.^.761 mourning dove, down over 15,000 from the total of 131,000 taken in 1970. Chirping Pets for the Famil/ Little feathered friends can delight everyone. Teach these parakeets to perch on your fingers .... and to talk! We've a colorful group, plus cages, feed. Some Pahs Available SPECIAL: 20% off-Half Moon Parrots with This Ad • The BILLYBOB Pet Shoppe Dog Grooming—Birds—AnimaU—Fish UW.Potific 565-8305 HenJerspn 5 PREFALL MO MS SHOE & BOOT REiAiR!NG WHILE-U-WAIT Or Pick Up later DOM'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP AND KEY SERVICE 17 ARMY STREET HENDERSON. NEVADA • ; ACROSS FReM HENDERSON REXALLDRCr. STORE Open 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM Monday thru SofurcJjiv •^ PALM MEMORIAL PARK "EVERYTHING IN ONE PIACE" • • CHAPEL • CEMETERY • MORTUARY • MAUSOLEUM '20 All These Famous BRANDS! JANTZEK DEVON GRAFF Lady MANHATTAN R&K CAMPUS CASUAL 1^ MARBELLA m 15 Phone: 564-1888 800 Boulder Highway. Henrfenon I


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IF SO, YOU'LL RECOGNIcE ^HIS WORLD FAMOUS RECIPE. LARGE BOWL, GRATED CHEESE AND ONIONS. SALTINES SUPER SHRIMP COCKTAIL, SPECIAL SAUCE, SALTINES, LEMON SLICE GAINT FRENCH DIP HOT BEEF OR HAM ON FRESHLY BAKED FRENCH ROLL AU JUS GRAVY. CHOICE OF POTATO SALAD OR SLAW PICKLE SHAMROCK-TRY ITYOU'LL LIKE IT! FRESH CORNED BEEF. CHEESE BACON, SLICED DILL, GARLIC ON BUHERED FRENCH ROLL SOFT DRINKS -COFFEE-TEA—FREE!!! 4> 25' 25' 25' 40' 50' 50' 50' 50' 50' 50' 4k 60' A 65' 97' 07c 7/ EE!!! A ON THE TEE by An%subbint This morning early I was out watering my lawn and thinkmgwhat a beautiful day this would be for a round of golf It is a beautiful day. and gives me hope that we could have a couple of very nice mornings for our planned work days at the (Jolf Course next month. The dates are August 12th and 19th We du hope that enough interested golfers, and non-golfers will joinusto makethejob a small one We walked over part uf the area again the other evening, and it really dnesn't seem that there arc very many rocks in the area I have been told thai there are two very gravely spots that will require sonic hard work, lull we couldn't iiiul them. We did inspect the sprinkler system, and it's really a beautiful installalioM I was asked the other evening if we are still accepting memberships in the a.ssociation We surely are The $500 fee can be paid eilhi'r to me or to Glenn Muchow. I was also asked when the current members would be expected to come up with another payment of dues or assessment, etc As of now, there have bcc.i no annual dues set, and I don't know when there will be. but members will be informed. I don't believe that anything will be done without a meetingof the organization voting on the matter of dues. This is not official, since I speak only for myself and not for the Board of Direclnrs. but I would suppose that as soon as we have a definite date established for the opening of the course, a meeting will be called, and as far as I'm concerned, the sooner the better. It is interesting at this point to sepculate on the opening (late. Fveryone that one talks to seems to have a-different idea on thS subject. .lust to start a good argument. Ini going to guess at May 1st, 1973, and see who wants to contradict me first. In the meantime, I found a very interesting booklet the other day. I don't know how'hiany they have, but at the Black Mountain Pro vShop we picked up a book of golf courses in the state of California, All the courses in the Las Vegas Area are also listed. I would be interested to just start at the top of the list and try to make it around to everyone of them. There is a new course near Victorvilie, California that I'm told is beautiful. I hope to get down to see it and play it before too long. It is Spring Lake just a few miles east of Victorvilie. I believe this is a planned community being built by Boise Cascade Corpora/^ Thursday. July 27, W72 Shelley Leggett Morried In Church Rites Here^ In Impressive ceremonies held July 1 at the First Presbyterian Church, Shelley Anne Leggett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Donald K U'ggett. 119 Hickory, was mar ried to Carl KCole, sonof Mr and Mrs Kdward O. Cole. 109 Grove. Reverend Fklward Van Ham. niinistei <)l the First Presbyti'nan Church, married the young couple at 7 p m in a double ring ceremony Organist was Barry Morris w bo played traditional wedding innsic. The bride was given in mariiage by her father, and iitlendeil by Maid ol Honor. Andrea Clow, a close friend Mat ron ol honor was Mrs Larry Clark, Lailabra. Calif, a sister of the bride, and Kileen Leavitt was a bridesmaid Flower (Jirl was Michelle Clark, a niece of the bride and daughter of Mr, and Mrs Larry (.'lark Attending the brideg room as Best Man vKas Thomas Cole, brother of thegroom.from FairOaks Calif. Ushers were Joseph Cole and Neal Barton. The bride's gown was of imported organza with an heirloom neckline and verlicle rows of reembroidered Austrian lace daisies from the neck to the empire waist. It featured bouffant sleeves with deep cuffs, sprinkled with daisies, as was the skirt, which extended into a chapel train. The headpiece was a bonnet ofblue and white daisies, holding her floor-length double tiered illusion veil, edged with matching daisy lace trim. She carried a cascade bouquet of China Mums, daisies. Baby's breath. The flower girl was dressed identical to the bridesmaids, but carried a white wicker basket tion. and from what I hear from some of my golfing friends who have been there, it is n.agnifii'ent. The Sa>hara Nevada course has an interesting special going on now, for those of you who like the warm weather game. Call Charlie Teal at the Pro Shop for complete details and starting times. $9,95 for 18 holes of golf, golf cart, and either breakfast or lunch This is a fine deal for play on this course, and I hear the course is in very fine shape now. It is lovely, and challenging, with trees, lots of traps, and enough water to create a ftw headaches too. Remember, August 12th and Itth, and I'll have • ore dataila for you next week. In tb meantime. I'm not able to get out to the course much these days, but hope those ofyou who can are enjoying your days ON THE TEE. offlower petals The attendants chose light blue flowered sheer organdy gowns with scoop neck, puffed sleeves, empire waist, deep nounce around the bottom Then hats were of white eyelet with a large brim, trimnuHl with light blue ribbon streamers^ They carried longstemmed China mums with light blue .streamers. The bride's mother wore a Hoor length navy and white knit gown with a corsage of I'hilanopsis orchids The briile's mother chose an aiiia chiffon dress with Philanopsis orchids. Follow ing the ceremony a n'ci'pliiin was held at the First Presbyterian Church with approximately 50 guests attending Presiding at the .ser\'inR table were Miss Sandra Musgrove. Los Alamos, New Mexico, and Mrs. Richard Wright. Las Vegas Susan Leggett, sister of the bride, was at the YMPIC SYMBOL guest book. A three tiered wedding cake, topped with a nosegay of mums and daisies, was the center of the decorations The serving pieces belonged to the bride's greatgrandmother. The bride is a 1972 graduate of Basic high ficliool where she was on the honor roll for four years. She was junior homecoming attendant, participated in the Sun • N'oiilh forum and various ollu-r activities The bridegroom is a 19H9 graduate of Basic High school He served with the I' S Marines for tv\() years in the I S and Okinawa Followmga honeyinooti trip to Lake Tahoe. the young couple will live at 87;i2 Fair Oaks Mlvd No. '2'A. Carmicliacl. Calif This IS thr oIlK-ial <'nibl('m of thf 1972 Olympic jl.Tnies. Over 700 arlicips usint; th(> dccorativp Olympic havt" :ilrcaHy bfi-n liccnsi-d, and Ihi.s numbt'r i.s cxpccled 10 rise to 1,000 by the timi-' IhP names b<'(jin later this year in M u nich. West Germany, Twenty per cent of the sales proceeds goes to the Ort;anizal ion Committee, v/hicii grants licenses only for product* deemed to be in ^iiioi.l liiste Your Man from Equitable Bob Carmouche For Living ln$uronce personal, foRiily, business 9S3 E. Sahara, S(e. 20 B .Biis-734-6011 Res.565-8342 BEAUTY HINT OF THE WEEK The girl with too-curly hair is probably the envy of her straiglil-haired friends, hut she is smart to use a pert, perky beadhugging style. The cutting and styling of loo-curly hair is one of our specialties Whatever \our hair problem, we've uol the perfect answer. ^ Don't delay. pbonc lodav! 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i ••.>• • •<' VM> 0kJ*J^I~'-\~-*^ -*% • Hank Chism's All-New Country Kitchen Homes \i)\m ..''' y" /' ".^ • ^^ \ Dnve out Boulder Highwdy iPast HcnHcrson) to Honion Df — then turn right as well as Hank Chism offers more value in his exclusive "Country Kitchens' it) the other features of his homes in HIGHLAND HILLS! What's more you'll find amenities and construction worthy of more expensive homes in Las Vegas, Henderson or Boulder City! Choose from five floor plans with 3 4 bedrooms, 1% 2 baths, choice of wirfe open "Country Kitchens" or step saver "Suburban Kitchens (including dishwasher and garbage disposal), carpeting in living room, hall and all bedrooms, refrigerated air conditioning, double garage (with HIS and HERS locker cabinets), front side-rear landscaping, and 200 AMP electrical service. As an option, you can also have a fireplace and a sprinkler system. ^P^DyiDUU FHAVA TERMS (No Down to VETS) PHONE (702) 565 8917 Wj^ UlyJ^f Sales Office Open 10 AM to Dusk Thursday, July 27,1972 Pheasant Study Concluded A study to determine the survival rate of adult pheasants released in the springofthe year was concluded recently by Nevada Department of Fish and (J a m e w i t h a documented mortality rate of 57 percent Part of the first statesponsored releases of ririKnec'k pheasants since 1966, the hirds are also part of $25,000 worth of upland Kume l)irds (2,400 pheasants and 5.600 chukars) thai the 1971 Nevada Lenislaturo directed NDFCi to release durinK the spring of 1972. An additional lot of $'25()n()woiihof|>he;!.saii(s' a n d (' h (I k a r s will h e released next sprint; a!? part of the leKislativo

Bevkkr Liviiig A Joy For Metcolfes By Dorothy E. See Anyone who hat ever moved across a continent to a new home knows that "(kiting there is NOT half thBfUn." AHer saying goodbye to the neiRhl)or that you find you liked better than you thought you did and looking sadly at bushes you ^ M I planted but will never see in bloom, your thoughts turn to your destination Will you be accepted" Will Ihechildrenhavefriends' Will the community be closed circle where you will always be the outsider"* For the Metcalfe Family, those questions can be answered bv a ves, yes and no Bill Metcalfe. head of the household and manager of the Bank of Nevada in Boulder City says. People here are so fi-iendly They make it so easy to make a transac tion. I've felt that my acceptance has been greater here than any com munity I have ever been in Atfnrthc Metce^f" ehljdren. sixteen year olTl Dawn, a senior at Boulder City High School was a (iirls State Hepresenta tivefrom Boulder City this year She is a Candystriper at the Boulder City hospital and plan.s to be a nurse She recently returned from a weeks mission in Gabbs. Nevada, where she taught Vaca tion Bible School and is pLrn'.ig a later trip to Tonapali to assTst in F.van gel ism Daughter Terri is fifteen and a sophomore at Boulder City High School Her father says that she likes swimmingand camping and does a lot of babysitting Bill.Jr aged twelve, and in the seventh grade, shares his father's interest in sports and plays golf wtth him on the Black .Mountafn golf course. Bill says that his wife, Bea IS only interested in being a good wife and mother and is not too involved in community activities She makes clothes for herself and her daughters and knits and crotchets She also teaches a Children's Church Youth Activity (iroup at the Trinity Tern pie In Las V(?ga. • "Sine* coniingfoBoulder City in March, 1971 Bill Metcalfe has become the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, the Vice President of the Rotary Club and manages the Little League football, baseball and basketball teams and teaches a young adult Sunday School Class. Me says. "I enjoy work/y Int with yauth. It's rewarding I enjoy working with people, not only in the bank but in the town The Metcalfe family came here from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bill was born in McKeesport. Pa and Hea was born in Frostsburg, Maryland. They have been married for twenty years 1 SEAFOOD FEATURES Haddock Fillets,:' .:;:;,, i.99' Salmon Cakes'.Mt'^r^ .*]" Whole Dressed Catfish >^r* Breaded Shrimp ,•;,",-f^ '^V 95' 7-Bone Steak 1 *">' Beef Cube Steak .'V.',Z, Beef Club Steak Porterhouse M C Sirloin Tip Steak $ 149 Corned Beef $ 109 Hen Turkeys AC ISifiM Sibl USDAChtK* Filet Mignon Steak Spencer Steaks Fresh Leg of Lamb Fresh Lamb Loin Chops \Diieomt USD* Choict • \ttt\ U Irdl • •mltiilliklrt USOA ( Bee' Fm voflul And Juicy Skatl UWRII USOAChoiCf Aijed Ai'd VtfTifned lorjt CMU Gro()d lamb II. $289 $239 $|49 Family Steaks Beef Rib Steak Top Sirloin Steok (CHucU 'vDA CSiXM DM, larir(..j tliKliWlHO., • iilrtd.llyCiKiktd i| Beef Patties Wilson Pork Butts' "^ Center Ham Slices -u.n rr,1 It It 89' J1J9 J|49 Houve Cornish Gome Hens Fresh Split Fryers -" • Banquet Fried Chicken III) Nil 'If 79-= .39' $|S SLICED BACON 68 LINK SAUSAGE 33 Roth'i Ctdor fornit Cut From Tender And WMI latlcrn Pork. farmer John or McCoy Bcr( "Sen loned JutI R'ghl' Pkg CRAGMONT BEVERAGES Beef Cross Ribs Fresh Ground Beef Round Bone Roast Safeway Bacon .Okeount IRbt Clwict lotf II Reiiilar • DSDA ini|)ccled lor )Miuleiomene loo' Ik ShavldtrArmClwcli D'JD.VUIIV.I-BI'I'' Id • Fr: ADptioOui fo'Rouil h Firil Quatilf lipgulur or Ilnck Sliced Savory Smoked Flovor 1 lb 69' 69' 79' 79 -A C.':at thirst Quencher Quarts SAVE MORE I SAFEWAY DISCOUNT! SAFEW/iV IKiiilORSi WINES 4P!::3I 8 ''vf. tttflJlVt ed Sii't-'AUyS Defirgint For Dlihlt 22-OZ. E C Mild ACantle to Hands gf|^ ^9 filVORY SOAP tJOY UQUID Fi n I IP '^'^'^"' ^'^ \ "* c 7 m IL V Un Enriched White 3 Bog 3 f i^ORANGE DRINK^'^^t 4^^ fiCLOROXBLEACH st55 iDOWNY s^fr?.'^ si:l39 < < MocNoir't S&'Prool Imported From Scotlond SCOTCH 5th Tf DAIRY-DELI. AT DISCOUNTI 0 Bourbon tA QQ '^^\ Segrams ^ • ftTT seven crown Kaulano Vodka Q, ,;,, $3.99 Stanton Gin Vi Gal. $6.99 Wolfschmidt Vodka i, GOI $6.99 LEMONADE Boloir • J^ Regular or "'01. • m Pink Variety Cin || ^|j| 3 French Fries rt? Q Chopped Broccoli Q, Deep Fries „ r. @ Cauliflower Q Welch's Grape Juice 'j,v41' C iia.rCrtnli t% 1 1 X 19' fl, bUou-firir Mil ^Qc '"tlure' Pl( */ 49 Uil;ri"TX* lucerne Pt. Ctii. Cottage Cheese 37' Mrs. Wright's Biscuits 'd.' 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Si Ft WAY •) ^ • SWJltffS.WsV-Wi •^M•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^x•^^^^^! • ^^^^^^>•:'


figM RAID •1 flying Insect KiH^ Pti oil C3^^ MwAroi$(ooiiTcoowii COLGATE •lime I,.02. 'JQ > limit I CAN JTP '••, „;, ^ ^ .fc^ SAKWAYOISCOUMTCOUPOIt JERGEN'S Ixira Dry Skin lormulo Helps Heal the worti dry skin Limit 1 7-01. Btl \N MICRIN Moulhwash & Gargle 88< 18-OZ. Btl. Shower to Shower BODY POWDER 7Va-0Z. Site i< MENNEN "E" DEODORANT The Vitamin *I' Deodorant 4-Oz. Siie < A BRYICREEM For Smart Hair Grooming 79 4.5-OZ. Tube • —I guard Right Guard FOOT GUARD The Firil Family Foot Deodorant 6-Oz. Can < ALBERTO BALSAM SHAMPOO • Itcgulor •Dry 7-OZ. • Oily g,j Formulas < % THROW RUGS •s -( Signet 3 Tube SOAKER HOSE 99 \x,. each COUPLED GARDEN NOSE REMNANTS Nylon Reinforced 10'to 15' 49 ifilMJ.'HIIJJIlii Safeway GARDEN HOSE Reinforced vinyl 99 V," X 50' BIO KUMUS 24" X 36" Throw Rugs Inexpensive, But Beautiful. Con Be Used In Any Room each Safewoy GARDEN HOSE All RUBBER ST49 5 8"K50' HAWAIIAN MAGIC MULCH 2Cu. aO< Ft. Bag \MELITTA*/i) Jittef Coffee Hakef/ ,. ,. -„ and [to ', Melitta Filter COFFEEMAXER S'^188 each Taste the Difference. Hi-POWER COOL TEMP / DUPONT BRAKE FLUID Heavy Duty BRAKt 12-02. fUJiO CAN < SAFEWAY HEAVY DUTY MOTOR OIL 20 or 30 wt. Quurts JOHNSON KIT Cleaner Wax For Autos < SAFEWAY REGULAR tWOTOR OIL 20 or 30 wt. Quart < KODAK FILM CXI26 12 POLAROID FIIM .107 Bloili 6 While PHOTO AlBUM Assorted Floral DeSigns. Contains 10 Pages Magnet ^ H^^ Pages Disslpofes heat, Engine nins cooler Cools Trmsfflission 32 (^ Melitta FILTER BAGS To Go With Your PKG. Melitta of 20 Coffeemoker t LEViS IRON-ON-PATCHES Assorted Colors and Siiei. Just Iron On. SAFEVfIVY • |tlUi*n:i1i PRICES EFFECTIVE JULY 27 to JULY 2t \ I


^ /f BOULDER CITY NEWS BOULDER CITY, NEVADA Employees Retire From Government Service 23 YEARS SERYICE Eleanor J. SUvIn Is pr. Rented a certificate and congratulation* by Reels* matlon Director Edward A. Lundberg upon her recent retirement after 23 years of Federal Service. Mrs. Slavin started her Government career in 1948 with the War Asitets Agency In Henderson, trans* ferring to the Bureau of Reclamation In Boulder City a year later. At the time of her retirement the was a staffing specialist in the Lower Colorado Reg* ion Personnel Division. She and her husband, (lenei reside at45S National Street In Henderson. Bureau of Reclamation photo by Gene Uertzog. Reclamation Engineer Steele Retires witli 33 Years Civil EnEincer T.L. Steele has retired from the Bureau of Reclamation's Lower Colorado Regional staff with 33 years of Federal service, Regional Director Edward A. l.uudbcrg announced today. Steele, because of his many years of expt-rioncc and technical expertise in water management in the • lower Colorado River basin, will be employed on an intermittent basis as aconsultant to the Bureau of Reclamation, Lundberg said. A native of Springfield, Missouri. Steele began his Federal career with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Amarillo, Texas. He transferred to the Bureau of Reclamation's regional office staff in Boulder City in 1946. Steele has had three foreign details since he began workirip for the Burea'i of Reclamation. Me was in Turkey for the International Cooperation Administration in 1954-!j.5 and again in 1963 on a three month assignment. He was called to West Pakistan in 1966 to review the irrigation drainage program on the Kaipur Project for the World Bank. After returning from Turkey in 1955, Steele worked on the Bureau of Reclamation's regional staff in Billings, Montana. He was City Manager for Page, Arizona, construction headquarters for Glen Canyon Dam, 1956MACLEOD RETIRES WilHam A. MacLeod, and his wife Margaret, were the center of attention at his recent Reclamation Retirement party in Boulder City. MacLeod, Supervisory Cost Accountant in the I>ower Colorado Region Division of Finance, retired with 31 years Federal service. Starting in 1941 with the U. S. War Department at Fort Lewis, Washington, he later served in the U. S. Army during World War II and worked in the Bureau of Reclamation's offices in Boise, Idaho and Boulder City. The Macl/eods reside at 703 Avenue B. in Boulder City. Boreaa of ReclainttloD photo by Gene Hertzog. ENDS ( ARKKR Reclamation Director Kdward A. Lundberg rongralulales llorence S. Nnhle upon her retireinenl following nearly '11 years of Federal service. \ personnel assistant in the Lower Colorado Re>;ional Office. Mrs Noble began work with the.Bureau of Keclamation in Roulder City in 194.'. She and her husband. Thil. reside at 3738 Pilgrim Street in Las Vegas. Bureau of Reclamation photo by Gene Hertzog. NICKS RETIRES Walter J. Nicks gets a helping hand from wife, Ruby, in cutting the cake at his retirement party. Nicks, foreman of the Bureau of Reclamation's gardening crew, retired recently with 30 years of Federal Mtrvlce, all in Boulder City. The Reclamation lawns and park tended by Nicks and his gardeners have received many compliments from world-wide visitors to Boulder City. Mr. and Mrs. Nicks reside at 206 Lakeview Drive in Boulder City. Bureau of Reclamation photo by Gene Uertiog. 59, and on the Chief Engineer's staff in Denver, Colorado, 1959-64. Rejoining the regional staff in Boulder City late in 1964, he was named to the position of Chief of the Water Management Branch of the Division of Water and Land Operations from which he retired. Steele received a special achievement award in 1970 for his outstanding work with the US. Geological Survey and the United States-Mexico International Boundary and Water Commission, on groundwater field and model investigations in the Yuma, Arizona area. Steele and his wife, Inman, reside at 616 Country Club, in Henderson. WATER CHIEF RETIRES -Thomas L. Steele slices cake, decorated as a golf course, at his recent retirement party in Boulder City, Nevada. Steele retired from his Bureau of Reclamation position as Chief of the Water Management Branch of the Lower Colorado Regional Division of Water and Land Operations following 33 years of Federal Service. Steele is a native of SpringField, Mo, Bureau of Reclamation photo by Gene Hertzog. Bookkeeper, President, Desert Rat, And RestorerCombined in One Woman Iris Blelsch, a fine featured, energetic blue eyed lady has many interests. She once studied paintinR in her hometown of North Muskegon, Michigan, thirty miles north of Grand Rapids, and has done some paintings in oils and pastels. She has taken creative writing courses in North Muskegon and while she has never sold any of her writing, her interest has not dimmed and she says, "Someday, I'll get around to iU" Another of her interests look a long while to develop hut had difloient results. When her husband, John, was a child in North Muskegon, he had admired a 1923 Willy.s Knight driven by an attorney from Chicago who had a summer home in Michigan. In 1962 .lohn heard that there were two old cars stored in an old barn in the care of an eccentric old woman. One of the cars was me Willys Knight of John's childhood. It had been used foia buzz rig and was now in pieces. With difficulty, John managed to acquire the car and began the laborious job of restoring it. Members ol" the Horseless Carriage Club of America came to see the parts and said, "You'll never make a car of that" By Dorothy L. Sec •lohn ('(Hildiri ifinoro this challtMi^^e so ho went to Detroit ;iiul researched in the |)iiblic libraries there until he had all nf Ihv inforiiiat ion lir netuied for the rcsturaliou work. Among the many tilings done to the car were the twenty-seven coats of hand riihhed enamel. The Blotsclics enjoyed the ear until 1970 when they .sold the ear at a Harrahs .swapmccl in northern Nevada. Duriim the period they had llu' car, Iris had been bus\ liiiding old clothes of thai iH-riod and restoring them. Suddenly she was in a liiisiiiess that she ran from her home. People would write and toll her the ago and model ol their car and give their si/.e.s and measiireiiuMits and Ins would send tluMii a box ol items to wear on their aiitKiuo ear outings such as caps, knickers and othorgarnionts suitable to the period of their vehicle. Iris .says that her younger son Johnny love.s jt here. 'The schools are excel lant, very cooperative.' Iris is a room mother and helps with school lunches. Recently Iris was installed as the President of the Boulder City Branch of the National Federation S., of Business and Professional Womcns association. Sho says, "TTiPrc are so many interesting things, (lovernment, for instance. Not the realm of politicians but the better government of statesmen." Iris, John and Johnny live in a large double mobile home near their business, Big Johns Auto Wrecking yard. Their older son, Gerry, is back east atteadiag school. Iris says," I am my husband's full partner in this business, I do all of the bookkeeping and handle all transacUous." In IfltiR the Blelsehes eamo w<'st to investigate a business that they were interested in, located in Winslow, Arizona. The business wa.s not what they had luiiicd for hut. Iris, who had been west twice befoie. wanted to see .some friends in Boulder City. John and Iris, who says that she "a de.sert rat at heart,"' had a twenty minute conversation with a man about a service station that was available in Boulder City. Rack in Michigan they made arrangements by mail and returned to Nevada. I


r New Family Finds Cher Througli Church Warmth By Dorothy E. See "I wan a stranger, and ye took me in" St. Matthew, Chapter 25, Verse 35, Sometimes, when you have liv'.'d in the same place lor a lonn time, it is hard to remember how it is to be a str.Tnuer in town. And ilthc .stranger has lell two oC her daunhlers. her two Ktandc'hildren and a lovely home with a tour acre lawn surrounded by popular and oak trees on a hi^h peak with a long' vistii ot'the coiiiilrysido, it mi^;hl be hard to make her feel at home anyway. l.eon and Kl i/aboth Seslcr had come to Hendei>oii Iron) Charlotte, 'rcmio.'-iM', \\ hiM'c both Leun and Elizabeth had been burn and spent their lives except for a few years during the war when they had lived in Evansville, Indiana. Elizabeth had a happy life in Charlotte. There was her daujihter, Suzanne, who is married and the motherof two children and daughter. Phyllis, who works lor the Adjustment Bureau in Uickson County. Then there were her activities in the Eastern Stars, the P.T.A. and her church work. Elizabeth was very happy with her life as it was and saw no reason (or chantjo. 1,1'on had (o come to soulliem Ncvad.i for 1970 400 HUSKY MX Excellent Condition ^700 1971 YAMAHA 250 MX Sharp >650 VALLEY CYCLE HENDERSON 35 E. Lake Mead Ph: 565-4027 health reasons. He needed the benefits of a hi^h dry climate. He was emploved by the State Stove Company in Tennessee and got a transfer to Henderson where he works as a millwright maintenance man for the same company. Elizabeth says in her soft southern voice, "My heart ached when I thought of my daughters and grandchildren back there They first stayed at a small motel on Boulder HiKliway.lhen rented a little house on Wyoming Street. Elizabeth describes the morninythat was the turniiiK point when she and her fourteen year old daughter be^tin to be less homesick. "That first Sun (lay morning that we were living on Wyoming Street, we heard the church bells riiiKin^j .Ian and I dressed and jumped into the car and drove toward the .sound of the bells. It was cominn from the Community Church andeveryone there was so nice we have been there ever since. I had such a warm feeling. We felt at home there.'" This was a year ago. Elizabeth now works as the Community Sunday School Sui)erintcndent. Krom that day, the Seslers began takintj an active part in community alTairs and the homesickness lost some of its sharp panjis. Jan babysits for friends and neighbors. I. eon and Elizabeth became rock hounds and bririK interesting speci'For Safety Sake' Re-Tire at Burls WHITEWALL OR BLACKWALL 30,0p0 MILE GUARANTEE 4 Ply Polyester F78x14-$23.49 plus $2.39 F.E.T. plus Exch. G78x14-$24.65 plus $2.56 F.E.T. plus Exch. H78x14-$25.83 plus $2.56 F.E.T. plus Exch. H78x15-$27.90 plus $2.81 F.E.T. plus Exch. L78x15-$29.68 plus $3.16 F.E.T. plus Exch. —Al! Sizes AvailableNATIONWIDE GUARANTEE • FREE MOUNTING • We Have The Wide Ones For Campers and Pickups HIWAY OR TRACTION DESIGN 8-16.5 10-16.5 12-16.5 Lowest Prices in Nevada • 1 • .. • ..irirvvrnnnnnnnnnrTnni..,fi.^.,,.pi^.i^^nnnn NEW TIRE GUARANTEE Orbitreds ^.. P\ui 65c Avg. Tax and ExchANY SIZE Black or White BURLS TIRE SERVICE 38 NAVY STREET HENDERSON PHONE 565-8874 metis in from the desert to Rhow We all love Henderson." Elizabeth says. "My only heartache is my daughters back there." Elizabeth sews, making clothes for herself and Jan. She weaves afghan!^ with monks cloth backing and makes fine Irish linen tablecloths with delicate embroidery work. She says "I make handmade neckties for men. Thats my hobby." She makes both double knit ties und silk ones. Jan is visiting her sisters and old home in Tennessee at the present and in a a lew weeks her parents arc going to join her. Maybe there will be a way that they can all be togetherm Henderson WOMEN TAKE THE PlUNtE Cnlipd< havt ponon langi. ?y^/jli 'iiii. .(JliLlijl'l On the sou c^)a^l and inland — in sail wiilt>r and fn'sh un eviT-inr rca-iini! iiiinibfr of d.-iriiit: :ind dai'lin|i. dKlaff ilivt'is .ir* biMillilully iii.ikmi; thr undiTMM sciiic Miikiiiu Uivrly wavrs in what was oiiri' CDiiMili-rrd .m I'xiliiMvf "mall's spoil," wiinn'ii iilii'ady Mriiiiinl fm an i-sliiTirtti'd l.i-2i>' i>t in •lay's skin divinn maikfi And. Iri>m rvt'ry inidfitlimi. tins scltiMil III niodi'rn mi-t maids promisi's in urow .siiinilic.uillv lariii'i wilh i-ach passint! yi-ai Whirli IS mil siiipnsini]. whi-n yiiu ciinsicli'i thai woiin'ii an' M'liiaikably fi^uippi'd hv naliiii' IM i!i>i \ III waliT wi'll nvri thru hi'ads. Wiili a mmi' iMViiiabl'' dis tributioii i,\ liixly lui ilum her mallriiunliiparts, a womnii is mil t)iily mon' hmivaiit, but bi'iii-i iiiMilati'il as wi'll tn simplf ii'rms, thai miMtis she ha* at li>asl a JO', hmhri adaptaliilily liwilhsland cold, and can fet to whpm she's ijoing with a lot IPSI; PI'I'ort. Wilh inKonious modi-rn pcisiinal aids at hor dlNposul, ,1 can rvcn lake the pliin);i nil what'd to be ralli-d hi'r "sK-k days A I'c nr d i 11 n tn .lames W'oddnitl. M I)., wrjtini; m Skill Dii-i'i Man(i;iiif lb'" lU-w (lispnsablo Tassiiway nip, winch iiiiiliiinis pciliTlly lo llir shapr 111 ,1's iiinci Imitv, iiol iiiiK prevent leak.ilie aiirl spill, bill "seems a much more hyuieiiic inule fur iiuf ai|ualir spoiiswiiman lo i;ii than Ihi' col'nn lainpnii winch has ;, lendeney In be come Wel ,ind, llierelnie, imieh less effective" K II I-1 he I al lestini; In Wnnian • adaplahilily In the leplhs Is the lad ihal wnmiii liavibeen the pieleneil pro leviinnnl diveis m the Orieiil for nl IrasI t TidO years Which, lo a lol of men, is iiol •inly (iisijuiiMint; but awfully b.iid in f.iihnm. Only I in 10 Will Find a Home Ihr H>tm,inf< .,-< .pf/ < f f^o tlnilr>d oMfPS 10,000 puppies and kittens are born every hour in the United Stales. Most of them will end up homeless, spending their lives searching for food, dodging cars, and fighting disease. Many are put to death by animal control officers and animal shelter operators. All because there are just too many. Be a responsible pet owner. Have your female cat or dog spayed. Have your male cat or dog neutered. A se'vicp c! Tun Humano Gocipty of the Ufitid Staien. Washinston, 0, C. / • > Thursday, Jul> ii7, 1972 J\F YOU PIIJP MSTAIC£S\'^ IN) Tl-ti? Pv/0t'.' ATicM ^ Ti-^AT TMtv Ai?e Tjtfee 1 rce PvFf^yiTMe ; AMD Mi. tllliicls. ffltlli. Illfl imtti II Hill iiccili until cdUtim t lltiliti ItciMl. IC/DC llliltll $]4995 New 3M Deluxe DESK COPIER Mikii cliif. cult til lOiFi 11 koiiIM' !• miiifiiti' (iiIlT cirifi III (ilgii. piacil Ilk KK liok (i|ts 111 ailliiil wtt mti) ikemitils li|lii rmuili m ciriy in)' iktrihiini. ictiil II ftif olliii PiM' il•l|fS lllllltll t 53995 Ample Parking 2714 E. 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The Stote Board of Pardons Would Be Changed If Amendment Approved By Krnest L. Newton The make up of the State Board of I'ardons will he changed if Ques tion No 7 on the election ballot for Nov. 7 is approved by a majority of the voters It is a propo.sal that has been in the miiid.s of some Nevada leaders for over 20 years. Presently the State Board of Pardons is made' up of the (lovernoi, the five Justices of the Supreme Court and the Attorney (Jeneral. I'nder • the proposal, the Board would be made up of the Governor and lour residents of the State of Nevada, appointed by the Governor, who arc not members of tb' judiciary and whose qualifications and terms of olTice shall l)e fixed l)y the le;islatore Nevada is one of the few states perhaps the only one -• where inemtx-rs of the judiciary are on the Board of Pardons L'siially thi(Jovenmr. alone, is fiiventhe power of pardon, although 111 several states he IS advised by a panel of I a.Mtu'ii or slate officers. Little, if anything, is known about the arKuiiunts used in the constitiilional convention of 1W;4, when the niakeupof tlir I'aitlon B();ii fKCUN! :>l( hriklM'lls h.isi's :incl nmlirnj '.vstcm ^j^..o*--.,...^ -,. $7.95 mjm complete JULY SPECIAL NEW CUSTOM SUM LINE PICKUP <]1<>^ t*> > K> Availobie • • •"" BASIC MOTOR SERVICE SAT tiI12 Noon 433 W. LAKE MEAD DRIVE, HENDERSON Ph; 565-9741 Board. Thcypointoulthal practically every criminal case (particularly those involvint! severe .sentences) has been reviewed by the justiccs of the Supreme Court; and has been prosecuted (at least on appeal) by the Attorney General. Presumably, then, six of the seven members of the present Board of Pardon.s is convinced that(l) the accused is guilty and (2) that the .sentence is appropriate. Action of the Pardon Board does not review the justice of the conviction, or the propriety ofthe sentence The Board's action is a matter of "grace" by the sovereign jjovcrnment. Their action is also available in of mistake by a judge or jury which may come to li^jht aHer what appears to have been a fair trial. Lest there be mi.sunderstandin){, it should be noted that no change is made in the State Board of Probation and Parole. That is a board of laymen who sit in judgmenlon the conduct of criminals durinjj their incarceration. Theirs is a function that, from its inception, has been handled outside the judicial process. There is ample reason to believe that a lay board (with the fiovernor retaining the ultimate decision) would provide an appropriate body to dispense the •'Kiace" and mercy which the concept of"pardon" entails. PHOTO HEADQUARTERS 'rjjfRELlTOFFEIt Fiyiiit rnman fALIMITFD IIML OFFER...) Voter's Choice Calendar Watches...only $4.95 with both end panels from any three Kodak color riim cartons (6 end panels). Be serioiR. Or bn jill/. TaT o your choice. 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FILM SPECIAL 3 rolls for $2.98 ^rTer^Uu^fy BASIC PHOTO 44 WATER STREET • HENDERSON, NEVADA 89015 • Phoe 565-7627, Best Divers Ta Compete In Boulder Boulder City has been selected as the .site for the 1972 Nevada State Diving Championship.s to bo held over Labor Day weekend. The meet will be held in conjunction with the Jaycee's Third Annual Western Days Celebration. The designation was made this weelt in a letter which was signed jointly by Dan Blake, Chairman of the .Southern Nevada Parks and Recreational .Society; Monroe Darks, President of the .Southern Nevada AAIJ, and .Stan Howser, Diving Ch.nirm:in of tho Southern Nevada \A\J. The letter said. "Tho Southern Nevada Parks and Recreation Society, along with the Southern Nevada Amateur Athletic iMiion have jointly approved and sanctioned the site ofthe 1972 Nevada State Diving Championships to be held at Boulder City, Nevada, over Labor Day weekend, September, 1972. Your various involved groups arc to be commended for their interest in furthering another truly amateur .sport forthe citizens ofthe Stale of Nevada." The designation of Boulder City was made in direct reply to a letter drafted by the Boulder City Recreation Department, the Swimming Pool District and the Boulder City Jaycees, Sponsors of the meet and the Boulder City "Y" Divers who will host the meet. TheCityandthcJayoees will put up the funds to cover the costs of trophies, ribbons and patches; provide dignitaries to make awards, distribute promotional materials, help with lighting and physical arrangements and provide some of the judges. The Swimming Pool District will make Ihe pool complex availalile exclusively for diving during the Championship CorapclitioQ. Thi.s year's Western Days will be another Gala Celebration with many varied activities. Popular cvent.s last year included a Street Dance, Burro Races, Field Kvcnts, Greased Pig, Steak Barbecue, a,nd a Pancake Breakfast. For further information tontactthe Meet Director, Rick Hague, 701 California, Boulder City. 2933299; or Shawn McCormick. Boulder City Recreation Coordinator. 900 Arizona Street, Boulder City. The AtoZ ^ HOME MAINTENANCE —if thot once-only job needs on auger, or on oxe — 0 bucksow, or 0 blowtorch — RENT IT ot HMC HOME MAINTENANCE CLUBS 440 N. Woter St. Henderson Ph: 565-0102 Ask about our dollorsoving club membership. n Some Shots Are Required For School The School year In approaching and it's time: to remind parents that children enrolled in school for the first time in the state of Nevada must have been or be in the process of being immunized for these disca* scs:Diphtheria Tetanu.s Pertussis if the child is ; under 6 years of age Poliomyelitus Rubella nnd such other as the board of trustees may determine. Those most likely affected by this .slate law are new Nevada residents. Kindergarten children, and some Kraders. An immunization certificate indicatiiiK pn:vious vaccination and or boosters signed by a licensed physician, regis"tered, or parent will .serve as proof of previous immunization. I'or further information call or visit the distrul Health Department, at2.') Shadow Lane, in Las Vegas Phone 38.5-1291. extension 393, or contact your private physician. Roy Armstrong Died of Heart Attock Ray Armstrong died in Boulder City Hospital on July 7. Scnices were held for him on July 10 at Palm Mortuary in Henderson. Conducting these services were Rev. John Osko of First Baptist Church of Henderson, and Rev. Hurley Holcomb of Sacramento, California. The latter is a cousin ofthe deceased. Mr. Armstrong was a truck driver for the Clark County Road Department for ten years prior to his sudden death. He was born October 3, 1925 in Leigh, Nebraska. He had been a member ofthe • Merchant Marines. Thursday. July 27,197:: Quality Man in Assembly Ralph Mnngun, !)!). a quality control supervisor at Kerr MctJee Chemical Corporation plant, is runninK for the Republican nomination for tho scat in Assembly District 21. What he calls "a desire to have a belter government" led him to run. He adds that he "wasn't satisified with the current people in office. His plan is to "go out and meet and listen to people" and deterniino their ideas" in order lo tormulate issues fur his candidacy. "I'll probably be doing a lot ofdoor to (l(>r)r" campaigning. says Mangun, whose district inludea Mongun Race most of Henderson, except for some precincts in the Black Mnunluin gcdf course area He is a member of Gideon's International, the the organization that puts Bibles in hotel rooms, the state Republican Central rommillee, the Republican c(ui nty executive central committee, and the parly's country central committee. In addition, he is active in local churches MiinguM wa.s liorn in Higl)y, Idaho and receive Ills bachelor's degree in |) b > s I c a I .Silence and niatheinat icN from La Verne Collet;.in La Verne, in .•>oulhcrn Califiirnia. RAILROAD PASS CASINO Opens Again, Aug.1 7 PM CRAPS."2r'-SlOTS for'round the clock fun! Bar and RESTAURANT LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Friday & Saturday Nites FEATURING MARTY MARLOW & THE ONE-EYED JACKS 9 til 2 Good LFsfening-Qood Dancing-Good Fun RAILROAD PASS CASINO Boulder Hwy at U.S. 95 TurnoH Phone 293-3297 J 1


Illegal t Install Water For Hospital Attorney Says City Attorney Jay Brown told city councilman Mon day night they had no alternative but to turn down a request by Ro^ Lima hospital for th' to install a $7500 v lin? to provide watr thv local fat'ililN "It would be a donation andthats the only way you could look at it, "Brown said He did Kuts^eiit that (he city try to work out ome way of repayment of ne money by Ro^e de ..I ma kay over a ten-year iicnijil lo tiiiikc It less painless fur it to be paid back The hospital, because of the lack of water pressure, especially to the third floor, had requested to be placed on the city's water system It has been lurnislu'd wjilcr t>\ H;isic Management, Inc. in the past Brown told the council he admired the efforts of. City Manager Don Dawson and the Mayor and Councilmen in oblnininu th; Veterans out jiatient ra( lilt V loi liiiM' lie l.iiiKi, but he said it would be illegal to donate money to such a facility City MunaKer Don Daw son ssid he city s water department has been operaliiiK Ml the red for the past thri'O years He SJKI lllf \A ,lliM ;iiiil srwer SMITH-WURZER BUILDERS SUPPLY HOURS: Mwid. • Sat. 7:30 to 5:30; Sun., 8 • 4 No Sunday Dtliveriet 1245 Boulder Highwoy PJtone: 564-1834 ANNOUNCING DOIT-YOURSELF CONCRETE Uhaff CONCRETE SYSTEMS NOW from HENDERSON BUILDERS SUPPLY RedlMIx Concrete, 7 days a week — From V4 yd. to 2 yds. at o time — WE SUPPLY TRAILERS ^ HITCHES ^ CONCRETE ^ FREE KNOW-HOW You back In, load up, drive away. FAN SALE CELEBRin Box (Window) Fons Low, Medium & High Speeds RIG M9 NOW 30 GAL. GALVANIZED GARBAGE CANS $039 ea. 0 U-CART CONCRETE PRICES 22.50 -1 yd. •17.00 M4.00 !'J Yi' M yd. Plus $10 deposit on Troibr REDWOOD LUMBER t ideal for all your fencing and garden needs. V' Distincti'e beauty of redwood will add charm to your patio area. • Lasts longer—resistant to termites and decay. • Real redwood now economically priced. LONG HANDLE, LONGPOINT SHOVELS BLACK & DECKER 2G.PC. 3/8" DRILL KIT Complete kit (Of ^ drilling, sanjing^' and grinding. SALE PRICE 19 99 25-FT. FIAT 3-WIRF EXTENSION CORD SPECIAL LAWN CHAISES Kin,-)i(:-snist rcnuireiients. 2 79 NOW ^6 88 6' FENCING — Hill I Dofe Cleor Redwood — ^2''^ln. fr. 1 X 6 Resown Redwood — ^V'/iin. ft. Peejy Cedar — M'V.ft. Mm fcici^d* iN]tfKgom, rails, ond na\h -^ pbt loft 9t1 t h m 0i u \ i l/As—C:^ PACKAGE OF 25 REFUSE BAGS SALE PRICE $127 1 ------i-**-*! 1 departmrnts had bcpn lumped together 'o help keep if from Koing further into the red He recom mended thai the hospital pay for the extensmn of waler Iitu>s Cnuncilman Jack Jeffrey sugjie, ill Chicat^o. Illiiioi.s. and huK lived at hakrshoreTrailer Village lor three years Survivors iin ludthis wife, (iertrudc. a son. Robert; two daui^htors. Patricia Artnjo. Lonn Heach, California: and Jo •Anne IrhaiLseii; two brothels; five sistMs and two uiandchildren He was a retired sali's man and worked as a i)ilot aboard the Kcho I. with the Lake .Mead Ferry St-r Vice. The faniilv roquosls that in lieu ol" nowers, donations be made totli<' Hmil derfit.vHos|)ital Huiblint; Fund. A Ho.sary will be held on Friday at Palm Chapel at 7:fK p m. Services will be onSalnrdayat 9:0(1 am. at St. Aiidierts Catholic Church in Houlder City. Fr. Luther VVird will officiate. I'rbausen will be cremated Inurment will be at Holy Cross CemeteiT in Los Angeles, California. Trujillo Going To Claremont Clarcmont's Men's Collefic will have a Henderson .student, Philip Trujillo. as .-in entering student in4he tall. Me is one of 272 freshmen enterinntho school forfhe 197273 year ThecolleKe, with a reputation for a cl.issical bent in its political science faculty, isdesif;nedto prepare younjj men for careers in law, government, business or indu.stry, and the professions. The emphasis in the curriciilm is on two fields-political science and economics. By Dorothy K. See Build more lofty temples Fred ).;real stalely cathedrals Let all who see Ihi'iii admire the many spired stained windowed edifices thai boasl of man's abil ily to erect liiuher towers and wider marbled halls Hut when you .seek after peace and serenity. o to a little church ill a small .\m<'t i rail tow M Men's b.illds have tiiiilt those beauliiul monuments of stoiu*. mar ble and i^lass hut women's heart > have hiiill I he small town churches across America Last Wednesday. July 19. the Wtiineiis Associa lion uf the Coinmunily Church olHeiidi'i son held their Annual July liisl at lOa Hi .inttii I loinotten my belnfs and faith in the small ; wn American Chiircli. I was reminded once more (.iliuTt II,ill. where the l)reakfast was served, was decorated with pla.stic daisie.s noddini; their bright heads cheerlully from pots on lop of the upright piano and pale blue vclour dai.sie.s winked their black plastic eyelashes flirtatiously from pale blue velour pots at each place setting. Beside each place was a liny artificial nisc, variously labeled Failli. Ib.pc or Charity Vice President of the Womcns Association • loanne .Mliini extended a warm welcome lo each >;u'st as they arrived. 'Fhc fifly-ei^;ht members and six guests were served orange juice, coffee, scrambled eps and ham with the lightest feathery warm rolls that fresh but ler could melt into. After the breakfast Irene Hoyal nave the Dc\otional and Mrs. Albiiii introduced Daisy Downer from the Hobby Shop who displayed sam pies of cuirenl lio!)bi(s and showed the wdinen how fake fur llowers were made Mrs. Albini then thanked the women who had sened in tlu' kitchen so tirelessly, including; one lady who had arisen with the break of dawn to make the rolls Dinner Chairman was Irene Royal, assisted by Betty Lang, Joyce Hogan. Eunice Haynes and Kathy VVeese. It was Kathy Weese who made the rolls and she U.ivi' (he recipe as follows: Kathy s Ice Hox liiscuits 1 cup ol warm water 1 package ol dry yeast Let stand in hone bowl lot five minutes and add 'iCupof sujjar .1 beaten c^s S cup of warm oil ••' ':' teaspoon of salt 4 Clips ofsifteii flour MIX well Hefrierate ourni^hl Holl out and cut P.'il t>ach sid>witii soft butlei and let ri^e fill two hours Hake loi ;<(lmiiiules at a :j.'SO dei-iee tempera lure Yields lour do/eii Kalhy hatl made Ihiif tet^n do/en lor the breakfa si .Aaiii'-I a backdrop df )i!a\ aprons chenille. e(vered dress hnnKcri, pomaniler balls, and nil tote baijs.M Mniiiiu:churc|i lady M-llinii chanctv* on a hand knit bri|,:ht col ored afuhan On the table in front of her litlU' felt mice with seiiuinned eyes .switched their lonfj felt lail.s over the hand embroidered doilies and pillow llu't women's hands had fashioned and offered for s.ile for u witiiin then i hurch. Tlicro wat a sameness about it. All across tht' land women rise at dawn to bake rolls and women strain their eyi-s over line stilelicMiti.M i)iece of linen as the! r mothers and ran-; diiiulhersdid beloiethein! and for the same reason-to keep the church of their choice strong. COLONELS I'\^i INSIGHTS • INT'O PSVCHOlOGY PtPlAM -fiMI. ,0 AvaiP 1MIIWU

' WlK.ll •a.H ^xS'.lMk U4K'.'' tk fLjr^•r.'i#; /.f —A.' Dangerous Roads, Driver's Licenses, Safety for Children, Welfare, ond Accident Prevention Will Figure in Election by Hilla Oldham Boulder City and Henderson residents can be assured that now the deadline has been reached for filing for various county, state and federal offices, doorbells will be rintfinu and the INSURACHAT Ifyou are planning to fly Dvorspas this MimmT, ki'pp tli'M' U\)s in mitnl: (lenerally, age anil hfalth arc no barriers to airline Iriivel Todny s jcis do not disturb thosewith hi-nrt ailments, high Idood presMiio. asthma of diah fics Hilt be sure to check with your doctor before you fly. Most airlines prefer that pregnant women not fly after their einhlli iiiDnlh And infants must be seven (lays old. (iet whatever vaccina ti(nisare necessary well in advance of departure, so any adverse effects will have passed. Carry a supply of any medications you t.Tke rei; uhirly. And don't fornel a second pair'of eyeglasses !f you need a doctor overseas, call the nearest American of Hrilish con sulale or embassy. They'll be able to refer you to an Knclish speaking physician. Cheek with us to soe If your auto and or hoalth insurance protects you overseas And ask us about our .ill inclusive travel insurance at lA PORTA INSt^RANCK ACiFNC Y INC r^ Water Street mails flooded with flyers and brochures designed to bring votes to respective candidates. How well these two communities fare between 1972elections and those of 1974 will depend largely on the attitude and initiative of the residents rather than the eiu'rgy of the candidales. Voters in the area, as in others, fall into several categories. Some shut the door in the face of candidates who are anxious to explain tneir position. Some listen without dis cussion of issues w ith the candidates and those who are roneerned as to the Velfare of not only their immediate family, but of the eouiily, slate and nation anil t.ike the initia tivetoseelhat candidates are truly the voice of the p*ople and as such are well informed as to needs either tbroiit,;h voice contai t h e roiiiuis In the field of accident prevention, what can be done to el iminate the myriad signs confusing the driver at Railroad Pass, to curtail high-speed dri\ ing on the Railroad Pass to Searchlight and the Vegas Wash to Houl(ler Heacli roadways. How about getting the real facts on the causes of one ear rollovers'' For the latter, is it a matter of lack of slet-p, alcohol or taking of drugs, including those taken at physician's and dentist's offices prior to dri\ ing'.' Or is it lack of governor's or top speed limitations on vehicles'* In the area of driver's licenses; why not institute driver. tests that show whet her or not authorized owners and drivers of vehicles can physically banMAIN & CLARK FINE CARS NO CREDIT NEEDED We Corry Ocr Own Contracts OPEN SUNDAYS '61 CHEVY *7o '62 CHEVY 040 la>liC>il nM(if>;H .ii..i.>Mni tl latl 1Ul. ..uii>m... 9077 '64 CADILLAC <^QQ '65 COMET *^oO '66 MUSTANG *CQQ Umrtil* l in> *' 'im :„.M ^J77 '66 MUSTANG &f.QQ iiHi i fc. i;!' ~ ^077 '69 PLYMOUTH tnnq '68 DODGE 4fiQQ '68 COUGAR .. 91077 '68 PLYMOUTH #1400 (Tl )iHrii n alt ri.iKi|ii>.*ini 91^'' '67 CADILLAC tKQQ CHfiMiiii.iiiimi' •!) • ^iJrw 63 GMC t7QQ n.KtllUir| #2111 .,„ • 77 '66 DODGE •65 FORD -.Qg OVIR 12S CARS AND PICKUPS TO CHOOSE FROM MAIN & CLARK AUTO SALES 429 S. MAIN PH. 382 4244 OI'(NIAMIDS:]0PM OPEN SUNDAYS die oversized motor homes, towing of vehicles, including a degree of knowledge of backing and wind resistance (to avoid jack knifing and tip overs). What about the cases concerning persons with serious health defects not given authority by attending physicians to drive who can secure a license i c with heart conditions of a .serious nature. The area of children's safety offers a question: should consideration be given to requiring residential contractors and subdividers to install medicine cabinets with safety locks or catches and a similar locked cabinet in the kitchen or service porch area to minimize the danger of children reaching pills and medicines or cleansing products that can be fatal or seriously impair health" Welfare is another important area; Should recipients without health or age factors be required to compensate the .state or county in hours or work commensurate with funds received? The February 1972 Newsl.etter of the Bureau of CJovernmental Research, University of Nevada, Reno is well worth reading for those who have concerns as to the present welfare statutes of Nevada for both state and county level. The question may be how effective bills passed in the 1971 session are in resolving the problems in the welfare area: AB 319 limiting annual average grants for eligible individuals under certain public assistance programs and SB 614 amniending law relating to county aid to indigents. There is strong feeling that the state and county programs, services and benefits "overlap and leave gaps" and "there are wide differences in size of grants between categories." According to the Research Bureau report. The January 1972 Quarterly News of the Nevada Stale Park system asks, "Where will the State Parks of the future be in Clark ('ounty'' If not in lUnderson and Boulder City or southward toward SearchliKht why not? Has anyone conceived a state park program similar to the Desert Botannical Gardens of Phoenix that draws thousands of visitors be placing emphasis on desert plants and plantings? Should we follow the lead of California, which has directed the Slate Parks Department to create special overnight accomodations within all .state parks for "non motorized travelers such as hikers, bicyclists and horseback riders" a bill that passed the California A.ssemhly this past month 5901 and which included a special rate for these non-motorized travelers. With the governor concerned with too severe federal penalities for offroad tiaiTic, could this he the time to propose that off-road activities be established in some of the wide open spaces in this area to further tourist traffic'' And in terms of tourism, in the 1971 legislative hall powwows. Senator Floyd Lamb was vocal in terms of wishing to dispense with the present Department of Economic Development. Why? How vital is dispensing tourist information about Boulder City and Henderson through a state agency? Recent appointments and recent dissensions in departments at the state level have raised the question as to how much we are getting for our tax dollar in terms of qualified assistance. Most particularly, concern has been voiced that we should no longer consider it advisable to permit those with a major degree of responsibility and decision-making to be persons who have been selected through the means of satisfying campaign obligations of a political party. There is a feeling that a person second in command might he considered for such a post, providing that the individual has had at one year of experience in the department involved. Some feel that drug and other medicinal labels need considerable change. Frequently, it has been pointed out that those with eyesight not at August 1st. thru 5th. get a beautiful 8"x10" Living Color only OOC Portrait Tius 50^ Film Fee • Babies — children — odulM — groupi — 1 Special of each person singly only 88c, plus 50< film fee. Groups $1.00 per person, plus one 50tf film fee. >(( Select from finished pictures in radiant black and, white ond living color. ^ Bonus quolity "Guaranteed Sotisfaction."* • Limit — one Special per child. 1^ Fost delivery — courteous service. RRSCO 524 IMMW Hwy-Softwsy Plau the peak of performance, due to age or illness, are those who are faced with prescriptions and patent medicinal directions that are not printed in a readable case. Medicines fhat could be taken with serious overdose results or that are not compatible with other medicines and alcohol, should have a specific color for labeling that issues a warning with no need for reading. Senior citizens may .sec ure driver's licenses in the state of Nevada as long as an individual can qiial \f\i by written test, eye lest and driver test. BUT securing required insurance is totally another matter. Check into companies that provide auto insurance and see whether or not they will write Nevada insurance for elderly people If drivers are required to carry insur ance. should the state require carriers to provide such coverage for qualified individuals if the insurance liiense is to be valuable in Nevada"" Likewise, senior citizens find that they are unable to rent a car unless, in many cases, they carry a major credit card such as MASTERCHAIttiK, or Acquisition of Steel Company by Titanium BANKAMKRICAHD. Yet on application for same, they are told by Nevada banks they are too old to qualify if they have reached the age of 65. the mailer of solvency or sub slantial income or bank account not being a factor. However, persons who are long past 65 who have held a card for some lime or even a short period prior to fi.'>, enjoy the benefits of such financing. For the person who does not have to move from one community to another lo take up residency, a card may no longer be usable if the person is unfortun.nte enough lo find no b.iiik branch of Ihi' bank with whu b he or she has formerly done business. The list above is far shorter than it will be when assembly and .senate bills begin popping up in numbers, as ihey do bi-annually. This list reflects only what a number of citi/ens iti this area, and else where, have mentioned as important to persons within Boulder City. Henderson residential and business areas. Now is the lime to find out as individual voters what issues besides tln>se are in needs of serious atlenlioii before the Nevada legislature and to see thai those candiilales who are placed in office are the ones who are iiilh' best po.siiion lo further th(> ol the community with intelligence and integrity Titanium MefalsCorporation of .\merica completed its purchase 'I'Diiopah !!>. () l!!-0122 5e^' • Refrigerated Air Conditioning • Front and Rear Lawns • Carpeting Living Room, Hall, Master Bedroom • Builtin Oven, Range and Disposal • Concrete Driveways • ^eotm: \ KMIHHOMi: lw|i A\3 and H BedrooinsX FHAandVA Financing • efrigerated Air Conditioning • Front and Rear Lawns •Carpeting Throughout • Built-in Oven, Range and Disposal • Underground Utilities • Concrete Driveways •Pullmans, Dishwashers,Double Garages • I I I I I r I I I I I I I 1 I I I I Te/epkfie 452-6363 Eveninc Tel. 649-6400 In Las Vegas Oti From 9 B%Qao DEANE REALTY BROKER In Boulder City I 1


vtl/-mfvi."->tt tv EFFECTIVE: Wed-Tues July 26i. 55c Wiircr.iin Longhcrn j g^ CHEESE "I 73c Ponir, Triilt IIMOI .) SLICED BOLOGNA '^ 75c PoillrY P id. Slufll COOKED HAM n. 85c SHR'MP COCKTAIL )-. 35c B'r'i VBcerooT, Colf Slow or ^| gj POTATO SALAD ". 47c Nu Maid In Rauiobit Mugi Ait*. Clort SOFT MARGARINE BLEU CHEESE DRESSING FARMER JOHN WIENERS Jen*i iticcrf BRAUNSCHWEIGER WB.

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n Ba vlu Tunnr y Ansurr the Call Turning A Page In Politics In the ittbic of *x-prfsidfntial hopffuli In town for the convention lit Sn. Birch Bayh of Indiana. But he's not here as a delegatp. \\f didn't get tiected. So, to take part in the Convention Hall activities, Bayh took a job IS page for his state's delegation. And then there's Sen. John Tunney of California who is a delegate. Sen. Tunney pa.ssed a-s a page Monday night in order to gtt into Convention Hall instead of joininR the 1^)0 other delpRairs at the Dornl where they awaited the outcome of the vole on the California challenge. TACKED to the message hoard In the press rooin at the Doral is the enigmatic note: "N (Nicholas?) Von t-'. m m m^* % • unCONVENTIONals ^•k Hoffman: I'm delegation at Club, if you Mary." with tht California th Doral Country htvt time to call. SIGN POWER, Button Power — Stenciled on the khaki jacket of a Vietnam Veteran Against the War: "Vietnam Olympic Games — I960-''" On a delegate. "I Am a Root." ... Practically unnoticed on a young female non-delegate: "Kiss Me, I'm for McCiovern." ... At the Youth Center: where the Hiimphrev table and its posters were all made by hand: "Made with lovf. not money: by Youth for Humphrey." • AT THE COCKTAIL party Rep. Ogden R. Reid (I)., NY.) gave at the Doral for the man he'd like to ser as vice presidential nominee. Sen. Abraham Ribicoff uf Connrctutit, HiMorian Arthur M. .Sihlesinj;er Jr. saying of Miami Beach. "It's a ghastly place,'t it?" and then talking about his fifth child, a son born nearly two weeks ago bu; still unnamed and called only Bdhy Boy .Schlesln^er. Olive McGovern Brtiek, the candidate's older sister, telling listeners about the Siss^lonWahpeton Indian reservation in South Dakota where she, a hgh .school teacher, her husband Phil, a .soda! worker, and llieir ihree children have lived for ihe past nine years. BACK-PACKKD Rose .Sue Her>y Thursday, July 27, 1972 stein of Ann Arbor. Mich., had no trouble gelling past the Secret Service men al the Doral. but as she was about to enter the Starlixht Room she was told, ".Sorry, you'll hiive ti> put some shoes on. The insurance company doesn't want people to cut their feet," BRING TIIK.M a Message Drpartment; A ciir hoisted onto a wiecker outside the Fontainehleau bore the humperslnker: McCarthy '72." And, parked in a line of limousines in front of M'dovern be.idijiiarters ,it Ihe, was a ( adillac convert ihle decoralnd with llumplirey lor President stickers. New Manogement INTRODUCTORY SALE ALL SANDALS 50% OFF ALL RED GOOSE CHILDREN'S SHOES 10% OFF WOMEN'S VITALITY 1^ PERSONALITY SHOES 25% OFF SPECIAL TABLE 50< OFF MEN'S; WOMEN'S; CHILDREN'S SHOES ALL MEN'S SHOES INCLUDING SANTA ROSA WORK SHOES 25% OFF ALL HANDBAGS 25% OFF WOMKN S IS KFD.S Rp. $7.50 NOW $4 00 1,1 Hlup, Nvy FASHION SHOE CENTER 1325 Arizona St., Boulder City Phone: 29.1-3249 •^^s^^^/^rt^^n/^", \t ^.•-^o/^/^n^^"^^•^\•^^'' if ^ YeOAy'^'HAf Yeoju ^ INSURANCE I ^f;MMtMMIMtMimMtMittMIMi;1MIMIMtMtMlttlMIH(MlMIM^) M^^r'^. Avoid A Collision Crisis Witt) Us Wc offer car insurance that comes through wi'hout delay at today's higher repair costs. KAERCHER INSURANCE 107 So. Third Ph. 384-2813 HflPPINKS 1$: THEFAMILY PBT Tropical Fish Are Fun to Raise, Watch The whole family will enjoy the beauty of distinctive tropical fish. And, they're fun to care for, easy to keep. They moke great displays for everyone to see. Speciol NEON TETRAS — 6 for $1 BiLLYBOB PET SHOPPE Dog GrtwiBliij—Birds—Animoli—fish 565-M05 17W. PBcifk Himitrsoii 89015 HANK CHISM, President of Chism Homes, Inc., builders of Highland Hills. Mjrf that the single-family home is still the goal of most Las Vegas area retidents. Chism Homes, Inc.. will be completing some homes this summer la its Highland Hills development, across from the Black Mountain Golf and Country Club. Chism Says One-Family Home is Here to Stay Murh has hoen written about the changinK lifestyles of people toflay but Hank Chism, builderdeveloper of HiKhland Hills, at Boulder Highway and Horizon Drive in Henderson, presents some arguments that say, in essence, "So what else is new?" Chism, who has been involved with housing for almost 35 years, understates the whole business by saying, "There is ample reason to believe that young people will continue to marry, have families, aspire to home ownership and achieve the financial capacity to buy the traditional fainily home." Ftegardless of the groat to-do and the country-club attractions of modern apartment and condominium structures, when it comes down to the type of housing most Las Vegans "really" prefer, they'll take the singlefamily dwelling, Chism dtclores. Young marrieds and the middle-aged couples with children want a .singlefamily home in their future more than ever before, he adds "Those who see the new housing market in terms of multi-family housing haven't dug deep enough into statistics and consumer research," claims Chism. "The downfall of the single-family house was predicted by the experts, along with a major shift to multi-family housing, because of the shortage of land, increased cost of land, labor and fina-ncing." Chism acknowledges that land and construction costs have everything to do with what a builder can afford to produce and that he must keep within the price range of the "average family" and that family's ability to buy the "average" single-family house. However, Chism thinks it's a challenge to develop the techniques and approaches to land use in order to meet the unending consumer demand. An excel lent example of this, of course, is Chism's Highland Hills cominunity currently featuring allnew exteriors and floor plans on three and four bedroom models. Buyers have a choice of wide-open "country kitchens" or step-saver "suburban kitchens" which includedishwashcr and garbage disposal. Other features include carpeting in living room, hall and bedrooms, refrigerated air conditioning, double garage and front, side and rear landscaping. As an option, buyers may also choose a fireplace and sprinkler system. FHA-VA terms are available with no down to veterans. Highland Hills is situated directly across from Black Mountain Golf and Couiitrv Club. W£ TRY SO^Tt^Vi Don*l 1x1 fooled by fto* called experts who wont to sell you a higlipriccd ivatcr condilioncr that 3s actually nolhlit^ mota ihiia a ivciter softener. For rental, service or purchase ol fully auloiiintic uuH9, call Walt Case;/. ondUiomng 735-6902 jht ONt plACe EVER>ONF ^ ">£ IN IASVEQASH .'I ,. 1 • • • you nut,' P.vry C' At ll'(; Las-Vpqas Hilloq,,': t' <)fe.itest names in i->nterlainmrnt' • • 1,. ,:, 1," IT ,^a, ,\J. \^,VTI V>U, ipiJ I host ol oyiers i yoii^.irc ijeaiea lo .1'w.nous r()i?KiSjjt rernarkabiy-:, ••ynaDlb-ratos S^Jp^ cxcijivgly in*'any o'no .iM(V( i-(ilnrful 4( ruuiuucUuSj; ,1 m.iqniliC^eAt'^}? serf rooftop, park ;L. ..^swrn'mifq irnms, all il*ie SUP drrnohed Cports vor Pv.'n hfinq iho vouncsle^'s (or iL,fu(iv3Cotion-of their ov.u in Ihi^ 3n sun Lar. Veens Hiiton'suniquc "yOiilh boli' PERRY COMO '^^15.1^ I AS VEC^AS H fill ON THE lMTFf^NATIC3NAL HOTEl


% •• iue:,

>-i "~ '" Thursday. July 27,1972 UUM'>< ri'ti,i)i;n l>K\'i:i.<>F>I.U 14(M) WyoininK St., Roiililcr City, \V\M\A Hn05 iiistoin BiiililcT MA OPS Repairs (I'STOM HOMi: MANV KXTKAS Sbritrnorn V bath ilniihlr RaraRrrarprlrdrvrn kilchrn A b.-iihs. onl> 3 ji'arit uld, rxrcttcnl nciKhbnrhund1.12.300. OWN VOIR OWN MOBIIK HOMK I OT Only I) Irfi in the adull urtlion. tliiU down and )74.i:i. prr niunth. -•HENDERSON'S j • [Plaza Apartments 2 BEDROOM FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED CHILDREN AND ADULT SECTION WASHERS AND DRYERS POOL Diamnnds'Wr Hu\-('ash I'KKAiiKK JI.WI-:i.KK.S 735 7884 2845 IV Bl<1 ^adio & TV Service J^S^ (cntT 565-6451 J COOI.KUS fjoi.i-(orusi: LOTS! I nil Nil 'inn Ihr cast Nidooflhr eotrrnnrsr will ho rr|v Minn onU a frw li-n. >IIMI (IriMtsil will hold from lo.lMI : • 730 Cente; Si. 5657512 I'loe esliniiili's on cooler (!S on CKMIII hy nmil SKWINt; M.XCUINK nnd sriAirc. 382 1639 'iiy $1 wrokly For VacviiimCli'anci n'))iiirj. lo 17.725. WK III IIIMISTOM HOMi;S Chniisi' Iriiiii out ni;iii> ni'W dcMUns or bring In your own plans free rsUmalPs. <0,\IMKK( lAI HlIIDIMi Add-ons repairs. l NKKI \ .ST0R.\(.i; KOOM, WORK .SHOP OR (iAR.\<.K.' S We Build anylhinj!;.. *J ^ LIST YOl R I'ROI'KRI V WITH IS! MOKKiR^iiao WYOMiN?, STREKT-BOUWEB CITY V-\W OR HgJ7 I (li'tiiils wrilf Crcdil 1203 K Chelteii. I'hilii Pa li:i8 KXI'KNSIVK LADIKS WKiS only $1 plus wi stylint; OLERS 564-5920 M CARR BKOKLK NKKD A IMM TOR' Artist or photoKraphi'i for this story book m.idr to order ri'sidenrr. tira ( iflos carpetfil strp down livltiK roiiii) vitli rhrrrfiil hrii k fill pliKi' liooki asi's i)\<'r look fit h\ modrrn kill hi'ti & dininK room tt liiu-i hrdrivoms m i brd rouins plus >ludlii "! h.ilhv 1 ilril lab I .iiindrx rni ll\ inK patio & vrparalr KU<'SI hnikc iir w.irkshnp Biial tt lainprr sloranr. OVKRSI7K KAM KM AND TOI'LOCATION will sell this. 1 bedroom. 2'/ bath home: I9H0 sq ft firi'plaiiwel bar, It! \ 2fi family room, encloved reai yard, sprinklers, (lose to s( boots, pool, parks. $S'.!,noo Terms a\ail. Ml STSKLL' IMSHatSpydrr ( onyrrtlble. Model H5fl. $704) (allRrueel'arkerday time .W5 1)721 KOR RKNT I bdrm Turn apt. H9 Lake Mead Itr. FOR RLNT unfurn 2 bdrm stoye & washer. 9150 mo. !i4-.%48R KAHN V styled wiiole: liiscoii I lame I'a 191 >NP:Y .selling lies Wis. For prices write: VVi>;s 2109 K. Philadelphia. ANIMAL HEALTH l>ROTECTION L Oi Dittiiti W.IS tuVACCINIS iACTIHf.5 *4|TIIUM Y.yl NM4ir. INSiCTIClOl • ••, •oilOP NEVADA DRUG Boulder City CLARE WHin • Remodeling • New Construction • Siding .• Aluminum Ph.564-5315 General Contractor Roodct' & Insured roU FUUm-Btush Co Producis nnd Het.ioge BedtpreacU coll Mariho Dossal oi 293-368; or leove o maisogc at 451-1312. CONSOIE SflNIT-P.ono. Will o< ri*rce lo reiponsiblc party in f^IV Oreo. Cosh or ternn. Write Crcdtl Wgr., Tollmon Piano iloics, Int., Solem, Oregon 97308, HAVK A BKELINE party, call 56S2644. MATUKE WOMAN-Wanti lull ci pari-tinic olfice work in Henderson. No shoilhond. 565-0194. A. G.WILLIAMS CO. Pest Control IT PAYS TO BUY TlIK BEST "Serving Ilenderson Since IMS" 384-6801 MO|',n,K IIOMI.S lor r it 1 \2ti(lrn) newly turn util included. Mend. Trlr. Haven. i}6!i-3202 FOR SAIE1971 Bultoca U5 c. Stterpo, 293-3740 BC. •W II II, I, I.OT.S iicre lilts /((lied tor li ses, 2 lots iidjoininK .SiUOi) ea. (i. .\. • • ('urh Smith Inc. Broker 29;M613. HISINKSS Ol'POHTrMTY Have • xeellent commereial luisiness for sale. eoiiu> in I'or eonlidontial int'ornial ion. (. \. "C'nrlv" Smith Inc.. Ih()ker293 113. Learn To Fly, New Club FormiiKj Priviile licpnso, $450. "Wiili Chqporrals" coll, 735-6662 LADIES ', the sunimer heat oncl lii.rcJorri getting you down'." Join Iho new trealivo sewintj I losses and make your own lool, reloxed clothes. Bniitj yoor daughters too. New classes for Junior Misses & adults beginning July 18lh, 2 classes eoth of lingerie, somelhing new has been added, pattern droftiny, litl ing and Imlonnq For intornio tion cull 664-2854. ^ TUAll.KU SPACKS for rent will take 3.5 to ."i.-i tt. lont;, • <• turnisli water, sewer &• uarl)at:e Hend Trlr. Haven. 5H53202. TIRKD OK LOOKING? Dont wear yourself out! (all HOMKFINDKRS: We can heilp you find just the home you're looking for. All areas, all prices, Open 7 days a week. 8 to 9 HOMKHNDKRS 385 4282. FOR SAI.K 1959 half-ton pickup, new paint, tires and chrome wheels. 6 cyl. $5IK) or best offer. !>65 7164. See at no Kir after 4:30. DICtv BLAIR R ;AITY 8:<3 NFA ADA HWY. i Boulder City •9:1-21-1-1310-3402 t .( K i,AlR MR—Broker tn Bl.AIR 293 2049 tK BK( hLR ...SSS-XaTS KIV NOW. these brauti fill .1 & 4 bedrm. 2 b.ith homes, now under 'onstruction. pick your colors, all eenlor entry ways. & all 2 ear Rara^es. close to schools IK: $33,900 (.OOl) for larKe family, bdrm, range storage hIdK, all for $I4.2.'>0. KXt KLLENT LOCATION. THIS l.ARCiK 2 bcdrm. with furnished rental, close to schools and shopping $3,000. MOVING? Local or Long Distance CALL I.AS VEGAS TRANSFER! & STORAGE. INC. 382-1147 For Free Ed mate! 'aiXiaowaNUNn DEMfSEV JANITORIAL SeXVICE Cammirclel -RetUenllel Floot^ Strlr^l vViurt Wlndowi Ciene*-Wil Wtf.d A&M Electric ln< • Resident & Commercial Wiring • Licensed & Bonded I'hone: .Wl HSOIl (.irter.hiiN I. .'.m .vtm HENDERSON. NEVADA Day L Night Service SIRKIU'NDKn b> nice neiuhhors makes this 2 bedroom stucco home a jewel. With K<>iKe-shop at iillcy. util room \ patio. Priced NOW TO .SLLL at S2:i.r.mi: I'llONK 293 3333 :,\\ \r\M\ Hwy Bniililit ( it>. Nc\aila SHOP at home: Buy BKKLINK (all. 065-2644. Kt V VOl R S( IIOOL clothes BKKLINK (all 5fi.V2(i44. FOR SAI.K swamp cooler, good condition, make offer. Also baby stroller. 565 9022. FOR SALF Mkyllle RuUk, In exrell eond pl I Ires, low mileaKe. 4(i MaKiirsium Sfi.'i 9261. JOI RNFVMAN KIKtTRKIAN. home maintenance or an> elertrlcal work, free estimates, no lra\el time, no oxer time charKes. Kuaranteed work. 564-2139. I.O.ST AT SWIM MFFTat voulh center, LonKine wrist watch. RKW ARD (ierald Franklin .S64 l.'>95 RKTIRFD MAN wains work. paintinK. call Faric 5650377. KOR SALF (i K (ias Dryer; IK lb. all temp and fabric. Sold New $269. t sed 3 months Sale $125. 241 lilllcresi: .564-.%550. FOR RFNT • Furn & unfurn. 2 Bdrm. Apts in Boulder City, call 293-3333 B.C. AlA.'UROUUi ANONYMOUS ELKtTltOLl X SALKS AND service KdCook 7.'> K;isl Athintic mornings till 9:30 or 11 to 3:30 and any evenimis. WOMAN WANTED—Motel maid work, iipprox. 1520hoursaweek. Uitehin Post Molel, HC. WANT TO RENT-House nr Api tmqle k'innir ailtlll No pt> B78586/ FRKF PIPPV 2 females, small. 565 9140. Ul'MMAtiK SAI.K 898 .Icrr. Lane (t'ountry Cluli Mmnesi Thurs all day & eve Dryer, rm. size rut; Kodd eond etc 293-3973 B.C. COUPIE WllLBUY-2or 3 hr townsile house Run-down condi tion ok Price must be nghi 735-2712. HOW TO MAKE $100 weekly. stuft'ini; envelopes Send SI. I refundahliM KVK'S DKPT. 27 ('41(13 Kiiicon Ave. Camphell. California 95008. DONT WAIT. Bl Y YOUR (JOLF COl RSE LOT NOW, ONLY A FEW LEFT FR: $5,150. to $7,725.00. Fully improved lots when completed, underground utilities. • tA)VF!,Y 3 bedroom. 2 hath carpeted, drapes, range, refrigerator, utility room. den. workshop, all fenced, sprinklers, over .S'il.7.">0. 1970 MOIULK HOME 12 x 5,5. 2 hedroom ;iir coiid & storaiie shed S.54(K) or best offer 643-5899. HY OWNKH For sale or trade. 3 Hit 2 year old l-'lair home in exeh lor B.C. home. I'air di';il. CalH> COLLINS REALTY Acrnss From Hexall llruR LILLIAN CtHJINS MEL DUNkWAY M) I4N| TOM FPiRY niiin INIRLCr PHILLIPS >) >00l Phone 565-3144 3 bdrm house $14,500 2 bdrm newly painteil block house corner lot $I7,<)00 2 bdrm $11,500 3 bdrm $12..'>0n FOR SALE-Tabl fc 4 choirt $20; 21 Bik & Whi. IV %iQ, couch & rho.r $15, 7 grey choirs $6: 2 grem chairs $6; 1 wine choir $5. 1 flowered choir $4. mirror $2 or $70 lokcsoll 293 .1383 BC. FOI SAlE-bcouiiful 3 br., 2 l.nll^^ iionir. lully caipeled, custom droperics. lormol dm rni firepince, mony outsionding (eaiurcs ,ord will, block woll. $35,000 full price, $6,000 dn. call 293 2351 BC, or Nclion No. 19. HAIU STYLIST WANTKI)Male or female, Lal'etite Beauty Salon, B.C 293-1834 \Altl) SAI.K -.luly 28, 29, 30, L-iK) W. Charleston, L.V,, .slee|)inK hatis, fishint; equipment, tools, clothing • nicn',s & women's, luggage, etc. FOU SAI.K • Tori) 20" nas lawn mower. Big Boy Kas lawn ed^er Tappen elec wall oven, other lawn equipment 293-2).52 B.C FOH SALK Covered car top carrier & 3 bui ner cooktop for camper or trailer. 293 3748 B.C. IIKI.P WANTED Over 21. snack bjir (Jold Strike Inn. Atii)lyinl'ersiiM IIi-way934iit). Ph. 293-2514 iv\ii\i i AHM Kleeloliix sides and Service 293-3547 B.C. I : • FOR RENT Kitehonettos $141)0 wk rtilities paid I Shady Rest .Motel .585, .5813 -.STtlUAt.F— Furniture • Boats IF YOr NKKl) At^REAGK RKSIDI.NTIAL, (lt',lMEU ILM. OH INCOME PROP 11,TV SEE i:s~ COLLINS REALTY 524 Nevada Highway Boulder City, Nevada FOR SALK Bargains for quick sale refriicerator outside with locks $15 & $30: 2 I'nderw'ood typewriters $35: I set World Kncy. $15; fans$l & $3, 564 1648 after 5 pm. •lferv4^.J HOMK KOR LKASE or rent -j 3 bd rm. 2 bath, refrlRera-l tion carpeting thruoiit.l • ^ign mo $SU deposit, 5650307. KOR RKNT 10 x 55 3 bdrm mobile home. 564-2736, KIRtY VACUUMS, Sales and Srr vice. bngs. bells hoses ond etc coll, 384-8370. FOR SALE-hy owner, 2'2 acre lot in Siihdivision No 11, in BC, $2,100. $1,000 cash, assume bal. of contract of onlv $1,100. Details 642-1533. WOUID LIKE 10 leose or rent for 12 months. 2 or 3 bdrm. house or duplex apt. in or orcund BC area. Needed by Aug Isi. coll noon or ofter 5 p.m. 293-3743 BC. VA APPROVED TRAINING for career in computer programming. Earn while you learn. Call 732-1078 9 am 9 pm for Mr BUir. (iOFFS REPAIR SHOP Eleetricai Service (ieneral Repairs Saw Sharponin;; 293-2398 BC S.\M), SOIL (.HA\ Kl. 293 2115 TEDDY'S KITCHENETTES ".lust bring Toothbrush" 293-1716 your. •W • • • --" -i • • — HOUSE FOR RENT—furnished l_ bdnn living room and kitchenette. 564-2736 I CIRl fRIDAY-to do small ami. | office work and bookkeeping, answer phone, ond gencrot office work 736-0656 BUY FROM THE Mlll-nnd save iin your bill'Carpel from $4,99 yd installed BEIOW COM loom size pieces. Reni-mniv from 99' yd. 21 7 Sunset Rood -564-1839 or 564-2485, FOR SAIE—Vacuum cleoner. bi'iiis upright Good Coiid Reasonoble 293 .1467 BC. FOR $AlE-Boai, !' Silverlme deep'i hull, 80 HP Merc mboord-oul drive, 4 HP Men Aun Motor Top 1 & rear cover, all like new Besi { offer over $1950. 608 Ave 1 BC 1 293-2493 j BEST BCY IN TOWN I'scd clothing X-lenl eond. "SomclhinR new on the racks ev ery day." Salvation Ai inv Thriftj Shop, 144 Market St, Your purchase support.>) • rehabilitation program. • HEAVY EtlCIPMENT Train now to high $$ position Gov. paid for Vets, earn while you learn. Call for free brochure, Mr. Stevenit 732lOU. DONT throw awoy your fruit jort -Coll 293-2398 BC. MAN RETtRED-wonts woman or girl thai needs home, companionship, marriage i* suited. Robert Gramnier, 1030 Center St Apt. .i H, Hend. Heights. WANTKI) young woman, part-time 10 AM to 2 PM, must be able to type well, some mechanical adeptness helpful, $2 per hour, can work into full time job Call 564 2696 aiXernoons, ask for Mr. Flint. "The World is one coiin-' try mankind its eili/en." — Fireside Discussions 8 PM Thursdays 133 Lii.den-liendeison For Int'ornialioiiC'all .'>r-7.5.'>2 SWAP MEET Every Sat. & Sun. 7 a.m. 6 p.m. Parkinn .\rea of HENDERSON HOME NEWS Ria. Buy .Sell Trade Lots .$1.50 \ S3.0 Rent tirah Bans Prizes Money lo open Einerfjency Food Kitchen. Sponsored hy Cili/en for Community Action, Victory ViUage, Hender29.3-34.4---!i6!>-4294 FOR SAIL AK( ReRistered Labrador Ketreivcrs. 6 wks. old. .^65 9440. PIANO Console Spinet. Take over low mo. pmts. To be sold in this area. .Also ORtiAN wilh automatic rhythm. Phone collect 206CH3 .9270 or write Kuhler& Campbell Pianos. 427 S W. 153rd. .Seattle, Wash 98166. FOR SALF Girls Fair Lady SchHinnBikc.$20 Call2931212 B.C, FOR RKNT OR LEASE A ( IM; Track Loader with ripper. 293-2115 or 293-2593 after 6. B.C. FOR SAI.K 16 ft Aluminum fishinK boat. 293-2115 or 293-2593 after 6. B.C. HELD WANTED • Week-end cook. Fri.. Sat., Sun. St. JudesKancb. 293 3131 B.C. KOR SALE 12 \ 18 carpet, 2 chairs, coffer table K bab\ bed. 293-1727 or 293-3309. B.(. LORRAVNK DANIKL.SON, 67 K Pacific. Hend is entitled to a free top sirloin for 2 at the Hend Sit;.ler, Boulder Hwy Hend. KOR KALE74 Chopper, loin of chrome, evlended 18 In. $I.MH)nrm .W 1116 KOR SALE • Rrnelli Mini Bike xlent eond. $150, 293 1876. KOR SALF spinel piano, colonial studio I iiach .ind chair, misc chairs, dbl box spring Ik mattress, .')65 H()43 KOR SALE 1970 12 v 60 dual wide, 2 bdrm completely furn K carpeted, feiiicrt \d Aotberexlriis Just moM In. 25 (ountry (lab Dr Ballerina Park, Hend, $6,000, 564-2660, FOR SALE 1985 Ford Falcon 2 dr .Sedan Runs hariiiaHH.P WANTED KAII.RtiADPASS Casino will: 1. Break in women 21 dealers: 2. Interview 21 dealers with| 6 months or less| experience; 3. Interyiew experienced] women cashiers. For Appointment (all Wes 293-3297 WANTED Service Sta. Attendant, must be exp., capable of performinK minor repairs and lune-ups. perm emploxment. 5 dass a week. .Xppfs in person, .Al's Chevron Station, 801 .Ncv. Hwy. B.C. MIST SELL (Health Reasons!, Sears Whirlpool bath. $100: Hoover Apt. Washer, used 2 mo. $125: 21" Table Model color TV, as is, $25; ShaR ruR hand sweeper, new. $12: Deep Sea Mitchell 302 & Penn 65 and pole for $75. 29.3 1792 B.C. FOR SALE 1968 Yamaha 80. Exc. running eond. Elec. start, turn signals, street or dirt. $200. 293-1219 or 306 Wyo. B.C. FOR SALE Lesson'trumpet. Exc. Cond. $50. 293-1219 B.C. FOR SALE Boat 16' Silverline deep hull. 80 HP Merc, inboard-out drive, 4 HPaux. motor, top and rear covers, all like new. Best offer over $1900. 608 Ave, I, B.C. 293249a ( isl at the Veterans .\dniinistration(VA) Outliatienl Clinic at Hose dc Liiiui llobpital. (ioetir comes lo me Outpatient Clinic from tlie VA Hospital in HoscburK. ()rej;on, where he served as the Chief of the Pharmacy Service for three veiirs. I'riortiithatassiyniiieiit. he spriil two years asastal'f phartiKicislatlhc He no VA Centtjr. % A nat ive of Boston, Coetz was in the I'.S. Arinii dnrinv: World W;irH and then allended North Dakota State LIniver.sity, where, in 1950. he was iiccorded the Hiuheloi' ol" Science Degree in Phar111 acy. Prior (n joining the V.\ in 1967, he was em|)loyed by the U.S. Air Force in the field of pharmacy. Mr. Coeti i.s married to the former Kuthmary Schmidt. Thoy have one son .lohn, who is 21 yt^ars of aKO^ ^ • 'I bird li.isc first called the-hoi corner" in 18H0! PA I